Sunspots Studios Glassblowing
202 S Lewis St, Staunton, VA 24401, United States

Review №1

Professional and beautiful blow glass art. I loved the chance to learn how it was done- very cool!

Review №2

Always a wonderful place to visit when Im in town to spend time with my family.Beautiful pieces are available by local craftsmen that are willing to interact and participate with customers during glass blowing demonstrations.The glow in the dark luminecent pieces are very interesting and unique.My sales associate Isabel was very informative and pleasant to work with.If you have the opportunity this particular studio is worth checking out.

Review №3

A good place for unique gifts. Dont pass up the glass blowing demonstration.

Review №4

Gorgeous glass art and very informative watching the glassblower explain the process in making the art. Highly recommend!

Review №5

Awesome! I enjoyed seeing how they make the glass pieces right there. People were engaging and very friendly. I bought a birthday gift and made new friends!!

Review №6

Beautiful pieces. We loved watching them create a serpent wand, so intricate and detailed. It was amazing work. We also loved blowing our ornament.

Review №7

Watch glass blowers at work. Lots of beautiful blown glass art for sale.

Review №8

Beautiful artwork on display in the showroom. We were excited to be able to watch the artist making new pieces. He was very willing to answer questions and narrated his process as he went along. This was a great experience for the whole family.

Review №9

Such an incredible experience I would recommend to anyone!

Review №10

6 stars!! I couldnt be more delighted with our visit at Sunspots Studios! I discovered Sunspots in 2014 or 2015 and had been looking for an opportunity to return until this visit in 2019. It did not disappoint! We learned a lot about the time and practice it takes to master certain aspects of making and connecting sections of hand-blown glass within finished pieces. This self-described apprentice of three years also taught us about the sourcing and chemistry of glass types and color-mixing, as well as skin and inhalation hazards that glass artists risk for their art--knowing of these hazards helps me appreciate the pieces cost even more than for their beauty alone! He was also extremely well informed of (1) cutting-edge functional glass work (such as at Corning ceramics in my home state of PA) and the technology needed to support innovation AND (2) top glass artists with advanced art techniques and fans, especially those artists whom other Sunspots visitors asked about as he worked. He extended his demonstration time past 4:00 pm to use up the remaining molten glass that day. Then he was kind enough to talk with me about 2 library books on blown glass art and cut, flat glass that Id brought from home and even to point out similar techniques used in pieces used in the showroom works for sale. A great overall experience for us!

Review №11

What a place! Jason was fun to watch and he had great interaction with the people watching.

Review №12

Pretty good place to go with kids they get But the only down side is you could only choose form two things to make.

Review №13

So fun to watch the glass blowing!

Review №14

So much fun. Very educational. Such beautiful art.

Review №15

Great art. Too expensive in our opinion.

Review №16

Always fun to visit and see the new pieces!

Review №17

I love taking out of town cmvisitors here to watch the glass blowing demonstrations and pick up unique gifts. The day we went a gentleman from the crowd signed up to blow his own glass ornament. It looked exciting!

Review №18

Very cool experience. A bit pricey though

Review №19

They have class to make your own thats really fun. Staff is great and the prices arent bad for what you get. Cant wait to go back.

Review №20

Love the local glass craftsmanship. I stop there every year to pick up something beautiful and uniquely designed. I wish I had enough money to bring home a glass octopus this past summer. They were spectacular and if there are any left when I get back im buying one!!!!

Review №21

We came today to to blow our own glass ornaments. It was one of the most unique and exciting things I have done in a long time. The staff was amazingly friendly and knowledgeable about the process of glass making. They were wonderful with the young kids that were there to make gifts as well.We watched them for a little bit before we were called. They were attentive and answered all the childrens questions. They really care about what each clients is looking for. They will reccomend good color combinations and what will and will not work. They want nothing more than to make every client feel satisfied and educated about their choices.I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to do something amazing and unique. It is not cheap, but it is worth it to experience something like this. The cost for two table ornaments was over $100. The youngest child I saw was about 7. Any younger than that they might deny them because of insurance purposes.

Review №22

Gorgeous artwork. Amazing atmosphere. Friendly staff and it’s so much fun to watch and learn the art of glassblowing.

Review №23

It was nice to visit this working retail glass shop. We watched a demonstration of a glass pumpkin being made. The individuals that were purchasing the pumpkin were actually helping with the glass blowing. As for the glass wares available for purchase, there really was not alot that caught my eye. Still a nice place to visit while in Staunton VA.

Review №24

Made ornaments with my family and they were super accommodating and patient with helping my grandmother with hers. Definitely recommend!

Review №25

What a cool experience!

Review №26

Sunspots is amazing friendly staff and beautiful ornaments made by hand. When looking for something beautiful and unique Sunspots is the place to go. I have never been disappointed. And they wrapped the gifts!

Review №27

Gorgeous glass items at every price point. Watch the glassblowing demonstration and come back to see the finished product (we ended up buying it!). We have found vases, pumpkins, jewelry and plant waterers for ourselves and gifts. No visit to Staumton is complete without a stop at Sunspots.

Review №28

Active glass studio with a shop; stopped in to watch vases be made and left with a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish.

Review №29

Went as a family, my daughters and myself really enjoyed it. It was different and theres sessions available to blow your own glass piece.

Review №30

Interesting items with good wide isles to minimize the worry of bumping into something, its a glass shop, soooo.Weve not had a chance to watch the artists at work, yet. Late day shoppers. However weve bought a few pieces from there and are excited to continue our collection. Lovely art, and seems to be getting better every time we go too.Found out they have a call me system for specific items of interest coming available too. Totally got signed up for that service :)Ill be doing business there as often as I can. Thanks Sunspots for keeping it classy

Review №31

Been there a couple times and the kids are always memorized. The staff is always super friendly and educational. We go every time we are in town.

Review №32

Sunspots is a learning encounter. A gallery of exquisite glass art pieces as well as the glass blowing experience, all in an historic building in the queen city. The hosts, hostesses, and artists are helpful, gracious, and knowledgeable.

Review №33

Positively wonderful experience offered to blow an ornament. Jason explained the process with detail and excellence! Be a romantic and share blowing a creation with your sweet heart! Or buy a wonderful item from the pros!

Review №34

The glass blowing was awesome! The artist was easy to talk with and very quick to provide helpful information. The studio was great as well. Lots of nicely designed items to look at and purchase. We are already talking about when we can go back to the studio.

Review №35

Super cool! Glass artisan very informative. Staff very helpful. Lots of pretty handmade gifts for friends and family.

Review №36

They have live glad blowing. And lots of beautiful pieces of art. It is definitely worth a stop by and check out what they have as it is always different.

Review №37

Neat place to stop while traveling along I-81. Some of the items in the studio where amazing to see and it was fun watching and learning how they make them.

Review №38

Watching the glass being blown was fascinating. Very cool.

Review №39

Treat your self and family to a tradition of blowing Christmas ornaments every year. We have done it for 6 plus tradition EVER!

Review №40

Love the glass blowing demonstrations and that the studio upcycles sodium silicate to make their own glass.

Review №41

Beautiful blown glass for sale. The artists are very talented and you can watch them create in the studio.

Review №42

Large selection of blown glass items to purchase. An extra treat if you get to watch them blow glass.

Review №43

They always have some interesting items there. And my kids love going to watch the glass blowing.... very fasinating.

Review №44

It was very interesting to see how it was done I was impressed with his skills.

Review №45

A bit disappointed with gallery selection

Review №46

I was somewhat apprehensive about visiting a glass studio with my young children in tow but I’m so glad I did. They loved watching the glass blowing and creating going on in the studio. We could sit plenty close while still being separated from the heat. There were elevated stools and bleachers so that even my 2 year old could see. In the shop the employees were incredibly helpful and friendly. They never stopped smiling while answering the endless questions from my little ones. One girl even took them to a closet so they could step into the dark and see how the glow in the dark glass lit up. They patiently waited while the children selected a a Christmas ornament to take home. They were helpful but not overbearing at all. The shop is filled with beautiful creations for every budget. Ornaments, vases, jewelry, figurines, in every color and many that glow. This is a must see if you’re near Staunton!

Review №47

We LOVE this place. My husband buys me a glass flower every time we come. The glass blowing is fun to watch and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №48

Beautiful hand blown glass art. Can watch it be made in person!

Review №49

Very friendly employees. Great gifts! Fun time making our pumpkin.

Review №50

The glass blowing was great

Review №51

Beautiful gallery with a wide variety of glass gifts. Very colorful and delicate. We had the pleasure of watching the glass artists create multiple flowers and a vase. After we were able to talk with one of the artists, Dave, was very knowledgeable and friendly. We cant wait to come back next year.

Review №52

Live glassblowing was very interesting. The Craftsman was very informative while working several projects.

Review №53

We went to Sunspots just as a curiosity, and fell in love with the place! I set up an appointment to blow my own ornament, and I can tell you, it was a blast. Jason was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all our questions about the craft. Since we could not go back the next day to pick up the cooled ornament, they are shipping it to us. There are so many unique gifts in the shop, it was hard to just pick one out to bring home. This is a definite must if you’re looking for a unique experience.

Review №54

Go for the tour and demonstration. Come back again and again for beautiful glass jewelry and ornament and other creative glass products.

Review №55

My fiancee and I made an ornament together. The staff was wonderful. We will be going back to take my son to make an ornament too.

Review №56

Great place to visit and watch them make art!

Review №57

Wonderful demonstrations and beautiful blown glass. Everyone there was friendly and eager to assist.

Review №58

Cool demos and glass art. Friendly staff and items priced to reflect the value and craftsmanship of each piece.

Review №59

Beautiful items to shop for and such a nice staff.

Review №60

Great variety of glass work and knowledgeable technicians! A must see!

Review №61

This place is AMAZING! They do an outstanding job!!! Definitely worth the visit and learning experience!

Review №62

Store was spacious inside, huge selection of unique items. Staff was super friendly and prices were great for hand made items.

Review №63

They know their craft for sure. I found it to be way over priced; however, nothing wrong with it per say. Sales ladies appeared over anxious to help. Compared to other glass places, nothing special.

Review №64

Love this place.

Review №65

Love this gallery. Keep coming back for more amazing glass art pieces and for the live demonstrations from the artists

Review №66

Really good place to shop for glass art & learn how its done they have daily demonstrations

Review №67

Amazing shop for one of a kind gifts, reasonable prices, and friendly staff.

Review №68

Extremely friendly, personable and professional. If you visit Staunton Sunspots is a must stop.

Review №69

Gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces. Pricy but worth every penny.

Review №70

So fun! Lots of fun things to look at and buy

Review №71

The glass blowing studio is a fantastic learning place.

Review №72

Nice big glass shop. Watched an awesome glassblowing demonstration. And really nice people. Definitely going to be going back for a glassblowing class with my daughter

Review №73


Review №74

Wow, get to create your own Christmas ornaments

Review №75

Enjoyed watching

Review №76

Great place to find unique gifts. One can also watch glass being blown, and take classes.

Review №77

Very interesting. Gorgeous art for sale.

Review №78

Beautiful glasswork. Its worth it to just go them blowing glass in the studio

Review №79

Expert lesson and experience from teacher. Interactive and take home product.

Review №80

Nice store but employees not to welcoming.

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Review №82

For the price, which is relatively high, their products are beautiful. The customer service is also top notch, nice staff and a friendly atmosphere. Watching the glass blowing is enjoyable too.

Review №83

Went here for Blow Your Own Ornament in December to try something new. It was a nice presentation and the glassblowing artist was friendly and informative. The studio also has a pretty selection of glass art thats worth checking out.

Review №84

Loved the earings by Molly

Review №85

Great place to find unexpected gifts

Review №86

Lots of glow in the dark glass

Review №87

The best part of this place is the glass studio where you can watch things being made. Fascinating artisans.

Review №88

Cool place.

Review №89

Fun! Make an ornament!

Review №90

It was busy .We did get to watch a demonstration.

Review №91

Stopped there several years ago. Bought a few Christmas Gifts! We loved watching the glass blower! Make sure you stop in and visit!

Review №92

Every year my five friends from high/grade school meet in Massanutten resort for 3 days of catching up and a shopping visit to Sunspots Studios. I have bought jewelry and glassblown items for myself and others. EVERYTHING that I have bought over the past 9 years has remained my favorite items. Everything is meticulously hand crafted, unique, and sparkles to this day. A must visit! :)

Review №93

Beautiful glass - both decorative and utilitarian. So amazing to watch it being blown.

Review №94

Great teaching experience!

Review №95

Enjoy every visit

Review №96

Awesome artwork

Review №97

Awesome demonstration in the back... very informative

Review №98

Very awesome to watch them blow glass.

Review №99

Fun experience just be prepared for a big $ for the glass products

Review №100

Fantastic go

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