The Punch Line San Francisco
444 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States

Review №1

Great comedy club with good food and nice staff. I saw mark Normand here and laughed myself out for a week. Also their bathrooms have speakers so you don’t miss a thing.Pretty decent food as well. We got nachos and wings.

Review №2

Nice experience tonight! Thanks Yelp! So glad to be here with all laugh!!! Be sure to get here as early as you can, then you can get the best seats, just next to stage!

Review №3

Great show! I stumbled on this show whilst I was on a date. The show was very funny all comics were great. Will definitely be back!

Review №4

The punchline was a very nice experience & the staff was nice too. I would go back to the Punch Line to see more shows. I got to meet and greet with Josh Blue and the other comedian and I got a picture and signature initials from Josh Blue, it was an honor to meet him.

Review №5

Love coming here. They bring great comics and the food and drinks are quality. Service is efficient and havent had anything but a great time coming to a show.

Review №6

Everyone here is so nice! From security to the waiters, youll always be greeted with a genuine smile and they crack their own jokes! Good food, good drinks, great atmosphere.

Review №7

This place is tucked away but feels great on the inside. The staff and comics were real good. Also the drinks were nice and stiff!

Review №8

Smallish club, that makes the accomplished comic seem larger than life. Street parking is a rare luxury in this particular neighborhood. Supporting comics are generally above par. Drinks were enjoyable...on the strong side Strongly recommended

Review №9

Great venue for comedy. Weve never had a bad time. Reasonably priced for the quality - headliners are known comics and the acts preceding them are always funny sometimes better than the main act.

Review №10

Excellent place for coming with your friend and have wine along with stand up comedy.

Review №11

Fun venue to see a comedy show. We saw Greg Proops here for New years and it was a really fun time! We were able to rush out after the countdown show and watch the tail end of the fireworks show from over the bay!

Review №12

A good variety of talent. The main attraction was truly entertaining. Ron was flamboyant, very likeable, and extremely funny. A great closing act making for a fun night. I wish we had more places like this in Canada.

Review №13

New Years Eve 2019! All good! We love Greg Proops! And Punch Line! Great time! Rick

Review №14

Attended this club to see Dana Gould. Did not disappoint. Had an awesome view of the stage and the service was prompt and friendly.

Review №15

Had an amazing time, cant wait to go back. Service was excellent, shows were on time and followed schedule, venue was overall well kept. Theres a reason its well known.

Review №16

Couldnt believe it when I heard that Google bought the building, it was the very last show until Dave Chappelles support, punch line now has a lease of 2 years. Hopefully, theyre not going to be shut down.Drinks were a lil on the sweet side but I tend to prefer it that way, but they were good. Garlic fries were yummy. Server was on top of her game, remembered my and SOs second beverage. MC or host of show was funny and crass, she was really good. The other more intelligent and subtle comedian was good too but he lost some of the crowd. Chad Daniels, the headliner was fantastic. New material than his special. He is sharp! Edgy, dry, sarcastic, witty

Review №17

Nice venue and reasonably priced, at least by San Francisco standards. Easy to see and hear the talent, and a really solid lineup of great comedians on their schedule.

Review №18

The Punch Line is a San Francisco classic. Its a small cozy club that has great entertainment. Theres a 2 drink minimum and drinks start at $6. The food is ok, not great, so dont come here to eat. But if you want to have a fun time watching comedy close up this is a great place to go.

Review №19

Super funny comedy shows. Love this venue bc it’s intimate and there’s No hiding (I fell asleep in the audience and got made fun of a few times per my bf). Must purchase drink but so worth for a night out. Get your tickets in advance.

Review №20

Great food and drink options to go with some great comedy

Review №21

2 drink minimum per person. Food choices were underwhelming. Feature was the best of the night, we would give the place another chance with a better headliner.

Review №22

Really nice up to date club. Perfect size. Decent selection of bar food and lots of cocktail choices. Tickets go through the evil empire live Nation so you will be hit with exorbitant fees to buy tickets online. We got them at the box office. There is a two drink minimum and the drinks were mostly $12 so keep that in mind. Overall we had an excellent time. The service was great! I would highly recommend it.

Review №23

Decent ginger beer. Saw Same Problems Andrea B and Sara Rooker!

Review №24

Love it super fun! Perfect place for a date or to laugh with friends!

Review №25

Won free tickets, we had a great time the food and drinks were good. Service was great. We will come back.

Review №26

First time to this spot and I enjoyed myself. Was a bit hard finding the main door to the entrance of the inside. So just so you know go all the way around towards the back. We went to see Fahim Anwar guy was very funny and had us all laughing. Beer selection is limited with drinks I dont normally drink. Chicken nachos were very good! Great place will come back. Last but not least nice interior look of this place.

Review №27

First off, if you havent been here before youre going to have a tough time finding the entrance so be prepared to call and get verbal directions. When we got to the actual entrance there was still a crowd from the previous show so instead of waiting inside the building in a tiny waiting area we were asked to go stand outside. This may have been fine normally but it was 45° and pouring rain which was ridiculous. Once inside we were directed to a tiny 4 top table (there were only 2 of us) and told that we would be sharing the table with 2 other strangers. I asked if we could instead sit at a 2 top table and the host (visibly annoyed) obliged. This was pretty much every groups experience from what I could see. So, until the comedy started we were pretty irritated throughout the entire process and were close to leaving. Once the comedy acts started we were relieved that all of the comedians were pretty funny so it wasnt a complete disappointment after all. I dont think Ill ever go back to this venue in particular.

Review №28

Great atmosphere. Went there to see Gina Yashere, great show that night. 2 drink minimal. Oven was broken the day I was there had no choice but to order the Mediterranean plate, which actually turned to real good. Great experience over all, will definately go back for another show.

Review №29

Great venue. Best looking comedy club Ive ever been to. The food is a little pricey but its worth a good show.

Review №30

Very good place to catch a stand-up act.

Review №31

Went to see a Mark Normound show. He was one of the best stand ups I’ve seen and the tickets were only $25. Would highly recommend Punchline (lots of history here like Aziz Ansari and Chapelle have performed there) and seeing Mark when you can.

Review №32

Perfect place for comedy with usually great lineups. Need to book in advance for the weekend. Some snack food pretty ok. Excellent and friendly service. Not a place to hangout but really to enjoy the show.

Review №33

Chris Hardwick was awesome. Super funny dude.

Review №34

Old school comedy club. Good bar, so-so food.

Review №35

Its a nice and intimate venue. The staff was friendly. The food was okay. When I was there the comedy was quite left politically but I shouldnt have been surprised. Some of it was funny. Also I believe in capitalism and if Google bought the building they should close and move to a new location.

Review №36

Waitress was really rude. Ruined my entire night. Ive never felt more offended in my life.

Review №37

Always a great time. The staff was great.

Review №38

Nice intimate environment with no bad seat and fantastic comics.

Review №39

Great staff and good food. Drinks a bit on the expensive side, as expected (2x) and 2 drink minimum for shows. They have a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks too. Be warned, line wraps around the building for popular shows, usually 20 min before the doors open.

Review №40

Love the intimate size of the place. Drinks were so expensive and not that great but I guess they gotta make their money somehow. Waitresses were great though and even though there were not very many of them they were fast and efficient and we never had to wait long to place an order. Comedy the night we went was great!

Review №41

Came here because Dave Chapelle spoke about it in his special, was well.worth it, very funny comedians and a great venue.

Review №42

A historical establishment for comedy. Ive seen the greats here. Robin Williams... Louis CK... Dave Chappelle. So many memories...I hope there will be more to come here. So intimate. So beloved. So needed. Please dont go away Punch Line.

Review №43

Great drinks, amazing atmosphere to watch a comedy show. Will return.

Review №44

Great experience, comedian lineup, good vibe club.

Review №45

The Comedians were funny and talented.

Review №46

Need to get there early to find seating, small club room. I did not care that the performers use bad languages, otherwise show was good.

Review №47

Small and intimate venue; great for really connecting with the talent. Food prices were reasonable and the service throughout the show was very good. I recommend this place highly.

Review №48

Overall it was a fun experience. It seemed like an endless parade of comics doing about 7 min sets. Good variety without a ton of blue humor. Drink and food prices are pretty high and there is a two drink minimum.

Review №49

We had a wonderful time........keep this place on the map. And if you ever need a DJ........hit up ya DEEJDEE......Lets make some folks happy.....

Review №50

Getting upstairs to punchline entrance was a bit to be desired with the smell of urine in the corridor, highly suggest holding your breath for the 15 second incline. The venue was cozy and inviting, we went to the Sunday night lineup and highly recommend it. We saw about 12 comedians and enjoyed majority. It was a fun time with laughs all around

Review №51

Great location that is small and very personal feeling. Service is good, but food and drink and a bit expensive. Definitely worth it though to see a performer you like.

Review №52

Great comedy club

Review №53

Omg Dan Cummins was awesome!! The opening act was great and the staff was friendly fast and phenomenal!! I have no idea how they remember each tables orders without a fault. But they did it just made a fun experience that much better!

Review №54

The brilliant Bob Rubin treated the audience to narrations of precious, timeless, short stories. Punch(es)lines were notoriously delivered with the accuracy of a drunken Kung Fu Master!

Review №55

Its cozy, its a little bit seedy, and the comics are routinely great. I love this place.

Review №56

Normally we have great service. The waitstaff were wonderful and attentive even though the place was packed. We paid for the seat upgrades and when we got there they told us that just guaranteed us a table... Im pretty sure thats what the tickets did. We got a refund and since no large parties showed up they moved us to cushioned seats. The manager was willing to work with us but that really put a damper on the whole night. So heads up about the seat upgrades that are supposedly only table reservations...

Review №57

Weve been going to the Punchline for years, always good comedians, some better than others but never bad! Convenient, easy to park, eating at punchline is ok, foods good but not great. But you can miss the last minute rush and have time with friends and have a wonderful view!!

Review №58

Missed the comedy scenes of Chicago and NYC but pleasantly surprised at punchline. If you are new to the city I highly recommend coming here on Sunday evening -- very bay area stereotypes and topics covered in the comedians bits. Many comedians take the stage for a short period of time on Sundays so you get a lot of flavor. Sunday night tickets are free but there is a 2 drink minimum if you sit at the table (1 Diet Coke is $7..comes in a small glass)...count on spending ~$20 / person.

Review №59

Great vibes. Good energy. Love the atmosphere.

Review №60

We went for the Sunday night review. A number of talented comics perform 7 or 8 minutes. Range of styles and personalites. Nice venue. Good crowd.

Review №61

Great stand-up comedy history at the SF Punchline.

Review №62

Its great fun. Don’t expect to be let in when “doors open”. And don’t expect the comedian to actually be funny as most times they complain about San Francisco crowds not laughing at their jokes.

Review №63

Do you like to laugh? What about drink alcohol? Well attended he punchline you can do both at the same damn time.Its a great venue thats a bit weird to get to. Once you climb the two flights of stairs youll be aimlessly walking around the building trying to find the entrance. Men seem to find the exit first which is just so typical. Anyway, once you find the entrance youll be seated with very strict rules.Apparently if you move a chair 1, youre going to have problems. They are a bit weird about moving chairs which is ok by me, but why not bolt them to the floor if thats going to be an issue?No heckling is allowed, so if youre British, youre not going to have a good time. So sit down, shut up, and drink.Drinks are ok if you get anything but the cocktails. They pour a good beer straight from the tap - cant go wrong.Lastly, you may want to order ice water because it can get super warm in there. So be warned to dress in layers.

Review №64

Good comedy and club layout, but staff was really rude — asked to be move to a different seat after waiting in line and being one of first people into the venue — staff responded aggressively and seated us in the back. Also drinks are way overpriced (w/ two drink minimum).

Review №65

Good comedy. Was a bit unsure because of some reviews; there is a 2 drink minimum but I can say service was great, and they were not at all pushy with the ordering drinks thing. Would def return.

Review №66

Great intimate venue with hilarious comics and great drinks.

Review №67

Good drinks and funny people my kind of place

Review №68

Been to a few comedy places, the Punchline was mediocre. The seating was nice though. I think it may be the artists that day when I was there that wasnt that great. It is pretty hidden upstairs and around many corners, but I did enjoy my evening their with my date. Its very near the Bart station as well.

Review №69

Great time and a lot of great comedians.

Review №70

Came here for the Jimmy O Yang show. It was hilarious. I loved it!! The area isnt that big, but can hold a good amount of people. No wonder the tickets sold out so quickly. The place says 2 drinks minimum per person, but we only bought one each and some snacks. After you go through security, the usher seats you based on how many people are in your party. But over all great experience!!

Review №71

Ive previously had nothing but outstanding service at Punchline. Tonight was an exception. They had a member of their waitstaff call off, and were short handed. While I completely understand that they were stressed by this, the waitress we were assigned was fairly indignant about the 2-drink minimum, despite us ordering doubles on the first round to try to take off some of the pressure. I just think it could have been handled better, so theyre not quite getting 5 stars this time. But every other experience has been a 5-star one!

Review №72

Great location and entertainment!

Review №73

Great small comedy club. When I first went there, I didn’t expect to understand much, being a non-native speaker. Or my surprise, I understood almost all of the jokes and had a lot of fun. The place is small and cozy. You sit really close to the scene. The food and drinks are fine, a bit on the expensive side. There is a minimum of 2 drinks per person, and you can’t get food instead.

Review №74

Small, intimate club. Solid line ups and good drinks. A bit aggressive on who they kick out and why. Saw 2 entire tables removed over the course of a 3 hour show. Neither seemed entirely deserved, though the people were a bit annoying.

Review №75

Saw Chad Daniels who is always funny, club is nice and staff was great

Review №76

An institution-the best comedy club in the city.

Review №77

Absolutely incredible comedy club. Amazing talent. Get the THC infused rail drink and sit in the front seats for the best time possible.

Review №78

Well, its a great comedy club but dont ever upgrade to reserved table seating. You will pay extra to sit further away than if you just arrived early. Waste of money!

Review №79

Great club. Wait staff was friendly. Love the back drop with the exaggerated SF skyline. Some good comedy history.

Review №80

A good line-up of artists, a great atmosphere, perfect for couples and small groups.

Review №81

Comedians were hilarious, including the host, and the venue is really pleasant inside. I had a great time, would definitely go back.It has a really weird entrance- from the street, you have to climb a bunch of stairs, then walk through this park-like roof area around to the other side of the building. Also note theres a 2-drink minimum.

Review №82

Nice little club, small enough that any seat in there is good. Been to two different shows and its a great deal at $20 per ticket. Enjoyed all the comedians so far. Theres a two drink minimum but the wait staff takes great care of you. Food is a bit overpriced, especially the nachos, but they were still tasty. Save a few bucks and make sure you arent hungry going in. Other than that, its a good night out.

Review №83

I like their comedians ! Had a good time !

Review №84

Fun place. And the food is delicious

Review №85

Great place, very fun comedians

Review №86

Great comics, good food and service, fun night!

Review №87

Hmmm... Its a great venue and kind of a little tricky to find the first time but, its great inside there is obviously great organization. They also have a good amount of options for meals, snacks and drinks which is good when there is a two drink minimum. Im giving the venue a 4/5 but as for the comedy show it was ok. Most of the people up there were white, again its probably specific to the show: SF showcase, but it seems like all white people can joke about is about sex, it gets pretty old pretty quick though some jokes were funny, just not that funny. Its nothing compared to my experience in the laugh factory (the laugh factory was super great)

Review №88

Great comedy venue with an intimate feel. Worthwhile to see some smaller shows here.

Review №89

The comedic material was not good, except for one comic. Server was super rude, beverages were obscenely expensive (water was $6!), service was slow, and the entrance isn’t easy to find either

Review №90

Just saw Chad Daniels. Loved it!

Review №91

The Punchline had a great set of comics that make you laugh!

Review №92

Alittle expensive in the side of food and drink, but great atmosphere and the comics were hilarious! Definitely coming back.

Review №93

The Punch Line is THE most prestigous and storied comedy club in all of northern california. The club is in the heart of san francisco near bart with ample parking nearby.Inside of the venue it is very intimate for a space which has famous touring comedians from all over the country. Sundays are my favorite because they showcase some of the best up and coming local comedians in the bay area.

Review №94

One of two professional comedy clubs in SF. Comedy is very subjective. Great intimate venue to see very famous and also local comedians. Bar and wait staff is excellent. Food is delicious but not healthy.

Review №95

Great staff and intimate environment!

Review №96

Saw Bobby Slayton last night in a show called Bobby Slayton and Friends. It wasnt a full house as we were at the late show on Friday night, but it was a good turnout. The staff was attentive, and they were able to accommodate a member of our party who needed a spot to stand during the show. We ordered a root beer float, which was very good, but I would have loved to have it with the alcoholic version of root beer. But thats a minor complaint. All in all an enjoyable evening.

Review №97

Fantastic place to see a show. Long live the punch line.

Review №98

Cozy atmosphere. caught a show on the fly when I randomly decided to go even though I was alone. was hanging out with a friend impromptu-like, but when she had to go I wasnt ready to go home yet and I was already in the city. Decided to check their shows and saw Chris Porter was gonna be on whom I remember from Last Comic Standing and his Netflix special. Parking can be hard but then again...its SF. Had to pay $27 just to get in, which seems steep. 2 drink minimum no matter what. My Old Fashioneds were delicious. The show was funny. Staff was friendly. Bathroom clean.

Review №99

Interesting tucked-away location.Good lineups, good vibes.BE HERE

Review №100

Great little comedy club with pretty good talent. Service was a bit on the slow side.

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