The Little Gym of Smyrna
1290 W Spring St #110, Smyrna, GA 30080, United States

Review №1

We started bringing our daughter here when she was 2 1/2. The parent child classes are amazing and the staff/teachers are excellent. I love that they offer a tap, ballet, and gymnastics combo class for young kids. You dont find that very often. And if youre curious, they have made safety and cleanliness a priority. Definitely recommend.

Review №2

I think their classes are overpriced but my kids have had tremendous fun when attending birthday parties here. I especially like this location because it is intimate and quaint. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They take their sanitation seriously and I appreciate the cleanliness!

Review №3

Great educational and fun classes for little kids. My son loves it and has developed many skills

Review №4

We have such a fun time in Mrs. Ambers class! My daughter has blossomed in the year we have been taking classes and Im so proud of all her accomplishments! We just had her 3rd Birthday party here and it completely exceeded my expectations! There were plenty of instructors and staff members on hand and they insisted that I didnt lift a finger to set up, serve food, clean or pack up! I was able to visit with our invited guests and have fun with my daughter and husband at her party! SO THANKFUL for such a great experience!

Review №5

Lots of fun and a great way to have the little one mingle and learn! Always a great time and definitely having fun!

Review №6

Awesome place for classes AND parties! Our daughter did the 18 month old classes & loved her time with the kids/instructors. We also just had her 2nd Birthday Party at this location & had a great time! Fair prices, open gym for her friends with plenty of room for parents. The staff was extremely helpful & did most of the set up & clean up! Paper plates, plastic ware, table cloth & seating for the kids is all provided. Thanks so much!!!

Review №7

This is a cute little gym, and we wanted to love it unfortunately, despite their mission statements and whats presented upon signing up, it doesnt at all align with gentle parenting and we were faced with some rude, pushy and consecending teachers (I will add some were absolutely WONDERFUL too!). If you are into gentle/attachment parenting this isnt the gym for you. Upon joining, we were assured and assured we could help ease our nervous 3 year old into the class with several options but turns out if shes upset and needs to come out, its a problem. After attempting to coach her in ourselves, we were approached and told rather rudely that we needed to move to the back so she cant see us while remaining out of her view and to just leave her and go get coffee while our daughter who is terrified of new places, screams and cries. I was appalled. Not only is this not our parenting style at all, its also not at all how they made it seem the acclimation period would be. Today was her last class and the teacher tried to force my crying daughter to stay in, standing in front of the door, pushing her away where I clearly came to escort her out to leave (neither my daughter nor myself were opening the door ourselves at this time, I was motioning I wanted her out because she was clearly terrified and the teacher rolled her eyes at me)My children know they ALWAYS have the ability to come to me if they are afraid or nervous, PERIOD. Now, Im certain the employees will respond to this review and explain the need for limited interruption to the class - I totally respect that. I understand classes need a flow and kids coming in and out frequently can disrupt that. However I think theyre forgetting some of these little kids have never been around others like this before and this is brand new and scary for them. A little grace and compassion goes a long way and sadly I felt it lacking at Little Gym of Smyrna.

Review №8

An amazing birthday location in the Smyrna. Our birthday girl and all of her friends had an absolute blast! Would definitely book another party again and would highly recommend The Little Gym to anyone who is looking for a fun location to host a birthday !

Review №9

The little gym has played a huge part in helping my daughter increase her strength and body awareness. I specifically enrolled her in the gymnastics class to give her additional support in strengthening her core, balance and build self awareness of her body movements. During her gymnastics class she has had the opportunity to build her listening skills and also build great friendships. She is very aware of the progress she has made since we joined the Little Gym and it shows through her positive self esteem. Most importantly, she looks forward to attending her gymnastics class every week!

Review №10

I love the little Gym from to their vibrant equipment, free play, and to their friendly and warm staff. Each time we enter it’s positive vibes and plenty of fun. We especially love Blair, she remembers every like and dislike that takes skills!!

Review №11

I Love it! It teaches my daughter Trust, Independence, and Confidence. Instructors are so welcoming and caring here.

Review №12

The staff was amazing! They knew exactly what to do and sprung into action to help set everything up. The flow of the party was perfect, and the kids loved the instructor. Tons of fun!

Review №13

We had an AMAZING time celebrating my daughters 1st birthday. My family and friends are still raving about what a great time they had!!! The staff was outstanding. They assisted in every way possible. Customer service was top notch at The Little Gym (Smyrna Location). I only wished we had more time!!

Review №14

Love that set up/clean up is taken care of. Everything is done for us so we don’t really have to worry about planning. The kids always have a great time. It’s a unique party experience & the staff are always so sweet. We love little gym parties!

Review №15

We LOVE the Little Gym of Smyrna! The entire staff (no exaggeration) are an extraordinary group of people. Many of the the staff have been there for years, they greet us by name with great big smiles and it feels like home. When new instructors join, they seamlessly blend with what we know and expect of TLG. I enjoy watching ,my daughter interact socially with new children and build friendships with her class mates. I have to admit I enjoy the social interaction with other parents. I see them at our local parks and its always nice to have a friend where ever we go because of our association with TLG. My daughter has become more brave and courageous in trying new things and testing her abilities. If I ever move to an area without a local TLG, Ill buy and franchise one myself because EVERY community needs one. This is truly how strongly I support this brand.

Review №16

My kids love the little gym. My one year old is becoming more confident in moving around and beginning to walk on his own. Ms Destiny always encourages him to do his best and be brave. My three year old loves the jazzy bug class. She loves her teachers and learning dance techniques and going into the gym. This was a great gift idea that my mother n law blessed us with. We have enjoyed the summer session.

Review №17

I love the fact that the program(s) challenges my daughter while still allowing her the freedom to explore at a pace that is comfortable for her. The class sizes are perfect. The instructors are exceptional (especially Mrs. Amber). TLG has been an integral part of my daughter’s development.

Review №18

Recently had my little one’s birthday here. Best place to host a party. They take care of all the setup and entertaining. It was a breeze and I actually enjoyed being with my kids and celebrating with them. Best kids place in Smyrna and Atlanta!

Review №19

My son had his 3 year old Birthday Party there and we all had an amazing time. The place is built for kids of all ages, they ran around, jumped, climbed and played and everyone was smiling and laughing. We had about 15 kids which felt just right, the staff was awesome and well organized they were ready for my family and the party and immediately kicked off with activities for the kids. My son felt special as the staff celebrated his birthday and he was so happy. The Staff took care of gifts and even had the food laid out, all we brought was pizza and chicken nuggets and the kids and they did everything else. The other families said their children had a fun time and said they were going to choose Little Gym for their parties. We loved this place we would definitely go again and support them. We had a great time.

Review №20

Terrible customer service! I brought my 10 month to try a class, my 3 year old tag along. In all the paperwork i filled out it never once said prior to trying the class that my 3yr old would have to wait in the lobby. It was spirit crushing to tell a child they couldnt come with me. I couldnt even focus on the class because he was crying and pouting at my through the window. I then found out that there was a toodler class directly following my 10 months old class, i asked if my toodler could try that class since he had to wait in the lobby. The workers just didnt seem to care that a young child was in tears. I decided to leave and take my money and kids elsewhere. Too bad for them i was planning to enroll my baby and book is 1 years old party there. For an establishment for children you think that theae workers would atleast have a bit of a conscious. Im just annoyed i wasted my time.

Review №21

I have loved going to The Little Gym Smyrna with my fiancé and our son, who has been participating for the past 9 months! We always learn great skills to help our little one with in and outside of the gym. All of the activities and skills are developmentally appropriate, and we always have so much fun together! Thanks Little Gym Smyrna!

Review №22

Everything is so organized and everyone is so kind, caring and energetic! The quality of the staff, facilities and programs is excellent! Both of my kids (10 & 3) love going to the Little Gym! We also had a birthday party there and it was awesome!

Review №23

Great place for a birthday party. The kids get to be active before/after snacks which is so nice. The staff is very attentive and helpful.

Review №24

We truly had an awesome experience hosting our daughter’s 7th Birthday Party at The Little Gym. This was our first time planning a birthday party, and we are so thrilled that everything went so well! We highly recommend The Little Gym. The staff were absolutely amazing, and catered to our every need! They were organized, friendly, helpful, and kept everything on schedule. The set up was exactly what we asked for, and the activities kept the kids engaged the entire time! The kids all had a blast! The Little Gym is a Big Gem that we are glad we discovered!

Review №25

TLG has been super fun for my family. During the classes they keep the kids engaged by moving quickly through activities so they dont get bored. I really like the skills of the week that the instructors talk about, its nice to have some guidance on what to practice at home that is age appropriate. I also like that its OK for the kids to explore around the gym even when the class is doing something else. My daughter is an explorer and doesnt like to sit still, I like that I am allowed to let her do so. I do my part and engage in the activities of the class and after 3 classes Ive already seen her coming around more to do what everyone else is doing! Cant wait to continue classes with TLG!

Review №26

Great place for young children to release their energy. Wish classes were an hour.

Review №27

I love how organized The Little Gym team is. Weve hosted our childs birthday twice at the little gym of Smyrna, and would absolutely have our childrens parties there again. Other parents were asking me how I found this awesome venue! I love that its an active, fun time where the kids are all together. Having the area completely booked for the birthday party is great. Team members, both years we had our parties, were sweet, engaging, helpful to us as parents trying to set up food etc. They literally take care of everything. The Dora and Princess themes are also lovely. Other themes available too. Many thanks to a fun, energetic and consistently professional team at the little gym.

Review №28

Great experience. If you ever have a party at this gym please see if Cuerston is available to assist with set up and host. He has the patience with setting up and dealing with children, unlike the young lady who assisted.

Review №29

The helpers from my sons birthday party were really nice.

Review №30

The Little Gym has been such a wonderful experience for our family. Our daughter absolutely loves her class and her instructors! The Little Gym gives her the opportunity try new things and helps build her self-confidence. We have made many friends, both parents and children, through The Little Gym. I would highly recommend signing up for classes!

Review №31

Great program. Teaches kids to be independent. Pushes kids past their comfort zone. My kids loved this place

Review №32

My son Luke (age 4) has loved coming to the Little Gym for weekly gymnastics and Parents Survival Night! The staff always greet him by name and everyone is so patient and kind. We tried another gym for gymnastics before Little Gym and the found the teacher and class to be cold. We hate to leave but weve moved.

Review №33

We love the little gym! Ms Blair is amazing. Patient, kind, enthusiastic, encouraging, fun, supportive... I could go on all day! The facility is clean, inviting, and safe. Oscar has developed his gross motor skills as well as patience. We look forward to class and practice time every week.

Review №34

Wide range of ages have a blast at the party.Super easy for parents and staff will take care of everything.It is a party that you as a parent can enjoy along with your child.Lots of room for parents and guests outside the gym.This was our 2nd party there and wont be our last!

Review №35

The crew kept the birthday boy feeling special and having fun the whole time. They also managed to entertain all the kids and adults and everyone told me they had a fun time! I really appreciated their help setting up and serving all the food and drinks to guests.

Review №36

You guys were amazing!! So sweet and helpful!! All the kids had a blast!! And it was absolutely stress free!!!

Review №37

Organized, and the kids stay occupied. Set up and clean up is done. It helped so much that the staff served the food, and cuts the cake. I did not have to worry about anything. They packed everything up at the end of the party. It was great!

Review №38

We loved that everything was turn key and handled! My 2 year old son loved it, the instructors led everything and kept the kids entertained. It was very nice to have the facility to ourselves and our guests only. I would recommend adding an additional half hour as to not feel as though the party is rushed, we did and it was perfect! I would definitely recommend The Little Gym Smyrna for any party.

Review №39

We love The Little Gym!! Our 7 month old is becoming more social, and making tons of new friends, and learning lots too (climbing, flipping, rolling, etc.). And she loves the music, instruments, and bubbles! Mama loves how clean it is too!!!

Review №40

I have loved The little gym since Oliver started almost 2 years ago. The teachers are wonderful! Ms Kate, Ms Destiny and Blair are wonderful teachers with kind hearts who truly care for the kids! My son has exceeded and has gained more confidence over the years. He liked it so much we added one more class a week! Cant say enough good things about TLG! Thank you team and Jane!

Review №41

Staff is patient, thorough and experienced. Love the open communication. Class starts on time. Staff has great energy. Staff motivates and praises the kids. Super positive environment.

Review №42

My kids love this place for classes and birthday parties. The staff has a ton of fun energy that keep the kids engaged and wanting to come back.

Review №43

We held my sons 2nd birthday party at The Little Gym of Smyrna and could not have been more pleased with the experience. From the time we walked in the door until all presents were loaded in the car, the staff handled every important detail with a smile. I cant think of an easier party to throw. My son and his friends absolutely loved the gym equipment and planned activities. I loved the service, having the gym to ourselves, dedicated party room and the tremendous value for what we paid. Highly recommend!

Review №44

We love The Little Gym Smyrna! This is my daughter’s 2nd year of grade school gymnastics and she is progressing steadily through the skills. The facility is very clean and the staff are very friendly and encouraging.

Review №45

They were THE best...the staff helped us with decorations, serving food, cutting cake, and keeping the kids on their toes so that they could have ball.... loved it!!!

Review №46

The Little Gym has greatly helped our daughter improve her coordination and boosg her confidence. She loves the place and the wonderful instructors there.. Way to go Little Gym !!

Review №47

We celebrated my sons 4th birthday at The Little Gym and all the kids had a blast! They are organized but there is flexibility for the kids to do their own thing. I really like having just one party at a time. It makes it more focused on the birthday kid and less overwhelming. The staff were awesome and made it a great time for me as well as my son!

Review №48

Staff is awesome. Structured classes, but toddlers can also do their own thing if they want to. My son loves it!!!! He looks forward to every class.

Review №49

We love the little gym! Their coaches are wonderful with kids and informative with parents.

Review №50

My 2.5 year old had a blast here. Cory is wonderful. I have to admit I was a little nervous because he has never been to daycare or anything (other than chuck e cheese ect.) so he has little to no interaction with children his own age on a daily basis but we absolutely loved it. Usually in public settings he clings to me or always makes sure Im in arms reach but here I was the one looking for him.

Review №51

Great place for kids to develop confidence in themselves. We love the teachers and the way they interact with the kids. My little one is always excited to be in class.

Review №52

We had an introductory class for our kid (4 years). Nice instructors who knows the wavelength of kids. We tried dance and gym for him which he liked gym most.

Review №53

I loved how involved the Little Gym team members were with the kids and the party set up. It was truly a relief and allowed the parents to sit back and enjoy watching the kids, while they interacted. Great party set-up and a wonderful crew.

Review №54

We had a GREAT time at Hadleys Princess Birthday Party. The kids had a blast playing in the gym and it was super easy for us to just bring cake and snacks and not have to worry about any set up or clean up.

Review №55

If I could give less, I would. The gym is a numbers game and doesnt care about the little kids at all. I took my 2 yr old to one term of classes. He is average to tall for his age but just 2! and we were told by Cory that he would have to join the non-parent assisted, older kids class if we wanted him to continue, despite having purchased the mommy and me type classes. Never mind he didnt want to be separated and shouldnt have to be forcibly at that age! There were simply more spaces in that class. I suppose having already paid the annual fee, many parents probably just comply.The classes were definitely overbooked to the point many kids got 0 or only 1 turn at activities. But you dont change that number at the expense of the kids or their comfort/anxiety.

Review №56

Excellent experience!!! Staff was so helpful and the activities were great for my daughter and her friends. So much personal attention to detail. Highly recommend for 18mo- 5yrs

Review №57

I like the predictability and developmentally appropriate expectations for my child. The instructors are friendly and always remember all the childrens names! The are encouraging and helpful when showing parents how to properly guide their children in the gym.

Review №58

My 7 year old daughter loved her birthday bash. The staff is very friendly. Everything was set up for us when we arrived.My daughter is already planning her next birthday at The Little Gym!

Review №59

We love the Little Gym. My daughter looks forward to going every week. The team does a great job with all the kiddos.

Review №60

The instructor is AWESOME, Heaven always takes a nap afterwards & she gets to be with other babies!

Review №61

Amazing staff!! My kid had the best party there!!!

Review №62

We love little gym. Teachers are very friendly, patience.

Review №63

The Little Gym of Smyrna is awesome. My daughter really enjoy her classes. The instructors are really hands on.

Review №64

The staff were so great with the kids and so helpful from start to finish! All we had to do was bring in the birthday boy, some snacks, and his cake and they handled all the rest!

Review №65

Corys passion and talent are evident in all her classes. She is able to customize skill levels for various ages in the class. My girls look forward to The Little Gym every week.

Review №66

My son adores the Little Gym. The teachers know just how to work with him and I love the controlled class sizes.

Review №67

My son learns a lovely blend of physical, social and emotional skills with every class he attends.

Review №68

My son has been going for months. He looks forward to it every week.

Review №69

The tremendous help from the staff, organized flow, as well as the inclusive activities for all ages!

Review №70

Such a great place for kids! The staff is amazing also.

Review №71

My daughters love this place for good reason. Very nice staff and a ton of fun for the kids.

Review №72

I highly recommended TLG Smyrna for your next Birthday Bash!!

Review №73

Our first experience was with Miss Destiny she is marvelous. Happy, caring, full of positive energy just “Amazing.” We had her for summer camp 2015 session .We went on to sign up for the year session and unfortunately this class was taught by a different teacher. She was pleasant, and sweet but just didnt have the same skill level as Miss Destiny. We seemed to be doing the same things over and over again.. my daughter is now bored. Once she had us throwing balls in a stand up basketball hoop that was twice as tall as the toddlers so she told them to stand on matts to throw it in…what a mess. I enrolled her for exposure but I certainly wont make her continue if she wants to do something else. She is now almost 2. I tried explaining to a staff member (not Miss Destiny) why we were not continuing and I felt like all I got was excuses, yet they asked my opinion? Its like every time I told her my concern all she kept saying was, no we dont do that in our lessons, or no we do this because of this. Hello..I am not the only parent who has voiced this, trust we talk to each other. I have taught dance to children for many years and I get that you need to keep things consistent so children are familiar, but that is the “structure” of the class only, each class needs to present something new that builds onto what they have learned to keep them interested. In “each” section of the class do something different. Try musical matts, not just explore and roll on matts on your own. Hot potato ball not just throw the ball, teach a routine to music (simple hand claps, jumps, and fall down) not just sit and sing a song in the laps of parents and shake stick and a bell. The person I gave my concern to has never taught this class nor attended this class time.. so how was she so confident about what was going on? When it is just a summer session you can review a skill once or twice, but when it is nearly a year long program you need to do something different EVERY TIME.. with really little to no repeats. Sure there was a new skill of the week.. that was about 4 minutes of each class the rest was THE SAME THING…introducing yourself as though it is your first day of class when you have all seen each other for the past 8 weeks, balls, bubbles, parachute, air mattress, sticks and bells a few times all done the same way every time... sound familiar ? I am sure it does. TWO part review to long for one please read the rest in separate post.

Review №74

Great party, great staff and a great experience for my daughters party. Thank you!

Review №75

Simple and Fun. My 2.5 year old loves it.

Review №76

Love it here ️

Review №77

The Teachers Destiny and Blair have made the Little Gym in Smyrna.

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