Sky Zone Trampoline Park
4857 E Greenway Rd Suite A, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, United States

Review №1

Brought my kids here for an hour and a half of play. Thought I would just be paying for them but once I walked in the door and looked around I realized I wanted to play too! We had so much fun, a great way to spend some time with your family. I also noticed there were plenty of spots for parents to work on their laptops and still keep an eye on their kids, Ill definitely be keeping that in mind. There is plenty of spaced out seating, a food court area and lockers to rent to keep your items secure. Overall a clean place and plenty of sky zone employees keeping an eye on the kids.

Review №2

Lots of activities for all ages with great supervision for safe and fun play. However much of the staff is very young and some act it while others are amazing.

Review №3

Fun! Exciting! Creative!Some of the things that come to mind when I think about this place. This is very family friendly place, with a lot of fun activities. My kids loved the open bounce trampolines, obstacle course, and of course dodgeball!I was highly impressed with the smooth operation of activities and the staff that keep an eye on my little ones, making sure everyone gets a turn and no one gets hurt. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that you feel apart of a family.They do have a good court where you can wait/watch your kids from. They have pizza, hot dogs, pretzels and more.. all of which are reasonably priced I’d say.I would highly recommend a family day or night out at this place. I loved it so much I got a monthly subscription!

Review №4

Nice for kids under I would say under 12. We went one week ago and it was like a zoo in that place. A lot of people and kids with no mask. To many people

Review №5

Don’t order the pizza that’s part of the birthday package, it’s terrible! Besides the horrible pizza the service was amazing. They are very organized and are on top of what needs to be done. They had the cart ready for guests to place gifts on. A bucket for the guests of the party to place their shoes in. The facility was very clean and at a very comfortable temperature. They have a trampoline area, a climbing wall, obstacle course with a frog leap pad, dodge ball, rope swing, foam pit. The price can get expensive, they do have promotions. Also, the toddler story time looks interesting.

Review №6

Nice place. Lots of legalese to sign. Seems clean and well run.

Review №7

My family loves Sky Zone. My kids had a great time in the past and were so excited to go last week. I was nervous about taking because of COVID, so I checked the website to learn about their updated safety protocols. I saw they were adding extra cleaning, adjusting capacity to help with social distancing and enforcing a mask policy for the adults. Unfortunately, other than closing some areas (which could have been for cleaning), I didnt see any of that happening. The closures actually drove more kids into the open areas and caused big groups of kids in small areas. Because of this and because of the number of non-mask wearing adults congregating throughout the park ( I counted around 75) , after 20 minutes, our family decided to go home. We decided it wasnt worth the risk.If you are the least bit concerned with COVID and its community spread, I would recommend staying away from Sky Zone at this time.

Review №8

This was our first time visiting Sky Zone. It was definitely not what I expected but that was okay. I appreciated that we only had to pay for my 3 year old as we did not plan on jumping. I thought having to buy their socks was a bit much as I had already put him in socks with rubber grips and their socks did not fit very well.I did appreciate having 2 distinct toddler areas for him to play in safely but according to the website description I had thought it would be more separated (still not a big deal he had fun and that is what matters.)The two major issues I had (the reasons I am only giving them 3 stars.) Was when we were in the foam toddler area bigger kids (8 to ten year olds) kept coming in and taking over.My son tried to go play in one of the foam pits and I pulled him out quickly because there were two older kids building a fort which he of course wanted to destroy. And while there was plenty of staff supervision in other areas there was none near the toddler area. The one employee who did walk by and look in said nothing to the 8 year old who had just climbed to the top of the wall in the toddler area and was sitting on the wall.My other concern was minor but the toddler trampoline section does not allow easy access for parents in case their kids need them. I had no problem leaving my son to play as I watched outside the netting. But I did think about if something were to happen I would not be able to get there quickly.I would be interested to see how the other Sky Zones around Phoenix are, and if there staff handles things differently but it would be nice for the staff to actually ensure that guests are following the rules, especially when it comes to safety concerns.

Review №9

Amazing experience for my kids at sky zone.Although we live nearby, but it was the first time we had come at this location.Kids have so many things to do. Dodge ball, basketball, ninja course, high jump, climbing and so much more.Toddlers have their own space, which is really good.Pricing wise, its very competitive.Definitely recommended.

Review №10

So happy we found this place. Its a nice clean space with plenty of counters, outlets and table to allow parents to work while the kids jump. Tons of variety, trampolines, dodge ball, warrior course, wall climbing, and more. Our girls want to come every day.

Review №11

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this place! I have come multiple times, both with my nieces/nephews and will all adults, and every time is a blast! There is something for everyone. I particularly love the foam put and rock climbing wall. It is the perfect place to take your kids out to play and get some activity in on a hot or even cold day. The food and snacks are great (I am always happy to have a Thriftys ice cream cone). The play areas are so well kept and clean. It is very safe with staff always around to keep an eye out on everyone. Sky Zone staff all does a Fantastic job making sure all the kids are having a great time while looking out for others playing in the same areas. I did not worry about my nieces and nephews there. We will be back again and again!

Review №12

Kids LOVED it..I felt it was over priced but oh well they had fun.

Review №13

This place is super new and its amazing, the party host was great. We scheduled the night time party so that we could get the glow in the dark party and they let the kids jump til 11pm its so cool they were exhausted but honestly its super worth it. For the kids parties they supply you with glow in the dark birthday shirts and non slip socks. They serve the kids their pizza and cake. They are very available for the parents involved and oh! Almost forgot they even give you a mini cart so no one looses shoes or jackets at your party... For 10 kids I ended up paying around$400 so for me thats very comfortable for how much work they put into the party. Plus the pictures turn out wayyyy cool in the dark lol

Review №14

Its unsanitary to see patrons to go to the restrooms wearing the socks provided by sky zone.Postings should Be in place at restrooms stating patrons must wear shoes to use restrooms.Made sure we were our shoes!!Overall great place for all ages to come have fun. Super kid friendly.

Review №15

Always a good time! Kids of all ages have a good time. Place for those not jumping to walk around with kids. Also tables and chairs to hang out.

Review №16

I wish they had stuff like this when I was a kidThis one is pretty cool, Im more professional feeling and Wednesdays glow jumping starts early. I wish they had more for young young childrenOverall this is a win

Review №17

It was really fun, me and my girlfriend had a blast even though we both got hurt lol.

Review №18

My kids love this place. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №19

I have been to other trampoline parks and this one is the cleanest and safest one yet! My grandsons LOVE this place! Highly recommend if you are looking to wear little ones out.

Review №20

Great service for birthday parties.

Review №21

Very friendly staff and great facilities. Took my 3 year old son here for toddler time and he didnt stop playing the whole time. Not sure who got the better workout me or him.

Review №22

Great place for kids! Price point is good and affordable.

Review №23

7 year son loves this place. Great mix of trampolines, games, activities. Super clean, bright and well laid out. General Manager was cool and staff were engaged. A great way to spend 3 hours - highly recommended! Thank you!

Review №24

This is a such a great place to bring your children to play and stay cool on hot days.The options for the children are great. Many different activities for children to engage in.Only concern is what seems like understaffing or unfocused staffing.

Review №25

Such a fun spot! Way better then one of the other trampoline places in Scottsdale. This was in clean, vibrant and all an open floor plan so you can see all the way across the building verses everything being around a corner and you feel like you cant watch your kids well enough as they bolt across the building. So I highly recommend this place! I have a 3 and 4 year old and they love it all, trampolines, rock climbing, foam pits and just all things Ninja warrior!

Review №26

This place is really cool. We decided to try it out on a Saturday night and we were pleasantly surprised that it was glow jump time. Glow jump costs more than I had originally planned to spend, but you get to jump for 3 hrs for $22ish instead of 1hr at $14. So it wasnt a bad deal. This place is relatively close to our house so well be back soon. Thank you for the decent chairs for the parents to hang out. Better than Jump Streets benches.

Review №27

This is by far the cleanest and most well-organized trampoline park I have been to. Been here for multiple birthday parties and my kids have a blast every time. Plan to go back as often as we can!

Review №28

My kids had a great time celebrating my two year old daughter’s birthday here. They jumped until they were too tired to continue jumping (which was only one hour). That’s how much we had paid for anyways, so that was fine by me! My son really enjoyed all of the activities besides just the trampolines that they had to offer. The only thing I wish would have been different about our trip is that my wife and I would have decided to jump with them (which we could have done, but chose not to at the time). Next time, we’re taking friends and family with us and we’ll jump too!

Review №29

Went on a week day, do it was quieter than the weekends. Some of the areas were closed, but the manager opened them upon request. Always a good place for kids

Review №30

Took my children to jump 9/12, my daughter (shes 10) has epilepsy and we asked the staff if they would allow her in the toddler zone since we have to keep a close watch on her. The manager and staff were very friendly and accommodating. Understanding our situation, they allowed my daughter to jump in the toddler zone. My daughter had fun, was safe, and I could relax not worrying about her hurting herself. Definitely will return. Thank you management and staff!

Review №31

Can’t say enough great things about this place! Had my son’s birthday here and the staff was wonderful. Made the day so special.

Review №32

Its rare for me to hand out a bad review but I felt this experience merited it. My family and I were there to attend a party and have never been before, so we had been looking forward to the trip. However, we have a son with special needs and, while he is able to get around on his own, he does need assistance on unstable surfaces. He loves to bounce, he loves trampolines and bounce houses but needs my wife or me there to help out and that was the problem. The employees there would not allow us to assist my son on any of the bounce areas, and when we checked to see if there were any accommodations that could be made for us and him we got the sorry, but no response. The employees seemed flustered and confused by our questions about accommodations and there didnt seem to be anyone with authority available. We arent unreasonable about things, and would gladly sign additional waivers if needed if it would allow us to help him. My wife was in tears by the end in frustration and because my son was unable to enjoy the party, so we left early.We know there are limitations our son will face, but we havent had a point in his life up until now where we have been so stonewalled and treated with so little consideration. Not planning to go back there.

Review №33

Terrible customer experience. Staff yelled and were rude to my little boys several times. Made my boys cry for no reason, just because they were playing together —which apparently is against the rules even though there was plenty of space for both to play and have fun. The manager was also helpless. When we left both my boys were upset and said the people were mean there. This place is expensive but even if it was free would not be worth our time. I will not put my kids trough this negative experience again so will never be back at this place. Never had any issues with the other trampoline places.Zero stars.

Review №34

It was awesome and reasonably priced

Review №35

Came for a 4 year old birthday party, and was really impressed by the experience. Its a massive facility with different areas appropriate for different agree ranges. We had a 6 year old and 4 year old who both had plenty to do. They loved the toddler area fill of foam cubes, the massive trampoline areas, and the big rock climbing wall. The birthday party itself was in a nice private room (doors that closed but that didnt feel closed off as there were windows). Overall it was a really nice afternoon and Im sure our next parties will be here this year!

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Review №37

Place is mainly for older kids, has 1 places for a toddler to jump and 1 caged area for toddlers to play with the foam pit and staff was rude. Would suggest getting the Groupon app, money saver, if you wanted to check it out, but I wont be returning.

Review №38

My son is in the Ninja Warrior Course. Runs on Tuesdays for 2 hours. Very individualized training for each kid. Coach Austin works with each kid according to their capabilities. He is awesome! Very neat and clean place. Full of energy and fun.

Review №39

Absolutely terrible. The place is far from accommodating to special needs. We left early, due to the fact that they denied us the ability to jump with our family member with special needs. We asked what can we do and how can we help him and they simply called for back up due to the lack of knowledge on this situation. Took them 15 minutes to bring someone out and by that time we were on our way out the door. Never going back there.

Review №40

Had a blast & i definatly will be back. Its a great workout lol

Review №41

Bigger jump park then most but over priced compared to the others. Ive never been to a jump park and been told you have to buy their socks. All the jump parks let you use the ones you already have it doesnt matter where you got them. Almost all of my reviews are 5 stars so im not a complainer but I wasnt impressed. Its seemed like the workers were all over the little kids doing things wrong however the teenagers were doing whatever they wanted and nothing was being said. We sat there for 5 min waiting to use the beam with the foam under it as a group of older kids just laid in it. The worker never asked them to get out so others could have a turn. I wouldnt go back.

Review №42

Had a great time, thanks to the awesome staff!

Review №43

Great Place for kids

Review №44

Awesome. Kids had lots of fun

Review №45

They have no free play areas and only small trampolines. My daughter wanted ti play in the blocks but they wouldnt let her. She wanted to run and jump on the trampolines but they wouldnt let her because its only for dodge ball and the kids playing that were huge! Not good for 5 year old ranged kids. We were there 10 minutes and were unhappy and they wouldnt refund our money! Ive never heard of a company not refunding money to unhappy customers. Ridiculous! This place is horrible! Altitude jump park is so much better! Plus she couldve jumped for 2 hours there for the price this place charges for one hour.

Review №46

My 4 year old daughter loves coming to sky zone. The staff is super friendly and they have plenty of staff to ensure kids safety. The place is always nice and cool and clean.

Review №47

Best trampoline/activity center for kids in metro Phoenix. Clean, modern, helpful staff, and numerous activities for kids. If you have any doubts about going here please give it a try. A great way to get kids out of the house while keeping them physically active.

Review №48

My kids LOVE it. My wallet cries. Super pricey! Nice trampoline place, but wish they would have coupons.

Review №49

Sky zone is a really fun place to just hang out with your friends and play fun games! The only bad thing is that people/kids tend to curse alot, so keep the younger one away from the older kids.️

Review №50

Sky Zone on Tatum and Greenway is one of my favorite places to take the kids! It is always clean and the staff is always very friendly. The food is good and the prices are decent.

Review №51

This Sky Zone is awesome! Clean and smells great! Which a lot of these jump places smell awful and are filthy. We will definitely be back! Great place for a birthday too!

Review №52

We love this place. Super fun obstacle course, foam pit and dodgeball.

Review №53

Great place. If you like groups of unsupervised boys physically putting their hands on other, smaller kids.And then watching them sit and laugh as you complain about them to the manager who does nothing because theyre also members.Good times

Review №54

So much fun, theres an arcade, 2 or 3 rooms for bday parties, trampolines, basketball trampolines, rock climbing, dodge ball, obstacle courses , a foam pit, and lots of other fun activities! you shouldnt stay more than an hour then otherwise you might get bored but they also have glow parties so tbh, i think its the best idea for bday parties maybe not to really GO there in general

Review №55

The place was clean, and lots of fun. I took my 5yo and he had a blast.

Review №56

Tbh this place looks like your in a jungle and it has so many places u can play in omg its just so cool

Review №57

Awesome place to be at! I love all the activities you can do there! Definitely recommend! :D

Review №58

My kids love this place! The staff was super friendly and seemed like they had a lot of fun at their job.

Review №59

How do you open this place and keep everything clean and sanitized?Its impossible to sanitize that foam the kids jump into. This is not following CDC guidlines

Review №60

Our kiddos (6years, 4.5years and 18 months) always have fun jumping, playing with the foam pit blocks, climbing the rock wall and warrior course at skyzone phoenix! We went to our first glow night and had a blast! Also, they can grab a snack here too!

Review №61

Very cool place. Theyre not too strict. Time flies because of how fun it is. They charge 3 bucks for socks. You have to wear their socks.

Review №62

Love this trampoline park. Super clean and friendly staff.

Review №63

Honestly I love this place so much you get exercise, you could hang out with your friends, have a birthday party there, and could have fun!

Review №64

My son had a great time here this summer! They have the usual dodgeball, bounce basketball, foam pits, obstacle course. Its like AZ Airtime was. Skyzone took over half of the old Safeway so there is a lot crammed into the space. It gets VERY loud.

Review №65

This place is great but honestly they need to train their staff to deal with all the snobby brats snobby parents bring here. Its decently sized and my two kids had fun but there was too many kids running around and parents were too busy talking to other parents or looking at their phones. The employees there are pretty much kids themselves and honestly they need to keep the little ones in check before someone gets hurt and they close down from losing a law suit against them. Also, there was parents doing from flips into the sponges, I pulled my kids out of there because one of them could have easily gotten hurt. They need to make rules for parents, under no circumstances should they be allowed to do and type of flips or summer saults. Jumping in isnt a problem because most parents have some type of control, but flipping is another story. Overall a good place for sure, they just need to keep things a little more calm. Definitely worth a visit with your kids!

Review №66

Nice place nice area a little pricey

Review №67

Great place to throw a birthday party. Lots of activities like foam pits, rock walls, and trampolines. Large private party rooms as well.

Review №68

Excellent place to take your kid very inexpensive lots of things to do reminded me of Americas next Ninja warrior. I would definitely take my son here again or possibly have his next birthday here. Warped wall, dodgeball on trampolines, and a rock wall are just a few of the things they have. Friendly staff, convenience store, ice cream, ETC...

Review №69

You have to buy their grip socks even if you have your own grip socks. He had free 30 minute passes. You could pay to upgrade to a 90 minute pass but you are not allowed to upgrade to a 60 minute pass. We had a better experience at KTR. Fairly small and overcrowded.

Review №70

This is awesome place for fun!! Enjoyed birthday party of my colleagues daughters.

Review №71

Brand new and packed with adventure! Train to be the next ninja warrior, jump and bounce to your hearts content, and climb the rock wall with a safety foam pit below! Super fun for all ages! Great way to tire those kiddos out while building strength, coordination and endurance.

Review №72

Went for Grandaughters birthday. $20 per hr seemed nuts pretty much run by kids. No outside food allowed including birthday cakes. My daughter spent over $320 which included nothing but the hour jump.Cant believe this place will survive...I know its the last money my daughter will spend here.

Review №73

Nice playing zone for kids

Review №74

Kids from 3 to 13 had a great time. There was something for all of them to enjoy.

Review №75

Could have better staff and atmosphere, but overall, an enjoyable experience.

Review №76

Well laid out, a lot of activities, great for kids, reasonable price.

Review №77

This place is awesome. we were their for my daughters friends birthday party. I was feeling a little under the weather and couldnt jump too.... and i really wanted to. This place is cool.

Review №78

Who thinks it’s a good idea to put a child’s first and last name on a huge sticker on the child’s chest? No one checked us out to ensure it was my 3 little ones. The toddler area “pad” didn’t have enough air in it and I hurt myself and my granddaughter. But I was the 3rd person to hurt myself that day. Too old of children in the toddler area and threw a ball right in my grandsons face. You can’t keep an eye on multiple children. You cannot be on the trampoline with your little one! Crazy. I’ve been to others, and they’re doing it right. This layout and crazy rules along with no supervision where and when you really need it. Also lockers are $2 per entry!!! The Children’s Museum it’s .50cents.

Review №79

Incredible experience for the little one and fun atmosphere.This place was full of kids and guardians/parents yet still plenty of room to find a comfortable seat (upstairs or down stairs).Pros:AtmosphereSelection of gamesOffer Private parties (I havent done this, yet)The entire building says happy bday to the bday celebreeCons:No half hour pricingIt gets noisy (expected)Food isnt as healthy as it should beLove this place.

Review №80

We attended a birthday party and the kids had a blast. I would day it is definitely a place for 6 years and up. There is small toddler are but it possible not as entertaining as the rest of the areas for older kids.

Review №81

What an awesome place for kids, love all the areas and thought the Ninja warrior style course was pretty cool.

Review №82

My 10 year old and 6 year old boys both had a blast.

Review №83

Great way to get the energy out. Dodgeball, trampolines, foam pits, rock wall, fun times!

Review №84

A great place to have a birthday party!! Very friendly staff great private party rooms with a staff member helping serve all the kids. So much to do jump until you can not jump no more. The trampoline dodgeball was a big hit, so much fun for all the kids and adults.

Review №85

A bit spendy up front but after you get the socks and see how much they have to offer, you realize its pretty worth it...

Review №86

I jump there regularly there for working out a very good experince food was decent (i reccomend sneaking in drinks such as apple juice and such in your pockets as drinks there are qwite pricy) the place is great for kids and GLONIGHT is very cool overall 5/5 definitely reccomend

Review №87

I like this place, our family is having fun!

Review №88

My kids love this place , we have been there so many times . Costumer service is awful my daughter is 3 and she doesnt play much because the toddler zone is not fun for her so yesterday we bought a 2 hrs ticket for her and she didnt play at all we mostly stayed in the food area, I requested a refund and they refused to do it . I also got a 2 hrs for my 8 year old he loves it and have a blast in there, after the 2 hrs expired I pay for 2 more hours for him , there was no more kids to play with after an hour and we decided to leave I asked for one hour refund because there were no more kids to play with . Guess What ! No refund I came home so disappointed because we love the place ....

Review №89

Much better thank the Cactus location

Review №90

We have been to other trampoline parks, but today was our first time at Sky Zone. We will be choosing to go to the others from now on and I highly encourage you to do the same. The unprofessionalism and attitudes from the staff were not only appalling, but dangerous from what I saw. The staff is made up of all kids, basically, and I honestly don’t even know why they are there. They barely enforce any rules and in some areas, like the dodgeball area, didn’t enforce any rules at all, which was dangerous. I watched multiple kids walk out of there crying and hurt. I watched overly aggressive and hostile kids bullying other kids, yelling and cursing at them, and deliberately trying to throw the balls at kids’ heads or throw the ball with so much force that it would hurt the other kid. The employees did nothing and so I brought it to the attention of the employees and manager and they still did nothing and didn’t even seem to care. I saw a response on here from a Sky Zone representative that said something about the dodgeball area being separated by age groups for safety. Well, that didn’t happen today. All ages were in there and it wasn’t just a regular game of dodgeball. We had to remove our kids eventually because my youngest was injured when an older boy threw a ball at her head as hard as he could. She’s 6 and she was the 3rd kid to come out crying and injured at that point. The boy looked to be around 12. Our other daughter got screamed at to get out. Other kids were being called names and cussed at. We paid to go here too and enjoy all of the areas. We shouldn’t and other kids shouldn’t have to bypass an area because of other kids who don’t know how to behave and employees who don’t know or care to get control of the situation to make it a fun and safe environment for everyone.

Review №91

An action packed venue for the entire family regardless of age or gender!While trampolines are its primary appeal, there are numerous foam pit activities.A rock climbing wall designed for todlers got my attention and that of my 4 year old granddaughter. Food and drink is available with ample seating, but the ingenious use of an upstairs above the action allows for gtandparents alike to sit comfortably and watch the action. Very reasonably priced. The tough partbis trying to get them to leave!

Review №92

Lots of things to jump on or toss your child into.

Review №93

I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE STAFF! I cant wait for them to open! They have so many different things to do! Dodgeball, warped wall, warrior course LIKE THE ONES FROM AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, free jump, and a rock wall!! Its crazy, full of energy, and excitement. EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME HERE!

Review №94

Ann was amazing she was the Birthday host super friendly. The family had a good time..

Review №95

My kids and I like this place. I heard from a reliable source that it is closing January 6, 2019. So if you have a Groupon you may want to hurry up and use it.

Review №96

My son loved his birthday party here!

Review №97

Very clean and safe. The kids loved it!

Review №98

My kids love this place. We got a summer membership to escape the summer heat.

Review №99

If your at all concerned about COVID I would not visit at this time. Its hard to social distance children that want to play and have fun. I just cant under stand why I can take my kids to Sky Zone where about 60-70 kids are running around without masks but I cant go to the Gym...

Review №100

Great place for kids to play. Very clean and cool! Lots to do like Dodgeball and American Ninja Warrior type obstacles! Austin the manager goes out if his way to make sure everyone is taken care of! We will be back!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:4857 E Greenway Rd Suite A, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 602-493-5867
  • Amusement center
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:3–7pm
  • Tuesday:3–7pm
  • Wednesday:3–7pm
  • Thursday:3–7pm
  • Friday:3–10pm
  • Saturday:11am–10pm
  • Sunday:11am–7pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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