Skate World Center Inc.
2563 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308, United States
Review №1

Great place to go for skating lessons. If you get the skating lesson cards, your lessons is free, or pay $10 for class and rental. After lessons you can skate free for the rest of the day. Make sure to bring a face mask for everyone and socks!

Review №2

Skate World is hands down my favorite skating place in North Florida!!! The entire facility is kept super clean to include the playgrounds and bathrooms. The bathrooms even feature a baby changing station so no excuse daddy’s ;)The snack bar features hot and fresh snacks too.. the nachos are good and the fries are always served hot!Fun for the whole family!!!

Review №3

I was out town for work. So rolled to Skate World Center. Love the vibe only there for a short period but I remained on the floor the whole time I was there. Its good to the see the skate community here is strong. Young and older adults

Review №4

Great place for the kids, staff is excellent especially Alexis she was so nice patient and knows her job. Definitely recommend

Review №5

Thursday night adult skate was fun a nd exciting! Throwback to the good ol days

Review №6

I’ve been coming here about a year and I usually go on Monday’s for the $4 entry and rental, which I love. My only cons are the smell and the limited music selection. I try to come when there are events because the music is usually better. It overall is definitely a kid friendly place so if you want a teen and up type place come at night.

Review №7

Been going since I was 12 now 29 and had a blast at grown folks skate night!!!

Review №8

Brought our youth group and childrens ministry here, they had a blast!

Review №9

Super fun and cool place to hang with friends and family. Theres a awesome arcade area for those who dont want to skate.

Review №10

This place is PERFECT. A small arcade, knowledgeable (young, but very good at their jobs) staff, a great skating rink and really nice, well-maintained equipment.It was warm outside today, but nice and cool inside the building.The snack bar isnt too expensive.You can sign up for free skate tickets for your kids, and there are lessons on Saturdays.The Monday skate is $2 for skating and $2 for rentals.The playground is compact, but good grief, Ive never seen such good use of space! My 6 year old can play in that thing for HOURS.All in all, this is my favorite place for kids in town, so far.I am an adult, and even I had a blast. Highly recommend!

Review №11

Great place to enjoy each other! I grew up skating at Skate World, we use to call it Skate -n-East. Even then this place was amazing! I love how they have moved the booths to the rink so parents can sit and watch their kids. I also give props to the quality of games they have invested in. But above all, the playground is fantastic for those kids who have not learned how to skate but still want to go and have fun. This playground is right next to the booths and beside the rink. Smart move! I always appreciate community mainstays. This place has been a mainstay in Tallahassee for as long as I can remember. Thank you for upgrading for the younger generation, and preserving for us longtime natives. If you are considering taking the family to Skate World, quit considering...GO! Enjoy your time!

Review №12

My daughter and her friend have the best time at Skate World, its great fun for teens in a safe place!

Review №13

As the only indoor roller skating facility, this place is nice. Floor has improved over the years and customer service is awesome. Go in Satudays early for skate lessons and Mondays are cheap skate night.

Review №14

Skate World is the BEST place you can go for family fun day. Inside you wont only find skating, but an indoor playground, and more games than you could play in one visit.The snack shack has fresh hot food, and cold drinks, or grab something from the vending machines.The staff is friendly and helpful as well as family minded. They have tables for those who enjoy watching the people on the skate floor, as well as private rooms you can reserve for your familys next get together or childs birthday party.Looking for a sport that is fun and can be done year round? Both inside and out? As a team member or an individual? Then check out Southern Speed Club, thst skates out of Skate World. Coach Lee has been coaching for more than 35 years, and is firm but loves to joke with his skaters and their families. If you join you not only join a team, but a wild, loving family as well.Hope to see you there soon.

Review №15

My daughter had her birthday party there. The hostess was great. They could add more games that work properly. The music selection should have been better. It was an OK experience

Review №16

This five star rating stands a year later, every time we bring the six year old, we all have a good time. Everyone who works here is helpful, aware and present in the things that happen here.It can be crowded during primetime but you should never let that deter you from giving it a shot.

Review №17

I used to be a regular there for almost 2 years. Totally my favorite place to skate! I love how your time there is unlimited and you can leave whenever you want. The employees are super nice and friendly, the food is great! The arcade games are addictive and anyone can join at the games played in the rink. The refs are really friendly and supportive when it comes to beginner skaters. They keep things in order and try their best to make it a danger free zone! As for the people there, i have met some of the best people and made some of the best memories there, with the speed team members, employees and other regulars.I still consider that place as my second home/family. 5☆!

Review №18

Kid friendly and reasonably priced

Review №19

Its a good place for kids to have physical exercise and some fun either in the skate ring or in the playground. We was here on Saturday after Thanksgiving. The place was filled with the oil fume from the kitchen in its food court. It seems the kitchen didnt have a good ventilation system.

Review №20

The kids always have a blast! Love the party rooms and the indoor play ground! Its pretty pricey though.

Review №21

Its really fun for the kids and adults and kinda cheap. They have skates that you can rent. The only thing is that there hours are kinda funky lol. Bye now have a good day!

Review №22

I love that skating rinks are still around. Brings back memories of when I was a teenager. At this one, there are a few activities to choose from, skating or playground and lots of video games.

Review №23

I wish they opened during the week again...

Review №24

Theres a live DJ so you can make song suggestions. They do mini events like races and dance games. Theres even an arcade (Im surprised how much $5 got her there.) You can even wear your skates in the arcade part! There are different options of skates to choose from, depending on your experience level, and they have a space in the middle for novice skaters.

Review №25

Such a great time!! So many activities for the kids!!

Review №26

Fun atmosphere! The kids enjoyed. I think if you pay for a child there should not be an admittance fee for the parents. The music was decent, but only select genre. Overall the kids had a blast. We will be back. The skates looked new.

Review №27

Great place to bring the kids: arcade games, skate rink, indoor playground, and foooood

Review №28

If you have been to one skate rink in the last 40 years, you have been to them all. But this one has a twist--an indoor playground for the little ones. Awesome addition for sure. The staff was friendly and polite. Our family had a great time.

Review №29

We had a blast with our 3rd graders today! They enjoyed the STEM lesson and skating. We cant wait to go back next year on another field trip.

Review №30

I LOVE this facility. Sometimes the music is not the most child appropriate, and the crowd can get sketchy late at night, but giving song suggestions and coming in large groups make everything it 10 times as fun! Ive been going for years, and as an adult attending by myself for the most part, I can testify that it does not get old. :)

Review №31

It was very enjoyable even the food was good. They had skating games very often for kids

Review №32

Nice skating rink with a great play area for kids.

Review №33

My son had his 9th bday here and I told the party hosts and front desk that it was a surprise party and they worked wonders! His smile and his birthday was absolutely perfect. I loved it and would definitely come here again!

Review №34

Whoever the new Dj was Saturday he was freaking awesome! The music was old school and on point all the way until closing time! Everyone was well behaved, no children were running around. The young lady in the kitchen was very caring, clean fast and knowledgeable. We will be back, so pleased with the new team!

Review №35

They charge $19 for a pizza that costs $12 or less. DJ has mic in his mouth and cant understand him. But the kids had a blast.

Review №36

Pleasantly surprised! Only downside was food cost and lack of parking. But I was happy to see the owner checking on the staff and the overall experience. Good job!

Review №37

Skate World is probably the best place in town for family-friendly fun!!! Their management is incredible and the skate repairs are top-notch!

Review №38

It a place good to hangout on a friday night

Review №39

My granddaughter enjoyed her birthday party and it was very nice

Review №40

Ive never seen kids have so much fun, this place is great. And plus its indoors.

Review №41

Great place for the kids of all ages.

Review №42

Kids of all ages. It was a little scary for my little ones. They had fun though.

Review №43

They are great. The kids love it there. Their b-day parties however, are expensive, and really not worth the $$!

Review №44

Nice way of celebrating a childs B Day. The room was painted with glow-in-the dark colors. The young girl who was helping was 100% respectful and friendly.

Review №45

Is súper cool and not too expensive

Review №46

Had so much fun for my grandsons birthday. Awesome facility, great employees and very tasty food.

Review №47

Fun play at and doesnt cost much

Review №48

Skate world is easily one of my favorite places. I go AT LEAST once a week and everytime its great. If you want very productive skating lessons definitely come here. Everything there is cleaned perfectly! The workers are also very friendly and patient. The only thing that I would change are the prices of food/drink. All together its amazing! Its like a home to me! Highly recommended.

Review №49

Loved it had a great time lots to do there .

Review №50

Nice place im coming back to skate

Review №51

Went there for a birthday party. My son had a blast. Now for his birthday going to have it here.

Review №52

One of the good places to let kids play in Tallahassee. They always try to upgrade to be better than now.

Review №53

Went to toddler time. Well done with a theme, great play structure, and skating for kids. Recommend to anyone with small children.

Review №54

Fun place to relax or have a attack when u see ur kids falling

Review №55

My 2 kids love it sooo much i will go back one day

Review №56

Awesome place to take your kids.

Review №57

Hip hop hurray! Finally a well lit, secure place for my teenager to socialize on the weekends

Review №58

My Mom signed me up for speed skating and I really enjoy it the owner and the workers are very nice I really recommend skating there

Review №59

Great family fun. Great music. Good times

Review №60

Crazy busy but for a birthday party they had everything under control and a good time was had by all. The room for the pizza and cake was however a little small.

Review №61

Always a great time skating with the childrens

Review №62

We love it here. Always a lot of fun

Review №63

Great indoor play ground for hot, cold, and rainy days.

Review №64

We came here with our son for a birthday party today, and he was having a blast in the jungle gym. My husband and I were watching him the entire time and everything was fine. Then, the one time we took our eye off of him and sat down for a minute, one of the other parents (not the staff that were supposedly monitoring the kids) came over and told us that our son got hit and knocked down the slide by the MUCH BIGGER KIDS. Now my son has a giant black eye. What’s the point in have employees ‘Monitoring’ the kids, when stuff like this ends up happening?!

Review №65

Fun, affordable and family friendly!

Review №66

Wonderfully family fun ! I would recommend!!

Review №67

Have great service, they make sure everyone is happy, great music, they have a playground, its an amazing place to go

Review №68

Everything was great

Review №69

I took fifty kids here today for a field trip. They participated in activites about Newtonss Law of Motion. They brought in an FSU Engineering grad to teach it. The kids had a blast. The teachers are tired and it was a well deserved tired. This may have been the best field trip ever. Think outside the box for your next fieldtrip, there is a lot to learn at the skating rink. I loved that there was a play area for the little ones that chaperones brought with them. They were hands down 5 stars and I am a star stingy teacher. To get five stars from me you have to be worth six stars. They earned it.

Review №70

Didnt skate this time enjoyed watching the girls my brother and cousins have a great time.

Review №71

I must say that we really enjoyed ourselves. It was well worth the ride. Very friendly atmosphere. We will definitely be going back.

Review №72

Decent place for family fun. Went there for my daughters 7th Birthday.

Review №73

My kids and I always have a blast.

Review №74

The food is a bit on the expensive side, but my family and I have a blast skating there.

Review №75

Overpriced. Horrible food. Mean workers

Review №76

Lots to do here. Skating, indoor playground ($4) concession stand, video games and prize counter for tickets earned playing games. I came with a birthday party, I had my own skates and the cost to skate was $9, a but much Id say. But there are so many improvements here, they may be trying to offset the cost of the new stuff.

Review №77

Fun, safe and something for everyone

Review №78

The staff was great accommodating our group

Review №79

Skate World has something for everyone. Theyve got a great floor for the skaters, plus games and an indoor playground for the kids when they need a break from their wheels. The staff are great people, who look out for the kids. Skate World is a great place for the entire family.

Review №80

Kids have choices on what they wish to play. It is costly though.

Review №81

So much fun. Just brings back memories, and its so funny to watch.

Review №82

Excellent place to take your kids skating, video and other games and a large indoor play area for the kids as well. They also do birthday parties.

Review №83

Fun experience. The events are repetitive, but for newcomers its a blast! Its a very family friendly atmosphere, and good concession stand foods (at concession stand prices). Recommended!

Review №84

We hosted our girls bday parties here. I liked how they took care of everything except the cake. And the kids loved the activities (skating and games).

Review №85

This was an event well worth attending pricing is reasonable also the games and activities available for children are very versatile so if your babys cant skate they got something else to do

Review №86

Wish they still had roller Hockey

Review №87

O kept falling on my butt and the prices are too high for the sweets

Review №88

Lots of fun for every one. I dont skate but my kids do and it is a joy to watch them have fun. The staff seems to really enjoy their jobs.

Review №89

My boys and their friends love Skate World. Good owners and nice remodel! Great for birthday parties too!

Review №90

Meh. Located next to Momentum Fitness AKA Golds Gym. It is free to enter, but costs $12 to skate. Not sure if there is an upcharge for online skates. However, if you need the walker-on-wheels, i think theres a rental fee for that, as well.It has been 20yrs since I was last here. The only things that changed were the music and the arcade games. IMHO, the skating area appeared too crowded, to be enjoyable.Although, it is nice to see a local business, still in business, it is not a place for me.

Review №91

Lot of other things to do besides skating

Review №92

Constant risk of death by speed skater during adult skate

Review №93

My girlfriend and I met here when we were young. 12 years later, were now engaged to be married, and have a beautiful daughter together. If it werent for Skate World, our family wouldnt be here. Because of that, Im thankful for every weekend spent at this place.

Review №94

Great place to take the kids.. Family night is only $5.

Review №95

A nice spot for the kids. They have the skate trainer for kids. Food not so great.

Review №96

New snack bar is awesome! Not to mention the soundsystem!

Review №97

Amazing, highly recommend

Review №98

First time back since their renovation. The place looks great. And the staff is always helpful.

Review №99

Great place to let children play & adults can sit in a/c

Review №100

Great place for kids

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