Tacoma Art Museum
1701 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States

Review №1

A must-visit museum if youre visiting Tacoma or as a planned trip! We had a great time at TAM. The location was easy to navigate to and parking was very easy and handy.We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful with the museum implementing COVID procedures.The exhibits and artwork are simply fantastic. Highly recommended!!!

Review №2

Amazing staff and clean, sanitary facilities. Exhibits are always well organized and easy to view from every angle.

Review №3

What a fun museum! Filled with beautiful exhibits, friendly staff, and fun locals! A great place for photography too! Just dont use flash!

Review №4

Heard about checking out family passes to the museums through the library. Did just that. My family of five checked out TAM today. Was fun, different and out of the norm for my family. My kids even enjoyed themselves. We walked through the different galleries which were around 7. Art was very nicely displayed and lit with info on each piece. The museum was very clean, quiet and enjoyable. Staff was nice and on hand to answer any questions. There were two classroom spaces, a library, cafe and art room. My kids loved the art room. I think looking at all the art brought out their artsy side. I highly recommend checking out the museum. I would definitely check out a pass again to see future exhibits. Not sure that I would pay to get in. Photos: darlenestewartphotography

Review №5

Don’t want to ruin by putting all the pics on here. If you’re an Evergreen State College Student the $15 admission is waved. It’s an amazing experience. I especially liked the wood set block prints, the mixed media giant glass cubes and these cool bags of water that need a fish!!!They’re setting up a new exhibit.

Review №6

Beautiful selection of arts. They have some permanent display and rotate them occasionally. But they also have some fun exhibits from famous and important artists as well. Entrance is a bit steep but its all worth it. If youre associated with the University of Washington (student of staff) you can come in free anytime you want. Theres also a small library upstairs a nice hangout place worth checking out. One of my favorite places in Tacoma.

Review №7

Gotta love TAM. Went on the free Thursday promotion that they do every week. They always have a good variety every time i visit, though there are some permanent pieces. Its also very easy to get to the museum, parking is inexpensive and easy to use, which is rare for Tacoma.

Review №8

They have beautiful exhibits. Take your time to see all of the details of each piece. The staff is super friendly. I am already looking forward to returning.

Review №9

They have some great exhibits right now. Bronzes, glass, Native portraiture... northwest murals. Im definitely going to go back and see some other exhibits.

Review №10

The TAM was one of the top 5 amazing museums, I have only consisted once, but have been to many others in Washington state. I will say this experience was very wonderful

Review №11

Such a great museum with a lot of great exhibits on native art, glass art, and amazing paintings. Loved the areas to give our views and answer questions about the exhibit. Seeing what others saw made the experience much more rich and fulfilling, to be able to give your voice. A lot of Asian American art, like from the Japanese internment camps that are not talked about. So much northwest art that had something to say.

Review №12

Its a great midsized museum. I love all the glass exhibits. The display of Debra Moores work was hauntingly beautiful.

Review №13

Went to see the French Impressionism exhibit. Found it to be well done with beautiful paintings by Monet, Renoir, Hassam and others. Exhibit has been extended to Jan. 19, 2020. Also enjoyed Chihuly exhibit. There is a small convenient cafe there also.

Review №14

Absolutely love this museum. Beautiful art and friendly staff. Come for their free neighborhood nights on Thursdays 5-8pm.

Review №15

This Art museum is truly fantastic. Beautiful glass sculptures and ORIGINAL Monet masterpieces.

Review №16

Amazing!!! Fashion is Art was a dream!! Here Im Showcasing Dawnamatrix Latex Fashion put on by Fashion District NW

Review №17

I always enjoy Tacomas art museum. Today I had some time to fill and enjoyed the Naturalist and the Trickster. There is a huge mural to be colored by people visiting the museum on Thursday nights and some Saturdays. If you can get there to enjoy this exhibit I encourage you to. As always the staff and volunteers are ready to answer questions and update you on future events.

Review №18

The TAM is a nice facility with a variety of art displaysNOTICE: Be sure you park in a TAM marked spot. If you park in a 100 series space and dont have a Republic space receipt its a $40.00 fine rather than $2.00 fee. ITS THE SAME PARKING LOT!!The art museum is easy to find, access, and exit. As of November 2019 there were three large displays. The first is French impressionists with nearly 50 works including about a dozen famous names. Next to it is the Chihully glass exhibit. Nearest to the front desk is an impressive display of bronze castings from the 1850-1940 timeframe.The next large display is works by immigrants who made the northwest their home. Lastly is a large display of works by Native American artists. Well done.If you found this review to be helpful please consider giving it a thumbs-up.

Review №19

Outstanding collections of new and old. Glass art is gorgeous. Dale Chihulys works are prominently displayed.

Review №20

The Museum is remodeled and beautiful on the outside and inside. They have a small cafe inside and gift shop.

Review №21

Very interesting artworks and special exhibits can be exciting. Easy to park, not so many people. Great place to visit on the weekend with family and friends. Free on Thursday afternoon!

Review №22

I went for one of their free Thursday evening events and had a really good time. It was easy and inexpensive to park in their lot, quick to check in, and then the exhibits were incredible. Absolutely blown away by the visiting Impressionist exhibit and the opportunity to see Monet and Renoir works, amongst others, up close and in person. The Simpson exhibit was really fun to see as well.

Review №23

Really loved the diversity of displays. The Western gallery was great!

Review №24

We absolutely love the Tacoma Art Museum. Great for kids and adults. They always have an interesting activity for our kiddos and great exhibits for adults!!

Review №25

Great day to go, lots of parking and very few people there so easy to see all the exhibits. Chihuly exhibit amazing! The cafe has yummy food and staff is not stressed with mobs of people.

Review №26

It was barely okay given the price. Too much dead space where art could have been placed.

Review №27

I used to go to the Tacoma Art Museum alone when I was single. I brought my son to the museum when he was a child and he enjoyed it - especially the gift store. I am thankful that T-Town has some great cultural places to visit like this wonderful art museum. I love it!

Review №28

Forgotten Stories is a wonderful exhibit showcasing the northwest and northwest artists. When the WPA funded art and artists, it was not only a way for artists to earn a living and for people to see art, but it was also a gift to the future. I loved this exhibit!

Review №29

Interesting things to see. I didnt really understand the point of their dark room. There was a place for kids to do art and that was fun.

Review №30

Great museum with easily some of the friendliest staff youll find.

Review №31

Awesome lovely place to refresh ur brain

Review №32

The museum itself is nice but nothing really anything special. Admission for a non-member adult is $18, which seems steep for what it is. I went for an Impressionist exhibit (which was small-to-moderately sized, about 50 pieces) and saw the rest of the museum (which is mostly glass and indigenous art) in

Review №33

Quiet and offered a student discount. Well kept and an awesome way to spend a few hours in Tacoma.

Review №34

Lovely! Food for the soul.

Review №35

The impressionist exhibit thats on this month was quite good. I am a fan of Mary Cassat and they had several of her works as well as Renoir, Corot and Degas. They are having extra free Thursday evening admissions from 5-8 PM. Usually its just the third Thursday of the month. Not crowded at all like most free admission nights.

Review №36

Hey its a museum of glass with a theater and a cafe and great views of downtown Tacoma and also really good glass art

Review №37

This place always amazes me. They have local art and change the center theme monthly. They also hold Dia de Los Muertos every year with local artists and food vendors.

Review №38

It was a very nice museum with a large variety. Can not tell a lie, my fiancée and I were a little creeped out that we were being followed around by a museum employee. Every time we went to a new exhibit the employee would be watching. I understand its a fine art gallery but it was a little excessive. We liked the south wing piece with multiple layers.

Review №39

Loved this place!!! I took my son here on a rainy day and we just had so much fun. Every thing here is just so fascinating and cool.

Review №40

Beautiful place, not overwhelming for those who arent well versed in the art world, and the even have a couple interactive exhibits. But beware of parking -- there are two lots connected be driveways and without clear markings of where one ends and the other begins, but they have different pay points and if you pay at the wrong one it will cost you $40

Review №41

Fun museum and beautiful exhibits

Review №42

I love the artwork here!

Review №43

Even though the museum is not big, I really enjoyed the art work exhibited here. And it is free third Thursday 5pm till 8pm

Review №44

I really enjoy visiting the museum and appreciate the hospitality from everyone who works to keep everything running. I always enjoy my visits but I was a bit disappointed that a part of the museum was closed off between exibits and didnt get the opportunity to see more without a warning that that there were incomplete sections. I cant wait to see the future exhibits.

Review №45

Enjoyed it. Not overwhelming like some museums can be. Great exhibits with famous artists.

Review №46

Had a pleasant surprise that our glass museum passes got us in to the art museum. The exhibits were great. Loved the Simpsons and the Immigration exhibits.

Review №47

We are not much of a artsy type of family. However walking into the museum it was big clean and spacious. They had some beautiful art on the walls, sculptures throughout the building, a little area where you could create your own art, and wonderful employees or volunteers that made great conversation!

Review №48

Really cool place to walk around and they even have events/art clinics to try

Review №49

Nice, werent with my daughters school for a field trip so it was a little wild

Review №50

A spectacular museum.....filled with many collections of incredible art including Dale Chihulys glass. Dont forget to see and appreciate the big dog! See you at TAM.

Review №51

It was interesting, art is subjective. I did love the glass exhibits and Renaissance paintings.Dont bring any liquid into the exhibits though theyll pounce on that so fast and youll have to leave and put it outside or throw it away.

Review №52

I like the glass vessels, the immigration exhibition and the storytelling artist Ryan Feddersen, the story about Coyote Bones is funny and interesting.

Review №53

They just keep getting better and better.Recently expanded, another new wing with sculptures. Museum Cafe is worth a stop, and the gift shop is small but has some unique high-end and low-end gifts.My favorite part is always the artists Workshop where we can make our own art! The watercolor piece I made I left on the big wall to share.Check out the awesome views of the city from the second floor.Youll need a minimum of 1 hour to see everything and thats at a good pace. Slow down and enjoy it and take 2 hours. A very quiet and peaceful place for young and old.This is a Tacoma gem for sure!

Review №54

Amazing artwork and fair priced

Review №55

Love TAM. The impressionist exhibit was so well done. Really enjoyed it.

Review №56

Wonderful selection. I am always seeing something new. The cafe is also well price with delicious soups and staffed by friendly humans with great humor.

Review №57

Really nice museum with a huge variety of exhibits that changes every season. Today we saw Monet, an O Keefe, and a Simpsons exhibit among other things!

Review №58

Nice way to spend a cloudy Sunday afternoon surrounded by eye candy.

Review №59

Cool museum. Smaller than you’d think.

Review №60

Great place to take my kids for a day out excursion. There featured exhibit and additional displays entertained my family.

Review №61

Absolutely amazing art museum. Such beautiful French Impressionist paintings on display when I visited.

Review №62

Very nice loved the trees sculpture reminded me of the trees from Lord of the rings.

Review №63

Tacoma Art Museum is a wonderful place. They have lots of local artists, a gift shop, and an area that you can make your own artwork to take with you or leave for others to enjoy.

Review №64

This place was a lot of fun, short if you donthave too many strong opinions on paintings but perfect for something to do in one afternoon. You could see everything and enjoy it alright in an hour.

Review №65

I found it to be visually stimulating but quiet and restful.

Review №66

As a first time visitor in Washington I cant compare TAM to other local museums but I really enjoyed it. Such vibrant colors and variety of mediums. Native American and migrant themed art was in abundance and I love the rich culture that is conveyed. There are some incredibly unique and thought-provoking pieces that I will never forget. Parking is pre-pay, cheap quick, and easy.

Review №67

I am not a museum lover, but the TAM is wonderful. They are doing construction and adding to the displays, but there is no interference with your enjoyment of what is open. Beautiful displays of native art with benches so you can just sit and enjoy the artwork. Highly recommended.

Review №68

This is my first time to TAM. I saw all the glass features in the Benaroya wing. I highly recommend a visit. I attended on a Saturday and it was very relaxed, not crowded. Tacoma has got it going on! Please dont become Seattle. Im praying for you but I have faith.

Review №69

With rotating art displays there is always something new and wonderful to behold. Every month on the third Thursday entrance is free from 5-8pm, and every Thursday from 5-8 is free for students. On 3rd Thursdays take a stroll next door to the Washington State History Museum and The Museum of Glass which are also free from 5-8pm. They have many discounts for seniors, military, students and family packs. There is a parking lot behind the building. #LetsGuide #LocalGuides #LeeHeath

Review №70

Great experience with beautiful art on display

Review №71

The museum is convenient to the Tacoma Museum of Glass and works well as a pair. TAM has a superb and quite varied glass collection, which complements TMOG. Its non-glass collections are well presented and interesting. Not a large museum but well worth a visit. A wonderful community event ... please TAM, do more of these. Its a great way to bring people together to celebrate art and culture

Review №72

We went to the Dia De Los Muertos event and had a great time. There were plenty of things to do! They had performances, kid activities, face painting, Taco trucks & more. We will be back for more events in the future!

Review №73

We were excited to visit the Tacoma Art Museum when the new wing opened. It’s beautifully done and filled with some gorgeous pieces. Well worth a visit. I also appreciate that the have free entrance on the Third Thursday Art Walk from 5-8. The museum is convenient to the Tacoma Museum of Glass and works well as a pair. TAM has a superb and quite varied glass collection, which complements TMOG. Its non-glass collections are well presented and interesting. Not a large museum but well worth a visit.

Review №74

This is a fantastic little art museum. But nobody should have to pay to view art. Get a library card and you can get free passes and not have to pay anything.

Review №75

Loved it plus the native American exebit was amazing

Review №76

There are some really cool pieces here. They dont have a problem with photography without a flash.

Review №77

Very interesting exhibits, really enjoyed it.

Review №78


Review №79

Beautiful building, lots to see and do. My favorite part was the free studio open to kids to explore with a bunch of different mediums. There were even prompts on the walls and tables to help them along. Wonderful experience.

Review №80

Better than the Seattle Art Museum in my opinion. This place is small, but they have a well curated collection. Really enjoyed the glass exhibit - will be going back in the spring - fall to see the outdoor Chihuly installation (they put it away for the winter). The rotating exhibit we was was great too called 30Americans - very thought provoking.

Review №81

This place has a lot of exceptional art. Free to military friends and guests. Great place to take visitors.

Review №82

I love going to TAM on their free nights as I currently don’t have extra funds. They have wonderful exhibits and lots of activities for adults and kids.

Review №83

Went during the free admission Thursday night event and was surprised by the amount of work! Hope it will be expanding to add more work but it was a good visit.

Review №84

Great collections! The glass collections are phenomenal. I do however prefer Millville Pizza

Review №85

Exemplary in every way. Staff was respectful and enthusiastic, art was inspired, and exhibits served to provide an unparalleled display of artistic talent throughout the past several centuries, in a way that makes it easy to absorb for the connoisseur as much as the casual visitor. Current exhibits are culturally relevant and thought-provoking; enjoyed the thoughtful commentaries on native history in artwork, especially the vanishing people myth. Gave a deep sense of perspective and would highly recommend it.

Review №86

Very good exhibits , I really enjoyed it.

Review №87

Great day of the dead festival,,free admission and lots of exhibits fun and educational for the entire family!

Review №88

They always have beautiful galleries and do a great job mixing eras

Review №89

Went there for a Thursday night market. It was fun.

Review №90

Fine museum located in the historic waterfront of old Tacoma. Beautiful galleries featuring outstanding Northwest artists both past and present. Dont miss the black bean coconut soup in the cafe, either!

Review №91

It was great. I went as a chaperone with a group of elementary students on a field trip. They have a wonderful program for children as well as a classroom available where the children created their own art.

Review №92

I love this place. I love the art, and the free third Thursday of the month. I love the live music and the layout of the building. Such a fantastic way to spend part of your life, go here if you can.

Review №93

Good small French Impressionist exhibit. Also, the Simpsons room was fun

Review №94

Very much enjoyed spending some time here with my sister. Interesting exhibits with many different artistic mediums.

Review №95

I buy art pencils at tge gift shop. I love them, my favorite drawing pencils! so smooth

Review №96

Its not the Seattle art museum, so much more approachable.

Review №97

Seriously nice collection.

Review №98

Beautiful exhibits, not to mention the entire wing dedicated to glass art, beyond Chihuly.

Review №99

Like when I see a unexpected piece from a famous artist that is not their normal style that they are known for. This time around it was Georgia Okeefe.

Review №100

Dale Chihulys incomparable work is on display here. Go for the Chihuly glass, which is beyond peer.They have some other stuff too, but the Chihuly collection uses up all my time when I visit.

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