Tacoma Comedy Club
933 Market St, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States
Review №1

We had delicious burgers, drinks, and a New York Cheesecake dessert. It was all delicious. Service was great too. We will be going back!

Review №2

Great place. Amazing food. Good prices. Excellent social distancing setup.My new favorite place.

Review №3

Great atmosphere and venue. Love this place. Had the bacon and cheese fries and it was yummy... They always put up great comedians... I saw Preacher there and he was hilarious. Had a blast

Review №4

Nick...was is great...cant wait for the comedy to come back.

Review №5

Great time, good comedians. Had a great package upgrade included a few drinks and food, plus tip for the service. Great value and a great time

Review №6

We went for the first time last night to see Pauly Shore. It was a really nice club. There were two of us and they sat us with two strangers at a very tiny table which was weird because of the virus going around now. It said you had to buy two items I bought the nachos and they were ok but overpriced. The bathroom was very clean and server was nice and on top of things

Review №7

Been here for comedy and dinner.Food is great, service is fantastic, and when theyre having comedy, you cant beat dinner and a show!

Review №8

Love this place, so glad to see it stay open. We felt very safe. Staff were all wearing masks, tables were spaced, and the show was great like always.

Review №9

Ive not had a chance to eat here, but the drinks are always good. Great service. I really enjoy this venue, not a bad seat on the house.

Review №10

Great food great service. Highly recommended!

Review №11

I am usually here at least once a week. Great shows, great trivia, great food!

Review №12

Miss the comedy shows, but will support until we can enjoy live shows again!

Review №13

The service was awesome, and food really good

Review №14

Tonight my husband and two of our friends went to the Tacoma comedy club. As usual the show and staff were amazing! Although we did have an unfortunate situation with the security guard when we came in. I understand there are new laws concerning covid-19, but if you are going to enforce them your staff should know the law in full, including the rules and exemptions. My husband and I have been together for 10 years. Never did we think when we got together that later in life everyone would be wearing masks. My husband is deaf and wears hearing aids and I unfortunately have a few health issues one of them being something that has to do with breathing. While I completely understand it is very weird and unlikely that two people in the same party would be exempt from wearing a mask it is true and we have that right, given to us by the same law they are in forcing. We have run into it being a problem one other time, but in that instance the person was very kind and understanding and laughed about it with us (truly what are the odds, lol) Tonight though was a very different story. The security card gave my husband a hard time and then basically called me a liar and treated us very rudely. I have never been treated so awful by someone. Even if you dont believe us you shouldnt treat someone disrespectful and call them a liar. Both my husband and I try to make it very easy for businesses that we go to. My husband never asks for special seating or anything, even though there are several spots where the echo is so bad he has to turn off his hearing aids and misses the whole show. I also have a medical alert dog and when possible will leave him in the car (on cool days with ventilation) instead of bringing him in because I know some place dont like it, and even though I have the right I try to make it easy on myself, the dog, and the place I am going. We definitely wont be going back anytime soon, it is not a good way to start what is suppose to be a fun night out. I also ask everyone that even if it looks like a person is normal on the outside please dont judge, you have no idea what is going on in the inside.

Review №15

I have been to this club over the years (many many years) but had never been to this location. It is a perfect venue for a comedy club. I was pleasantly surprised. Service was quick, comedy was great. Saw Russell Peters here.. Who is awesome until himself..

Review №16

This place is great!It was our first time here at this comedy club and the service was great before and during the show.They host plenty of famous comedians. Its in Tacoma so the parking situation is a little, eh, but youll manage.

Review №17

We had a great experience at this club. They are very efficient at seating and serving. The venue is small enough to make the shows personable and enjoyable. Plenty of parking on the street. Wed recommend this place for a fun night out.

Review №18

Fun place, even without the live comedy. And I like the food!

Review №19

Friendly staff. Great drink. Nice break and laugh during these. Times and they take the safety seriously.

Review №20

Very intimate setting and had a blast seeing Pauly Shore even during covid shenanigans!

Review №21

Great night out with the family. Got some good laughs in.

Review №22

I was invited and this was my first time there. It was of course funny, the food was also great. Just be aware that you have to order I think at least 2 things. But I would go again. Waiters were very welcoming and friendly too.

Review №23

Food was amazing and really enjoyed the trivia as well.

Review №24

Always a great night out without breaking the bank. Good food and service with reasonable pricing with fantastic entertainment. Weve seen so many great comedians here!

Review №25

I will not go back, the food was not even good enough for my dog.

Review №26

Comedy, food, and drinks. Whats not to like? Sign up for their mailing list and theyll send you tickets for events every so often. 2 item minimum per person, but not a big deal as everythings reasonably priced. Bacon cheddar fries are where its at.

Review №27

Comedy stars, great food and a convenient location. Tacoma Comedy Club is my absolute go-to for getting laughs. The package deals that you can add on to the price of the tickets are well worth the cost, too. You dont have to worry about the bill at the end of the show with any of the package deals, and you get a great selection of food and drink!

Review №28

We love this comedy club! This is one of my favorite places to go! My friends and I have been at least 30 times, if not more.Weve had a great time each time. We love the food, Staff, and overall how its ran. Organized, great seating, and a fun time!

Review №29

It is clean- comfortable- well lighted- nice bar - great host- on time- easy to get to- great atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing Earthquake and bringing friends to whom have not been here worth the drive from Oregon. Food was just okay we all ordered something different

Review №30

We had a great time, but...Doors did not open at 2 like we were told. We bought the bronze package, was great 3 free drinks each and dinner was great. We stood in line an hour and being with a cane, not so pleasant. Why we got bronze, so we could perhaps get seated early being disabled. But no...Doors did NOT open at 2:00, there should NOT have been a line for old cripples like me.The show was fantastic and so was burger and friesStone Cold and the Jackals show was Fantabulous! !!

Review №31

I really cant give them less than 5 stars. The club has become a favorite date night for us and there is always a big name headliner on the even calendar. Ive seen so many fun comedians here that would probably cost 5 times as much in Vegas or elsewhere. The two item minimum purchase is very fair considering youll get a great ticket price. Damon Wayans for instance is playing soon and its only $40!If I had any criticism at all I suppose the food could step up its game a little. Their burgers are pretty amazing, but the salad and hummus could use an upgrade. Still, you just have to visit this club to see how great it is. Not a lot of venues like this around still. the inside is fun, the staff are kind and have good service. The mixed drinks are generous and strong. Go have a laugh and support a local venue :)

Review №32

Nice to finally get out and have some fun great show good food

Review №33

Welcoming and a great time! $45 for a Virtual Graduation Show, dinner, tip and two drinks.

Review №34

Solid place with great lunch specials.

Review №35

Best night best night had tons of laughs seeing Pauly Shore

Review №36

Giving 4 stars because this was my first time there, went out with family and friends for wife birthday to see Sheryl Underwood, it was a good show and I look forward to going again in the near future. Back to the stars, it was a lot of people and it took a while to get our orders but the staff helped each other out which was good, the food and drinks were good!

Review №37

Location is great, staff is on point, overall and amazing experience. It was my 1st time there, I already forgot tickets to another show in July.

Review №38

I always have a great time at the Tacoma Comedy Club. The comedians are greaser and the staff is always very friendly.

Review №39

Nice to go to a comedy tonight without a lot of foul language.

Review №40

Excellent comedians and venue. Pretty disappointed by service though, two item minimum, the second time we saw our server was five minutes before the set was over so we were dry for most of it. Naturally the Bill was right in time though.

Review №41

Pretty small club, but they can pack em in - they get great names through here. Never an issue with staff, always kind and courteous. Theres definitely room to improve their food options, especially as ordering is mandatory.

Review №42

Girlfriend and I have been coming the past couple of weeks, its a great time!! They have different kind of shows from special performers to free open mic. Only thing I recommend for any one going for the first time is get there early because seats are first come first seated and it gives you time to drink and drink...priorities. we will definitely be going back for more shows!!

Review №43

Very poor with customer relations.

Review №44

Corey Holcomb is a hilarious dude. It was my first time going to this venue. I will be going back in the future...

Review №45

I love this place- the open mic to the full on celebrity comedians. I appreciate the social awareness. I’ve been to other comedy clubs and I feel this is a safe space in the way that matters to me.

Review №46

I have seen a couple of really great shows at the Tacoma comedy club. I wish they had more choices for nonalcoholic drinks but other than that I highly recommend this place.

Review №47

Always a welcoming environment. Staff is friendly and fast. Always a good time!

Review №48

Saw Josh Blue last night - Fantastic night of Comedy, even the Host Killed.... Service staff was on point too - Food was perfect Bar Food too! Big pile of cheese curds for a great price!

Review №49

Great burgers! Fun times! Little local spot great for date night, pre fun for a night of activities. Been here about 6 times good is always good even though the selection is limited. 2 item purchase off menu required. Any 2 items. Never had more than 20 min wait for food. Drinks served pretty prompt

Review №50

Awesome venue. Free parking after 6pm on the street so get there early. Good seating, and a great feel inside. I do dislike the 2 item minimum but they gotta make their money, so its a necessary evil. Food was good, drinks were great, service was on point. Definitely would return.

Review №51

Super Awesome Date Night. Highly Recommended!!!

Review №52

I went to see Josh Blue at a 7 oclock showing. The environment and atmosphere was amazing and really lent to a comedy show. For being as busy as they were during full swing the wait staff wasnt as slow as is to be expected at a live show so good job there.

Review №53

Tacoma Comedy Club is always a good time. Food is priced right and really good. Staff is professional, kind, and always makes one feel welcomed. If you are looking to be a comedian they welcome you to try out. Some of the greats have started or performed at Tacoma Comedy Club.

Review №54

Always loved this place. The shows are as good as the food. My only complaint is that they got rid of their peanut butter burger which I still mourn to this day.

Review №55

My boyfriend and I went to watch Kelsey Cook on Valentines Day and it was amazing! I had watched some of her sets online before going to the show to see what kind of stuff she touches on and she really delivered. Even jokes Id already seen in the videos felt like they had more life when she told them in front of me!!The waitstaff were really on top of their service, too. Our food came out a little slow but was tasty and plentiful. We ordered a bacon cheeseburger, popcorn chicken, and bacon cheese fries which took about 45~50 minutes to come out.I love this place. I bought some merch from Kelsey and apparently the club gives free show tickets to people who buy merch. Very cool deal.Will definitely go again!

Review №56

This was an excellent experience. Great service, great menu items, great laughs, great memories!

Review №57

Never disappointed at this place. The drinks are great and the entertainment is as well. Even though there is a 2 item purchase you cant go wrong. Drop in for a night of comedy, laughter and drinks. If the comedian isnt good get to the 2 item purchase quick and you wont give a RIP because everything is funny after that

Review №58

Came here with no expectations for a date night. Holy mackerel did they knock it out of the park!Food was good!Service was more than fantastic!!! We ordered drinks and food and received all within 10 mins of ordering!!Lots of room! A little loud but not overwhelmingly so.Phenomenal atmosphereFriendly kind staffAnd great shows!We already started planning a normal date night for Friday/Saturday nights! 10/10 would recommend

Review №59

Had a great time show price was and Drink were delivered quickly and reasonably priced.didnt see any areas I would consider there to be bad seatscovered area at the entrance where you wait in line.

Review №60

My favorite place. Lots of free/cheaper nights, the only required payment is for food, which is relatively good anyways. Make sure to sign up for birthdays, you can get tickets for your birthday or for the month of your birthday for free, up to 8 sometimes, so you can bring your friends.

Review №61

Atmosphere is amazing. Its such a fun place for a night out. Food and drinks are very good as well. Two item per person order (food or drink) is reasonable and required for most shows. They do not allow talking or texting during the show and will ask those who dont follow this rule to leave. Staff is professional and friendly.

Review №62

Show was great, the seating is a little weird with the angle of some of the VIP seats making it hard to see in a seat you paid more for. It was probably 30-40 min after being seated that the food was delivered (20 min after the other people at our table even though we ordered literally right after them). The food was alright, the chicken strips were overcooked and the burger was so small compared to the bun. The fries and cheese curds were great though. When we got the bill it had an extra entree on it and I never got a soda that I ordered. The server quickly fixed the issue on the bill, and overall it was a fun night, but there were a bunch of little inconveniences that added up.

Review №63

I had never been here and honestly had low expectations, but it was awesome! Ill definitely go back.

Review №64

Awesome. Time. Great laughs and good comedians. Highly recommended

Review №65

Had a blast with my son on his birthday we saw a great comedian Roy Wood Jr!!! and had some delicious food as well!! I think we will be going back!!

Review №66

Very clean, and drinks were great.

Review №67

Great little place I love it. They require you to buy at least 2 items from concession to keep the doors open. Most items are fairly cheap. Always a good time here with awesome drinks and drink specials!

Review №68

Absolutely love TCC! Amazing talent, incredible staff, great food!

Review №69

Had great food great environment wait staff was actually courteous and patient and very quick drinks were reasonably priced in well strong the laughter throughout the evening was fun great environment for friends and family

Review №70

ALWAYS a good time at TCC...Ive seen numerous shows at this venue & absolutely no complaints. Entertainment is good, drinks (Absolute Stress is a fav & is always PERFECT) & they have a good food menu. GREAT NIGHT & it was packed.

Review №71

We attended the Bob Goldthwait show and it was great. The service was excellent. We would come back again.

Review №72

Always a great atmosphere. Dan cummins was hilarious! Already planning my next night there!

Review №73

It was decently priced and funny, the environment seemed a little more formal than I was expecting, but the crowd around 100 people and they had a military appreciation night. I had a good time, Ill be coming back, for sure.

Review №74

My family and I love this place. My only complaint is the food. Theyre menu needs to be revamped to offer more gluten free options. Nachos are about the only thing our family can eat because they are gluten free and the last two times weve ordered them all the chips have been burnt. Not going back for a while. nachos the cipes

Review №75

Good venue, went to the early Saturday show. We had great seats but the server was way to pushy about getting our two item minimum and having us pay in the middle of the show. She left the bill and then kept interrupting mid joke trying to get us to put a card down and pay. I understand that they have a ton of people who all need to pay and get out before the next set, but the timing was terrible and this was not handled well.

Review №76

Great service ...great food...had a blast at the show

Review №77

Been several times most of the time its pretty good but from time to time I have a bit of a hard time figuring out why I paid to waist time

Review №78

Pay the extra for the premium seating. Its completely worth it when you see how close you are to the comedians. If you have a favorite comedian, this is the place to them.

Review №79

This is one of the best comedy venues in the greater Puget Sound region, down in Tacoma. Great drinks, good food, a full mixed calendar that includes nights with free admission (Thursday night.) Cheapest drink option I saw was a $4 beer special and pitchers of good beer, like Mannys for $24. Food prices are good too. I had a delicious blue cheese burger with fries for $10.50. Worth every penny.

Review №80

Best place for a great time in Tacoma! Good food AND vegan options that dont suck! thanks guys!

Review №81

I took my son here for his 21st birthday. We had a great time! Everyone is friendly and the show was great!

Review №82

Not appreciating the seating for the money I spent on six seats for the holcolm shom

Review №83

Had a blast as usual my husbands and I 3rd time going have 2 shows already booked and going people are so nice we really enjoy going

Review №84

This place is fun, great for a date night. My wife and I love to come here and laugh and have a couple drinks...

Review №85

Was just here for Kristin Key and I left with my face hurting of how bad I was laughing!!! All of the comedians tonight were hilarious and amazing. The service and food was amazing as well. We ordered some drinks and cheese curds and were amazed on how delicious the cheese curds were. Found a new date night spot!

Review №86

Good atmosphere, good food, and thick waitresses.

Review №87

Loved the balcony and the club is a good size to have a decent sized crowd. The only downside was the service was slow.. I think I had to ask 4 different servers to get cutlery, but once we got our food/drinks, they were delicious! Wed definitely come back

Review №88

They had a great selection of drinks, the food was delicious and the comedians were hilarious. It was a great night out for laughs and cheers!

Review №89

Great Venue - Great Customer Service !

Review №90

Had a great time, they took great measures into making everything organized! Fun night and pleasant staff

Review №91

Weve gone for the Door Show and to see Mike Epps and laughed the entire time. The food is good, service was good, the yogurty bouncer was kind of obnoxious but thats typical and to be expected. All in all the place is cool AF and well definitely be back.

Review №92

Nice venue. Good food and drinks. There is street parking so it can be a challenge to park.

Review №93

Great place. Lot of laughs

Review №94

Its a nice space... but the tables are way too small to force each person to buy two things! Two plates of food and two drinks def did not fit on the corner table I was moved too. I honestly was only able to have Half of one leg at the table and the rest of my body in the lane getting bumped by waiters and patrons. Only good thing is the comedian itself and the location is near parking lots. There should be someone at the front also, there was no organization when it came to getting inside the building. People came early and were rudely pushed to the side by people coming in late not following the the line that was already started.

Review №95

Enjoy the show, have a couple drinks, and dont bring the kids...

Review №96

Love Cassandra and we love the atmosphere! This was our first time there and we had an amazing experience!

Review №97

Love this place! Great acts, great shows, and a great staff! Oh their food is really good as well!

Review №98

Had the best time!! Drew Lynch was amazing!! The Sasquatch was delicious!!! Cheese curds were ok. Lava cake had no “lava”, however it was still delightful. Plenty of ice cream to go with! Straws were $2 but you get to take them with as they are stainless steel. Didn’t mind paying extra. Staff was friendly but a little slow. Another server ended up helping us which was nice. Older gentleman who works there thanked everyone for coming on the way out the door, and that was a nice touch! Will be back for sure!!!

Review №99

All I can say is EXCELLENT .......

Review №100

Went to see Ralph Porter, I was hurting from laughing so hard. The host was amazing as well and the 2 other comedians, waitresses were very sweet & accommodating. Going back to see 2 upcoming headliners. It was my 1st time going to a Comedy Club, had a blast. Place is classy & very clean.

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  • Address:933 Market St, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States
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  • Phone:+1 253-282-7203
  • Comedy club
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  • Sunday:6–11pm
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Veteran-led:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
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