Museum of Glass
1801 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States

Review №1

Amazing place with beautiful pieces of art. I especially loved seeing the little kids sculptures where they drew their creations and glass makers created it for them. Was really neat to see :) also had an awesome demonstration and a very nice host that answered all our questions! The prices in the gift shop made me cry tho.

Review №2

This was our first time going here. I liked all the art that I saw but for the price of it all, honestly is not worth it. The gallery is very small. Although it was cool seeing how people make the glass. I liked only a couple pieces of art there. I say if you want to visit this place i would wait and look for days of when they have deals on admission so you dont feel weird having to pay that much for a gallery that you literally get through in 10-15 minutes.

Review №3

Great place to go. Watching someone take melted glass and create something while you watch. Very cool.

Review №4

Museum was great. Kids had a good time.

Review №5

It was great. We saw a little girls drawing come to life. Very cool

Review №6

Decently fun experience for the kids, good place on educating them how glass is made. You can see it in real time. Other than that the exhibits were pretty interesting. Somehow feels like something is missing though, maybe my expectations were too high before visiting.

Review №7

Great place to spend a few hours. Though the museum exhibits arent huge, there is plenty to see and read without feeling like you need to be there all day. Some really interesting glass art! Plus, the live glass blowing demonstrations are mesmerizing. They have live video and narration so you know whats going on and can see different angles. Parking right below the museum is super reasonable, I think it was $4. Definitely recommend when in Tacoma!

Review №8

This Museum was just amazing. I had a great time looking at all the interesting types of glass they had there. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends. If you happen to be in Tacoma and want to do something with your free time, hit up the Museum of Glass. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Review №9

Was ok. Would be nicer if had more exhibits. For price seems they should offer more. We liked the working sessions with live glass making. Check out video.

Review №10

Beautiful venue! So much to enjoy and admire here. Incredible views of Tacoma, gorgeous glass and art...we had a great evening. Our group reserved this location for a private event. We had a catered dinner, a Program in the auditorium and were able to view the museum. We enjoyed the event very much.

Review №11

Glass blowing We visited the museum on Third Thursday FREE admission.Atleast spend 2 hours.Even in Museum store, they have very beautiful glass art pieces.

Review №12

Beautiful place my first time and I like it.

Review №13

Loved visiting before covid! Beautiful art!Will be back once it’s no longer such an issue.

Review №14

My wife chose this place to visit. I probably wouldn’t have chosen it but it turned out to be very fascinating. Not only did we see art pieces like the ones in these pictures, we watched as regular people mad their own glass sculptures. My 16 year old son was too embarrassed to work on a piece in front of other people or would be posting pictures of his sculpture.

Review №15

If its walk the harbor, shoot a photo, look at beautiful hand blown glass. Or Wish at the boats. Always a fun way to spend time : ) and a favorite of mine.

Review №16

Its ok. Not worth the money. Go to the SAM in Seattle or go to the Zoo, you will have a better time.

Review №17

Tacoma is so lucky to have this museum. Some of the best glass sculptures in the world. The hot shop is a must. You can see first hand how its done. Its free during the Art Walk from 5 to 8 pm third Thursday of the month. Dont miss it.

Review №18

The only reason why I give 4 stars is because it usually great, but about a week ago I went and lots of the amazing glass in the gallery was not that amazing and it was not worth the money or the trip, but I have been there a couple other times and it was really amazing those other times though!

Review №19

Nice collection of glass art pieces. I like the idea of kids design program. The large scale glass furnace is impressive.

Review №20

The location is great The Glass Museum is nestled amongst other Museums. The Glass Bridge connects them. There is the History Museum; Art Museum; Childrens Museum and shopping/restaurants all within a short walk. The waterfront has a pleasant walkway and seating to enjoy the Marina.

Review №21

Really interesting museum, lots of amazing work, and a visual exhibit with peices being made with stadium seating and explanations from a host, really cool!

Review №22

Really awesome exhibit and I love that you can see people work on glass blowing as well. I would skip the gift shop unless you want to deal with attitude from the sales lady and want to spend over $30 for something the size of a river rock. Dont miss the hallway of kid winners. These kids just did a drawing and glass blowers brought them to life, its really fun to see and read about the art. The outside glass feature was down during my visit but still looks amazing. And take a walk across the Bridge of Glass!

Review №23

Loved it. 90 minutes covered everything. I want to go back in the near future.

Review №24

Wow great museum! Come if you like and appreciate blown glass. There are so many art pieces to look at. The technique that were used to fuse the color glasses together are wonderful. Watch the short video of how they are made in their theater, it will be worth your time.

Review №25

Tacoma is an amazing city. The glass museum was absolutely breathtaking. Walking across the glass bridge was just as awesome. We watched the glass blowers put on a show of the process in making hand blown glass. Very educational.

Review №26

The museum is very clean and frequently updated. Every time I go there, I see something new.

Review №27

I enjoyed myself here. But felt there wasnt much glass/art inside the actual museum. Only two galleries, then the blowing area. Was cool. Not sure if I would come again given the fact there wasnt much to see. But clean, staff was nice, bright and colorful.

Review №28

AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!! Everything was just stunning, and curated in the most exquisite way! The Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight exhibit I was able to see is a true masterpiece! One of the most stunning exhibits of art I have ever seen. The hot shop is also so cool, and the super talented crew fascinating to watch from the well appointed viewing areas. Very kids friendly hot shop host as well! You will love seeing the pieces of childrens artwork that they bring to life. ♡ If I lived closet I would be there all all the time to see the visiting artists! All that and I have yet to even mention the Chihuly artwork!

Review №29

Beautiful works of art. Though small, whats in it really packs a punch. Definitely worth going to see. They change up the art every six months. It also hosts a gift shop full of very pricy works of glass and a small cafe.

Review №30

Although the Museum itself is absolutely wonderful and admittedly worthy of 5 stars, I personally feel as though the whole thing was rather small. They had free art classes on the free Museum day that I went and you can view glass blowers live as they work in the studio, that was pretty interesting to watch. Some of the art was extraordinary and quite beautiful. The stairs up to the bridge are plentiful so expect to have to climb a while before you can get to see it. Its worth it though, definitely.

Review №31

Highly recommended to see at least once. This is amazing. Friendly staff, reasonably priced and ask about your aaa discount.

Review №32

Nice place. Lots of glass arts and its really pretty.

Review №33

Great family outing with my 2 girls. I like that they offer classes to make your own art. They also make glass items & let you observe!

Review №34

Matching a top notch place for making glass, internationally recognized, and then a museum that displays a variety of it. What a wonderful community place for glass artists.

Review №35

Just beautiful. So many varied works of glass. There were ones that just amazed me! Be sure to walk the Bridge of Glass. Wish I had seen it at night.

Review №36

Absolutely beautiful work of art. Each piece was so different, so unique. The hot room was truly a highlight to this visit, to watch them blow glass was just fascinating. Cant wait to visit again soon.

Review №37

I really enjoyed this place it wasnt very large. We watched the glass demonstration and walked the exhibit and looked at the kid creations, which were so imaginative. It was a nice unplanned stop.

Review №38

Top-notch presentation with something for all ages. Well worth the $17 adult admission price. Live glass blowing in the hot shop is not to be missed!

Review №39

I checked out a free pass from my local library and was able to get in for free. The glass blowing exhibit was awesome. There were tons of really cool works of art. Plus, the front desk staff were all really helpful.

Review №40

Not a large space, you wont spend a lot of time here but its great. Beautiful work.

Review №41

Another unexpected surprise. Visit to Tacoma was too see a concert at the dome. But with some time to kill during the day, decided to head to this museum. Wow, totally worth it. The exhibits were beautiful, and the love demo in the hot shop by visiting artist was totally worth the time.

Review №42

Such a cool museum. Make sure you get there in time for the glass blowing! On of the best experiences to witness in Tacoma.

Review №43

Something for folks of all ages and cultures, my kids loved the showcased artwork of other kids, and seeing how various artists view the world through their works of art. Ticket prices were reasonable. The museum was a little smaller than I had thought, but the richness and variety and education maximized the use of the space in the glass museum. Definitely worth a visit.

Review №44

The Night Market was amazing. We enjoyed watching how they make all the beautiful glass at Museum of Glass. What a great place to have the Night Market.

Review №45

Absolutely stunning exhibits! The First Nation Ravens was some of the most amazing glass art Ive ever seen!

Review №46

This is a colorful beautiful place. You get to sit and watch them actually blow the glass

Review №47

A little pricey, but fun. They had a live glass blowing exhibit going on, where someone on a microphone explained the glass blowing process. They also have a looping movie that plays in a theatre.My favorite part, though, is the hallway that has childrens drawings brought to life in the form of glass creations. They were so cute!

Review №48

Wonderful watching them create the glass tube!

Review №49

Lots of amazing glass work to view. The live demos of glass blowing/making is fascinating!

Review №50

Such a beautiful museum! Took my kiddos there for the night market and we had a blast! Many photo ops for us and the actual museum of glass portion was stunning. Wish we had endless amount of time to peruse! We will definitely be back.

Review №51

Very clean and lots of parking. Its walking distance to the childrens Museum so that just doubled the fun. The tour at the Museum of glass was great too. Its not very big but still great.

Review №52

Worth the price of admission. Make your own glass tile for $29, a one hour workshop.

Review №53

Amazing place to check out. Old movies run all day in their theater room. They have demonstrations by glass designers. That is a must see! I now have so much more appreciation for the glass artwork and dishes. Not easy work.

Review №54

This is definitely a Must See point if interest in Tacoma. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to my next visit.

Review №55

Such a beautiful place to enjoy with your family and loved ones

Review №56

Great exibits and glass blowing demonstrations. Pieces from Chihuly were my favorite. Reasonably priced as well!

Review №57

The art pieces here will blow your mind. General admission is 15 dollars, and though it only takes about 45 minutes to walk through the exhibits, it is well worth the price. The sheer number and quality of sculptures will leave you in awe. Theres a live hot shop where you can watch professional glassblowers at work. Theres a cute exhibit which features child made designs brought to life by skilled glass makers. At present (March 2018) the main exhibit features the work of Albert Paley, an impressive collection of mixed media scultpures . The museum also has a theatre, a decently priced cafe, and an art studio where interactive crafts take place. Theres a lovely view of the harbor from the front entrance and an enticing gift shop. Overall, a visit to the museum of glass is a very fun time that will leave you inspired.

Review №58

Lovely gallery of glass exhibits as well as glad blowing/making demonstrations.

Review №59

Really nice walk. Cool art and views.

Review №60

All the pieces in the museum are amazing! The chance to sit in on a workshop and watch glass be made is incredible!

Review №61

We enjoyed walking around viewing the glass art. The intricate detail on many of the items was worth a few minutes of inspection. I could see someone spending many hours here, or 1 hour depending on how interested they were in each item. They could walk through and see it all rather quick, but if they stop to look closely, there is a lot to be enjoyed here.

Review №62

So my husband and I have made it a habit to keep “dating.” The Museum of Glass is one of our favorite places to go during the winter in Tacoma. It’s cozy to sit in the “Hot Shop” and watch the artisans create fantastic works of art. The patience and stamina required to create art out of glass is incredible.If you want to try a hands on experience, they give you the opportunity to do just that at a “Blow Your Own,” or “Make Your Own” workshop. There’s one in January we plan on trying.Also, I just discovered the Tacoma Night Market takes place at the Museum of Glass the last Saturday of the month from 5-10pm!

Review №63

The museum was a great place to have taken my family they also enjoyed the cafe inside

Review №64

The museum seemed a little small, but the exhibitions were great. Lots of attention to detail and great ideas and concepts. I enjoyed the live glass making in the furnace room.

Review №65

Amazing! Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Great gift shop. Exhibit space is somewhat small but I could spend hours in the exhibition room

Review №66

This place is amazing. I didnt think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Well worth the ticket price just to watch the artists work glass. The exhibits have some stunning artwork.

Review №67

So much fun! Informative and beautiful all in one place! Watch glass be blown and go in an artistic journey!

Review №68


Review №69

Paid parking, fun environment was very amazing to see all the different types of glass art. And they also have glass blowing showed for the kids and family

Review №70

If you go across the bridge to the glass museum look up in the ceiling and see all the beautiful glass work What.

Review №71

I honestly thought this museum was going to be a little larger. I liked the guest artist making glass in the lab. I did enjoy the native American exhibit and the test tube exhibit. I also enjoyed the kids glass art. My favorite was the ham zombie and popsicle man.

Review №72

The hot shop is the focal point of this museum. Watch glassblowers work complex pieces while learning about the tools and techniques. Unfortunately, the galleries were a huge disappointment. They were small and mostly uninteresting. The current exhibit featured glass works, that while obviously challenging to make, did not intersest me at all (indigineous people humanoids and baskets). Be sure to look online before visiting. Also, the outside fountain was turned off for repair.

Review №73

Terrific experience. Beautiful artwork. Check out the hot shop, always fascinating to see folks create stunning pieces of art.

Review №74

Great collection of Glass arts.

Review №75

Fantastic place to visit. My husband called it a jewel. I love watching glass blowing and they made it even better by having a narrator. I could stay and watch that all day. Great exhibits too. If I was local I would definitely want to schedule visits to see the guest artists blow glass.

Review №76

Overall I enjoyed my time here. Its a small museum, with some nice exhibits. If you arent interested in the live glass blowing, your best value is to just visit the bridge, which is free, as that is where the most unique glass (the walkway roof and wall) is. Additionally there is a little sculpture garden outside the entrance thats worth a quick walk by. We visited the Lemay Car Museum, and would recommend that instead, with a quick trip to the bridge. If you want to see the glass blowing, you just have to decide if the admission price is worth it (17 per adult, plus possible parking fees).FREE ADMISSION THE THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH FROM 5-8pm. WE SPENT ABOUT 1 HOUR IN THE MUSEUM.

Review №77

Amazing ability to get up close to the artists and feel the heat!

Review №78

This place is a little small but overall is an amazing place to learn 1st hand how glass is blown. They even have a small theatre inside.

Review №79

Art exhibits are wonderful. So much you can see and do in this area. Would recommend to visit at least once. Then go to UW Tacoma to see the piece they have in their library.

Review №80

While there are only two galleries, the array of pieces and quality of work was outstanding. The Hot Shop is fun to visit if theyre doing a piece, and the gift shop has a stunning array of pieces available for purchase, and with a range of prices making it an affordable choice for a small gift or for a large centerpiece. Absolutely worth a visit!

Review №81

A gorgeous museum. Loved the demos of glass blowing. Also, I lost my phone and the staff were super prompt about helping and they found it.

Review №82

Beautiful Beautiful Glass Art !!! You can actually see artists creating their pieces. Love it!!

Review №83

Very interesting. If you like and appreciate art you will enjoy the gallery. We enjoyed watching the glass blowing demonstration and they offer classes to blow your own glass art. The best part for us was the kids glass art pieces (designed by kids and glass blown by professional).

Review №84

Watching the glass blowing demonstration had my kids and me MESMERIZED. It was wonderful to see the work done live.

Review №85

We were here on Open Night Market and it was awesome. The food, the vendors and most of all the glass blowers in action (great place to see them from the audience seating). The gallery is always interesting to visit with its art.

Review №86

A unique display of forever evolving art through the eyes of so many artists.

Review №87

Beautiful place, full of so much beautiful glass art.

Review №88

This was a great venue .lots of traffic .not great access to electricity but made do

Review №89

This a wonderful museum of glass. You can watch glass blowing from the masters in the hotshop . The seating has great views as video so you can see glass blowing at its best. The gallery has whimsical artists work as well as visit the gift shop and eat in the restaurant. A must see for glass enthusiasts.

Review №90

Unique museum not that large but has amazing collection of glass arts. The displays are divided into 5-6 rooms and sometime they have special exhibits. It also has a live glass blowing workshop space that you can see the craftsman create glass arts.Outside the museum, there are also the amazing Chihuly glass arts installation. Very colorful. Those displays outside are best seen in the evening as they are lighted up.Easy parking in the museum parking garage. The museum store sells variety of glass items including very nice fancy christmas ornaments.

Review №91

I absolutely love this museum. Everyone should see the artists at work in the Hot Spot

Review №92

Visited the museum for a private event. Got to check out all of the exhibits as well as the hot shop.The glass is obviously amazing. To see what people can create is mind blowing but the best part is taking some time and watching them actually create it.If you go make sure you try to swing by the hot shop if it is open.

Review №93

Brian was a great guide in the glass blowing experience. The hot-shop is well named, with temps near the klins bring really sweltering. The shop has lots of options for pieces to make and purchase. The folks were both really nice and really helpful.

Review №94

Pieces on display were beautiful, I was expecting more. We were impressed with the hot room where they demonstrate the art of glass blowing

Review №95

Disappointing, if youre expecting to see art pieces. This place is more a payment to watch an artist blow glass live than a payment to view museum art since the gallery is tiny and a lot of the viewable art pieces are outside (and free).

Review №96

I had such a fun experience coming to the Museum of Glass. I did not know what to expect at all. Its a pretty small museum with underground parking ($5 0-3 hours), however I think it might be on the honor system because theres no one at the entry/exit confirming if you paid or not. You have the choice to park on the street but its pretty challenging to find a spot. If you part in the garage theres an elevator or stairs up to the entrance.Once youre in front of the entrance theres an awesome feature to take pictures at. The museum is pretty cozy. The staff are super gracious & helpful at the counter. We chose to take a mosaics class for $15 ($10 for members). The person teaching the class gave some great feedback on how to have the mosaic present to your look. She was even able to cut down glass to create our tailored looks. You can choose to return & pick up or have it shipped for $16.There was also a glass blowing session going on to watch an artist. It was pretty packing with standing room only & was fairly warm, so we left out early. We checked out the kids art area which was pretty impressive. Then, the last stop was the Chuhilly bridge of glass. Its a pretty cool wall of his work & then neat photo ops under the rock candy looking art.

Review №97

Very cool stuff, but expensive to bring the entire family. A couple of 2 would be ideal. Cool and unique colored glasses sculptures, art, and architecture for display. If youre lucky, youll get to see glass being made live; check their schedule.

Review №98

I was disappointed with how small the exhibits were. As I recall, only 1 chihuly piece in the exhibits. The hot shop was quite interesting though and they patiently answered all the questions our group of children had.

Review №99

Centered around this ampitheater where local (or resident) artists make some amazing glass designs. Weve watched for a good half hour at a time with the kids. Check your local library in Northwest Washington to see if they have any passes. The art in the exhibits around it is also pretty amazing and well worth going through.

Review №100

It was super rad yo...

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