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Review №1

Humphrey is kind and encouraging to players and creates a sense of community and mentorship within his training sessions. He is constantly changing up sessions and bringing in fun equipment to help kids master skills.

Review №2

I signed my son up for soccer training with Coach Humphrey since last summer. My son loves the program. Coach Humphrey is a professional soccer coach and loves teaching kids. His students come from almost every top soccer clubs in south bay. What I like most about Coach Humphreys training is that he always focuses on teaching kids ball skills, which I think every soccer player should learn especially in young age. To help kids learn and practice different skills, Coach Humphrey has a lot of training equipment, which I have never seen in other soccer training programs. I highly recommend Coach Humphreys soccer training program.

Review №3

My daughter has been attending Coach Humphreys small group training for the past 2 years. Each training session is equipped with a vast array of training tools and tailored to the attending students. Coach Humphrey is always smiling and doles out plenty of positive reinforcement and advice to keep the students engaged and motivated. My daughter also attended one Coach Humphreys summer camps. She prefers it over the other pro club affiliated camps: superior training and superior equipment. The invaluable technical training from Coach Humphrey is exactly what my daughter needed to boost her confidence with the ball and improve her play.

Review №4

Coach Humphrey has coached my niece and twin boys and we love his program. He is well organized and comes prepared with lots of tools to keep the kids engaged and working hard. He is teaching them the fundamentals, improving their footwork and making them think about their decisionswhile playing. We have also participated in the camps which are again well organized and professional. I highly recommend Coach Humphrey for his private lessons and the camps as well. He is so talented and I love watching my boys get better under his guidance.

Review №5

Coach Humphrey has a great program. My son has trained with him for 2 years. He loves the training sessions and has become a more confident soccer player. Each session is well planned out and can be adapted to every player’s needs. Coach Humphrey is attentive and knows how to keep the kids motivated throughout the session. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a kid interested in improving his or her technical abilities.

Review №6

Coach Humphrey is wonderful. He focuses on every child and works with them on their development needs. I have been taking my sons to Coach Humphrey for the last couple of years and this is where I think most of their skill development has come from. He is systematic, methodical and insists on getting things done right instead of just trying to do things fast.Coach Humphrey also provides a regular set of classes with flexibility for the parents to pick sessions and times that work for them. This is a huge plus when trying to deal with multiple kids and their own routines.

Review №7

My daughter spent this past week 6 hours a day with coach Humphrey and his very personable and knowledgeable assistants. Each day they greeted her by name and worked on skills that really challenged her level. At the end of the week she was definitely a better player and definitely enjoyed the camp.

Review №8

I have been taking my kids to different camps and training sessions for close to 3 years. We must have tried almost every camp that is available in bay area. Coach Humphreys camps and his training sessions at Steinbeck are by far the best we have seen so far.Coach concentrates a lot on skills and right technique. There is visible improvement in kids confidence and attitude towards using the skills practiced. Now I dont need to worry about motivating them anymore. :)

Review №9

Humphrey is an excellent technical coach! We highly recommend him.He has super creative drills, tools, and techniques that are very effective. He pays attention to detail and quality in actively adjusting kids technique. He is also great repoire with the kids and is very patient. He does his best to tailor the session based on where your child is at and what they need, even though it is a group session.

Review №10

My son has been attending Coach Humphreys training sessions for several months now. He really enjoyed the training and coaching provided by Coach Humphrey. My son is learning lots of dribbling and 1v1 skills and drills in the training sessions. This has helped my sons confidence level in his games. Coach Humphreys soccer camp is one of the best in the bay area. Highly recommended.

Review №11

Coach Humphrey has coached my son for more than a year and we love it! He is very organized and methodical in getting kids comfortable with ball movement and make sure enough practice in footwork. His class is always intensive, fun and effective and my son improved a lot since taking his class. His practice schedule is also very flexible and you can choose whatever times works for you. Highly recommended!

Review №12

My daughters have very much improved their foot skills and continue to do so with Soccer IQ Genesis! They are not only developing continually but enjoying themselves at each lesson and camp. The lessons are very well thought out and are geared towards individual skills which is difficult to find. You can tell that Coach Humphrey truly cares about developing and building up the players, not only in skills but also in character and confidence. We recommend Coach Humphrey and Soccer Genesis IQ very highly as we have tried various trainings in the area and find his to be leading the others.

Review №13

Coach Humphrey is a truly complete and adaptive coach that personalizes his style and curriculum based on each players needs. He has been working with my son for almost 2 years, and my son enjoys every session. Coach Humphrey’s patience, calmness and coaching approach resonate really well with my son and have enabled him to improve his skills while developing his confidence. My daughter attended one of Coach Humphrey’s summer clinics and she can’t wait to be old enough to work with Coach Humphrey on a more regular basis. Definitely give Coach Humphrey a try!

Review №14

Coach Humphrey is Awesome! My 9 year old daughter loves all the drills, especially the drills on mastering her footwork. Coach Humphrey reinforces to always work hard on her first touch. Not only does he focus on her technique, but also trying to make her a complete soccer player. He is very attentive to every aspect of soccer.

Review №15

My older son started with coach Humphrey back in 2015 and my younger son started last year, and both love the program. The sessions are highly technical, innovative and a lot of fun. This is THE place to go if you want to improve you kids technical skills and confidence level on the ball.

Review №16

Humphrey has a great personality both on and off the field. He is very positive with the kids and he offers in depth technical training. My son has been training with him for the past 4 years and by far Humphrey’s trainings have improved his technical skills the most. I have seen many of the top kids in the area at his trainings including Academy and pre Academy levels. He is always on the field there on week nights and weekends and he is always prepared. Humphrey also gives homework to the kids to practice on their own and shared a video with them to watch on a particular skill. We have tried pretty much all the camps and trainings in the area and by far Humphrey offers the best value.

Review №17

Coach Humphrey is one of the best coaches our boys have had the fortune to work with (and weve worked with a lot). Hes one of the few that really knows how to teach and refine technical skills at a detailed level. Hes very detail oriented and gives very frequent and specific feedback to the kids at each training. He really is great with kids and has their best interest at heart. His passion for the game is genuine and he is a super positive influence on the kids he works with. There are not many coaches/people like him, so we are fortunate to have him in this area.

Review №18

My two daughters love attending Humphrey’s small group sessions. Humphrey brings plenty of equipment so the players never wait in lines, thus they are constantly moving. Humphrey provides plenty of positive, practical feedback at every session. He is always extremely well organized. The girls have shown tremendous development in all aspects of their game since training with him.

Review №19

My son (15 yr) and daughter (10 yr) just recently completed 30 sessions each with coach Humphrey. they both enjoyed his training and camps in the summer. Both of my kids have improved their ball handling since training with coach. They are both much better soccer players because of his program.

Review №20

My son trained with Coach Humphrey for 2-1/2 years(from 14~16 yr old) and he now has advanced to the UK to pursue his football career. Coach Humphreys training has equipped him a rather solid fundamental and that is the very reason why he can compete in the UK youth level. While my son was still in the US with his formal club team, he went from bench player to the top scorer of the team in one season thanks to his own hard work and Coach Humphreys 1x1 trainings.Coach Humphrey could be the most important role in my sons football training. We are so grateful to have him.Btw, Coach Humphrey is by far the most sincere and diligent coach among all coaches we have known in my life time.If your kid is serious about playing football, this is the place!

Review №21

With the program over 2 years- excellent long term development in-depth technical training, something that many clubs do not offer. Humphrey is an extraordinary coach on many levels, very inspirational lessons. Kids love it! For parents it is great because the lesson times are very flexible, which enables busy soccer families to stay flexible.

Review №22

Humphrey is one of the best soccer coaches Ive worked with. I really believe in his coaching philosophy that is to refine personal skills through thousands of thousands of touches during the day-to-day training. Both my sons have been training with Humphrey for a while now and I can clearly see the difference. Most importantly, the boys are training hard and really enjoying it!

Review №23

A combination of high quality training with passion for teachingHumphrey teaches from the heart that is the secret to achieve amazing results!!

Review №24

Humphrey is a great coach and his training is top notch. He is very patient with the kids and works with kids at all levels. His camps are fun as well as technical. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their ball control and 1v1 skills

Review №25

My son has been training with Humphrey for about 2 years now. He has been the one constant and stable element in my son’s development. Through rough seasons when team coaching wasn’t up to par, I owe my son’s continuous development to Humphrey. As many teams focus on tactics and understanding of the game, Humphrey provides balance with the technical side of the game.

Review №26

I have been bringing my 9 year old to Coach Humphrey’s training sessions once or twice a week since fall 2017. We’re hooked. Club soccer practices have their place, but to be honest, I see them now more as a supplement to Soccer IQ training sessions. Tactics are meaningless if the kids don’t have the technical skills to execute them. The real individual skills training happens in this type of setting. The kids easily get around 1,500 high quality touches on the ball. Coach Humphrey will not let the kids complete a technical drill if it is incorrect. He also spends a lot of time helping the kids develop their non-dominant foot. He even has better soccer training equipment than most clubs. Highly recommend!

Review №27

My son has been attending coach Humphrey’s training sessions for more than a year. He really liked the training and made a lot of progress. Coach Humphrey focuses a lot on details and knows how to train the kids. He always keeps his commitment and is great on communications. He is the best coach I’ve ever been working with.

Review №28

I cant say enough positive things about Coach Humphreys training sessions! Ive seen my daughters footwork greatly improved since she started 7 months ago. He starts the kids based on their skill level and increases the difficulty of the drills after a few sessions so they dont get bored. He also brings in different training tools that we usually dont have access to which is a big plus. I had referred two other players from my daughters team and their parents, too, have seen great improvements. Coach Humphrey is very patient and he pays attention to the kids to ensure theyre technique is correct. I would definitely recommend Coach Humphrey to anyone looking to take their kids skills to the next level.

Review №29

Coach Humphrey has one of the best technical program in the bay area Silicon Valley. Hes training methods challenges the player to develop their technique and builds their confidence. The SIQG camps are great, my son enjoys working with the Humphrey.

Review №30

Coach Humphrey is an excellent coach. He is passionate about the game and shares his passion with his students. My son enjoys training with Coach Humphrey and has improved so much. Soccer IQ Genesis training definitely compliments his club training.

Review №31

Coach Humphrey has been coaching both our kids for a few years now and it’s made a remarkable impact. He is humble but confident in his teaching, pays attention to detail and we think he is a great teacher of the technique. Strongly recommend Coach Humphrey.

Review №32

My son enjoys going to the soccer sessions at Soccer IQ Genesis a lot! I, as a parent, see a more focused kid with great ball control skills and a better attitude, more positive and confident. The better he gets the more he enjoys soccer ! Coach Humphrey is very patient, passionate and caring, such a great example for my son!

Review №33

My two daughters are learning great footwork skills from Coach Humphrey. They also really enjoy the training sessions. Humphrey is an talented soccer coach.

Review №34

Humphrey’s trainings are awesome. Both of my boys have been training with Humphrey since 2015. His trainings have helped propel them from being on the bubble when first joining comp soccer to being first-team players. His training methods and first hand insights are hard to find anywhere else.

Review №35

Since our daughter started her sessions with Coach Humphrey, her ball handling skills such as dribbling, ball control, agility, and knowledge of the game have improved in a short amount of time. With each session, she becomes more confident in her abilities and skills.

Review №36

My son has been going to humphrey for a number of years and I can say (after running two other kids through the big clubs) that Humphrey’s trainings are invaluable, providing important touches and working on skill work. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Review №37

Soccer IQ Genesis is the real deal. Coach Humphrey teaches the very fundamentals of soccer while allowing the kids to learn as many skills and techniques with or without the aid of various equipment. My son enjoys the individual training and has been confidently using the skills and techniques he learned. We recommend SIQG for players seeking high quality training from a professional, well talented coach.

Review №38

Coach Humphrey lessons apply not only to soccer but real life, he trains both aspects of the game, physical and mental (problem solving). My son really loves it and I couldnt more happy with his improvements.

Review №39

We’re a big believer in Coach Humphrey. His focus on the technical aspect of the game and development of the fundamentals is a perfect compliment to any club teams’ curriculum.

Review №40

Our daughters individual skills has improved so much since she started training with Soccer IQ Genesis. Theres a lot of touches on the ball. The practices are intended to hone and perfect the passing, dribbling, shooting and defending skills that they learned.

Review №41

My son started training with coach Humphrey last 2.5 years. Coach Humphrey focuses on technical training with emphasis on doing it the right way. Something like this is a MUST for anyone who wants to improve as a soccer player. Its something club/team practices cant provide.My son made such an improvement during that time. He started u-little bronze level team and he is currently playing for USSDA team.Coach Humphrey is always patient with the kids and he shows kids how to do it instead of just telling kids what to do.I cant recommend him enough.

Review №42

Coach Humphreys training is all about skills with lots of different equipments and drills. What I observe is 1, after every training, my son gets really tired; 2, he really enjoys the drills.

Review №43

I had the privilege of getting my son signed up for the soccer fundamentals at Soccer IQ Genesis. He not only enjoyed the personal approach conducted by Coach Humphrey but also the unique equipment set up that kept him engaged throughout his sessions.

Review №44

Great trainer

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