iFLY - Phoenix
9206 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, United States

Review №1

Amazing experience for adults and the kids. Not overly expensive but check their website prices before you go. The staff is great and very experienced and safety minded. This was the second trip for us. If you want to go back and fly again buy the return flights they offer at the end fir Hughes discounts. We used them for my son and took his best friend and they worked for him as well.

Review №2

This was such an amazing experience. We were so lucky to have Kirk as our experienced guide. We were so excited to celebrate a birthday here. The check in process was easy, waivers are signed electronically. There are a ton of add on items available like high flying, extra time, videos, pictures, etc. there is plenty of seating, and it is very comfortable. I will say, you might spent about 1.5-2 hours here in total depending on how many fliers there are in the group.

Review №3

Its a unique experience, mainly for kids I would say, kinda short and kinda pricey, but fun. They upsell you when you go with a Groupon or get a basic flight. My kids liked it though didnt say they wanted to come back anytime soon. I think it ended up being about $150 for 2 kids and it was a couple flights a few minutes each.

Review №4

We had a blast! Staff were knowledgeable and made our experience extra fun! Highly recommend!

Review №5

The lady in the front was cool but she wanted too scan my temple with a laser too check my temperature. She says the temperature of my temple and my underarms are completely different lol i figured she could of been a medical student so I gave her the matter of the doubt and asked her to scan her own temple and scan her wrist and if the temperatures was different I’ll do mine... she denied my request. This place needs some new rules.

Review №6

IFLY indoor skydiving is safe and fun for all ages and all kinds of people. Kids as young as 3, grandparents, athletes and office workers alike can enjoy bodyflight. You don’t need any special skills to fly in their facility, they’ll teach you. I didn’t do it but checked it out today for my family. It is best if you make reservations before coming. They fill up fast. The employees at the front desk were real helpful.

Review №7

I went there with my family and purchased the family package for $378. One of the managers tried to sell me extra flights and pictures and highfly and I rejected them all. And I CLEARLY SAID I SPEND ENOUGH.When my wife and 2 sons were don flying they said you have outstanding balance of $64 cause we asked your wife for more flights and she agreed. REMEMBER I CLEARLY SAID NO TO THEM. I asked my wife and she said she only authorized one highfly and one extra flight. But they continued to say she did order it. Once I said I do not agree to pay same manager who tried to sale me extra flight said we have your CC on file so you got no option. They have 0 customer service and repeated myself over and over that I did not want and additional flights, but a sneaky they are they will ask your kids in the tunnel. Be aware....

Review №8

I never want to jump out of a plane but wanted to have the sensation. I Fly delivered it. It is safe and easy and Im going back with my kids.

Review №9

I went there with my family and my husband purchased the family package for $378. I went upstairs with my kids to get ready while my husband and daughter were watching. I didnt know that they already asked my husband for extra flights and he had rejected it, and not knowing what the cost was the instructors asked my kids if they wanted extra flight and looked at me and he knew my husband had said no for extra flights, so i said yes to highfly and extra flight for my other son. When we got out of the tunnel he said that i approved 2 flights and highfly so they charged us extra $64. And my husband told them that he already had said No for extra flights. Very very sneaky and unprofessional by them. They charged our CC without our authorization.

Review №10

Friendly staff, fun experience, and much better than jumping out of an airplane other than the view

Review №11

A great time to be had! Well maintained with helpful staff. The virtual reality experience was pretty cool and worth it. Flight durations are shorter than other facilities, but the convenience of being well located is a plus, as is the closed fan system (other places have open systems which can pull in heat, bugs, and dust).

Review №12

Very cool experience. Son loved and want to go again. Kirk was awesome and knows his stuff.

Review №13

Gave this experience as an anniversary present & hes super happy! Said the best present EVER! Fun, friendly instructors, safe instruction, and a whole lot of fun! We are hooked and will return!! Prices are spendy at first but the value of the experience is priceless!! Well worth every dollar and the extras are not that costly and worth it as well. The girls at the desk downstairs do the best job of explaining prices and the process. The guy there Tuesday at noon did not seem as happy to be there and probably would prefer to be in the tunnel.

Review №14

Great time. Kids had a blast. The instructor was amazing!

Review №15

Great place to take the kids. We had a blast! Love it !!!!

Review №16

This was way cooler, and way funner than we ever anticipated! The staff was super friendly and fun too. Everyone should try this, you wont regret it!!

Review №17

We brought our 10 yr old for his birthday and he had the best time. Everyone was so nice the instructor was so cool this was the most awesome experience. With 4 boys we will be back

Review №18

Best experience ever. We were there for a corporate event. Tyler was an amazing instructor!!!The entire staff was so friendly and helpful.

Review №19

That looks so easy, why would I spend money for that... youre wrong! Sure floating in any given direction may be easy, but learning how to control it? Fun, exciting, and addictive! Cant wait to go back!

Review №20

Fun place to go. Even for those afraid of heights. I looked like a cat over a bathtub the first attempt. But, I did get the hang of it. Great place for group events.

Review №21

What an incredible experience! We were vacationing from Omaha Nebraska, and we knew this was a once in a lifetime adventure! Tyler was an awesome instructor. He was funny and put my kids at ease for their flights. We wish we had something like this back home.......but then we would have to bring Tyler home with us!!!

Review №22

Fun but to short. Our instructor was awesome, staff was friendly and we had a blast! A bit pricey ($179 for 4 minutes flight time and a emailed pic), but since it as a gift we cant complain.

Review №23

This place is awesome Thanks Erik for your instructions A1. We will be back!

Review №24

A little hard to find since its behind most buildings in the shopping center, but if you watch for the small signs leading the way youll easily get there. The facility is very clean and staff very passionate about skydiving. Our instructor was a great communicator and demonstrated exceptional skill at the end of our session.Everything went very well and we are taking about going back soon.

Review №25

Great time. Bring you wife and kids.

Review №26

Very nice. Loved it

Review №27

This is 5:00 Crystal ;). My Fly Guy Michael was an awesome and positive instructor. He was positive and encouraging. This was my very first flight and I purchased the return package. The high fly is a must to add worth it and I cant wait to return with my daughter!!!

Review №28

Took Laura for her 54th Birthday, had a blast!!

Review №29

My husband got an iFly voucher for Christmas. He had a blast!! Now wants to go again.

Review №30

Great, great fun! The kids lived it! My 14, 11, 8 year old kids loved it! This was their 2nd trip.

Review №31

Was Open For Business, But Was Told They Where Closed Due To Technical Difficulties.. If Thats Happening Why Not Just Have The Place Closed While Its Going Through Reparations ??

Review №32

Fun time for all ages!! Recommend the high-flight. Takes about an hour total for introduction, gear, and flights for the group.

Review №33

We had an amazing time. Its a great experience for anyone of any age. Kids from 7 years old up to adults in their 50s were having a blast. I will come back again. A+

Review №34

Worth every day penny. Definitely going lots more. We were curious if they could accommodate the disabled, but we didnt have to ask. The group ahead of us were mostly handicap and the staff did an outstanding job making them feel comfortable. That was way cool. Kudos to the I-FLY staff!

Review №35

Great concept but unfortunately this business is not forthright with extra fees. If you must go PAY IN CASH! It is sad that the $100 flight price is not enough but they then swindle you out of extra money by pressuring minors to okay charges to your credit card. Hopefully management is reviewed and policies are reinforced better in the future. Luckily for now my credit card company is able to return the fraudulent charges.

Review №36

Amazing, fun worth the experience! Definitely going back! Friendly atmosphere, great people! Kirk was awesome! Recommended to get the high fly!!!!!!

Review №37

The staff here were great- friendly, knowledgeable, and good at giving kids confidence. 4 stars because it was kind of pricey for two 1-minute runs, but the kids really loved it. Great confidence and bravery booster.

Review №38

Awesome Fathers day gift from my wife. Wish the flights were a little longer but will be back again.

Review №39

Very nice service, the instructor was also very nice. A very fun place it was my first time there and I definetly recommend it. A bit pricey but well worth it!

Review №40

Had an amazing time, I will be back for sure. Then comes the BIG step. Jump out of airplane

Review №41

Hands down one of the most fun activities our kids have done! Super helpful staff and Andrew was a cool fly instructor. We are so glad we got the kids this as a gift and they can’t wait to go back!

Review №42

Awesome experience, instructors were very good with my 4 year old. The front desk could probably turn down the assertiveness on the extra options that are available for purchase. Will most likely come back again.

Review №43

Simply awesome super clean and super helpful friendly staff

Review №44

The staff was very nice and friendly. We enjoyed coming here, I think the only thing I didn’t like is that you only get to be in there for 1 minute twice so it’s pretty pricey for just being able to fly for 2 minutes. Maybe if they would let us have our special someone with us doing it together it would be nice. I understand it’s for safety but that would be better because we would experience flying together not alone. Also I would be good to tell the flyer when your taking the picture, mine came out terrible but I had purchased in advanced. Definitely wait on purchasing your photos till after you fly

Review №45

Kids had a blast. Will definitely be back

Review №46

The experience here was absolutely amazing. As a first-timer, it was a little bit unnerving, but very exciting. Our trainer, Ty, was absolutely fantastic, and very calming. I would definitely do this again.

Review №47

After 3 mins of flight time, instructor gave me thumbs up, which I responded back with thumbs up as well.I didn’t know that was my acknowledgment of additional 1 min of flight time which he gladly charged me extra $20.I understand he may was trained to do that but I don’t like to be sold like that.

Review №48

We had a GREAT time here! This was our first visit to iFLY and we had a BLAST! We look forward to coming back soon. (ps....our instructor was absolutely ADORABLE)

Review №49

Awesome fun! Great instructors. Already bought a pass to go back. Be careful though. This activity is hard on your body. Do not participate if you have neck, back or any shoulder problems!

Review №50

There are a bunch of great people that work here. Im not sure if one would call it work since they have so much fun at what they do. Yanni Lee was fantastic as an Instuctor. I highly recommend you try to get him when you go. Prices are not bad either.

Review №51

I decided to stop at this establishment to ask questions and possibly celebrate my 35th birthday. Honestly I was hoping to be persuaded to give it a tried right there and then as I have fear of heights. Unfortunately the young female upfront slightly acknowledge me and went back to answering a call and walked away. I was a bit shocked that she would ask me what Instead of asking If I have any questions or need information. Apparently socializing is more important than customer service. Disappointed I drove from Goodyear North for not even a bit more of information.

Review №52

A little pricey but you will have a great time. After heading upstairs, you will be fitted and then have a classroom training session to go over instructions and signals. Then your group proceeds to the wind tower and the fun begins. Make sure you pay the extra 10 bucks so they will fly you up vertically.

Review №53

Overall good experience. It was super busy and they were behind schedule which was frustrating, but it was the holidays. We were trying to be patient while we waiting, but then our instructor was great so that helped. He was personable and friendly and wanted to help us do as much as possible in our short time. Anyone going, make sure to add the hi-fly. It is definitely a must do, even though crazy it costs more money to just go higher even if it was the same time frame. So fun experience for the family, but I don’t know that I need to do it again.

Review №54

We took our girls here and they had a blast. They key was the team there runs such an efficient operation and the. Customer service was amazing. Everyone was so friendly.

Review №55

Awesome just awesome. Cannot wait to do it!

Review №56

First , I am in sales ...PLEASE ask Harrison to the customer before saying Yes. Courteous doesn’t translate to understanding.I was hoping to arrange for corporate for my group - by finding out about 1 person and duration.for a first time basic explanation was more a distracted talk. I was given a steady stream of yes yes yes with an undercurrent of impatience.YOUR Loss:: So I made the decision not to go here or bring my group here. so right there you lost 12 seats at 4 mins~ = $2000 and repeat business at a minimumQuestion was simple ‘how much air time do we get in the 1.5 hrs we are spending here - this is, outside of the 30 min prep( ON GROUND)- and are you doing trial floating runs in the tunnel OUTSIDE of the 2 mins for $89??The price for corporate discounts was also a simple question - for a team of ~10-12 what’s the discount %?? Instead I was given a form.

Review №57

What an excellent night! Great customer service and staff. We felt incredibly comfortable and safe. We went there to celebrate celebrate a birthday and I had my wife and kids with me. I have a few kids that are a little less adventurous and I was nervous about how they would do. I was impressed with how our trainer approached the experience and my children’s tentative nature.A few days after I received a sweet note from my most shy daughter. Apparently she had a great time and wants to come back. Thanks a million! We’ll be back soon.

Review №58

My son and I went here tonight. What a fun thing to do. The experience is great, the instructor we had was funny and patient. Its well worth the money. Take the family, make it a corporate event. You wont be disappointed.

Review №59

We enjoyed our experience at iFLY immensely. From the moment we entered and were greeted by a friendly associate at the front desk, to the smooth check-in process, everything was a breeze! Even the restrooms were exceptionally clean! Our flight instructor though, Amberly, made all the difference! She was very knowledgeable, she had a fantastic personality and really made our flights enjoyable! Because of her great training, we were able to get the hang of flying right away. We had such a wonderful morning!

Review №60

Both my 9 and 6 year flew in the past month. Great and encouraging instructors. Both times. No wait during a weekday! We will be back for more!!!

Review №61

Its really expensive for two minutes total of being lifted off the ground about 2 feet by 100mph wind. If you want to go up about 8 to 10 ft its an extra $19.95. Havent tried VR but it looks like it would be more fun. However, that too is only a minute or two long at the max.

Review №62

We had even more fun than I thought we would have. Great for all age groups. Instructors are very nice and that is key to this place. We will be back. Try it!

Review №63

Awesome fun for the whole family. Cant wait to go back. Staff was super helpful and friendly. A must try in Phoenix.

Review №64

This was a lot of fun. Yanni was our instructor and he was amazing! My sister and I had a blast. He really made our time super fun. Side note, you should do the extra minute for $10. Totally worth it.

Review №65

If youre ever looking for an exciting experience without the possibility of death very close by, then iFly would definitely be the place to attend. Experiencing the simulated skydive with a trained flyer to teach you how to maneuver, how to stay afloat, how to stay safe, and so on altogether was and is a time worth spending money on. Especially if you opt for the High Flight package. Also, the customer service at this location also enhanced every aspect of the overall experience of just being there, both in and outside the suits and chutes. Definitely worth every penny and multiple returns.

Review №66

Booked my sons first visit online, did not add a $21 High Flight add on. When we get there they ask again to add the High Flight at the end of our second flight, I decline this $21 add on again. Then after preflight the instructor comes over to me and ask if I want to add High Flight to my son package, I say no thank you again, but he still tells me I can change my mind while hes on his second flight. So annoying about upgrading for literally 10 seconds of flight @ $2 a second,no thank you for the forth time. The hole experience there took almost two hours.

Review №67

Great service! Will be coming back!

Review №68

I have to admit, I am scared of heights and so sky diving will not be an activity that I will dare to do, at least for now. Comes iFly Phoenix, I know there are many iFly facilities around the world, but I am reviewing specifically for this iFly in Phoenix. Although I hesitate to try this iFly at first but at the end, I decided to give it a try. The facility is a big one, its modern and very welcoming. Moment we walked into the entrance, we were greeted by a friendly staff. There were a number of packages. We signed our waiver form and then walked up the stairs. In the wind tunnel (at least thats how I described it), there were already a few people flowing in the air, it looks fun. We went to the counter and told the staff the size of our shoes, the onesie outfit we had to wear, safety googles and helmet, yes, safety first. There were locker bin that we could put our valuables and then we were in a room watching safety video and the staff gave us a brief what to expect and the process of the experience. There were about 12 people for this session and we all set in a lineup outside the wind tunnel, one-by-one the guide inside the wind tunnel gave each of us about 1 minute time to flow in the air. We got 2 rounds of the experience so that we can get a hang of it. When we are rookies, we will have a guide there to assist us. But if you log in a number of hours at iFly, I believe you can go inside on your own. NOTE: Anyone who weights over 260 lbs (I believe) could not do the iFly, I guess the air just couldnt lift up a human body. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and I highly recommend anyone to give it a try. Although its nowhere near the sky diving jumping out of a plane but the iFly experience is good enough for me to get a taste of what its like gliding in the air.

Review №69

Such an amazing experience like nothing I have ever done before. So fun to figure out how to fly, and to get to start learning some tricks. Very expensive, but the price makes sense due to the large amount of power the fan must consume. Worth it though!!

Review №70

This place is a lot of fun. I was here last weekend for the first time with my teenage son. He wanted to come here for his bday so I took him. It was more fun than I thought it would be. It’s definitely worth the money.

Review №71

Took my son here for his birthday and wow. Just wow. Amazing. My son was treated like a rockstar. This place is the bomb!!!!! We had a blast. You will not regret coming here!! These people are so awesome!

Review №72

We visited here yesterday for our first time. My 10 year old had a gift card to use. She absolutely loved it. Very happy with the service from staff/instructors!

Review №73

We keep coming back every year

Review №74

Crazy expensive yes ($260 for two including virtual ifly) but if you can afford it, worth every penny. The company has this down. What a great experience. The process is perfect. The staff is absolutely great, especially the instructors, and contribute heavily to a fun and unique experience. Warning - if you develop vertigo easily, this may not be for you.

Review №75

Its a different experience wasnt like a rollercoaster ride, it was better without being scared, it was fun!!

Review №76

It was ok. But too expensive for 1 min fly, they tell you it $85 for 2 flights (2 min) and then when u get there its saying -if you want to fly higher its $20 more ,pictures $20 more. So basically its gona cost you $120 per person for 2 min. I didnt feel the thrill. Wasnt worth it.... u better gor for real skydiving almost same amount of money.

Review №77

Definitely best experience ever

Review №78

So much fun!!

Review №79

Would give five stars...the place is great and the staff very helpful, but theres too many people here at any given time.

Review №80

This place is SUPER FUN! A bit pricey for the length of time youre actually flying but it really feels a lot longer than it is. It would be great to try at least once, but my inner cheapskate would probably not go more than that. Great as a gift too.

Review №81

Absolutely awesome experience for my son! He is 7 and had a blast! The instructors inside were great with the kids and put on an awesome show after he was done!

Review №82

The best experience ever. Must add the high fly.... soo worth it. Will do it again and again.

Review №83

Definitely a place for the WHOLE family. It was a blast! My little one wants to go again asap, didnt want to leave. So, we will be back soon.

Review №84

I came to ifly for my first time to learn to back fly and polish up some belly skills. During my flight, I worked with Michael and he was patient and explained everything clearly. Within a few minutes, I was making certain progress, even though I was still laughing at myself. Ill certainly be back for more!

Review №85

The instructor was great! It was really fun. What a sensation

Review №86

Our 13 year old son is tall, and the instructor was much shorter and not strong enough to stabilize him, so his first flight was a wash. Sadly, as a result, he did not feel confident enough in the instructor to take his second flight, or do the high fly. Not sure what the required skill set is, but perhaps they should better pair the instructor with the flyer so that everyone can have a positive experience.

Review №87

What a blast had a great time with my niece. Jonathan Marvel was awesome! Thank you so much and for suggesting the high flight it’s a must.

Review №88

Great experience start to finish. Staff worked very professionally with my 12 and nine year olds, and me. Very fun!

Review №89

Great fun. Skilled and happy staff, no glum faces :-). Bought our 10 flights for our return visit. Wish everything wasnt extra but that is the norm. Going to get the high flight and camera.

Review №90

All the way home.....I bought a friend flight time, for his birthday. All the way home, he talked about it. He absolutely loves it, and cant way to go back. Thank you, you made that 70yo mans birthday amazing.

Review №91

Went with the family and it was amazing! I had a blast. Our instructor Alex was great and personable. Will return again

Review №92

Indoor skydiving looks fun I went there with family watch 2 of them do it And they had a lot of fun

Review №93

Awesome experience!

Review №94

Expensive. Short. But exhilarating. Returning to get better so we can go real skydiving. Yay! Instructors are great and well trained.

Review №95

Erick is the best!

Review №96

Back open for business! Bucket list item checked off.

Review №97

Loved it. It was a matter of balance and following instructions. Bought the return flight for the kids for their Christmas. Should be fun.

Review №98

The coolest thing Ive done in a long while. They really help you out. Went with my son which was a great experience. We saw a lot of families there. It isnt cheap, but worth it. Definitely going again.

Review №99

Super fun

Review №100

It was exhilerating! Good place to get a taste of skydiving. The guide was skilled, kind and patient to the kiddos.

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