16001 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, United States

Review №1

I hit golf balls at the range. It was close and cheap, but dont expect much. There are only about 3 targets and the balls hardly have dimples anymore. Youll also be hitting off mats which was fine as I was working on hitting down on the ball more. Im guessing Ill be digging up the range next time I hit balls!

Review №2

The kids love this place (granted, theyre relatively easy to please). The people that work here are always really friendly. At least 10% of the arcade games are broken or non-functional which is a bit of a drag but not a complete deal killer. You just have to chase the littles around and make sure theyre not feeding broken machines. Bumper cars and boats are a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised at how much the littlest people are allowed to do. Pricing is consistent with the area. All around, not a bad spot to kill some time and have fun with your kiddos.

Review №3

A little outdated but a great value and lots of fun.We bought wristbands - ask for $5 off( you have to ask) . It was worth it since we did go karts several times. Go karts go on a long time- at least 10 laps.The bumper boats are decent, same w mini golf. It’s a good place for all ages, abilities to have fun.I would bring drinks in a backpack- vending is $3. And out of a lot of stiff.We came at 5pm on Saturday- not busy. More people showed up at dark but still no real wait for anything.The arcade is really small but they have a couple decent games. It was a really good deal , clean , and they were not mask nazis. There were families, teens, and retirees. Glad we made the trip from west valley!

Review №4

They offered five dollars off the wristband that included four hours of play. We played eighteen holes of mini golf, rode go karts, and the bumper boats for a competitive price. We were disappointed that the shaded and more challenging mini golf course was closed for repairs. However, we rented drivers and irons, bought a couple of baskets of golf balls and tested our skills or the lack thereof at the driving range. All and all, we had a great time with family. We enjoyed the extra long go kart ride and finished with the bumper boats. It was great time with family and enjoyed by all. Recommended, but could use faster go karts. Ha

Review №5

We foursome of 70+ had a great time. Some holes were very difficult others much easier. Course was in very nice shape which was great because the last one we played here in Phoenix was not. Our grandson will really like this one when he visits again.

Review №6

Decent prices and lots of fun for the whole family. Id love to see some live music events here, some dog friendly days maybe, and if they allowed deliveries from outside vendors theyd be packed all the time. :)

Review №7

It was fun overall but they did cause me to fall in the water of the bumper boats

Review №8

It is super fun there was wnobdy there the gocarts were super fun and the sanitized them after every race they employees were very nice they all had masks on and 5 star for me because even during a pandemic it was still SUPER FUN I had a good time there

Review №9

Havent golfed for 2 1/2 yrs since I got married. Time to get out, so I decided to hit some balls. Good place to get a workout but need to go to real golf course to practice putts and short game.

Review №10

Fun place to take to kids and family.

Review №11

My son love it there he wants to go back

Review №12

Fun games and carting. Good food too

Review №13

The miniature golf course is run down and falling apart. The whole place needs a major renovation as its falling apart.

Review №14

Miniature golf got to love it

Review №15

I am truly hoping this place will stay open through this crazy time of businesses closing. Cracker Jax continues to have the best prices in town

Review №16

Great place for some fun and to waste some time

Review №17

Fun place but kind of run down.

Review №18

Driving range isnt the most boujee experience but its very reasonably priced. I think its about $10 for 150 balls. Have been coming here for years to hit golf balls. Especially now with covid this place is very easy to socially distance.

Review №19

This place is super tired but as all the right rides and games.

Review №20

It was super duper hot (116 degrees) outside of course, so we didnt get to do the bumper cars; however we still had fun inside!! Jaydon the Birthday Boy won his Google Virtual Reality Goggles

Review №21

The driving range is old and kind of run down, but the prices are good. $12 for 110 golf balls. Theres a constant whirring and buzzing thats annoying from their conveyor system, but can be tuned out with headphones.

Review №22

The driving range was fine. I would have preferred more yardage markers. This however did not effect my lack of control over the clubs I used.

Review №23

I had a blast going to CrackerJax to play some late-night mini-golf for the first time. Discovered that I am not too good at it, but was fun none the less. It was dark, so I wasnt able to take in the whole establishment, but what I could tell, it looked like there were a lot of activities to experience. I feel some renovations might improved the appearance and bring in more business. Hope to bring my kids back soon and try the bumper boats and go karts!

Review №24

Look, there is something to be said for being true to who you are. Cracker Jax is the embodiment of self acceptance. It is what it is. Its mini golf, its a driving range, its go karts, and an arcade. I dont if youre following here, but lets just say low expectations lead to positive experiences. Check your snobbery at the door please. Youre here for a good time mini golfing, not a country club. The service apathetic, the facilities make Americas infrastructure look state of the art, and I wouldnt feed the food to a rat. But, I highly recommend you go. Itll bring you back to the good old days.

Review №25

We like hitting golf balls here since it is easy access and usually not super busy. The grass isnt very well maintained on the driving range here even though its in Scottsdale but there arent a lot of places around. The only reason they got a star taken away is because they are still a little pricey for just a bucket of balls at the driving range.

Review №26

Came over on a Wednesday evening in the summer. We only used the batting cages and driving range, so can only speak to those. First, Ill say the staff was friendly and attentive - they kindly made change for us to use at the cages. 3 of the 8 or 9 pitching machines were out of order, so our group had to take turns on the 50mph and 70mph (baseball) machines. The prices were good $1.50 for 18 pitches, (although a few each round were outside the strike zone). The bats were in decent but not great shape, the grip was peeling off one. After hitting a few, we went over to the pro shop. Again, very friendly and helpful staff. The gentleman comped us a 3-wood because the driver we rented looked pretty beat up. The upper deck stalls werent open and on the bottom level only half of the stall mats had rubber tees for driving. Fortunately a couple folks left and we grabbed their stalls. The best part of our experience at CrackerJax was driving golf balls toward the mountain range - it was truly beautiful at sunset. Overall, Id visit again (and would like to try the mini-golf and sand volleyball - both of which looked fun and were crowded), but dont know if Id recommend the batting cages or driving range to a friend. The equipment and facilities were a little run down.

Review №27

One of the guys at the go-cart he was very inpatient with my special needs son on his birthday.The pizza we ordered had no flavor.Not too much to do there.Also not to inviting. Will not be returning again. Reason it gets a 2 is the kids had fun on the water bumpers.

Review №28

The red and blue mini golf courses are the only ones open and neither is too exciting or challenging. Course is lame, old and easy, plus they changed nothing in regards to social distancing on the course.

Review №29

Fun. Fun and more fun for kids of all ages. Birthday partys and individuals. A bit pricey but you have everything in one place. Mini golf, adult driving range, go carts, bumper boats, arcade, laser tag, fast food and party rooms for birthdays. Moms and dads will love it because the kids can run around safely. Recommended.

Review №30

Batting cages where 95% down, batting cages are in disrepair and in need of lots of work...

Review №31

Fun place but the people there were absolute hooligans and were incredibly disrespectful to my family and my precious children

Review №32

Great birthday party event. Staff was very professional and great service!

Review №33

Just got told I couldnt hit golf balls without a mask despite a dozen people outside hitting balls without masks. Not sure what the rule is but clearly the gentleman working here doesnt either or chose to apply it differentially from customer to customer. Last time ill ever come here.

Review №34

Everything here is amazing! If you need something to do, go to crackerjax. Affordable, fun, and entertaining. Great for families. The one small down fall is its a little run down, but still safe and fun!

Review №35

If youre looking for cheap but extremely run down this is your place. It was probably nice 10 to 15 years ago but it is falling apart. Putt putt is a disaster and is not kept up with at all. Everything looks so outdated and falling apart. However, it is cheap and can still have a little fun here.

Review №36

Fun driving range, but definitely in need of renovation.

Review №37

Great place to go and play.

Review №38

Went to cracker jacks to celebrate my sons 14th birthday, it was a Thursday afternoon with less than 10 people there,I politely asked the front desk if they could wish my son a happy birthday over their announcement system just for them to give me the run-around we stayed there for over five hours they never did it,and when we went back up to ask her if she would do it before we leftthe employee responded that the announcement system has been failing for over a few years now. The property was somewhatimpressive with location and size but the maintenance and care for it just wasnt there the miniature golf courses all had rocks on top of the turf making for a great round of golf. What I asked my son what he thought about it ... Kids say the darndest things

Review №39

Staff is friendly and is clean compared to other amusement parks.Have grown up race cars and kid race cars, bumper boats, 3 sections mini gulf for 1 price $7 , bumper cables, water spray game, batting cage, gulf shots and small arcade w prizes for tickets.Bathrooms and small junk food restraunt. Kid birthday room can rent.

Review №40

Even though it is old school I loved the fact that we can have a four hour pass for the games outside and the arcade had games that were really fun/funny

Review №41

Update:I downgraded the stars to take in the fact that they dont spray out the batting cage helmets between each person. You are required to use the helmets but they only have a handful of helmets for everyone and you just pass the helmet to the next person in line. No cleaning out or spraying them. They obviously dont care that this is how lice are spread! We wont be back. We will go to Chuck E Cheeses or Main Event for our games from now on.Meh! This place is just ok. Not so great. Really run down. No ATM for cash for the tokens. I had to leave and find a bank then come back. The laser tag was fun.

Review №42

You can easily spend the entire day. Activities for adults and kids. The entire staff are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating.

Review №43

Top notch staff. Great community partner for schools. Food is what youd expect. Arcade is a little old and lacking. Overall a fun place.

Review №44

We got more than our moneys worth with the four hour pass. Kids had a blast!

Review №45

Lets just say I got a 4 hour wristband for Go Kart, Mini Golf and Bumper Boats and quarters for the batting cage. Did 1 ride of Go Kart (better called slow kart) and 1 round of the red course mini golf (lame). Went to the batting cage (OK) and left the place. It was just no fun at all. So disappointed. #wasteofmoney

Review №46

I’m DISGUSTED the way one of the staff members thought he had any right to talk to my son disrespectfully for getting overly excited to get on one of the rides! When I spoke to the manager to address the situation he didn’t seem to care either, you can tell they BOTH hate their jobs! Definitely won’t go back ! HORRIBLE customer service !

Review №47

Fun games and place. Staff is not up to helping with good times.

Review №48

This place is in bad need of a complete renovation. I took the family just to enjoy the mini golf. We played 2 of the 3 courses and can say they are very boring and poorly designed for a miniature golf course. Most holes no matter where or how you hit it will end up with the ball resting in a particular place against the wall. With us it was just 4 players shot after shot with the ball within inches of each other or touching. Just overall not a fun place for this activity. I read reviews saying this wasnt the best place but ignored them. I think i will pay better attention to fellow reviewers in the future. Castles and coasters is much more entertaining.

Review №49

The manager Trevor was amazing and hands on. This was amazing to see management be so engaged with customers. He was pleasant and we had a good conversation. He works hard to be socially engage within his position. I had 9 kids for a birthday party and he sat and helped at the batting cage until we were done.

Review №50

Great for kids, so many activities reasonably priced. Could use some TLC & renovation. But so much fun regardless.

Review №51

First time visit here and we liked it. Nice family place, it is older and worn out feeling but still a great place to spend a few hours.

Review №52

Fun place to bring the kids or on a date night

Review №53

Excellent place for family outings and birthday party. About 10 families has a great time with kids at this place. Nice adventure game for kids.Unfortunately my 3 year old did not have much games options. Pizza was great too.

Review №54

Good fun! Great little family oriented venue.

Review №55

I have the feeling that this place is eventually going up for sale. years ago this place was amazing. My wife and I were shocked. We wanted something fun to do and went to crackerjax. Holy Moly this place was so run down and in need of a complete renovation. Paying 15$ to play one round of golf was fun but as we looked at the conditions of the place we could not get over how trashy it looked. Dead tree limbs on the ground, Empty plastic water bottles and the electric hazard cords taped on the ground and very available for young children to get electrocuted. This place has way to many electrical code violations as far as I am concerned. Sad state of conditions for a place that we had many memories with are children and family. Just some insight this place soon will be replaced with another high rise or strip mall.

Review №56

Fun family place. Miniature golf is a wonderful family activity

Review №57

A good amount of the video games are out of order. The mini golf needs a makeover.

Review №58

Very fun time! This place has been here a long time and is in need of some repair, however this is NOT stopping the fun you can have here at a FAIR price! I am hearing that this place may be closing and luxury apartments built in its place.Stop by and have some GREAT FUN with your family before its gone!

Review №59

We went to the miniature golf.. there are three courses, but, one is out of order. The staff was friendly and the price was reasonable $7 (age 6 and up). $3.50 for the younger ones.. it was fairly empty, which made it very nice to be there that day.

Review №60

Great place for kids

Review №61

The golf courses are pretty good, though pretty worn. The bumper boats are a good time, and there are two go-cart tracks, one for adults and one especially for the little kids. For an amusement park, there is plenty to do for the adults, too -- in addition to the previously mentioned stuff, there is a driving range, batting cage, and a mini-golf course that is composed of conventional greens.There are coupons on the website and in the Entertainment Book, and a 20% off coupon for the snack bar on the mini-golf scorecard. Best to get the unlimited rides for four hours.

Review №62

Could be a really cool place but its very run down. The owners obviously are just milking as much profit as possible out of it and the staff is not managed well. Trash all over the place. The mini golf is tore up. Go karts are tore up. Several games inside are broken. Its just in a really good location so its busy by default.

Review №63

Went during the Week. Hardly anyone there. Kids loved it!

Review №64

Checked website, said they were open until 10 pm. I drive over to use the driving range and arrive at 7:50 pm. I wait around for several minutes until someone finally comes out to tell me they are closed. I mention the website said they are open until 10 pm, he says they just decided to close at 8 pm this particular night. I dont even bother to mention to him that its not even 8 pm yet.

Review №65

Haven’t been to this location in years. It’s totally decrepit. The mats are worn so bad even the AstroTurf has disintegrated. Their practice balls are worn through to see the inner layer. I didn’t see any of the automatic tees to be working. They should just bulldoze this place.

Review №66

My Friend John told me to leave a good review of this place so hed get a raise.

Review №67

Fun for the whole family! We especially loved the bumper boats!

Review №68

It was great. Rides are long and well tended.

Review №69

Great birthday party location. Mini-golf, cars, bumper boats, batting cages, arcade and more. Fun.

Review №70

Seems to be over priced for what it is, I’ve been multiple times. I understand controlling the speed of the go-karts but the ruins the fun of racing because it doesn’t come down to skill, comes down to who is controlling the karts. The bumper boats are fun with friends and family. I think that golf course could use some work but other than that it’s alright.

Review №71

Staff at this place especially a punk named Hayen in the driving range...really rude and lazy...somebody needs to give him some new dental work

Review №72

We played the mini golf and it was so fun! The place is clean. The friendliness of staff leaves a lot to be desired, but with teenagers, I guess the attitude is expected. The course had a lot of debris and rocks that could be cleaned up. We will definitely be back.

Review №73

Fun times

Review №74

They have hosted my mom company picnic for 3 years now. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The kids enjoy the entertainment and environment.

Review №75

There was only good service at the gift exchange & outside at the go karts.

Review №76

Outdated, whole place needs repairs. The mini golf course for kids was terrible and there was a water display that was no longer working, just filled with horrible stagnant water.

Review №77

Fun place for a round of mini golf with the family. A bit run down but close to home.Kids love the arcade, some updating and clean up would benefit this place. Overall a fun time

Review №78

Fun, but really needs updating and renovations!

Review №79

Great staff! Fun time with the family!

Review №80

Cute little place to take the kids on a weekend. Prices can get a little high if you are paying for lot of people. Overall I would come back, my kids and I really enjoyed it

Review №81

Just a fun place to go and play some miniature golf!

Review №82

We had such a blast. I havent had a great time in awhile.My daughter, her boyfriend and grandson Grayson and I had soo much fun.He did the Trampoline and car.Ohh my goodness we never laughed so hard.The employees were truly fabulous and talk about patience. They truly had it.The best part is that hardly anyone was their.We had a wonderful time and I would definitely recommend this to anyone.Thank you CrackerJax for a Fabulous time.

Review №83

Great value.. We have been to a lot of mini golf courses this one was challenging, but is designed for younger players. Price was very fair and they have several other fun things go do.

Review №84

Good place to spend a few hours. You can tell its been there for a while as everything is dated. Most of the games work though. The bumber boats were fun. They have go carts for the little ones which you dont find often. The bungie jump doesnt open to later in the day so that was a little disappointing. They do offer a 20% discount to military so that was appreciated very much.

Review №85

We went to a special event and they were accommodating.

Review №86

So muxh fun

Review №87

Played mini golf on a Friday night. Not to bad of a crowd. With 3 courses there was enough space for different groups. Good prices, all around a fun time, would recommend

Review №88

Affordable driving range and batting cage. Arcade and go carts and more. Tons of stuff to do and very affordable for Scottsdale

Review №89

Volleyball, games, bumper boats, go carts,Lazer tag. Fun

Review №90

This place is pretty rundown and is in desperate need of renovation.

Review №91

This place is not really that fun, it doesn’t have many options and the go-karts are unreasonable, the staff doesn’t allow people to bump nor go fast. They should allow the people and kids to bump because that is all about having fun. Also, the water was a bit dirty some got in my family’s mouth and face and it tasted like the water has been there years. Some of the staff members were nice but some were cursing at kids for and accident (Kid ran a staff member foot over cause the staff didn’t move out the way). So those were the problems at crackerjax, and I hope they take care of these things.

Review №92

Went to the driving range. This has become really worn down since I first visited. The range balls are worse than most but it is convenient and shaded.

Review №93

While we had fun the place could use some work.

Review №94

Fantastic place!!! Bring out your inner child

Review №95

My Son and i love Cracker Jax. Fun.

Review №96

Amazing place to hangout with family and friends. Have been Here on multiple occasions and Ive always went back satisfied!

Review №97

Kids had a good time but the games were outdated or out of order. This used to be one of the most fun places to go. Mini golf and go carts were still a lot of fun though.

Review №98

Great place to go for mini golf and indoor arcade games my granddaughter and I had a great time

Review №99

Super fun if you are just going for the afternoon.

Review №100

This place is old, and it shows. The mini golf courses are in better shape than they have been, but are still rough. Weeds and trash everywhere. The arcade is pretty small now with the laser tag put in. Ive been going here since I was a kid and it looks almost identical. Prices are fair. Good for a date night. Still lots of fun if you take it for what it is!

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