Side Splitters Comedy Club
12938 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, United States

Review №1

By far the best comedy club in the area. We try to come here at least once a month. They typically do meet and greets at the end of the show. Opportunities to win free tickets too. Good location, good size club, good crowd. Always a great time at Side Splitters!!

Review №2

Love going to this place. Been going on a fairly regular basis and service has always been good along with say 95% of the comedians. Definitely a good affordable night out.

Review №3

Received zero service from the wait staff during the Alonzo Bodden show. Comedians were hilarious. Front bartender was friendly and perfect at his job. They definitely let a couple hundred dollars slip through there fingers that night. Shamefully poor service during the evening’s performance. Literally no service of any sort, whatsoever.I would recommend going to Yellow Springs, OH for a show at Dave Chappelle’s farm, rather than a show here. Much better experience than receiving no food or drinks for 3 hours.

Review №4

We’ve been there a few times & had a good time. Small venue but big laughs from some great local & national talent! Lots of people from late night talk shows & AGT runner’s up which makes it a great evening. Food & drinks are reasonably priced & wait staff is friendly & attentive. We enjoy a great date night here or they can accommodate larger groups. - Tracey Hedges

Review №5

The place is awesome i had a great time food is good drinks are good and prices are not bad at all.

Review №6

I was pleasantly surprised by this club compared to larger national chains. Very laid back. Great staff. Nice space. I prefer this now to everywhere else. Im now going to broaden my horizons and visit smaller, local clubs.

Review №7

We were told that staff would wear masks, but there were few when we got there and no distancing. They acted like there was no pandemic. We just left, took the financial loss. We wont be back until theres a vaccine.

Review №8

Went last night to see Tim Dillion in the flesh. Everything was great, atmosphere was very fun Glad to see a sold out show on a Tuesday! Service and host was great as well. Everyone needs a place like this to come and laugh and reset from this crazy world. Look forward to returning in the future

Review №9

Oh yeah! You want to enjoy a yourself and add some laughs to go with it, say no more! Side Splitters is the spot! Funny comedians and prices that wont break the bank! Enjoy! Youre Welcome.

Review №10

Great comedy club! Saw hypnotist Rich Guzzi! He was great! We were entertained the whole time. We went out to dinner before the show so we didnt eat anything but they had a lot of great snack options, sandwiches and deserts. Next time, we will eat there or have an early dinner and order snacks there!

Review №11

Felt very safe and followed all the guidelines! Staff and menu options, incl non-alcoholic and healthy options, were fantastic along with an amazing performance by Tim Dillon

Review №12

Disappointed that the MC made the point that you are lax with your mask rules. Phase 3 doesnt mean you shouldnt be wearing masks indoors. Soo many people entering the building with no mask or immediately taking them off even when not eating or drinking. The comedy was solid, but I have to leave a lower star review because it felt like you were FLAUNTING a disregard for health and safety of guests. Cant say I would go here again until this whole thing is over.Edited: upped to 3 stars because your waitstaff and bartenders were very nice and attentive.

Review №13

Service at “half capacity” should have been way more attentive. Half capacity, btw, was suspect.. almost all tables were filled. Comedian was super hilarious. Had a great time regardless of staff issues..

Review №14

Went to see JP Sears on Sunday. The comedy was good, but given that we in Florida just opened back up from COVID restrictions, they had the place packed to the gills. There was no way to social distance. The audience was on top of each other and sharing tables. No one was wearing a mask (except for the staff) because there was food and drink. Im aware I made a choice to go out in the public and see the show, but I do not feel that Side Splitters even took minor precautions to keep anyone safe from spreading the virus. I also understand that many, many businesses are struggling to recover from the effects of coronavirus restrictions. However, Side Splitters really should remove a few tables and seats to allow for more room. I know that can cut into the bottom line, but I would have been happy to pay a little bit more for the show to be a little bit safer.

Review №15

Great place ,funny people,good prices. Top touring comedians,good food!Makes for an awesome date night, or just a great night away from it all.

Review №16

The only place where you feel like normal. Funny comedians and drinks made for an evening of laughter. This is what we need more of.

Review №17

Robert Kelly is so funny! So good to see you buddy!!! Stay safe! See you next year!

Review №18

Great place for a laugh. Reasonable prices and a two drink minimum per ticket. They always have great acts that come through regularly. Be sure to always check back for new acts and join their mailing list for updates.

Review №19

Awesome time! Wonderful service! The comics were great and the drinks have great prices!

Review №20

Great atmosphere, food and beverages. Cant wait to go back.

Review №21

Had a fun night, great comedians! They didnt crowd 4 people to a table like the pre-Covid days so the social distancing was ideal.The drinks and the cheesecake were also very delicious.

Review №22

One of my favorite places to go when visiting Tampa. Always great laughs; never disappointed!!!

Review №23

Great venue. Dustin Sims was awesome@

Review №24

This place was awesome all the comedians i saw were very hilarious cant wait to go again

Review №25

Food was ok, the acts were great! Fun night out

Review №26

Great shows! Always have a good time when I go

Review №27

Saw JP Sears stand up comedy show this evening and it was hilarious!I did not see any signs or notices posted about a mandatory drink purchase policy. Poor service. I ordered nothing and was continually asked to place an order. Disruptive from the reason I came to this venue: to see a comedy show.

Review №28

My husband have visited multiple times and always have a great show!

Review №29

It was kind of hard to believe at 1st but the hypnotist was so good they really were hypnotized And so funny

Review №30

Got to see Kevin Farley! What a gifted comedian that has proven himself to be hilarious! We would go see him again and again!

Review №31

We had a great time and are planning a trip back with friends.

Review №32

It was the best time!!!!! 2 items per person just a heads up. The wait staff is awesome and very friendly. The comedians were hilarious!!!! Always a good time here

Review №33

It has been years since weve been to this club and I forgot how much fun it is. We even went when they had a not as famous comic performing. He was very funny and the club being smaller gives it the feel of a more personal show. Even the drinks were good!

Review №34

Great laughs and decent food at a fair price.

Review №35

Great club, great staff..cant wait to return.

Review №36

Looking for something fun to do in TAMPA thats not downtown? I highly recommend you take in a Comedy Performance at Side Splitters. You can pre-order tickets online and choose your table/seats. If you want to just drop by, there are usually tickets and seats available the night of the performance.There are 3 - 4 Comedians who perform with varying skill sets. The last entertainer is usually the most experienced and funny.You can find coupons for admission discounts. There is a 2 drink minimum per person. One person in our group does not drink so, she ordered a bottle of water and red bull, which she took home. Nice selection of specialty drinks. They always offer a bucket of beers at a discount.Just a heads up, no topic is off bounds and there WILL be swearing ;)

Review №37

Great comedians, drinks, and pub food.

Review №38

The tables are small & crammed close together. Our waitress, Allison, took great care of our group. The first round of drinks takes a long time because everyone at the show orders at the same time, but she kept the following drinks flowing. All 3 comedians were excellent. A good night out.

Review №39

Good setup for safety.Great comics.old school& newbies! New menu.

Review №40

Side splitters is a great place and our go to for have a great time.

Review №41

This is a wonderful place for a night out. The comics are great and staff is super friendly.

Review №42

As a venue I was extremely pleased with the service. For a full house on a Thursday night the servers were so fast. And I enjoyed everything I tried. I also liked how the exit is an easy out so people don’t get crowded after the show

Review №43

Great club....service was top notch

Review №44

To the shock, and disgust, of my fellow patrons, I laughed until my sides split and subsequently my insides spilled upon the floor. Great employees and great spot.

Review №45

Fun times, good food, great atmosphere.

Review №46

Very fun venue with good shows. Food not do great. Eat before or after the show. Could do better with the wines offered. Stick to the beer

Review №47

Danielle was an excellent server. Comedians were top notch.

Review №48

Fun, convenient, affordable. $5 Captain Morgan. Decent food.

Review №49

The show was great and the atmosphere was great. We will be back.

Review №50

First time here was Jan. 5th 2020. We loved it. My husband, a couple of our friends and myself really needed a night of laughs. We got it here! Service was great, comics were funny and open mic was entertaining. Definitely coming back.

Review №51

Great comedy club, small, intimate. Great beverage and food service too. Reasonable pricing for tickets and refreshments. They get some big acts sometimes too.

Review №52

I could literally sit here for an hour and still not say enough nice things about this. Great service great laugh great drinks. Overall one of the best date nights in the Tampa Bay area. My lady and I,enjoy a date night here probably twice a month for the last 5 years.

Review №53

Jon Reep is hilarious. 3rd time seeing him, never fails to deliver!

Review №54

Absolutely hilarious great time money well spent. Boyfriend is a skeptic but boyfriend loved the show. Great food great drinks great comedians. Great prices especially if you go on Groupon and get the tickets from there. They also give out free tickets once youve come and seeing your first show and fill out your comment card they call you and give you free tickets weekly and monthly.

Review №55

Always a great time! We saw Dusty Slay and he did not disappoint. Lots of belly laughs! Cheap tickets and great seats.

Review №56

Such a great atmosphere. The size of the venue is perfect and well connected audience to entertainer. The seating is so comfortable! I will make it a frequent haunt for sure... especially since they brought in my favourite entertainer, Alex Hooper!Great zone. Great food. Great pricing. Great EVERYTING!!

Review №57

Fantastic. Packed house. Parking was a bit of a circus as the location sits in a mall of other businesses. Lobby entrance was maxed, standing room only. Seating for the show was delayed. Seating also tight. Prices are high moderate, but as expected for a live show. Two item minimum. Service was very fast and accurate. Act was excellent !!

Review №58

The comedians were great and so was the service!

Review №59

This comedy club is always a great place to hang out at. The comedians are always funny, the club is kept clean, and the wait staff is always friendly and prompt. If you want to eat dinner prior to the show, there are many restaurants to choose from in the nearby area. I look forward to to visiting Side Splitters again soon!

Review №60

Saw Rich Guzzi the hypnotist. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Plus it was amazing. Had a blast for my birthday!

Review №61

Love side splitters, go there several times a month. World class acts come here quite often.

Review №62

We have been coming her for years and it never disappoints. We have been asking some friends to come for months and finally they agreed and this was the perfect time for them. We went for Samual Comroe and and the 2 comedians had us four crying for the whole time. The mixed drinks on the other hand not the best.I gave this place 5 stars because I go for the comedy and they have only had one bad comic

Review №63

This place is Super fun. You can reserve seating to ensure you get a good spot, but honestly there entire seating area gives you a good view. There is a bar outside of the main room, so if you arrive early you can have a drink. There is usually a min. of two items purchased per show (food counts but is pricey), and any drinks purchased at the bar do not count towards the item count. They could probably use a few more servers too, as service was pretty slow. Each server seemed to have too many tables, and it took a while for things to come out. Overall a great night, just stay laid-back about any wait times and youll have fun.

Review №64

Steve Trevino was HILARIOUS, as usual. Service was great. It was pretty crowded but the waiters did a great job getting around to everybody and making sure we got what we needed. My husband ordered coffee and they forgot to bring it, our waiter came over apologetic, and brought us the coffee, along with bottomless popcorn at no charge and a coupon to get in free because he forgot to bring our coffee the first time. We had a great night and will absolutely be returning!

Review №65

No matter whose performing its always a great show and atmosphere! Good prices on all food and drinks! Highly recommend going.

Review №66

Great entertainment, great food, super wait staff, great club to go to. Saw Dr. Dirty on 6/12/19

Review №67

Great food great staff

Review №68

Great place. My husband and I enjoyed laughing the night away, mike Baldwin is a name to remember, his joke relate to real life situations.

Review №69

Great shows, but food is way over priced for what you get.

Review №70

Had a great time here. Funny comedians and good drinks... Maybe the drinks made the comedians funny....

Review №71

We saw five comics when we went. The first four were decent and the headliner was hilarious! Atmosphere is clean and nice.Price was only $10 a ticket. Plus you had a two drink minimum. But the drinks were reasonably priced.I deducted a star because the tables were tiny. We had a table of four and I felt like we were sitting in each others laps. Very close quarters. None of us are obese. :)Also, there were only two stalls in the womens restroom so there was a very long line after the show. Go during one of the opening acts.All in all, Im glad we went and would go again.

Review №72

Had a great show. Great service. Very accommodating staff. Will be back.

Review №73

It was okay I will come back thanks

Review №74

Frickin fantastic. Will and have told many friends what a great time we had.

Review №75

A great place for comedy! New stars on the rise and more established stars from shows like Americas got Talent.

Review №76

Jim Norton, Robert Kelly, Jim Florentine, Billy Gardell and Jay Mohr all in the last year. What a great place to see some of the best comedians in the country!

Review №77

Love this place. You do have to buy two menu items PER person. Sign up for their emails! You get discount codes for the shows!!

Review №78

This an absolutely amazing venue!! Great comics, fantastic bar service, small, cozy, and comfy! Beyond loved it!! Must visit :-)

Review №79

Just did a open mic there 10/10 will come back.

Review №80

Every time we come here, we have an excellent time, always a great time. Prices are reasonable and the chicken salad is amazing

Review №81


Review №82

Had a great time

Review №83

They have been amazing. Im seeing ryan neilmiller next month. They have awesome famous celebrities unlike improv

Review №84

First visit. My wife had been in the hospital so the next weekend we went to our first comedy club in Side Splitters. Had a great time and she took laughter therapy for 3 hours. It was much cheaper and quicker than going to a shrink. We loved it!

Review №85

The comedians were funny and I had a great time. The only issue is it was busy and it took the server a long time to get. Back to the table. They say it is a two drink minimum but by the time the server got back when I ordered the next drink she said last call was already over.

Review №86

We have absolutely loved every show weve been too here! I was so excited to get to see and meet Matt Braunger live!

Review №87

Great place! Fill out a comment card get free tickets or discounted I’ve won 3 times!!!

Review №88

Great time tonight! Even the moon was smiling over Side Splitters!

Review №89

No mask / muzzle requirement, great people, good show

Review №90

Steve Trevino left my undercover abs hurting! ♡♡♡

Review №91

3rd time. Great entertainment. Food was good. Drinks were good. No complaints.

Review №92

A good place to go to have a good laugh. Sign up for their emails and you can get discounted and free tickets from time to time. Two drink minimum per person. Not a really big menu and almost everything is $8 an item.

Review №93

Super funny!! Been many times and have not had a dull moment, let alone a dull performance!! Support the difficult art form of standup comedy plus a great night out!

Review №94

Nice place but if you are coming back some of the pre hosts use the same lines

Review №95

Great acts but pricey menu with 2 item minimum on top of ticket price and then being out of wanted selections yet still enforcing policy was a turn off.

Review №96

Pretty tight quarters but hey its supposed to be that way. Staff was very friendly and prices were very reasonable. We will be back often for sure!

Review №97

Visited while in town, great show, food and service. Leslie at bar was wonderful w serving us &taking pics when requested. I will be back

Review №98

Always have a great time. A good variety of comedians.

Review №99

Friend, Id like to save you about $60. There is no parking, and when you call to ask where the parking is supposed to be, they put you on hold (their hold music is that we hung up on you silence) Servers are quick to aggressively enforce the 2 item minimum, so we ordered soft pretzels and a few drinks. Having come directly from dropping off a child at the sitters, I can say with confidence that the wet texture of that pretzel was perfect if you were wiping it off a toddlers butt. I almost mentioned this to the server, but she was back at our table telling us less than an hour into our hour and 45 minute show that she needed us to pay the check for the other item we were required to order. Had the mixed drink had more alcohol in it, I probably wouldnt have noticed any of that. The one star was for the headliner comedian who probably made it out of there sans pretzel, lucky guy.

Review №100

I have been coming for years and this place has never let me down

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  • Address:12938 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618, United States
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  • Phone:+1 813-285-5125
  • Comedy club
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–1am
  • Tuesday:4pm–1am
  • Wednesday:4pm–12am
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:11am–6pm
  • Saturday:11am–6pm
  • Sunday:11am–12am
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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