MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
4802 US-301, Tampa, FL 33610, United States

Review №1

Crazy sound one of the few ampattheaters in FL and usually houses some of the largest concerts in Tampa I would suggest going if you ever get an opportunity to go to a concert held here with outside vendors and concession stands around the perimeter its worth it.

Review №2

This is one of my favorite venues to watch concerts at. Over the years Ive seen that 50 concerts here. Most recently Brantley Gilbert. It was awesome, whether youre in the grass or the seats. It will be a great show I dont think theres a bad seat in the house.

Review №3

Great venue! Dont be fooled by being open air, there is a roof over everything but the grass area at the far outside of the venue. Was pretty warm for May, but kept us out of direct sun.Lots of places to choose what you want to eat, pizza, Cuban sandwich, chicken, tacos, etc....

Review №4

This place is great having entrance on both sides with easy access. With careful and advanced planning, you will do well here with many clean facilities and bathrooms. The website is terrible so you will need to investigate on your own. Guys, come on....improve your website with more useful information and maps !!!

Review №5

The gun show was amazing . They had a lot of vendors with a variety of items for sale. The staff was very friendly and the food was good.

Review №6

Saw Muse, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Panic! At the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Weezer here. I love the field seating.

Review №7

I love this place. Amazing artists come to this venue. I enjoy how they make it affordable to see big names. You can chose your seats (which could be pricey) or chose the lawn and bring a chair! Depending on the artist, they can start from $20 and go up to $70. Its worth the experience. Dress cooler in the summer. Whew, it gets hot.

Review №8

Always have a great time at the Amphitheater. Came to see Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Lamb of God and Slayer for the Slayer farewell tour. Was amazing show as all the bands put on an amazing live show. All bands are a must see. Lamb of God is my favorite band so had to see them again! Bye Slayer! Music will not be the same without you!

Review №9

Great place to see a show. Lots of people, so remember to be calm. Very good staff on hands to help you with any help or questions you may need. Takes an army to pull off a mass of people like that but every show is handled very professionally. Can be long lines to bathrooms, so be calm! You can take a lawn chair if you are in the lawn, and you may take a bottle of water in with you. They have refill water bottle stations around the area. So no need to pay 5$ for a small bottle of water. Enjoy the show. And thank you to all those hard working people who help make it such a great experience.

Review №10

Great place to go for a concert had a great time there the food concessions were good and the fans are always awesome. Went to see Train and Goo Goo Dolls and Allen Stone was awesome.

Review №11

This is an Awesome venue for concerts!! The seats arent steep stadium, which makes it easier to get in and out for the many good variety of concessions and restrooms.. the parking is a little walk, but closer than some Ive been to.. you can see the Hard Rock Casino just streets away.

Review №12

We were really early and had to park pretty far away so we were concerned about traffic leaving. No problem getting out.We sat on the lawn were it rained for 3 hours but there was no mud.We had a good time, good sound and a nice big video screen.

Review №13

Saw Chris Stapleton here last night. Good acoustics! Large screens to help those of us on the lawn see the stage. Parking was easy going in and free! Was able to tailgate before the show. Getting out was a mess. Thats why only 4 stars. Beer prices were ridiculous too. $13 for a large Bud Light.

Review №14

Pretty sweet place to see a show! Bigger venue means bigger acts and more people to contend with. This place does a good job with moving people in and out of the parking lots to and from their seats. We paid for the Ultra Premier parking and it was worth every penny! Super close to the amphitheatre itself and only took us 10 minutes to get out and onto I4! Obviously concessions are expensive but this place has A LOT of choices in craft beers and cocktails. Seats are a great investment in Florida summers. Had great seats and the music sounded good. Not too loud or distorted. There really isnt a bad seat in the place because of all the video boards. Even if you are sitting far away you can still see each member of the band on the big screens. The people working inside of the Amp were all helpful and courteous. With that many people all coming in to see a show there were no issues or problems. We even decided to upgrade from the lawn to a seat and were able to do so once we walked in. Super fast service and they just texted us our new tickets, it was so easy! If you are.visiting from out of town and trying to catch a show, or live in the area this is a nice place to catch some of the bigger acts that come thru the Tampa Bay area.

Review №15

This amphitheatre is covered but open, so the weather will determine how you will need to dress. There can also be a long walk to the event space if you dont get to park close, so bring your walking shoes! Also, all seats have great views of the stage, the only consideration would be how close you want to be to the stage. But definitely plan and dress appropriately. *This amphitheatre is handicap accessible*

Review №16

Surprisingly not a bad seat in the place, great views from everywhere! I was amazed at the organization and service throughout the venue. The bathrooms were clean and there were plenty. Lots of great food and beverage choices (pricey but its a concert) you can even order from your seat! It was the easiest in and out for parking that I have ever experienced at a concert too. I cannot wait to see another concert here!

Review №17

Nice venue, but is closed due to COVID

Review №18

This is an excellent venue for concerts. All of the seats are great and covered. Definitely keep track of where you parked including the entrance you used. Its very easy to walk out of a different entrance and then have to hunt for your car.

Review №19

Ive been to two different concerts here: Foo Fighters and Bush. Both shows were awesome and the venue was a great place to see them. Everything is fairly well organized and there are plenty of food and drink vendor options too. I look forward to more shows here.

Review №20

Awesome venue! do arrive early or pay a little extra for valet parking if you want to avoid being stuck in a long traffic tie up. Staff are lively and very helpful.The way it was architecture (hardly 15 year old!) virtually makes it no bad seat in the house.

Review №21

Awesome spot for Slamfest great time!!

Review №22

Such a wonderful venueEasy parking,Tons of refreshments, and food to choose from,And good seats as well

Review №23

This amphitheater is located in the Florida Fairgrounds. The parking may be either a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute walk, depending on whether you want to add $$$ to your event tickets.I came here for a Green Day concert. The crowd was awesome, the space was good, the seats/chairs were OK. I was hoping for a better view, but it was OK. Now, this amphitheater has a ceiling, which is better than other uncovered amphitheaters, specially in Florida where it rains a lot.Outside the amphitheater, there are concessions where you can buy drinks, alcoholic beverages and food.

Review №24

Great venue with a good selection of food and drinks. Getting in and out is always time consuming and they could use more parking collection attendants.

Review №25

No matter where you sit, you can see and hear. Food and beer are on the high end but still a great place. If your sitting in the grass, you are going to want a chair or waterproof mat. Its Florida so the ground is often wet.

Review №26

Ive been there s couple times. Usually the place create a traffic collapse 5 miles all way around. Other than that its a spacious field with a good atmosphere, new people not only from sunshine state but west coast sometimes and lots of beer. Youll like the experience if you aint afraid of standing for a few hours... gl, love yall !

Review №27

This attendance was for Peter Frampton. Hes amazing of course. The seating is well placed, even the seats that are distant allows decent viewing. I would not suggest lawn seats when they are offered for some shows, it getting too far away. Finding the entrance is not set up well, could use signage. The parking could use some attention. Its all in the grass and leaving gets a little awkward. Snack and drink prices are ridiculous. $4 for a bottle of water. Overall though, I recommend and will go back.

Review №28

Be careful of broken seats. Thank God my friend (who happens to be a police officer) didnt get hurt. I tried to get help when it happened and tried to contact someone to address the issue after the show and the next day. Sad when you pay almost $400 to enjoy a show and you cant relax and enjoy it. I never heard from anyone.

Review №29

We had a great time at this amphitheater. The staff is friendly and professional. The bathrooms are clean and it is easy to navigate around the facility. We parked in premier parking and it made it so easy to enter and leave. The only drawback is it can get a little warm, it is summer in Florida after all.

Review №30

Ive seen some nice shows here and its a good outdoor venue for concerts.

Review №31

Sound get shuts off promptly at night.

Review №32

Love this venue. Only complaint is the parking is a little hectic to get in and out of but a real fun outdoor venue to watch a concert and they have decent options for food.

Review №33

Great atmosphere! Plenty of space to roam around and grab a drink or food before and during concerts. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained. Parking can be annoying, especially if its been raining...its a big mud pit.

Review №34

Wow what a fun place to see shows definitely spend the money and to get Orchestra seats when you go to the Amphitheatre totally worth it.

Review №35

I live attending events at this venue. Music sounds so much better than an indoor arena. I wish the parking and traffic getting into and out of the venue was more proficient and organized.

Review №36

Saw ZZ Top and Cheap Trick. Great Show. My only complaint was the sound was terrible. It sounded distorted. Im no sound expert but it sounded like they were over driving the speakers. I know the sound at outside venues never sound as good as Indoor venues but this sounded like a $40 pair of Walmart speakers hooked up to a 2k watt amp.My other complaint is that there is no place above and in front of the stage for the riggers to hang lights so they are hung above and at the back of the stage facing out. That makes good pictures almost impossible. It also makes for poor viewing IMHO. You can see in the pics the lights shining out at the top.I do give Live Nation a high five though. They had plenty of help. They were courteous and helpful.

Review №37

It was raining and even though we were under the roof we got wet. Can they extend the roof or add rain curtains around the back. Everything else was great. Enjoyed the concert very much

Review №38

Real great place for family and great food!!! Best time i had in a while!!!

Review №39

Nice place for a loud concert.Open air shell with a roof. Assigned seats up front followed by a grassy area in back. Good view plus great sound all the way to the back.Ample parking shared with the Florida State Fairgrounds. Especially good for handicap parking: up front/no charge. Adjacent VIP Parking costs $50. Free parking in back but its a long walk to the venue.Adjacent to I4 near the I75 intersection. Very easy to access.Attended a Mary J Bleigh concert there. Disappointed that there were no souvenir vendors. No T-shirts except for VIP tickets. Just lots of liqueur and a few food vendors. Thats why I gave it 4 stars.

Review №40

Pretty easy to get into and around the Amphitheater. Parking is slow and busy. Food and drinks are priced high but that’s expected from concerts and venues like this. WiFi access at shows, lots of staff to help guide you. The 30 Seconds to Mars show we saw there was amazing. I would recommend coming for a show!

Review №41

I have traveled to this venue many times to see shows. I really enjoy the venue and it seems to attract a lot of good bands that dont as often come to Orlando. The floor AKA general admission area is a good size. It lets you be close to the action without feeling overly packed. The seating is good, too. You can generally get a pretty good view and the seats are comfy enough. Another plus here is that the staff members working always seem very friendly and helpful. Also, the bathrooms are actually equipped with a lot of stalls and kept pretty clean so thats awesome.The major downside is concession prices, which I know if pretty typical for these types of places. Theres a good variety of food, but its on the pricy side for what you get, and the alcohol prices are just ridiculously high. Its not a big deal though if you plan to eat before or after your event and pregame a little if thats your thing.Overall, this is one of my favorite venues to see live music and I feel its definitely worth making the trek to Tampa to see your favorite band or artist here!

Review №42

Took my son to his first concert,,,SLIPKNOT,,one of our faves , where he didnt take his eyes of the drumner ,, jay Weinberg ,,,, pretty sure he was blown away ,, best show ever ,, and yeah ,now he has drums,,, a never forget moment

Review №43

Great customer service and staffing was impeccable. Bathrooms were clean and security made me feel very safe. The concert itself was outstanding everything I was expecting and more. My man and I had a great time. Thank you to VetTix and LiveNation. I am truly grateful.

Review №44

Went to the Game of Thrones Concert. Great service. Staff was extremely helpful. Best experience with staff at a concert that I have ever experienced.

Review №45

Always a great time at this venue. Ive sat in the seats but unless youre sitting up front I definitely recommend the lawn instead. Way more relaxed and fun vibe. Also love the fact that you can bring your own water and snacks!

Review №46

Great place to see a concert. Had two jumbo screens if you sit in the lawn so you can see the artist. Food and drinks are reasonably priced. And its easy access from U.S. 301!!! The down side barely any lighting in the parking lots. Other than that the concert experience is great. Just deal with Florida 90+ degree weather and bang your head you get a great work out!!!!!

Review №47

The only complaint was Lil wayne didnt show up for his show but thats not the venues fault so they were great. The parking was a little crazy though. The areas were nice even the grass lawn. The employees were all kind and helpful, looking forward to another show.

Review №48

Let the Music do the talken! (And a couple of photos too!) Always a great lineup of groups. (Like ZZ Top of course) The seats should be a little bigger, but we all know why they are small.

Review №49

Staff is friendly. Parking and venue easy to get to. Tickets are reasonable. Lots of room and not too packed in with people.

Review №50

I enjoyed the VIP set up there, great food drinks were reasonable considering their size..

Review №51

From green day revolution tour to little uzi and g-eazy the amphitheater has it all. The facility is nice and the sound quality is relatively good from GA lawn seats too pit tickets you can’t go wrong. Not to mention they host Tampa’s best music festival NBT.

Review №52

We see DMB - Dave Matthews Band - every year. Lots of restrooms and plenty of concessions.

Review №53

Had A BLAST with me daughter and cousin saw P!ATD concert and they loved it!!! Great place to set a concert! Been there myself numerous times and will continue!!

Review №54

Always a blast! Ive attended twice and had a fantastic time each time!!! Go early and tailgate!

Review №55

Very large, sufficient amount of vendors for food, drinks and merchandise. Even if the lines are long, it goes fast. Went to the foo fighters concert and had 3rd row pit tickets

Review №56

Hillsong United was awesome, forst time at the Amp. Really nice and clean.

Review №57

Great venue to see a concert!

Review №58

Lines to get in and beer/food are manageable, parking isnt too crazy either. Great 1st time at this venue.

Review №59

Do the owners know this Venue is located in Florida ? Bring a Poncho, Bathing Suit, Umbrella and a change of clothes. Attended Hootie & The Blowfish Concert (Great Show) during major Thunderstorm, Lightning and Torrential Down Pours. Getting wet in the Orchestra after navigating the parking lot for fifteen minutes from the Handicapped parking area left my underwear soaked. Drove home in my underwear. Felt like cattle without a tree as Incompetent STAFF made sure you waited in line long enough to Drown. +6

Review №60

Great place for concerts. Cool atmosphere. The bands sound very good and the lights are awesome.

Review №61

Great place to see live music. Not a bad place in the house!!!

Review №62

Such a beautiful venue. Sound is so awesome! They always have popular entertainers.

Review №63

Went here for the fair. It was fun and hot.

Review №64

Great Amphitheater with wonderful seating! Open air can get rather hot but a nice breeze blows threw. Plenty of places to eat and a friendly staff. I recommend getting premier parking to make your experience even better! Easy in and easy out!

Review №65

Have seen multiple shows here from DMB to Slayer and like the venue. Sounds Good. drinks are over-priced like any other place.

Review №66

Great outdoor venue. Not too large. This type of venue layout is my fave for concerts.

Review №67

First visit to see Alan Jackson. Show was fantastic. Sound quality at this venue is superb. Seating was comfortable and space for your legs (64) is the best of any venue I have ever attended. (More than 100 locations in America) Parking was free , yay, and was out of a huge parking lot in less than a minute after starting the car. Video on the two side screens was hard to see till the sun went down.

Review №68

Everything was organized and controlled. The lines were fast moving. Staff is attentive and very helpful! A kind employee loaned me some sunscreen when Id forgotten my own. Checked bags and small cameras were allowed which was pleasantly surprising! Id definitely come to this venue again. I had a very good experience.

Review №69

Concerts are awesome here, you can get in the parking lot early and tailgate before the show! Its a great way to meet new friends!

Review №70

This venue looks amazing after it was redone. It has an amazing structure. The banked lawn makes it easier for general admission/lawn seats to see and enjoy concerts and other events. It was well thought out, organized and executed. This venue offers good seats, improved sound, with courteous staff and facilities for large events.Conveniently located for most Tampa Bay residents and visitors. The Tampa Bay traffic passing by also offers added publicity and opportunity for advertising the many artists, concerts and events held here.

Review №71

I liked it. The sound was great, seats were great... Some Amphitheatres have fans circulating... Even the Verizon one in Atlanta has slow moving circulating fans... That is not the case at this place If it felt like any air there was circulating at all I would have given it 5 stars... That was my only complaint. Not really a place to look forward to spending a summer day in Florida. Its more like a last resort type thing if its the only place a band you want to see is going there and nowhere else within a 300 mile radius.

Review №72

Great Venue! Especially in the weeks of winter weather Not a bad seat in the house..

Review №73

Will continually hold credits to overdraw your accounts first.

Review №74

Great venue but parking is always a nightmare. Park near the exit.

Review №75

This is a great place to see a concert. Sound quality overall is pretty good. Most seats give a good vantage point

Review №76

Went to see Our Lady Peace, Live, and Bush. This was an amazing show and venue. Definitely plan on going to more shows in the future.

Review №77

One of the cleanest place in the part that you can eat is this place....and every thing is awsome my husband and i are having a good time people are very respectful and very good customer service bathrooms are very clean Park is nice and neat love it but I..

Review №78

Went to the RV show had a very fun time and affordable.

Review №79

Nice venue! First visit will be back

Review №80

The concert was great. They just had issues with parking since 2 things were going on at the same time

Review №81

This is a great venue for a concert. This was my first time doing VIP for a show and it was really great. The food in VIP was top notch! Nice couches and comfy seats. We will try to do VIP at every show possible!

Review №82

Great concert venue....great seats for being outdoors.....easy access to get to and getting out of. Had a BLAST.....will return.

Review №83

I was here at a Concert of Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey in 2011 and it was unforgettable! Really great atmosphere with nice Wather.If I could, I would turn back time and watch the whole Concert again, it was just perfect!

Review №84

Great place!Ive been recently in a KOL show there and it was awesome!

Review №85

Awesome venue! Plenty of parking for tailgating!! Plenty of food options if you wish to purchase!! Amphitheater seating is all good from the lawn to the seats!! Live Nation employees are always polite and helpful.

Review №86

Had to go by and get a refund for the Ozzy concert that was cancelled. No lines, In and out quickly and no problems or issues with the refund.They have always been a great place for a concert a a fair price.

Review №87

Difficult access. Also remember the party who had a handicap scooter very difficult access. Placement of overflow people in front of expensive seats blocking The View. If theres any way you can go to see your musical group somewhere else goes there. Do not recommend strongly!

Review №88

A great location for concerts. Even the lawn seating is pretty awesome, and the screens make it so anyone can see whats happening. Drink prices are insane but thats normal anymore.

Review №89

Very clean. RV show was a lot of fun. Staff were helpful and accommodating. Great visit.

Review №90

Awesome venue! Of few issues: that their are only a few bathrooms and they are far away from the stage and grassy area. Be prepared to sweat if their is no breeze the night you go this place turns into a massive human sauna. Monitors are outdated and need to be upgraded. The grass seats area amazing but get their early. Also they have certain restrictions on what kind of lawn chair you can bring, they have to be the ones that are very low to the ground.

Review №91

Great place to see a concert. Acoustics are pretty good!

Review №92

Enjoyed our time at the fair..

Review №93

Great venue every time. If you don’t mind bringing a blanket or lawn chair the lawn is a awesome. We got seats and had just as much fun down there. Sounds amazing and the ambience is great for shows like Stapleton.

Review №94

Insane traffic to get to venue with no help from police that I could see. Venue is clean with plenty of bathrooms. The accoustics are very bad. It would be a great place otherwise.

Review №95

Fun place, you get what you pay for with seating. Be careful of summer concerts on the lawn with the rain.

Review №96

One of my favorite venues for concerts. Doesnt matter if youre in the lawn section, youll still have an amazing show and meet lots of great new people.

Review №97

Lawn seating at great prices. Can also upgrade to reserved lawn chair seating and had a great view of stage. Acoustics were awesome too. Would definitely go to more concerts there

Review №98

My first time here was 8/11/2018 for the FFDP, Breaking Benjamin, Bad Wolves, Nothing More concert and I loved it. I love that they have real bathrooms and a wide selection of food and beverage stands. The covering over the seats provides a decent amount of shade and creates a nice breeze.

Review №99

Been to so many concerts here in the past year alone, always top performers! This is an outdoor venue with mostly covered seating in front of lawn seating, and not a bad seat in the house. There are plenty of walk up options for food & drink and full bar and beer stands. Could use more restrooms.

Review №100

Fun night out! Lindsey Sterling with Evanescence

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