Gold Medal Gymnastics
56 Artisan Dr, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States

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My friend loves this place. Everyone at the gym is like family to her

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Weve been there for a few of our daughters friends birthday parties. Its an awesome experience, where kids like my daughter can spend some time on the gymnastics equipment that she otherwise wouldnt be able to. We havent participated in any of their classes, but Id imagine theyre great too.

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My family and I just had the WORST experience at “Gold Medal” Gym in Smyrna!! We went for a trial class and signed a contract that we would be joining the gym. We signed up 3 children. Upon arriving tonight, for our first real class, we were told that the classes were now full. We informed Coach King, believe was her name, that we had signed a contract with Gold Medal, for this night and these age groups, and that we were told they wouldn’t accept payment on the trail night because the kids sometimes decide after the trail that they don’t want to come back – coach king confirmed this- It wasn’t a payment issue- she informed us that her staff had completed the paperwork in error and that we were not allowed to join- even though- we have a signed contract. We were not even given an option for another night- My mind is blown!! We did not receive a phone call prior to tonight saying there was an error and had no idea when we arrived. We had actually held off on coming in for the trial class due to the classes being full- 8 kids- we started when we did, so that all of the spots were open. I plan on contacting the better business bureau! I am wondering how much validity does their contract hold??? We have purchased leotards for the girls, have changed our weekly schedule around, to make Tuesday night work, and have 3 very sad children! I work in the local community with hundreds of children and families, every day. If I was ever put in a situation like this, as a local business, I would have at least offered another option or tried to work with family to make it right- even at a later time?? This was a learning experience!

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This gym used to have a good reputation but unfortunately is taking a turn for the worst. The woman who runs the desk has absolutely zero costumer service skills. At times it is even difficult to understand her. The gym is filthy and they have kids running the classes who have serious attitude problems. I think they forget that we pay for our children to go there. My daughter was in a class for 5 year olds for months after she turned 6. To avoid being rude I didnt say anything but after she was 6 and a half and they still hadnt moved her I asked about moving her and they simply said oh she should of been moved as soon as she turned 6..... not to mention they had zero ambition to encourage children to progress with skill level. For weeks I watched my child learn how to do a handstand when she is capable of doing backhandspring on her own. The woman who manages the gym- coach king- has told me she suffers from arthritis and cant spot- how do you run a gymnastics program when you cant spot? After confronting them about these multiple issues coach king told me it would be best if I went to another gym. Thats really good business! Instead of trying to sort out my frustration she basically said if you dont like it, leave. The owner needs to get in there and start from scratch with employees- starting with the woman at the front desk. A smile and a welcome to Gold Medal Gymnastics is priceless. This woman doesnt speak or even look up when people enter the gym. And coach king is extremely unprofessional, unskilled, and sloppy. A few weeks ago I took my daughter to Parkettes- a gym in Pennsylvania which has trained several Olympic athletes. The coaches there told me she should be working on level 3 skills only. The coaches at gold medal gymnastics have her doing forward rolls. Its just ridiculous. I would give it a few months before the scummy place goes completely out of business. Probably better off.

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  • Address:56 Artisan Dr, Smyrna, DE 19977, United States
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  • Phone:+1 302-659-5569
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  • Monday:4–7:45pm
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