Western Railway Museum
5848 CA-12, Suisun City, CA 94585, United States

Review №1

Great railway museum not a long drive from the heart of the Bay Area! The museum’s roster is fantastic, and if you’re there on weekends/special occasions, they bring some equipment out to give visitors rides! Occasionally, they give tours of their car barns, and you can see stuff not normally accessible to the public. Fun stuff, 10/10!!

Review №2

Very fun! They had the old street car running. Also there was a tour of the back shed. Beautiful original vintage passenger coaches.

Review №3

I have two experiences to share. The first one, being a few years ago now, wasn’t as good as the second one. So, I hadn’t been in a few years and decided that it would be nice to come here, especially after reading my book on the Sacramento Northern. First, the car barn wasn’t open for tours, and the car that we rode on had a wasps nest somewhere on it. It was extremely hard to enjoy the ride with the number of wasps that were buzzing around. I’d give that a three star review. The second time, the car barn was open for tours and the car (actually the same one) didn’t have a single bug/bee inside it. I would rate this as five stars, worth the only problem being that Western Pacific 334 isn’t available for public viewing. I would recommend this place to those who aren’t sure about coming here!

Review №4

It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I went for the first time and enjoyed viewing all of the old trains. They allowed us to go into some of the preserved trains that are not in use due to their fragility. Im definitely going back for their harvest festival in October.The staff were also so very kind and informative about all the history on the trains. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Review №5

Fantastic place to spend day for rail fans and non rail fans alike. its a very relaxed atmosphere where you can ride in the trains and people are really passionate about round of History California history train history and Inter rail system history. this is a great place to take out of town guests as its something they probably dont have back home.

Review №6

Very interesting. Lots of effort has gone into preservation of some truly historic rail cars and trolleys. Learn a lot about electric rail in east bay and Sacramento valley.

Review №7

A very fun experience for a 1/3 of the cost of any wine train out there! The catering company who partnered with the museum delivered beautifully put together ourdeurv spreads paired with wines. The train engineer and conductors didnt leave out the history of the railway and the gorgeous antique train cars we traveled in. And dont forget the commerative souvenir glass! Such a great time, would do again for sure!

Review №8

What a hidden gem! I cannot say enough great things about this place. I recently discovered them. My husband and I toured the other cars on the grounds and then took a ride on the vintage train. Its beautiful inside, the furnishings, the wood, the red velvet, & the fixtures. We road inside on the trip out & rode outside on the deck on the way back. Its cheap, fun, friendly & beautiful. You can pay a little extra to sit in the parlor car & have cookies & lemonade. I recently found out that they have a wine train. We will be coming back in October for the pumpkin patch train(complete with pumpkin chunkin). Its a neat right. Ive never been on a train like this. it stops at stop signs & to check for traffic. it sways as you go, just enough to almost lul my husband to sleep

Review №9

Was great. No, I dont love trains. Yes, the people that volunteer there seem to love trains a lot.Theres a nice museum/gift shop, and a huge hangar-type building to walk through with maybe 15 trains and train cars inside.The train rides are cool, as a piece of history that you can still experience. You can ride in something thats 80 years old and still runs.Overall, I feel the history of trains in the US is a somewhat sad story. They lost the fight to the automobile. I actually learned a lot about this period of our history that I honestly had never heard about. Worth the stop.

Review №10

Its a great place. Reasonable rates on riding the railroad car. The conductor was a kick and very knowledgeable. Great way to spend a few hours. Kid friendly

Review №11

So much fun coming here for the pumpkin patch. I hope they do something for Christmas.

Review №12

Was out on a solo adventure, snapping pictures on a sunny Saturday. Ive heard of this place but never stopped in until today. Am so glad I did, was like stepping back into the early 30s-40s, rich in history of the railroad. The narrator did a fantastic job! Enjoyed the two different electric cars that I rode in. The old trains are amazing to see. For a small donation of $10.00 a person. Well worth it. Cannot wait to return.

Review №13

Volunteers friendly and helpful and passionate about their trains. Not crowded at all. Went on a Saturday around noon. Maybe because it was a 4 day weekend. Rode the 15 minute street train car and the 50 minute train car. Conductors were knowledgeable about history of the area. $70 family annual membership. I think that’s reasonable. So many antique trains in the humongous storage units inside and outside. Fun to see the Conductors in conductor uniform of the time period. Fairly large gift shop. Had history books and other train related items. Nice section for kids to play with Thomas the Train table. Cafe is kind of boring. Just carries basic chips, ice cream, some soft drinks.Large grass area and picnic area and small patio area outside of cafe to eat your snacks. Had a pleasant time. Will definitely go again!

Review №14

Fun. Tram and train rides, a small museum, and some history along the way. Run by volunteers.

Review №15

Excellent tramway and suburban railway museum - in the middle of nowhere. A great place to experience interurbans in operation!

Review №16

The great staff started with someone even helping us to park! It was a neat family experience, first enjoying the museum, then taking the train over to the pumpkin patch!

Review №17

Well kinda just Taco Bell. I had a breakfast burrito there was pretty good. I was given exactly what I ordered it was quick and as expected... I was able to park my rig out in front of the location and was able to get out of there in quick fashion.. Staff was very polite and very helpful.

Review №18

Very nice place to go to! Learned alot!

Review №19

Heaven for train enthusiasts. Reasonably priced and great hosts. The facility has extensive picnic grounds and a small cafe for convenience. Well worth the visit.

Review №20

What a fantastic collection of electric rail machines! On top of that you can take a ride while you’re there if you time it right. Everyone on site is so friendly and helpful.

Review №21

Went on the train to the north pole. Had such a great time with the kids. Highly recommend visiting the western railway museum. We cant to go on more of their train rides.

Review №22

Great atmosphere and history. Vintage train cars were fantastic and a photographers dream!! Ample parking and very kind staff!!

Review №23

This is a fantastic collection of rail cars, engines and cabooses telling the history of railroads in the West. We took our 6 grandkids, ages 1 to 7, and their parents on the Santa Train. It was a wonderful experience, a train ride to the large warehouse where we were met with cookies, hot chocolate, lots of rail cars to explore inside and out, and Santa! A real Santa! Sitting in the parlor car, on a velvet chair, Santa took his time with each child and a wonderful volunteer took many family photos, so we actually have one with all 12 of us, and miraculously all the kids are looking at the camera too! I will be back again.

Review №24

Great place to visit and take a ride on an old electric railroad. The volunteers that took us on our trip down the tracks new a ton about both the car we rode in and the whole surrounding area and history. We initially panicked as it was a bit busy but they just pulled another train out and we piled in. Great time.

Review №25

If you are a streetcar / interurban fan this is one of the great operating museums. For other people, it is an interesting collection of historic rail vehicles, many of which have been beautifully restored. You can go for a nice ride, and they offer picnic rides, pumpkin rides and Santa ridies. So its a good place to bring kids both to have a nice time and to learn something.

Review №26

I havent been here since i was a kid. Brought back many memories . Took my S9n for a train ride to the pumpkin patch loved it will most def. Be doing this again next year.

Review №27

Great place if you are into trains and history.Great staff.

Review №28

Wasnt the best place for a two year old. But was still a good experience for him. He knows what the chu chu is.

Review №29

We took my 2 year old and he loved it. Very fun for the whole family and educational!

Review №30

Awesome time. We loved it. It was our 1st time and next time I show up I plan on becoming a member. All the volunteers were incredibly friendly and helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again soon

Review №31

Really fun place to take your kid if they like trains.

Review №32

Great museum tucked away in Fairfield! They give you a ride on a train from the 40s. The old ads inside are so neat! A must for kids.

Review №33

Great place to go with kiddos. My 6 year old and 3 year old had a great time. The pumpkin patch train in October is a must.

Review №34

Lots of fun. Old trolleys from the San Francisco bay area. Ride in style.

Review №35

Pumpkin patch festival is horrible, horrible, horrible. We were ready to leave after 5 min of being there! No water to drink, gotta bring your own and $2.00 for a can of soda. Nothing to do there. You have to take a train there and once your there, you cant leave for at least an hour till the next train gets there. It cost $14 for adults and $10 for kids, and you have to ride an unsafe outdated electric road car from 1936. Its almost un nerving to be on it and it feels like its going to derail at any time.Save your hard earned money and do something fun, if this event was free, it would be too expensive. You have been warned.

Review №36

What a nice place to visit!We had the privilege of riding a Key System electric rail car that used to run across the lower deck of the old bay bridge, like my father did after WWII.Our 3 year daughter loved the visitor center complete with toys to play with while we waited for our train.Fare for 2 adults and a 3 year old was $27 and well worth it, the conductor was very informative about local history and how trains were operated.The train ride was through beautiful country and lasted for about an hour, it is really nice that they have 5 miles of roadway to ride the was donated by Western Pacific Railroad.They did have to pay $500,000 pay scrape value for the rails. Anything that you donate is not wasted.If you dont want to spend any money you can still go around and look inside a lot of rail cars from the past and enjoy the visitors center.I am so glad that so many people work hard to keep this history alive and available for future generations.

Review №37

Lots of local information about bay area trolleys and other items. excellent research library and gift store. the train ride is nice and had a great volunteer narrator. definitely worth a stop. wish they had a better snack bar.

Review №38

Thoroughly enjoyed the Pumpkin Train this weekend for our granddaughters 4th birthday. We enjoyed the horses (animals in great condition, very nice owners), the petting zoo (animals you actually want to pet and enjoy being around people), the bounce house, and the other kid activities. The band was great, and funny. The food offered was awesome. However, the Pumpkin Chunkin was the best; great target, great volunteers and a great pumpkin selection. We will be back for the Santa Train!! The trains and the volunteers are to be commended on such a great community event.

Review №39

Fun excursions. Great picnic areas with lots of running around for the kids. Lots of different trains to look at while waiting for the next excursion. Nice gift shop and small museum.

Review №40

Excellent family fun the pumpkin patches beautiful

Review №41

Such an awesome place!

Review №42

A perfect spot for the family who enjoy trains especially the children. The surrounding scenery makes it even better. All the trains are vintage and everyone of them has a story to tell. When your done riding and looking at all the trians visit the picnic areas for lunch to relax. Have fun.

Review №43

Fun trip to the pumpkin patch with family. Love the old trains so did nephews

Review №44

So much fun at pumpkin patch and museum! The guys on the train were great!

Review №45

Low key and quiet site. Much local urban rail information from knowledgeable old-timers. Lots of easy parking.

Review №46

Very cool train ride and knowledgeable staff. Volunteer opportunities as well

Review №47

Great place to ride the rails of electric rail cars and too see some railway cars 130 years old and restored. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable...

Review №48

My favorite place to look at trains, they have a train from the titanic, they have picnic benches for lunch, they have a in door gift/toy shop, out in the middle of the windmills but I love it out therePlus the pumpkin patches and mazes, music and little farmers market are such a great time, theres about a 5 min ride on trian to the pumpkin patch.Thank you for being there !!!

Review №49

Really cool place great for families and friends.

Review №50

Lots of fun for the kids, and very interesting exhibits. We love the pumpkin patch every year, and if your child loves trains they will love riding the train to the pumpkin patch!

Review №51

This is a great experience, especially the long train ride.

Review №52

What a great place for all ages. The docents are knowledgeable and friendly. Recommend to bring a picnic lunch.

Review №53

Great day trip, inexpensive and educational! We loved it, train rides were awesome, we even saw Tule Elk!

Review №54

During Christmas the museum offered a train ride advertising a 50- minute scenic trek...while sipping on hot cocoa and nibbling on cookies. After your train ride (which naturally includes photos with Santa...).The tickets were $20 each (including fee for a 2 year old). We have a family of 4 = $80.The trip actually consisted of approximately 10 minutes down the track and then the train headed back to the station. There was no hot cocoa or cookies on the short ride but there also was no Santa. So, we paid $80 for??? My kids had already seen Santa, that is NOT what we paid $80 for...we wanted our kids to experience all the above mentioned, especially with Santa on the train. The response I received from the CEO was a free day pass for the family (which doesnt consist of anything comparable to what we wanted and paid for). If I wanted to visit the museum, I would visit the museum, I asked for a full refund. Im sorry but for the false advertisement and all the money they made in even 1 day. I think if we brought up this issue, our refund is quite a small amount for an unsatisfied consumer.I am very disappointed in the museum and the integrity of the business.Thank you for your response. It does not seem like I can respond, but in fact I have not received a refund, I was refused a refund.

Review №55

Its a great place for kids, considering how much fun I had here.

Review №56

It was a wonderful place to go and I think I will come back with my friends

Review №57

Great place to take kids. It can get a little windy out here, (hence the huge nearby windmills), but still enjoyable. Best time to come is during the fall season pumpkin patch on weekends in October!

Review №58

Train ride was super fun & the conductor was really cool with the kids :)

Review №59

This place is a really cool Hidden Gem. We went for the Spring Wildflower train ride. It was fun, historic, scenic and educational. I love the volunteers! Getting to walk around the vintage street cars was also so cool. Great for the entire family. Fun day trip. Stop at Raleys and get deli sandwiches and snacks. Cant wait to go back for the pumpkin patch!!

Review №60

We really love the pumpkin train. We do it every year. And even brought friends this year the railway need more support

Review №61

Its a cool place thought it was guna b a little bit more fun but cool none the less

Review №62

This is a great family day out! The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The warehouse they have is huge and there is a real cross section of locomotive history you can browse, imported from as far a field as Liverpool in the UK and Melborn in Australia. There are two types of ride, one long (~1hr) and one short (~15mins). We managed to get on both (having been there twice now). The museum they have has good demonstrations and they have a shop containing enough brio for six children to be entertained (without crossing tracks!). The shop also serves as a library of sorts.We found ourselves short of time last time - they ran a streetcar, just for us, around their yard. It was a real privilege! I can highly recommend this place as a family day out.

Review №63

Had a wonderful day at the pumpkin patch with my family and grandkids, plus the great train ride!

Review №64

Great place to bring the kids become a member 70 dollars for the year many events through the year

Review №65

Neat place with a lot of examples of the street cars that formed the backbone of Bay Area transportation before the explosion of cars. Points to a more efficient time for travel around the area from Sacramento to San Francisco.

Review №66

One of the few truly interactive museums around. The area is very clean, the volunteer army that keeps it going is amazing, and is tailored for adults and children alike. We go at least twice a year!

Review №67

This was a great place to take the family. mainly electric Trains The have train rides very beautiful place very fun

Review №68

Great Museum! Lots of train and streetcar history beautifully restored!

Review №69

3rd time there. This time was for the spring wildflowers. Each time we go we learn something new. The volunteers are amazing and you can see the love of trains in all the work they do. This time we saw three more restored trains in the museum. The before and after pictures show the real picture of the work that the volunteers put in to each one. Every little detail is done perfectly. I highly recommend going there. Especially if you have children!! The train ride is about a ½ hour long with a conductor on board to answer any questions you may have. Theres a picnic area thats shaded making it a great way to spend the day. They also have a book store, where you can find just about anything to do with trains and a childrens book center with toys to play with. Also inside that main entrance building youll find various exhibits and models of the electric trains. On our last visit we were able to catch the Travis air show from the parking lot and on the way home on hwy 12.Its right off hwy 12 on the right hand side coming from Fairfield. The buildings and trains are sort of tucked from view from hwy 12 but theres a sign telling you its there. Careful not to blink or you could miss this incredible little museum. The also have ongoing events so check out their website for future events. Even if you just want to give it a quick look its well worth your time.

Review №70

Always a enjoyable experience. A pleasant train ride for a fee.

Review №71

Great educational and fun place to learn about the railway industry

Review №72

A supurb day out whether alone or with a date or the family. A wonderful trainride.

Review №73

So much fun and the staff make it amazing.

Review №74

Friendly volunteers, needs some donations and attention in the presentation such as signs and displays.

Review №75

Good place to visit with kids. Mine are older but they still liked it. Just bummed out we only got to ride the train since they put the trolley away early the day we being a windy day didnt help either! Definitely will be back though...

Review №76

Took Grandkids for Christmas ride. It was a short ride but kids enjoyed it. Volunteer conductors/motor men were entertaining and informative. Santa stop was fun and hot chocolate with cookies were appreciated.

Review №77

A good place for the railroad buff

Review №78

This is a hands on museum where you ride the interurban trains down the track in Solano imagining bygone days. Enjoy the warm weather, the modern windmills and the old electric trains.

Review №79

Very interesting. We were able to tour the barns & climb into a few trains. Our guide was very well informed & made the history come alive.

Review №80

It was great,the people who work there are the best!! I really enjoyed,so did my daughter and the whole 2nd grade from E Ruth Sheldon.

Review №81

I went here with a friend who volunteers here, best experience and they have a unique collection

Review №82

Went for santa with the kids. Good times.

Review №83

Lots of interesting stuff and history well explained

Review №84

A great place to visit for all ages. Not well known. its a gem. Fun train ride on vintage rail cars with train-loving guides who give history on your trip.

Review №85

Located in Suisun California, this vintage Railway ride is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. The ride is a 50 minute meander through fields of wildflowers, cows and other livestock. The enthusiastic conductors and guides provide a Rich history of the area as you ride in the beautiful vintage electric train car. Cookies and lemonade are served as you sit in lovely velvet upholstered lounge chairs and loveseats. Or sit in the rear dining area of the car. Its slice of California history not to be missed. A lovely gift shop is also on site along with a little Museum. We bought pink and white conductor hats for the special girls in our lives. Great outing for a romantic date or an adventure with your kids.

Review №86

Incredible , if you like this sort of thing , highly recommend

Review №87

Fun place to take the kids

Review №88

I went with my dad and boyfriend both have an interest in trains! and I was actually engaged in the museum too! Met the founders son who introduced us to the museum really well, lovely family touch. Great memorbilia and stories in the main shed. Then we were shown the signalling building and a train garage by a volunteer who was very knowledgeable. I apologise if I have got any special train words wrong.

Review №89

Great place to take the family or go walk around by yourself. Had no idea how many trains they actually had there so much history. And of course the best part the train ride you get to take. It is very affordable, and the staff of workers are very friendly and knowledge about the trains. I went there with my family that came to visit, and we all enjoyed it. Kid friendly. Want to get out for a few hours and see something new this is the place.

Review №90

Trains, trains and more trains. Vintage Street cars and trains. Some awaiting restoration. There are rides on vintage cars included in admission. Make sure to check hours before going

Review №91

Work these in olden days loved it

Review №92

Came here 2nd week of December with my husband and 2 little boys. Once we came in the building, it was quiet and workers seem a little bored, we were not greeted at all. The train conductors were pleasant thou, older ones were more friendly with kids. Towards the end of our ride we saw Santa, we went down and we were given conductor hats then followed the line to greet Santa. We had cookies and hot chocolate afterwards, which was definitely a nice touch. The scenery was nice. Maybe well try to come here when the weather gets warmer to see what else they offer.

Review №93

The museum had a pumpkin fest this week end, some what expensive but for the little guys lots of fun

Review №94

Private Electric railway operated by the Western Railway Museum passes thru wonderful scenery while taking passengers along a tour.

Review №95

Awesome! Come and take a ride on the cool old railway cars and trolleys! This is a great place for families, first dates and the young at heart. Great gift shop, ice cream for the kiddies or adults, restored and original railway cars and trolleys!

Review №96

Great family experience! Special holiday activities, gracious staff, all volunteers who love what they do. A gem!

Review №97

Fun place to visit if you have an interest in trains or for kids! Enjoyed the 50 minute train ride with George explaining sights pointed out to us along the way. They are all great volunteers that are friendly and informative! The Western Railway Museum also has a small Depot Cafe to get food or snacks. Get there early so you can experience the museum and the train ride. Do not go last minute as you may not be able to go on a train ride. Just go early and you will be fine. Its just one car for the train ride but so what?? It was still fun!!! Enjoy yourself!

Review №98

Cool quick stop through Fairfield

Review №99

This place is so cute and so much fun! I love their Santa area for the kids!

Review №100

Weve all been going to the State Railroad Museum in Sacramento and missing out on this treat.Focused on electric rail this museum has a great collection of trams, street cars and electric railcars.The best exhibits are locked away in their new extension, but we had a decent led tour which included access to many cars.The collection does include electric freight locos, rolling stock as used in the wine country, delta and central valley, as well as guests from Australia (Victoria) and England (Blackpool).They have many operable cars and give rides too.

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