Horizon Dog Park
15444 N 100th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
Horizon Dog Park
Review №1

Its a small dog park. Lots of dogs come over in the mornings and evenings. Owners can be a bit more sensitive towards the other park users in terms of picking up after their dogs and their behavior. Of course this has nothing to do with the park, but just saying. Okay maintenance. Baseball fields right beside, bits and pieces of the balls may be sighted in the park and mine quickly gulped down his throat one such. Bernedoodles are land sharks and mine more so. Walks are his snacks time. Went there this morning, wont return in a while. We live very close by.

Review №2

It’s ok park a lil dusty and kinda smaller then most

Review №3

We stop in here every once in awhile when we are in the area. It was super dusty, so the dogs running around kicked up alot of dust. Most owners were standing in the dead grass area.There was water available but only 1 bucket that I saw. Lots of poop considering how small of a park it is and compared to the dog park we normally go to. Extra star for provided poop bags .

Review №4

Great place to bring your dog and enjoy! Lots of dirt so dogs will get dusty but they can be free and play

Review №5

Dogs had fun! Fun chatting with the other dog owners as well!

Review №6

I go in the morning with the same group of respectful owners. Our dogs are good friends.

Review №7

Always muddy, and every time I’ve gone there’s been a dog fight. I wouldn’t take small dogs here, they get trampled by the big dogs. Wouldn’t really recommend.

Review №8

Nice and big location with fun for the pooch.

Review №9

Nice park with nice people and friendly dogs.

Review №10

Its a fun place to take dogs of all sizes. They close when it rains for a few days, since the dog park is in a low part of the base ball fields. Plenty of shade, water and things to help you pick up after your pet.

Review №11

What a great park. I have done many of the them PHX. And this is a bit smaller but the people are super nice, the place is clean and most people pick up after their dogs. They take care of each other and makes sure there is always water for the dogs.

Review №12

I went there with my dog after the past few days of rain and I would t recomend going there after rain. Muddy, small, and there is no lights once the sun goes down. The city did a repair and left a gaping ditch that will hurt your dog if it landed wrong. This is what I heard from the people I met there. Other than that there is plenty places to sit and people there seemed to have well behaved dogs.

Review №13

Awesome park our boys love it!

Review №14

Very nice. Good pet parents with fun dogs.

Review №15

Always closed after rain, floods to easily. It’s super small and pretty much all dirt and mud. You’d think it would be better maintained considering the part of town we live in, oh well.

Review №16

Great place to go if you want your dog to have fun, but get filthy

Review №17

Small sandy lot, not much room for really active dogs. I would call it more of a dog run than a dog park. There is a baseball field that butts up to the dog area and dogs are barking constantly at the players. They do have a nice water fountain for the dogs tho, and a lot of human seating under trees and canopies.

Review №18

Great small park for doggies of all sizes.

Review №19

A lot of people dont pick up after their dogs. Not much shade for owners and its pretty small. People are nice.

Review №20

Great place for all dogs

Review №21

Much busier than I remember, hadnt been here in a while. As usual, abandoned piles by careless owners, watch where you walk. Needs more grass.

Review №22

A little muddy thats all.

Review №23

Our dogs have always had a good experience with this dog park. Plenty of shade and the other dog owners are usually attentive.

Review №24

Nice clean dog park with benches in the shade and all the things dogs love.

Review №25

When the park is open, it’s perfectly fine. However, every time it rains, the park closes for several days and seems to take way too long to reopen. Super annoying.

Review №26

My dog could not wait to get away from this place. Entering it scared her to death, which is understandable considering you have to go through excessive metal gates that look like an entrance to an overfilled urban dog pound. Once through the gate it was very small, just a strip of poorly maintained grass area with a dirty and broken water fountain for the dogs that wasnt working on either side. I mean its cool this place is here, but it could use more park and a heck of a lot less parking considering you couldnt possibly fit that many people in it at once. There was only one other group when I went and the huge parking lot was practically empty.

Review №27

Always full of great people and friendly dogs. Not usually clean. Big enough not to complain.

Review №28

Not many dogs come here, small, mostly bigger dogs. Not the best if you have a small dog.

Review №29


Review №30

Lots of friendly dogs and owners. Plenty of room to run!

Review №31

Overall a good dog park, albeit a bit small. Maybe due to its size it never seems over crowded (were morning folks, no idea on PM crowds). Compared to other dog parks owners here are respectful and generally contribute to the overall group supervision.

Review №32

The people are friendly and havent seen any dog fights but it needs some serious landscaping. Its all dirt and the dogs come home filthy.

Review №33

Great park! Lots of shade, grass and places to sit.

Review №34

Inconsistent closures.... today again.... No rain... makes no sense.

Review №35

Nice and clean puppy park

Review №36

Nice place social Place enjoy taking your dog over there

Review №37

Shade, refrigerated H2O, benches to sit on, friendly people and dogs, double gated entrance/exit, plenty of parking, grass and room to play catch

Review №38

This place is very nice and inviting by both pets and owners. Not one bad thing to say about it for our first time here. Everybody is friendly made some new connections with other park members. I do believe we have found a new home park to come and enjoy with other responsible pet owners/park members

Review №39

Closes super early which is inconvenient for summer months and is fairly small. Nice for smaller dogs though

Review №40

There is a giant trench that runs thru the middle of the park- super dangerous for pets and people to trip and cause injuries

Review №41

A great place to let your dog poop and play.

Review №42

I really wish I could give this park 5 stars because my dog absolutely loves going here. But as an owner, it gets exhausting having to make sure my dog doesn’t step on poop. It amazes me how no one pays attention to where their dog poops! Maintenance only rakes the dirt (which is the whole park, there’s no grass) and they empty the trash cans. The whole outer area of the park is covered in poop, almost every other step there is a pile of poop. I know the owners should be responsible, but maybe a weekly clean up should be set up at this park. Last Thursday , I spent about an hour picking up ALL the poop around the park and that took about 30 minutes. I am writing this review on Saturday and the park is covered in poop again! The park definitely can be better, but they also need to enforce some rules.

Review №43

My dog loves to go there.

Review №44

Great smaller sized neighborhood dog park with just a single dog enclosure here. The enclosure is a lot longer than it is wide and allows plenty of room for many dogs to run everywhere at once, even though it is merely a fraction of the size of Chaparral Dog Park. There is a doggie water fountain here but it often does not work too well. In light of this, there are multiple metal water bowls near the water fountain and a spigot behind the water fountain to quickly and effortlessly fill up the bowls with water. There are numerous covered picnic tables and various benches as well.I have been here many times and the people I have met have all been friendly and, aside from one instance of an aggressive dog (which I had not seen the dog or owner here prior, nor since), all of the dogs play well together. I have never seen any dog fight break out here as I have in some of the larger dog parks throughout the valley.The fence doubles as a fence for a baseball field directly behind the dog enclosure. Only once have I been here while softball was also being played and you do have to be a bit wary of foul balls that now and then get hit over the fence and into the dog enclosure, though none of the foul balls ever hit a person or dog that I have seen.

Review №45

Field was nice all lights were well kept didnt see any chalk on the field but the grass was nice which this time of year.... Also the dirt had recently been raked I didnt see any bothrooms so if there are then put this at 3.5

Review №46

Nice folks to hang with and certainly convenient for N Scottsdale but is grass too much to ask for? Need to give the boys a bath after each outing because its a dust bowl.People generally do a good job of picking up turds.

Review №47

It is a fine dog park if youre close. However, it is kind of small. There are other dog parks with larger and better facilities.

Review №48

Great place. Friendly people. Clean safe park.

Review №49

Nice dog park. Really friendly people.

Review №50

Great Dogs and owners!

Review №51

Great place to take your pets and meet nice people

Review №52

A great day at the park, its a little dusty but the dogs love to run and socialize.

Review №53

The picture is not acurate, its mostly bare dirt. Theres almost no shade, and I have yet to encounter other dogs there to play with. I only stop here to be kind to my pup when running errends for extended periods in this area. Otherwise? I take her somewhere else play time.

Review №54

For a public park this one is a lot of fun. The only part I don’t like is that the city does not spend the resources as it does for chaparral park. They could do a better job keeping the grass up.From a temprament perspective the owners are a lot more responsible up here than some other places as the doggie disagreements seem to be lower from my experience.

Review №55

Good park, dogs are good, has grass. Fun time.

Review №56

Awesome place for the puppy to get his wiggles out. I like this park vs other parks around because the dogs are not aggressive here.

Review №57

Disappointed...locked on a sunny day.

Review №58

They just put down new sod for the dogs. There is every kind of dog at this park. I wish it were a little bigger, but your dog will have fun!

Review №59

Lots of trees, parking, and trails

Review №60

Good doggie social life. Easy to keep your dog in sight.

Review №61

No grass but ample room for dogs to play with shade.water and doggie bags provided. Also quite a few collection sites for dog poo!

Review №62

My dog got a cough after going there. Some people let there dogs be aggressive

Review №63

Fun dog park...just dusty when its dry and muddy when its wet. Hard to keep grass alive in a dog park here though so just be prepared or you will have a messy dog and car!

Review №64

Happy place for dogs

Review №65

Many times I have been there people have brought their small children who run around unsupervised. When the dogs chase them and inevitably knock them down the parents blame the dogs. Its a dog park not a kid park I am so sick of bad parents.

Review №66

My pups sure love this place.Nice shades areas...

Review №67

They fixed up the park. new green grass and decent sized park. clean. people are nice as well. not anti pit bull or anything (used to have one) but its nice that this park isnt flooded with nothing but pitbulls which can often play a little rougher (since they dont know theyre own strength). ive had to pull pitbulls off my puppy at other parks because their owners were too busy staring at their phone to pay attention but here it seems like people are attentive. only complaint would be the red clay/dirt on one side sticks to paws and hair very easily especially if it gets wet at all. theres a little bit of a fly problem near the trashcans but thats to be expected with dog poop.

Review №68

Not well kept, mostly dust and dirt, not very clean, dosent seem the city cares much about this dog facility. In my opinion if you have something take care of it or dont have it.

Review №69

Ya its a lot of dirt but dont tell that to the dogs.. they all love it

Review №70

The place is so clean and so many dogs I love all the facilities they have available

Review №71

Nice to have some grass and shade trees.

Review №72

Great place for dogs off leash-does not have much grass

Review №73

Nice, smaller dog park. Generally there are about 10-15 dogs here. Unfortunately, it closes at dusk, when it finally is cool enough for the dogs to play a lot more.

Review №74

Closed until further notice.

Review №75

Beautiful place. Great alternative to our onsite bark park. We did a field trip their with our four legged friends and they loved it.

Review №76

Great place to take the dogs lots of grass and nice water station for you and your pups

Review №77

We had a good time?

Review №78

If you live in the area it works. Should be much bigger and more shade. Great place for dogs and people to socialize.

Review №79

For the money that is in Scottsdale, they certainly dont care about their dog parks. It is a small rectangle area with qtr grass and the rest mud and dirt. The only thing nice is the sprinkler that you can turn on to help keep the dogs cool. Most people will get very pissed off if you press the green button to activate the sprinkler. There idea of taking their dog to play is to sit a bench and yell at everyone for letting their dogs have fun.More than likely your pup will get dirty so bring a towel. Dont bring your new bmw and complain about the seats and mud.All in all Scottsdale dog owners are much like the people of the Dale. Boring, stuck up or they think they own the place.So if if you want to go have fun with your dog, come and turn on the sprinkler and it is enjoyment for both you and your dog. It is so pleasure able watching all the old stuck up people leave or complain. Just smile and say its a dog park

Review №80

Very friendly crowd that attends, nice big open off leash area, however the maintenance happens on mondays and thursdays 9am to 12pm so it can be a little inconvenient at times, and the maintenance guys always steal the water bowls so bring your own

Review №81

The dog park has a small collection of sitting water in the middle of it all the time. If you dont mind your dogs getting muddy, its not a problem, otherwise, you might want another dog park.

Review №82

Good and neat grounds. Some times they will not switch on the lights on time.

Review №83

Very clean and well kept.

Review №84

Closed lately but this is my dogs and my favorite park

Review №85

Llots of dog droppings along the perimeter. dusty. lots of flies and few places to sit. single play area...larger dogs mix with smaller dogs.

Review №86

Always well kept. Friendly environment

Review №87

Great places to sit in the shade and you dont.need to.bring water they have a fountain.for ur pet

Review №88

Extended hours until 10pm instead of sunset. Love this park.

Review №89

Nice park, people actually pick up after their dogs lol

Review №90

Loved it! Great park and friendly dogs.

Review №91

Very dirty, humans dont watch their dogs. Find another off leash park!

Review №92

Nice little dog park plus ball fields.

Review №93

New sod is awesome!! Thank you Scottsdale!

Review №94

Dog park this is. Abby really loves to run and play with other dogs

Review №95

Had a blind date there, sat under the pavilion at the tables and had a picnic, threw frisbee and football. Loved it, nice bathrooms to and thankfully they were open late!!

Review №96

Nice park close to our home. Half of the dog park was recently resodded so it is much less muddy than it was.

Review №97

Great place for a walk

Review №98

Park dirty as your dog will be. Some aggressive dogs that the owners dont seem to mind what their dog is doing to others.

Review №99

Okay dog park

Review №100

Great dog park!!!!

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  • Address:15444 N 100th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, United States
  • Phone:+1 480-312-2650
  • Tourist attraction
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Working hours
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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