The Orpheum
1915 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, United States

Review №1

I think it is so sad that you throw people out in the street if they get sick. What if they have alcohol poisoning? Shouldnt your bar staff know when to cut people off. Other than that the club itself is extremely fun, great mucic and the bartenders are so friendly.

Review №2

Love love love this venue! Good lighting, awesome stage location, and excellent service at their bar. Went 10-11-19 for Prism B!tch3s & Built to Spill. Had so much fun ~ loved the staff and the experience! Highly recommend & wanna go again

Review №3

I have some of my best memories here! Love this place!

Review №4

Great venue, so many awesome artists have come through here.

Review №5

Nice venue. Pro tips... use the orpheum web site to buy a balcony ticket. You cant get it at Ticketmaster. Its 5 or 10 more than the regular tickets but you still have elbow room and probably a stool, table or bench. Sure the bathroom is a little sticky and drink service sucks, unless youre on the balcony, but the music is spot on.

Review №6

I went to see The Hu here. I loved the venue, very intimate and a cozy setting. The small balcony is a nice touch. The bars were set out of the way and the staff was excellent! Id recommend. I will come back to see another show someday!

Review №7

This was my first time attending a show here and it did not disappoint! I saw Danny Olliver, Hooten Hallers, and The Dead South which were all amazing artists and musicians. I would definitely see them all again!The staff at The Orpheum were all very nice and accommodating to the guests as well!

Review №8

Great venue. Drove 4 hrs each way for the show. Saw Poppy there for the first time.Spacious. Great air conditioning compared to other similar size venues Ive been to in FL. And great price for the show.Everyone was lovely. Ill definitely come back again in the future. Wish I had a venue this awesome close to me.

Review №9

This is by far one the most Chill places to go in Ybor City. I see why its such an amazing concert venue. Me and my husband were there recently to see a friend of ours band play a gig there a kind of post Thanksgiving Rock n Roll Show, all the bands were awesome, and really you cant ask for a better small concert venue Than The Orphem. The best part, and I know this is going to sound crazy, the restrooms are kept clean.

Review №10

Great venue. I liked the fact they had a balcony to still watch the show but not have to be in the crowd and fighting to get a spot without sweaty people bumping in to you. I found the view to be better. A good view of the stage and a good view of the crowd.

Review №11

Cute venue, quaint area and pretty well organized. Can get a little crowded but that is to be expected. Poppy absolutely destroyed it.

Review №12

Great venue for a show. You can see from every location in the place. Bartenders were fast and staff was very nice. No, the tall security guard is not an a-hole. Thanks for a great night out!

Review №13

Great venue. Great people. Super cold AC! LOVE IT

Review №14

I went to see Bea Miller. It was a nice ambience. I like how I was able to sit by the bar and watch the show. The stage is high enough. Its a nice size bar.

Review №15

Great venue! We had lots of fun and are looking forward to coming to more events here. The $25 minimum for card at the bar is a killer, if they didnt have that we wouldve ended up getting something to drink. Make sure to bring cash!

Review №16

Great venue with decent prices on drinks. Only rating 4 stars because bathrooms are a disaster. Will keep coming back, lots of great rock/metal bands playing here. VIP upgrade is cheap and worth it.

Review №17

Came here for a concert with my husband. They have decent drink prices and the atmosphere is decent. All in all we had a good experience!

Review №18

Great show! Perfect size venue. Great opening bands! Just amazing!

Review №19

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! one of my favorite concert venues by far

Review №20

Great metal bands! Have seen a few shows here and its always fun! Staff is great and friendly, nice place to see some kick a** metal shows

Review №21

Awesome place for a show. Open stage makes it an intimate experience between the crowd and band. It feels like youre seeing your friends band on stage. Its an awesome experience. The bartenders are sweet and the service is good. Drink prices are very reasonable for a music venue. BUT the $25 Minimum credit card thing was a bit excessive. So hit the ATM first if you dont feel like drinking $25 worth on your credit card lol not everyone drinks alcohol and thats a Lot of $2 sodas if you only have your card to work with. LolIts mostly standing room only but they do accomidate to disabilities. From what I saw it was very clean in the bar area and even the restrooms were clean and maintained aswell. I definately recommend the Orpheum for concerts! I had a blast!!

Review №22

Got to see St. Motel here on a Monday night and it was honestly the best live show Ive been to. Ybor was dead, parking was free, the crowd was great but not bonkers, we got seats on the second floor by grabbing a couple bar stools and dragging them up to the rail.We came at about 6:30, doors opened at 7. The line wrapped around the corner. The bars are in a couple spots. The main floor gets crowded quick. The bathrooms are fairly rough, and chicks are shoving sanitary napkins into a hole in the wall. Someone on staff may wanna look at that.

Review №23

This place is awesome. Very punk show vibe, with reasonable prices for some decent beers! Bathrooms are clean for a venue like this. Great sound!

Review №24

Went for Emo Night Brooklyn and had a BLAST!! it sold out so it was a bit packed but layout is great for concerts. 10/10 would go again in April

Review №25

I like the venue and appreciate the balcony assess for shows to avoid the mass of people. Missing one star because it is no fun when the stalls are out of toilet paper and then there is no soap to wash your hands after doing what you gotta do.

Review №26

The Orpheum could be the best place for live music if the owners took care of it. The floors and walls are pretty sticky, the bathroom was gross, the bartenders are snobs and the staff members who maintained the door were not doing their job correctly. Went to a concert there the other night and the large stage left speaker overhead was blown and the crackling static was very disrupting. Yes, I understand that its s high traffic venue with lots of people that go through there but hire a cleaning service, or have a staff member swifter wetjet the floor, take a rag and at least wipe down the walls or something. I most likely wont be returning.

Review №27

Nice staff, can get crowded but its still a decent little venue and I usually always enjoy my time there. The shows feel very close up and you can usually find a space to see. There is also a small loft.Be warned if you go to a show people do like to spill their beverages and it can get slippery.

Review №28

Great beer and atmosphere!

Review №29

Dark Tranquillity played here and it was epic. I like how the place is laid out. Good drinks.

Review №30

No vaping or smoking, no re-entry and $25 minimum at the bar. Glad I got there an hour and a half after the event start time, would have ripped my hair out or got wasted just to pass the time. Artist went on stage 2 hours after posted event time, probably the case with most acts, venue puts earlier start time to sell more drinks. Sound quality on the sides of the stage was horrible, couldnt hear the artist at all. Terrible venue, would never go back, only reason I didnt give 1 star was because the show was great (had nothing to do with the venue).

Review №31

Good setup, clear sections for bar, spectators and the pit, and I really appreciated the merch tables being out of the way of the stampede. Bartenders were quick and poured a mean old fashioned at a fair-for-a-club price. Sound was clean all over, and the stage was the right height and distance to make it feel like you could get up close and personal.

Review №32

The venue is amazing for a small concert where you can have a view from anywhere. Balcony is perfect for hanging out more relaxed. There are bars in both floors. I loved it! There are a few places to go around the area after an event. Ybor was loud and crazy in a Saturday night.

Review №33

Saw Unearth play with Fit for An Autopsy and it was awesome. The staff for being nearly deaf, haha heard all the drink orders and the bouncers kept us safe from drunken fools. Intimate setting and a second floor balcony inside. Great night. Metal music. What more can you ask of a venue

Review №34

I love this place. The balcony seats are great too. So if you want to sit and watch a show, consider that. And you can always hit the pit or standing by the stage if you want.

Review №35

Bartending was short staffed so the drinks took a while. Overall it was a great crowd and a great venue. I went to see Scapeghost and they nailed it! Great venue.

Review №36

This is a great place to see a concert. Up close to the bands. Amazing sound.

Review №37

I was there to see Colony House with Tall Heights. Great sound from the equipment and the engineer. I could hear everything without being overwhelmed with decibels. The bartender was friendly and quick to offer service. When I came back for another drink she got the bottles in hand and ready to pour before I could say anything. All I had to do was say yes. Quick service. I loved it.

Review №38

Never been to this venue, and it was a great time with the VIP Meet and Greet with Crown the Empire. Cant wait til Northlane and ERRA meet and greet

Review №39

A Great Place For A BattelSaw Kajiu Big Battel here. Lots of space to move around in. Having a balcony over the stage was vital for the show to happen.Lots of short couches to sit on, too.

Review №40

Awesome venue, killer stage can be seen from anywhere in the club. Accessible bars, cool lighting and balcony. Great sound, awesome joint.

Review №41

Last Concert here was Tons of Fun! Its a Great place in Ybor. Better than your Other clubs in the Area.

Review №42

The concert was amazing, the bar was slow to serve as not enough bar tenders for a sold out concert. Was not thrilled about standing around for so long for doors to open then for concert to start but once the band started it was amazing!

Review №43

Was a great venue for the Static-X show. Bartenders were fast and polite. Security was on point and door check was quick.

Review №44

Dont get me wrong, the bands playing and the venue itself are pretty cool. But it took them so long to get people in, the first 2 bands had already finished their set by that time . Plus, the No Re-entry policy and the 25$ minimum for the card at the bar are totally BS. All of that kinda ruined the experience for me a bit .

Review №45

Good venue for concerts, Never had a drink but you need cash to buy water so be prepared

Review №46

Been here multiple times to see FKJ, Manic Focus, Marvel Years, and Break Science. The sound is amazingly powerful, enough to feel it in the floor. The lighting equipment could use a bit of fixing but overall is great. 2 bars, plenty of seats if needed. I love this venue.

Review №47

This place is THE SPOT for heavy metal, death metal, and black metal concerts. The sound is simply amazing, and the amount of space in the venue and good views is also appreciated. Dont miss out on a great concert here!

Review №48

I love this venue. I’ve only been once, I saw Watsky here, and it is by far the best venue I’ve been to. It’s not too big, so you feel like you’re really apart of the music.

Review №49

Great small venue. Only complaints are some poles in the viewing area and a $25 minimum for cards at the bar. Overall very good.

Review №50

Nice little concert hall

Review №51

Good atmosphere, felt safe, very close to the stage. Lighting and sound are good too.

Review №52

Nice venue. It did take almost a month and lots of messages to get a response back on bring our teenager to see the concert. Some more seating in the back would be nice also, we had to stand for close to 4 hours.

Review №53

Saw Poppy here. Great spot. Good cranberry vodka.

Review №54

Awesome venue! The Dead South killed it!

Review №55

I love this venue. it’s intimate, the temperature is comfortably cold, and it is just always a great time. two major bad things though: 1) bathrooms are always disgusting. 2) it’s always so crowded and there are only ever like two bartenders so service is reaaaallllyyy slow and you can tell the bartenders are stressed.

Review №56

Its the perfect size for an intimate band setting. The acoustics are fantastic here.

Review №57

The set up here is great. Private mini bar upstairs, can see everything from the bar upstairs. Sound is great and its very small and intimate. However, the bathrooms are gross. Half the stalls dont have locks on the doors, so you have to hold the door shut while youre sitting. Not very clean either. Also, they have THREE bars, but no food. We were here from 2pm-10pm for a concert with VIP experience. So from that time no one had any food. You cant leave and come back and all this place serves is alcohol. This is a recipe for disaster. A bunch of people with empty stomachs and nothing but alcohol. Everyone I talked to at the show said they were starving.TL;DR --- Great views, intimate feel, but gross bathrooms and no food. Eat before you get here.

Review №58

Cool spot like the fact they have a local spot like this! Hiphop night was awesome Forte killed it!!

Review №59

Sounded amazing. Thats all I really care about in a venue. Support pillars are fairly small... Thats a plus.

Review №60

Perfect size for concerts. Non smoking is perfect. Bar service was quick. But there was this wired VIP only balcony section with only a handful people a while the ground floor was packed. Also quite strict once out you cannot come back in rules for no apparent reason. Also, the website stated the venue starts at 5 pm. People were lining up for hours in the sun. Doors opened shortly before 7 pm. Afterwards they quickly forced people out in a heavy rain shower because they wanted to clean up instantly.

Review №61

Would like a few more seats. Great acoustics though.

Review №62

The Orpheum is a decent small venue for shows. Over the years its seems to have gotten much more expensive to visit. Servers are great but often times overwhelmed and the square bar seems understaffed. Acoustics leave a lot to be desired and is usually too loud for no reason (and Im used to loud) and the quality becomes distorted. Parking is always rough so I always suggest parking in the garage and walking.

Review №63

The music selection was kind of weird, and didnt match the reputation for this place. Dancing was a blast, but our bartender was inappropriate and incredibly rude.

Review №64

I got to see my favorite band (Car Seat Headrest) last night at this place. I am a massive fan of this venue. Its super spacious even during a sold out show. The sound was perfect and even in the back you still got the full show.It has 3 full bars with a upstairs lounge area, and a convenient atm, the bathrooms were clean as could hope with tons of lovely anti-capitialist stickers, which I love. My one small gripe was that were was a 25$ minimum on a debit card for drinks. The convenient atm took care of that though.A++

Review №65

This place is great, they bring in some awesome ebm.synthpop shows. Crowd is always easy going. Security is cool as long as you dont give them a reason. I drive from Orlando to come here for the shows.

Review №66

Great venue for metal shows. Good beer prices, nice atmosphere and cool staff.

Review №67

Emo night is always a blast and the staff is so sweet. I lost my phone for most of the night and they somehow still managed to track me down and give it to me

Review №68

Great shows in a very sweet joint.

Review №69

Always have the best experience here especially when all my favorite bands come here!

Review №70

Very dirty..drinks were crazy expensive for low grade alcohol...ok for people watching and if you want somewhere to smoke sucked

Review №71

This venue is my favorite! Not only is the security very kind but they are super efficient! This venue is super intimate and really amazing! Theres lots of seating (more then most venues) and the whole staff is very kind!

Review №72

Metal bands go there. One could argue that they do in fact keep it metal. They keep it real as well probably. Never had any of that meathead over zealous flashlight security man like you see.Like a dad would say, this place rocks! Get it, like rock music....

Review №73

Great place for smaller shows. Good sound. Good environment. Decent bar and staff.

Review №74

I went to the grandson concert. The concert was great. I just wish it would have been 21+ because anyone younger than that wasn’t allowed to go certain places.

Review №75

Ive had a great time every visit. Nothing fancy. A stage, a couple of bars and a largely unobstructed view from everywhere. Its all about the music.Last night was a sold out show. We were not packed in and I did not feel crowded. The wait at the bar was reasonable.I really like the venue.

Review №76

It only gets a 3 star because its basically the only venue that books metal shows, its not a bad place, but theres not really another option. My only complaint is the criminals charge a 25 dollar minimum to pay with card at the bar.

Review №77

The Orpheum is a great venue. Ive been to quite a few shows here over the years, and the Orpheum will continue to be a staple of the scene in Tampa for many years to come. The staff are usually friendly and the venue itself is pretty well taken care of. The bathrooms arent the best but theres nice seating, a balcony, and 2 bars. The sound is always great, and the sound guy is a pleasure to work with if you come prepared and act professional (played here 3 times). Find a show you like and go! You wont be disappointed.

Review №78

Always a great venue! My only complaint is they charge $2 for a maybe 12 oz. Coke with no refills....

Review №79

Great sound, which is a massive requirement for a concert venue. I would love to check out more shows at this place. It is very spacious on the inside which is very deceiving from your brick and mortar view from outside.They have plenty of bar space inside, and seem to have very functional staff that are quick and attentive. It is no wonder that they are able to attract some large performance and national touring bands for this venue.

Review №80

Great venue and great concert. It was well organized getting in, getting upgrade, and it was nice and cool inside. Good restrooms too. Not at all what I expected. Great place I will go again.

Review №81

Emo night was a blast. Ybor has definitely cleaned up and so has this venue.

Review №82

It was a very nice venue for the show (Bephoger, Dark Funeral, Incantation, and two more...)

Review №83

Great venue.. Jinjer

Review №84

I love going here! Sink or swim is always a great time! The bartenders always poor hefty. AC is running cool all night!

Review №85

Nice venue for music. If my husband didnt love music so much, I would give you a lower rating. Was told I had to pay $1 for a 5¢ Dixie cup to get tap water. Ok. Then when I went to get a refill. Oh, were not supposed to give it for free. Really? I bought the cup. I didnt even ask for new ice. Tap water people. DDs beware. This place is not for you.

Review №86

My favorite show venue. Great bands at decent prices, plenty of room for rough pits and crowdsurfing. If youre into that, youll love this place. Would like to see more hardcore bands come through!

Review №87

Great venue. We saw built to spill. They were awesome.

Review №88

Was not overcrowded when we went. Bar staff kept up with demand pretty well. Please note $25 minimum if you dont pay cash, and they hold both cc and id. Upstairs was mostly vacant but we were not allowed up there. Lights and sound were acceptable.

Review №89

Great small venue to see a rock show! We Came as Romans, Crown The Empire, Shvpes, and Erra tore it down. Loved it and cant wait to go back!

Review №90

Sick venue, saw Last Dinosaurs here with Born Ruffians and Rohna opening, the venue is very open, nice aesthetic as well. Overall amazing experience!!

Review №91

Cash only, $25 minimum tab for the bar, poor acoustics, no re-entry. Good shows often enough to get me out here occasionally but buy your tickets online and dont expect to only get the casual drink or two.

Review №92

I rate music venues through the lens of production. So take that into account when reading my review. Great layout for a music venue. Nice large stage with a ramp. Dressing rooms better than most. Audio isnt bad. Lighting for the stage sucks. They could spend $500 and have an decent lighting system. However they seem to have. found the worse fixtures and controller that Spencer at the local mall had on sale 5yrs ago. Under staffed as well. The audio guy who is also the lighting guy, stage hand and who knows what else barely has time to say hello before hes pulled in 3 directions at once.In short. This place has huge potential to be a great club but the owner probably doesnt care and the patrons dont have anything to base great off of so they dont know how good it could be.

Review №93

Seen the Dead South. What a great place to really enjoy your experience

Review №94

Awesome place to start and get you ready for the big times if you have the stuff for it lol!!!

Review №95

I would give 5 stars but when I went to order a drink the bartender (farthest bar from door on sat sep 28th for tiger army) asked for my card to hold which is totally fine. He hands me 2 beers and says give me your ID. I showed him my wristband that was for 21 and over. He says no, I need to also hold your ID. He was very rude about it and I obviously said no way. What if I forgot it (the whole reason they hold your cc) then I have no ID. He wouldnt have even had to hold my cards at all except he said there needed to be a $25 minimum.Moral of the story, bring cash to this place. Otherwise its a good place to see a show

Review №96

Ybor is a nightmare and this venue is sub-par. Severely understaffed and the bartenders dont care if you get served a drink tonight or not.

Review №97

Grungy but a good time. Bars both located up and down stairs.

Review №98

Nice place... sound was pretty good....only negative was the people smoking weed as i had my young son with me...

Review №99

Bartender w the brown hair (taller one) on Wednesday for the Dominic fike show was unacceptable. As a bartender she was the WORST.So rude even after spending a lot of money wouldn’t even give me a water cup. If she had the time of day would’ve given her name but as a manager you could check the schedule. Tipped over 20% out of sympathy but honestly wish I could take it back after the attitude I that was given after addressing the situation. Never would return if she were working. 0/0 By law you are required to supply me with water as a patron so unless you’d like a lawsuit in the future, train your bartender better.

Review №100

Went to see Jeff Scott Soto on February 21st, we got to meet and greet him, get some pics which was fantastic. However I knew hed have a opening group before he would take the stage, I didnt realize there was going to be 3 bands before him, had we known this from the website, I wouldnt have wasted my time listening to 3 opening bands, sure wish I had known this beforehand.

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