Improv Comedy Theater
1600 E 8th Ave C-112, Tampa, FL 33605, United States

Review №1

I ordered a house salad add grilled chicken, a Cesar salad add shrimp, a lemon drop martini with double shot in it and a Tampa drink. The WORST food ever and I definitely will not be going back ever to that improv. The grilled chicken on my salad was bagged cubed precooked, no seasoning nothing was grilled on the chicken. I ordered a double shot in my martini and it was nothing but lemon juice. When the shrimp Cesar salad came out , there was only 3 shrimps on it, mind u each salad is about $13-$14 dollars. I don’t suggest this improv EVER!!!! Do not go there!!!

Review №2

I’ve been meaning to make this review for awhile now and always forget because it’s one of my favorite local spots! I absolutely love the Tampa Improv! Such an amazing comedy club! I’ve seen some of my favorite comedians at this place over the last 8 years! Great venue and I’ve always enjoyed the view from the balcony upstairs. If you are in the area make sure you check out their monthly line ups and enjoy a great comedy show and some good food and drinks. You won’t regret it!

Review №3

With the rise in Covid cases would think they would have the tables a little more spread out. Signs on the floor to stay 6 ft apart but the table or 4 was about 18 inches from us. Food was okay for a comedy club. Little over cooked and dry.

Review №4

This is really fun place to go in Tampa. They get some really good comics sometimes. The club is pretty nice except the disastrous bathrooms! The tables are packed pretty close to one another on the bottom floor. If you have a party of two I think you can get placed at a table with other people. There is a minimum food and drink purchase, at least when I have been there. The crowd tends to be fairly young - 20s and 30s (I think Tampa is a young city in general and it may be a function of the comics that I see). I usually pay to park in the nearby garage. There are meet and greets with the comics after the show, in the entry room with the bar.

Review №5

Arnez J was hilarious! It was one of the funniest comedy shows that I have seen. The venue is awesome! I had a great time at the Improv!

Review №6

Had an awesome time here. We went to see Mark Viera and he was so funny. Told joke after joke with scenarios anyone who is married could relate to. Food was extremely tasty and service was good. Would definitely return.

Review №7

I saw Corey Holcomb and he was very funny. I took my wife for her birthday. We had an excellent time with plenty of laughs. Even the hostess was very funny.

Review №8

Always have a good time here.. nice venue.. drinks are kinda pricey but the laughs compensate for that.. try it out..

Review №9

I have always had a great experience at the Tampa Improv. But what really impressed me was, we had family from out of town so we wanted to take them to see Lavell Crawford and of course the show was CANCELLED; but the Manager called and left a personal message stating the show was cancelled. That was so professional and customer service oriented.I really applaud them for that, it took time and patience to call every persons and either talk to them or leave a massage. THAT’S 5 ️ SERVICE.....

Review №10

The food could use some work. Pretty great otherwise.

Review №11

I recently bought tickets to see DeRay Davis. I received a call with voicemail day before the show to tell me the show was canceled. I was at work (frontline nurse), so I missed the call. The voicemail stated that Rickey Smiley was coming instead and if I wanted to see him call them back. Not even 10 minutes had passed, I called back to let me know I wanted to see Rickey and she then tells me the night I originally reserved to see DeRay was sold out. Just didnt make sense to me to not have first choice at tickets especially since I had plans of attending anyways.I was hot, my weekend was ruined! They issued me a refund... still was upset because I love them both!

Review №12

Had a great time! I always have a great time at the Improv! I love the diversity!

Review №13

The bar tenders was nice bouncers was cool the comedians was lame

Review №14

Clean and the food was pretty good. Amazing cheese sticks!

Review №15

Over priced figure food and drinks. The temperature in the show room was warm. Literally sweating.The show was moderately funny.All and all not worth the $140 i spent .

Review №16

Great reopening after Covid-19. Social distancing, temperature checks, and mask wearing. This nurse was very impressed and felt very safe! Thank you to the amazing staff for a great experience!

Review №17

Went to go see major hype the show was great. Laugh the entire night

Review №18

This is the worst serves ever. We sat in our seat for an hour without serves. We asked multiple waiters for serves and every one of them ignored us. I will never come back.

Review №19

Major Hype was greatCome back again

Review №20

This place is great! The food was decent but the servers are super nice, tons of options for everyone, lots of parking nearby (we only paid $8 for a lot 2 blocks away) and you can grab ice cream from across the street on your way out! We arrived rather late and still had a great seat. It’s sort of cramped but if you’re with friends, who cares?

Review №21

We went for the #rideordie show with Christina P.Show was great.Food was really over priced for quality and quantity. I would suggest grabbing dinner before show.. Bc the food was not good at all. Drinks were OK.Make sure to stretch before your show, the chairs are so incredibly uncomfortable.The upstairs bar, where they make you wait before the show, only has one bathroom per gender... So heads up with that.The theater it self is nice, except for the chairs I was just really disappointed with quality of over priced food.

Review №22

Always great shows from awesome comedians so it lives up to the Improv reputation. The food is really good but some of the items are a bit pricey for what it is.Of all the shows Ive been to every one of them has had audio issues. Im not sure if its their techs or the equipment but I wish theyd work on this.

Review №23

I love this place nice clean and friendly staff.

Review №24

Great safe place to relax and forget your troubles

Review №25

Good place to see a comedy show. Intimate setting so everyone has a pretty good view of the comedian. Food was better than I expected. It was pretty crowded the night I went. They put four people at our tiny table but it was a sold out show, we made it work. No complaints.

Review №26

We saw Leanne Morgan and she was hilarious! I loved the old building. We didn’t eat, but the food around us looked amazing. I drank Grown-Up Cherry Coke. I WILL be ordering that again real soon. Very close seating, but if the entertainment is good, you won’t mind.

Review №27

Jeff was an amazing bartender. Excellent service and great water

Review №28

We got to see Anjelah Johnson.!! Shes AMAZING! great facility, we had a blast

Review №29

Brought my Nana to see Monique she was AMAZING such a WOMAN. My nana had a great time.

Review №30

I love coming to this place. Obviously some visits will be better than others depending on who is performing. Tonight was a great show with Tony Gaud and Dean Edwards. The food is always good as is the wait staff. Its worth coming in to check out if havent yet.

Review №31

Love coming here on date night! The food and drinks are moderately priced, the acts are typically fun, and meeting new people at your table is even more fun. Their bar food. The potato skins are super skimpy, wings are good, grilled cheese is good, artichoke dip is good, service is generally good. Arrive an hour prior to your show for a good seat and early eats.

Review №32

I came here with a party of 7 and 3 of us are standing up. We were seated upstairs and unless you loose 10 pounds or buy extra tickets.. you won’t feel comfortable. #elbowtoelbow upstairs.

Review №33

Went to see Pretty Ricki and the show was great. The food and drinks are always a hit as well.

Review №34

Very nice venue for a comedy show. Spacing is snug but workable. Really enjoyed the show of local comics, we felt like we got a very good $ value for our evenings entertainment.

Review №35

Came here with my boss and coworker not long ago. I had a great time. I love that there is upper level seating for a better view. The opening act, was hilarious! Seriously, very funny guy...and actually, to me, much funnier than the main act. I would love to come back here again with some friends. What a nice evening out. The location was great, too. I really enjoyed walking the brick street, admiring the street art, and the man playing the bingo on the corner. It made me feel like I was right back home in NY. I look forward to returning. Only down side I can think of was that the drinks were pricey and the bathroom wasnt very sanitary. Everything else was great.

Review №36

Beautiful layout, fantastic staff, and good features and shows. Some high balcony seating for those seeking a more private space. Great location in Ybor City too (right by the Centro Ybor plaza, close to several parking areas), so you may go for some pre-show drinks and food at a variety of restaurants if youre not that into the type of bar food or drinks that the improv club offers (full menu can be found on their website).We still got one drink during our show and were surprised at the quality of liquor and price, even with the 18% gratuity (less than $7 total for Captain rum and coke!).Well be back!

Review №37

Comics are funny. The drinks are poured heavy and reasonably priced. Great looking building and balcony on the inside. Had an awesome time. My face hurt from laughing so much.

Review №38

Bic dibidetto brought down the houseWhat a great venue as it was my first time there. We all loved it and the service and food were great. Best comedy club and food combination to date. I would visit again. Top notch

Review №39

They always feature famous comics you know and love. The food is pretty good too. If you come come early you will always get a great seat

Review №40

Nice location. Had a good time at the Tampa Improv! Sheryl Underwood was hilarious! The Improv had good food, good drinks and nice service. The only down fall, was the parking. Had a hard time find parking.

Review №41

Servers are great. Every seat has a good view of the stage. Food and drinks are overpriced and TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. Get a full belly and a buzz before you go.

Review №42

This place is great!! Hands down one of the best nights Ive had out in a while. Highly recommend for anyone interested in laughing !!

Review №43

The Sweeting was way too close together we said at a square table the table next to us the lady sitting in the seat next to us was pushed up against the empty seat that was at our table theres no room for anyone else to get in there depending on where you were sitting you either working hard or soft or hard right were behind you to see the show the prices there seem to be very high I had a hamburger and two glasses of soda my son had a quesadilla and a can of pop it was $53 for the bill that was just for food in the three soft drinks but the show itself was excellent

Review №44

Clean good value friendly service would definitely recommend

Review №45

Always have a great time. Floor seating is best, Ill never sit up top again you never get service. Bathrooms stink really bad. Floor service is awesome and they are very attentive.

Review №46

Very clean, social distanced, and ready for entertainment.

Review №47

Great atmosphere and friendly service

Review №48

Nice atmosphere, great drinks, food and definitely amazing funny comedians. Loved the show!

Review №49

Incredible open mic. Absolutely support, please come out and watch some talented people.

Review №50

Great place to see comedians but space between tables was extremely tight. Also the line to get in was extremely long and we waited almost 45 min to be seated. Drinks and food was above average and overall I would return to see a favorite comedian.

Review №51

Great venue. Most seats in the house are great seats. They have crammed to many tables downstairs which can be uncomfortable for plus size attendees like myself. Customer service could use some work.

Review №52

Always a great way to spend an evening! I love the Improv and the set up as well. the only lack to it is the very limited bar menu, the drinks arent worth ordering because why are not made well, high sugar, low quality drinks. The servers are okay, and 9 times out of 10 you will need to re-order your drinks, especially water, several times. If your whole table only orders water you can as 5 times but they will never bring it. this has happened the last 3 times we went, as we drink elsewhere in ybor prior to the show show because we know the drinks are bad and overpriced.

Review №53

Ali !!! Great show!! Would live to see him come back to Tampa Improv. Food was decent. One issues space is needed sat behind a gentleman who kept accidentally bumping me or hands touching from laughter if the comedian. Space tables out.Ordered a salad and fried shrimp. No utensils to eat my salad. Waited the whole entire show and not one time did my waiter or another waiter come by to ask for utensil. Luckily my waiter was nice and apologetic about it and took the salad off my ticket. Gerad was awesome!!

Review №54

They pack you in there like sardines and the food is $$$$ for what you get.... but they do bring in some pretty good acts. Ive been there for several shows and will be back for more.

Review №55

Surprised they had high quality comedians like Russell Peters!!! The food could be improved.

Review №56

So cool! We went to see Russell peters! Great talents and acts.

Review №57

My first time and it was fun!! Great comedians and fries were delish

Review №58

Everyone who works there is extremely friendly, competent, very nice. Love goimg there. We didnt have to wait for drinks, as busy as it was. No one went woth out for any length of time. Definitely going back

Review №59

Great acts. The venue was a tad bit rough around the edges but was no great concern.

Review №60

Love all the improvs, love the setup of the Tampa one! Bryan killing it!

Review №61

Fun experience. Definitely not boring at all. Would come here again.

Review №62

Had a great time! Christina P. was funny and the venue was cool.

Review №63

Drinks are decent but they dont bring water during the show.

Review №64

Dean, trish, and Heather was all good. Great show and alot of laughs.

Review №65

Great Time! Jeff Allen was awesome ️

Review №66

Much needed laughs after a long work week! Thank you

Review №67

The comic lineups are really good. The food and drinks are wonderful, too

Review №68

After standing and waiting for entrance into the Improv about 45 mins, we had an amazing time. Guy Torry was hilarious. Great show. The food was good, however the drinks for the price, were a bit watered down to me.

Review №69

Improv Comedy Theater provides you a comedy show with food and drink service. Expect to laugh and hear different opinions that may offend you. Arrive early for good seating, especially with special engagements. Order your food and drinks fast, it takes time to receive your order. Each show typically has three comedians on stage. Ive been coming here for awhile and I truly enjoy myself each time. Thanks Improv for the outstanding service and laughs!

Review №70

Loved it. Want to go again. Having family and friends coming to Tampa on November 15th,2019 and would like to know if there is a show for this day. Friday 11/15

Review №71

My number one choice for me and my family to go and have a memorable night

Review №72

Went to see Jeremy Piven with my fr9and we had a great time. And received good service.

Review №73

I have gone many times and enjoy myselfOrder tapshoes

Review №74

Awesome staff, well done check in and fantastic area for a date night.

Review №75

This theater may be small but we always have a great time. Be ready to laugh in a casual atmosphere.

Review №76

I have only bought tickets twice (Iglesias and Joe Koy), but have won many free tickets through their texting signup sheet as well as actually winning tickets (H. Williams) through their facebook page. Fun place to go. Food and drinks are pricey for what they are. No refills on sodas unless you buy the unlimited drink souvenir rocks glass (but it takes awhile to get refills). Also kind of sucks when you go with your significant other and have to sit with strangers at a very tight table.

Review №77

A very lively and fun place with decent food and drinks. The entertainment that they bring there is very very good.

Review №78

My wifes birthday weekend. We saw Damon Williams.. (Not Damon Wayans). This dude was HILARIOUS !!! . We had a great time as usual.

Review №79

Great venue. Great service. We will be back.

Review №80

Great time always

Review №81

Went w/my best friend and had a blast. Comics were funny, food was ok but drinks were great !

Review №82

Staff is great! Fun venue for open mic on Thursday night! Bartenders up front are very friendly and efficient.

Review №83

Really great experience! I see myself going back. The Comedian was original and I love the way he connected with whats going on at the moment!

Review №84

Wonderful place for comedy and somewhat expensive drinks.

Review №85

Awesome experience at the Improv Theater. The outside is very deceiving. When you arrive you wait inline outside a small door but, as soon as you get inside, you are inside of a larger bar. You can enjoy a few drinks before the show starts. Finally, you are brought into the theater, that is very well done, and massive. You can opt for your own server that will bring you food and drinks throughout the show. Excellent night out!

Review №86

Too crowded I hate that they only have 4 seat tables so if its just you and another you have to sit with random people. Food and drinks are overpriced, eat before you go. Honestly only time I ever go is if its a big headliner I know is funny! But tickets prices are the only reasonably priced item

Review №87

Cute little place- decent priced menus.. Arrive early & expect a line but once in All went well.. Looking forward to adding to the date night rotation

Review №88

Had a great time..I will be returning

Review №89

I have been to the Improv a few times and each time the service and staff were not good. The show started 45 minutes late- which probably had little to do with Improv. However, the food took forever- yes you can tell me that you put my order in immediately and that the kitchen is swamped, but when people that were seated 20-30 minutes after us got their food before us (all we ordered was nachos @ $15ish for a tiny plate). My husband asked specifically for another drink for himself, pointed to his drink only, the waiter brought another round- a beverage that I didnt want to drink or pay for. More than once we and our friends have ordered food, never received it and were still charged for it. To top all the waiting and poor service off, a bouncer was very rude. I was suffering through a migraine when I got up to use the restroom. He gruffly informed me that I was trapped and couldnt leave when I was heading where I thought the restrooms were. I asked where the bathroom was (avoiding the painful neon sign that said restroom...). His reply: Right in front of your face. Totally unnecessary. Completely rude. All of that combined left it difficult to enjoy the comedian. P.S. I tried to take the gratuity off my bill and was charged anyway. P.P.S. Theyre also amazing at math. Our table was supposed to split the check. Our friends were charged $3. My husband and I $55.... We would have been stuck there for 30 more minutes if we tried to fix it.

Review №90

Mozzarella squares are excellent, very good quality cheese. We paid 12 dollars for the souvenir glasses which came with free refills all light which our server was right on top of. Seating is a little tight but manageable. Only downfall is they make you stand in the bar area and wait fie an entire hour before they will start seating you. Only downfall.

Review №91

Natasha Leggero was excellent. The venue was great but it had the same issue as most stand up bars in tge US. The staff has no timing, takes orders and the check in the middle of the act. Talking to much and stands in your way.

Review №92

You will really enjoy this place. Jeff who is the MC does a fantastic job and open mic night is always a little sketchy, there are some that are funny and some of that or not but you cant beat the price of the food and drinks and its conveniently located. I would recommend the Improv very highly

Review №93

It was a really fun time. Wonderful theater.

Review №94

Enjoyed Doug Stanhope at the Improv. Had good service and good drinks. Prices are not too bad - for a captive audience. Tip- go to Berninis for pre show dinner with half priced entrees until 7 and 3 buck martinis.

Review №95

Youll find great comedians, cheap drink/ food and the seating is done well with plenty of room. Sounds system is clean and not raspy. Decor is simple but tasteful. Service was throughout the show and wonderful.

Review №96

This is a great place to go and have a great laugh and even better time. Went with 3 of my friends and we had a awesome time. Been here a few times and love the layout. I have sat in the back and towards the front. You have a great view of the stage anywhere you sit.

Review №97

Comedian was great! Wait staff was rude. Complained to our table about how busy he was. Forgot our order.

Review №98

It was small intimate great show staff was excellent food was magnificent drinks could be a little better but everything else was on points I had a great time Tommy Davidson still got it

Review №99

Happened a few years back when Ralphie May was there (R.I.P). Security came up to my table twice because I was laughing too a comedy club. Got thrown out because I wouldnt cater to his lack of an ego....typical ybor!!!

Review №100

Nice but very cluttered. If youre cluster phobic this isnt the place for you.

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  • Comedy club
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  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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