The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show - Tampa, Florida
5312 Avion Park Dr, Tampa, FL 33607, United States

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My husband and I had a great time!The actors were great, and wish we could stay longer...We had to leave early due to a baby emergency at home... (first time leaving baby at home)One thing I was surprised about was the fact that we had to share a table with other people. There is a pandemic going on we really shouldn’t be risking anything by sharing a table with strangers which doesn’t follow social distancing guidelines.The event would of been much more enjoyable if we had our own space, but other than that it was great!

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It was at Hilton this time in a long room with a bar in the middle. I imagined there would be a stage with an unfinished play but instead it was just basically 2 people running around in between the tables and you could barely hear them when they were in the other end of the room.I was seated with my back to the middle of the room so I had to constantly, for 3 hours, keep twisting if I wanted to see. I’m sure the people closer to any end of the room didn’t even see anything.It was dragged out way too long with Them pulling people from the audience to play along. The food was mediocre, no choice at all, all you know is chicken, fish or vegetarian but nothing about the salad or dessert.Not worth the money and actually could not wait for it to be over. 2 star for the effort and the lady actors dance moves, nothing else is worth mentioning.Oh! No social distancing whatsoever!! They stated we would sit 6 ft apart and you were seated right next to and behind strangers with no mask on anybody at the table except the actors.

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This is a great experience for a night out whether as a date or even family night out. Actors are hilarious, food is great and there is even a prize for the person who can guess who the killer is and why.

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We were never notified that the show was cancelled and our money wasnt refunded Ill never come back out it was under my sisters name and you still havent refunded her money so i will tell every one not to waste thier money

Review №5

It was a wonderful experience all around. I have Autism and the host and coordinator we’re so accommodating to me. My husband and I don’t get to go out much due to my sensitivities and this was such a special experience for us. I highly recommend!

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We had a good time - something different to do in the area. The show was very interactive and engaging. But in my opinion the tickets are extremely overpriced. The food was very underwhelming, at best. If it were a better value, wed definitely go again.

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Awesome and FUN! Cant wait to do it again! Thank you for including our friend!

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Had a great time. Lots of fun! Great night out with out kids!

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Great performance. Fun group atmosphere! Nice date night.

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My fiance was disrespected by the bar tender who cut her off when she only had half a glass of wine becuase I drank her other half when she went to restroom so If anything I drank more and was still fine I stood up for her and was not about to sit in a show that we paid over 200 for especially after I had to go to an atm just to order drinks to get the cash they only except cash by the way for future goers I told the manager that if they packed my orders of food up to go even i would leave but demanded a refund or my food they refused food and called owner Chris who was polite and refunded us our money but the staff needs to understand customers are paying and they cant make false calls especially when they are 100 percent false I felt they were rude and disrespectful and couldnof handled things differently hope my review helps othersThank youJoe and julie

Review №11

I had so much fun! The actors do a great job and the experience was fantastic

Review №12

It was a great date night. The actors were fantastic, food was great...a really fun time!

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Really loved the show! Very fun and interactive. Food was meh. Actors were very convincing and funny.

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The Dinner Detective show was very good. Entertaining, funny, great venue. The plot is a little over the top with extras but it creates good red herrings to throw people of the scent. Food was decent for this type of event, if it was any better the price would obviously reflect it. Overall great time, would definitely go again as long as the mystery was different.

Review №15

The actors and performance were good, funny, and engaging. I liked that it was not serious and there was audience participation. I was not thrilled with the food. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. I do reccomend this activity!

Review №16

Great mystery! The food was just okay. Standard banquet food and nothing was “bad”. The acting was spot on and the mystery had many twists. We all got to interact and not just sit in our seats. The venue, Hilton was located in MUCH more accessible location than others advertised.

Review №17

Fun show. More interactive than any others weve been to. Food was actually pretty good, which was a pleasant surprise. The plot did get a little too complicated for my taste...look, this aint a research project. Were here to have a drink or 2 and be entertained. Dont make me think that hard by passing out 7 pages of evidence to read. And we left there feeling that if they cut it down to 2.5 hours rather than 3, it would actually make for a better experience. Definitely worth checking out.

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This is a very fun and interactive dinner. I would recommend this for everybody!

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This was a great time - you meet fun people and the actors involve so many of the attendees in the show. The only downside for me is that Im a fast eater, so the slower pacing of the meal courses coming out felt weird. The best part is that you can be as involved or uninvolved as you like - no need to play a complicated character to get clues or develop the case.

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This was a funny and fun dining experience. Enjoyed it very much.

Review №21

This was an amazing time... we have had so very much fun....

Review №22

This was tons of fun, good food, lots of laughs, and suspicion abounds!

Review №23

The show was fun and entertaining. I would recommend to friends for a great evening of food, drink and mystery.

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What a fun experience .. you sit with a table of ten . Maybe nine tables .. salad bread .. dinner .. desert .. food is good .. actors are entertaining .. and fun times trying to crack the case .. I would definitely go back again .. and you should go with a few friends because its that much fun for a different nightly experience.. btw I was the who solved the case when I went .. P. S. Clark

Review №25

It makes for a delight evening with friends! Lots of laughs!

Review №26

They were great! The hotel serves the food and that was good but could have been a little better. The show was awesome! A must try if you want to try something new! We loved It! *** update*** next visit was even better!!! What a great date night! Thank you guys

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The show was great. We really enjoyed our time

Review №28

Wonderful experience! Made the birthday celebration wonderful!

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It was really fun. Good food a lot of laughs. Only negative things I had to hunt down a waiter for water. Also they take your plates way to soon and dont even asked if you are finished they just grab it. All in all a good time. If you actually want to eat your food you have to scarf it down FAST!

Review №30

Great time. Audience participation.

Review №31

Had a great time and want to do it again!

Review №32

Bought a few Groupons for the show as a gift for some family. Wasnt expecting much to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised. Talented improv actors, challenging yet solvable murder. Great way to meet people, everyone at our table was into it. Host was charismatic. All in all, the show exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend it.

Review №33

Great time with family and friends

Review №34

Horrible hospital style food and the show was pretty pathetic. Def not worth the 65 pp very dissapointed

Review №35

The cheese balls are really good

Review №36

This was our second time to come to the Dinner Detectives and as per usual, it was amazing! We will be attending a third show as soon as possible.

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Lots of fun and the food was amazing.

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Great Show!! Food was great, very interactive and fun. We came with a group, but great way to meet new people. Cant wait to try it again!

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I had been to one in Orlando (Sleuths), this was much more audience centered. Which, by itself, isnt why it wasnt great. I think they overbooked and over promised audience participation (when you sign up, you CAM select to be part of the show and pay more). They had to add too many parts of the show, which delayed the food delivery. We didnt eat until 840pm, and were starving. The show cast was fun, but not entirely professional. Seemed disjointed, and not smooth in delivery.Food:Hotel catered food. Yuck. The hors doeuvres were basically from the frozen section in the super market. The need tasted like Hungry Man TV dinners. Dont expect much, you wont get much.Overall, maybe my expectations were too high, but was pretty disappointed.

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The show was fantastic! Our only issue was the service at the Hilton Airport Westshore was definitely lacking. The food wasnt that great and the service was just as bad. The show and the performers were very funny and it was a great show. Lasted about 3.5 to 4 hours. Would definitely go again if it was hosted at a different venue.

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Didnt expect it to be funny, we had blast.. very interactive for everyone involved.

Review №42

Such a fun birthday surprise!!!!

Review №43

Excellent show! The food was delicious and the show was very funny. Must see!!

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Had a good time!

Review №45

Great fun, funny cast, good time for celebrations and big groups, all-ages

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Fun times i laughed so much

Review №47

Had a blast!

Review №48

An amazing show

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Had a blast. Definitely recommended this place to friends.

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Great time!!

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The food was great and the actors were amazing.

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