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7081 NW 88th Ave, Tamarac, FL 33321, United States

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My son started going to All Sports Summer Camp and he loves it! He gets to play basketball everyday and go on some cool field trips. During the pandemic they have taken every extra precaution by taking every child’s temperature before going back, professional cleaning as well as all the coaches wearing masks. Coach Chris is amazing with the kids and always makes sure to include everyone. They are even opening up for the school year to help the parents who have to go to work and Saturday kids nights! I would highly recommend!

Review №2

I use AllSports for my all-star cheer and dance teams practices (Purple Reign Athletics). The whole staff is nice and accommodating. The facility is always clean and has a great atmosphere. The owner works to make sure you have everything you need and checks in with you to make sure all is well. Awesome facility!!

Review №3

Highly recommend All Sports! My child is very shy and this was his first camp experience, the staff really took him under their wing to make sure he was comfortable and having fun. Coach Chris is the absolute best! Him and his staff will treat your child like theyre their own. Definitely recommend to any parents looking for a new camp!

Review №4

Coach Chris is the best all sports is the best I recommend to everyone!!!! Ask for coach Chris he will take care of everything for you and will make u feel extremely comfortable leaving your kids with him!

Review №5

My kids love the place, they very engaged and professional. Thanks all sport.

Review №6

My boys enjoy going to summer camp here! They have been going for years. Very friendly staff and their facility is clean.

Review №7

All sports is the best, call coach Chris he is the best!

Review №8

My girls started camp there from last year. I can truly say The Girls and I love it. The staff there are all wonderful. Special recognition to Coach Chris and Coach Jason for always assisting with not only my kids but everyone eIse. Coach Chris, I see great hospitality in you and I see how you treat the kids and are always concerned! You’re always giving that extra mile to make sure everyone is taken care of and I greatly appreciate you for that! Hopefully one day you’ll own the place and I mean that.

Review №9

My kids have been there for about 5 years and love it! They keep them busy all day and their homework has to be done before they can do activities which I love! Coach Chris has to be one of the best! Always helpful and kind. His passion for what he does daily shows and my kids absolutely love him! ! The owner Julie is also so sweet and has always been good to us. Thank you All Sports for putting this mama bear at ease everyday!

Review №10

Amazing facility and my son loves going here!

Review №11

Awesome facility very clean! Would recommend to everyone with kids! Ask for coach Chris he manages the facility and absolutely loves kids! My daughter loves coach Chris!!! 5 star review!!! I feel very safe with my kids attending all sports!

Review №12

My kids are a walking commercial for this camp. They come home exhausted from their busy fun filled-sports filled day. My children are polar opposites. One loves to be active and the other prefers not to be. But when your non active kid is the poster child for a program, I have to give a shot out to the staff and the program. Open late and once a month the kids have night party where they play and have fun.

Review №13

All sports Kids is very fun and a great place to be especially because of Coach Chris he is the best!!! He is very caring and fun, and makes all the kids smile. Coach Chris is my Favorite coach he interacts and plays with the kids, he also makes sure everyone is involved and having fun!

Review №14

My kids love it here! The coaches keep my boys stimulated the whole day just like I wanted them to be for the summer. They will be returning next year!

Review №15

I love this facility my daughter has been going here for 3 years! Great staff and programs offered. Overall trustworthy and my daughter is happy with all the activities offered ! I definitely would recommend this facility for your care needs

Review №16

Best coaches definitely coach Chris, Rashad, Kenny, Louis.

Review №17

Coach Chris is our FAVORITE !!!!he is very attentive to the kids. He makes Allsports a place all kids want to be from the sports to the field trips or just in the play room . He is the true meaning of a dedicated coach who cares for everyone kids like his own. He also dedicates his Saturday nights for all parents to have your kids in a safe environment with many activities and every child goes home with a smile on there face after the raffle. He truly is the reason there is no place like Allsports Kids for your kids.

Review №18

My son has such a great time here. There was a birthday party and the parents felt at ease while the kids explored the fun and exciting facility.

Review №19

Great great place for kids! Everybody from the office people, coaches, owners etc... are super helpful, polite and happy to see the kids and their parents. I being taken my kids for 3 years and will continue to bring them every time. My family love this place!Thank you AllSports!

Review №20

This facility is great! Julie the owner makes you always feel welcome and that the children are taken care of, well supervised and having a good time. Staff is friendly and keeps parents informed. I would recommend “All Sports Kids” to anyone who would like their children to have a variety of things to do after school! My sons (now in Highschool) attended years ago and I did not hesitate enrolling my daughter a few years back. She will be attending again this upcoming school year.

Review №21

I cant say enough about ALL Sports Kids, my son absolutely LOVES going at any opportunity. The staff is exceptional and caring, always looking out for the kids. If you want a quality camp or after school program you cant go wrong with ALL Sports, they make it affordable for all families to have their children in a quality camp without any worry for parents...

Review №22

Great place for kids. My grandson loves it and it accommodates most schedules.

Review №23

Great place for kids! A lot of sports and games, and brand new facility which is very nice and clean!! Highly recommended!!

Review №24

Chris you are absolutely the BEST!!! THESE KIDS AND PARENTS LOVE YOU keep up the good work... WE LOVE IT HERE!!! My granddaughter Cassidy has been coming here for 4 years now and my other granddaughters Janessa and Jaylene for 3 years.. the owner Julie is so welcoming and friendly Chris and the rest of the staff are very involved with the kids they go above and beyond for them.. they all just make you feel like family... I have referred a few people here and they love it as well ... This truly is a great place for the kids Not to mention the cost is very affordable!!!

Review №25

I did my sons birthday party there. It is a very nice location, clean and big. Kids were able to play soccer, basket and enjoyed the videogame room. I recomended if you have a big list of kids to entretain.

Review №26

Great place coach chris is amazing!! Anything you need call coach chris!! He treats all the kids like his own!! 5 star review coach chris is 5 stars!!

Review №27

As a Fitcamp instructor I became a business partner with All Sports last October 2017 and since it has been a great experience working along side them. The staff members are very respectful. They communicate very well with me. We all work together as a team, My camp members love it there & Its a positive professional atmosphere. I definitely look forward to continue our partnership for the foreseeable future and would also recommend them to any Parent(s) looking for a place to bring their children. #WPFT

Review №28

This is the third year for my grandchildren. They enjoy the camp very much. Staff is very friendly and are very helpful to assist you when needed. I have never experience any difficulties with the owner or the staff. I would recommend to others for it is affordable and pretty organized.

Review №29

Just had my sons birthday at All sports and it was an amazing experience . Tammy and the staff were very helpful and kept the kids busy during the party . the place itself is very spacious and have a wide variety of activities for the little ones . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Review №30

Great place my daughter attended winter break, coach chris is wonderful she talks about him everyday! He’s also who signed us up he’s great with the kids! 5 star deff recommended to all family and friends! Very clean facility! We will be using all sports untill high school for sure!!! Great experience! Thanks all sports and thanks coach Chris!

Review №31

My kids have gone there for years. The facility is clean and well kept. The staff is professional and attentive to the children. I never worry when my kids are there as I know they are in good hands. And last but not least great pricing ! Thank you All Sports!!!

Review №32

Great new facility, very clean, and staff is amazing! Check out there program for kids Saturday night out it’s awesome!

Review №33

Let me start by saying the owner Julie seemed very nice. Nonetheless this is not a place i would recommend My 6 year is attending here for a few weeks of the summer, this place is lacking in adequate supervision. I feel like it is an accident waiting to happen. For example on several occasions I have witnessed small children opening the front door to let adults in. This is avoid of their locked door policy, in the event adult is there to harm them the child would have already let the intruder in. Whats more the child opening the door could be taken as they hardly pay attention to them. Today I watched as the small child (no older than 3) opening the door ran out of building to his father, good thing he didnt make it to the street as I will repeat no one else was watching him. Assuming that was indeed the childs Father he came inside signed his child out and left all without one addressing him. signing out or in is not enforced as they dont confirm who the child is going with. Additionally they have children (ages 10-15) watching large groups of children 15 (according to the director) -27 (according to the child watching them). Needless to say there is no structure & I am sure they are breaking some child labor laws.My daughter loved it tho, Im guessing since she was being watched by children her own age she found it to be fun. I am only worried about her safe.On at least two occasions 1) she busted her lip & 2) she came home with a bruise on her forehead that no one told me about. Lastly I feel that any facility restricting you from walking in and seeing where your child is or what they are actually doing is a red flag. They need to have a open door policy for parents unless they are hiding something.Thankful for me she only has 4 day or less left of the nightmare.

Review №34

The staff is amazing and my children have so much fun at the summer camp. I have also attended parties here and they were great! Highly recommend!

Review №35

My son loves All Sports he hates to leave! The staff really enjoys kids and it shows with there attitude and outgoing personalities. I really feel comfortable that this place is safe for my child and Im happy he likes it.

Review №36

Great event space for childrens activities theres basketball and gymnastics and other fun things for kids to do

Review №37

This was my sons (9 years old)1st year at All Sports Kids! He absolutely LOVED it. The facility is clean, the staff is really friendly & the selection of activities kept him busy all day. The various field trips were his favorite thing along with the Pizza! He even said most of the healthy lunches were good except the Tuna Fish but hey not a kids favorite item anyway!If you want your kids to have fun all day & be worn out at night this is the place to take them. It is well run & the kids are held accountable for their actions in a fair manner.Scott A.

Review №38

Great place to send your kids. Coach Chris is wonderful. Staff care about children and have lot of patience with them. The facility is well maintained and I appreciate the customer service. My son loves it there.

Review №39

This place is awesome they have so many activities for all ages and my daughter learns alot from them. Would def recommend.

Review №40

All Sports Kids is a very well run and professional facility for kids of all ages. They have a very passionate staff that truly care about the children learning and having fun everyday in a safe environment. They teach many different sports along with important values such as teamwork, respect and discipline. I would recommend this program to any family in the area in need of after school care or summer camp!

Review №41

Very great atmosphere with State of the Art upgrades in the facility. The staff is very attentive and the children are excited to be here. I am so delighted to have a place in this area that will give children something to do and a safe place for the parents/caregivers to leave their loved ones.

Review №42

Great location, friendly staff. Very clean

Review №43

Great summer camp. My daughter loves it! Thank you.

Review №44

My son goes

Review №45

This facility is great for children! Julie the owner makes sure the children are taken care of and well supervised. I would recommend “All Sports Kids” to anyone who would like their children to exercise and practice sports!

Review №46

All sports is a great place to take your kids i absolutely love this place my son is going on ten he has been at all sports since he was 5 great staff they look out for him like he was one there own the owner is a nice respectful positive influence for your kids my favorite staff members mrs brenda so loveable an chris great influence for young boys my son love him so if your kids are not at all sports your missing out

Review №47

Because its so fun

Review №48

The owner has a great heart I spoke to her many times. She has a nice vision. However she lacks the proper caring staff to follow through. My daughter attended the summer of 2015. My daughter learned about things that no 7 year old should know.They never spoke to the other parent when there were disagreements or incidences among the children. They dont care about your child being bullied. If there were any times where my daughter was hurt or bullied they would write it up as an incident and have me sign it. I think I signed 3-5 per week that she was there. A few weeks in - I asked if this was going to even work since my daughter is often getting hurt or having issues with other children.I stood there for a while one day waiting for someone to speak to regarding my thoughts of the facility. I watched how poorly supervised the children are.They blast all kinds of inappropriate music all day forcing all of the kids to hear this music.They also play PG movies for the kids - some scary. Even when my daughter told them she didnt want to watch it they forced her to watch it anyways and to this day a year and some change later - she still has nightmares.It was horrible. Also, my daughter missed breakfast many times because she didnt hear a muffled announcement on a poor quality microphone and speakers. Why didnt she have a teacher or staff member coach near her in order to tell her to go to breakfast? And when I voiced my concerns nothing changed.Great price but horrible experience for my daughter.

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Review №50

Great place !!!! My son enjoy to go there, for a boy is a perfect place lots sports.

Review №51

My kid loves it

Review №52

The new owner of Allsports is amazing .The staff she employs is wonderful with the children. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for great after school or summer camp!!

Review №53

This place is horrible and lacks adequate supervision. My 6 year old son came home on a number of occasions telling us that other kids were being mean to him...mostly physically. Not once did anyone from the camp call to say that there were any altercations. We called All Sports every time our son came home with a complaint and they promised they would keep an eye out for him as it seemed he was being bullied. When we would speak to our son about what happened when he was bullied he informed us that he would tell his counselor but nothing was done afterwards. Most of time the counselors do not see what is going on because they are high school students busy texting away on their cell phones. We will no longer take our son back to this camp after this final incident that occurred on Veterans Day. He came home and told us that a kid pushed him down to the group and held his head down so he could not get up. He said his head hurt so bad and not one person would come to help him. He said he tried not to cry to avoid getting picked on further but could not help himself as the pain was so unbearable. I am disgusted that this happened, I am disgusted that no one informed us of what happened, and I am disgusted that nothing was not done about it. I tried to make a complaint with the BBB only to find that they are not registered...conveniently. We are looking into who provides their licensing and making formal complaints against it as no ones child should experience this let alone the lack of support from the adults and counselors.

Review №54

My kid is happy he enjoy all sports for 4 year he never have any complain the staff is friendly and the place is great thank all sports

Review №55

Very accomadating. Our grandson had broad spectrum autism and they have been great with him and he loves it.

Review №56

Excellent facilities and great staff to attend to my kids. Thanks All Sports!

Review №57

All Sports is an awesome place, I sent my son there for the Summer and he said, it was his best Summer ever, he loved it and cant wait for next year. I recommend everyone to try it, if you dont, you wont know what your missing.

Review №58

I came across All Sports Kids for spring break camp 2016 and have stayed with them ever since. The staff is super friendly, very professional and constantly go above and beyond. They are very attentive and nurturing with my two kids. I have a son and daughter ages 8 and 6 who love it at All Sports. They cant wait to see all their coaches and friends daily. The activities are age appropriate and the field trips have been amazing during the summer. My kids come home daily super excited to tell me about what they learned and how much fun they had. The director Judy is so easy to talk to and accomadating. All the coaches do a great job!!!Yulissa S- 6/25/16

Review №59

I was there for 3 weeks wich sucked i was going becouse i thought there might have sports but they dont. All you do is sit there. And the game room reeks of feet, the homework room atleast keeps its promise, plus the karate classes are totally lies, and the teen room is too small the bathroom was dirty not only that, I went once and the toilet was filled with poop all over even on the floor! No supervision, you can only go to the bathroom twice or they would yell at you. And its super expensive. DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS THERE, TRUST ME YOULL BE DOING YOUR KIDS AND YOURSELF A FAVOR.

Review №60

Its a nice loving place in ere most of the kids get along and the staff is absolutely admireabul!

Review №61

My kids have gone to All Sports for years and we love it!

Review №62

Ask for Chris Tammy or ms Celina

Review №63

I would highly recommend this camp!

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Review №65

Fun and cool

Review №66

Smoke and mirrors.

Review №67

Its a ok place

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