Murphys Pub
217 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States
Review №1

Very neat and convenient restaurant. They provide generous meals and for fair rates. We enjoyed the menu very much and the staff were super welcoming and chatty. Highly recommended.

Review №2

I stepped in looking for lunch while I was attending a conference in the Financial District. The decor is exactly what you would expect of a bar. The bartender was busy but personable and courteous. I ordered a cheese burger with a salad. The food came quickly. My cheese burger appeared and tasted fresh and delicious, cooked exactly as I ordered it. For a bar lunch, it was about as good as it gets.

Review №3

Good place to hang out with friends in evenings (after work etc). Pretty decent beer collection and cool atmosphere inside. Whats also nice is that they have outdoor seating at the backside with not much foot or mobile traffic. One of the places in the city we end up going quite often.

Review №4

We looked for a bar that is not too crowded, has a good choice of beer and serves good food. The prices are good and the staff was really friendly! Five stars!

Review №5

Great drinks and decent bar food. The mozzarella sticks were disappointing, but the chili was great!

Review №6

Great local watering hole with cheap eats and a decent beer selection. Always busy but not so crowded you cant find a seat. Doesnt seem to attract a lot of tourists, which is good. Patio in the back alley for folks who still like to enjoy some nicotine with their beverages.

Review №7

Fun casual atmosphere. We happened to catch the comedy show and it was so much fun! An hour and 1/2 and about 4 comedians. They were all funny! It was well worth the $10. We didnt have food but it looked great!

Review №8

Very nice atmosphere. I recommend the chicken sandwich with garlic fries. The garlic fries are excellent and are made with fresh chopped garlic.

Review №9

Murphys is an okay spot for happy hour. Food is not great, though I do enjoy the cheese sticks a great deal. Beer selection is good, I think, though I only drink Budweiser so I dont care that much. They do have a lot of space in the back and some alley seating as well, which is nice. Generally have the game on, which I rather appreciate.

Review №10

Good place. The food wasnt as good thought. The burger was super dry and no flavors. But the staff very friendly and nice accent wall with good pieces.

Review №11

We had such a great time at Murphys Pub. And we loved that the bartender, Valerie, was from Dublin. Great beer and Irish whiskey selection. Squint and youll swear youre in Temple Bar.

Review №12

Great selection and very friendly and help bar staff

Review №13

Good pub that is close to enough to the BART station to wait out rush hour. A good assortment of local brews and the food is not bad either. I had the fish and chips and really enjoyed the meal

Review №14

The bartender offered a great suggestion for a beer. She was friendly and helpful and the beer was reasonably priced.

Review №15

Lenny was bartender tonight. Two customers cam in and ordered 2 cokes and meals. When customer returned and asked for a refill, but Diet Coke, Lenny charged them 4.00. I asked him why he charged for a refill and he said they offered a different drink. REALLY! For a soft drink? Needless to say he got no tip from me and he is a lousy bartender. Even customers asking for menus he just told them to look on the table. Not polite at all! Looked like he didn’t want to be there.

Review №16

Brunch is amazing! If youre looking for something different from your typical brunch this is a must try! Scotch Eggs, porridge, scottish sausage and egg sandwich. Everything is fresh and made in house. We will be going back for sure!Lunch/dinner menu looked excellent too.

Review №17

An alright place to get drinks and bae food after work. Dont expect to be amazed with service or food. They serve alcohol and its reasonably priced. You cant ask for more than that

Review №18

Good place to grab a bite on a rush. Try the fish and chips!

Review №19

We had nachos, chilli beef and chicken wings from the bar menu and all were good. Happy hour beer . Good atmosphere.

Review №20

Im still a fan of this place so my rating isnt changing. I came here last night cuz my friend lives in the neighborhood and I wanted to meet up for a drink and some dinner. DO NOT order the Chicken Piccata! It was sooo incredibly salty! Mounds of capers were on my chicken breast. I should have just gotten the fish n chips I was eyeing!

Review №21

Loved it. Sat at the bar met some lovely people. Staff were great and the fish and chips were excellent and very filling. Great selection of beers for everyone.

Review №22

Gr8 central location...

Review №23

Love this place, the bar tender was really friendly and fast!

Review №24

Nice cheeseburger. Heaps of good beers. Nice place

Review №25

EXCELLENT selection of beers.Otherwise, quaint standard Irish bar with adequate service.

Review №26

Perfectly fine stopping point for a drink, nothing fancy but certainly OK.

Review №27

A great pub the chili bowl is yummy

Review №28

Great little dive bar in downtown SF, near the Montgomery bart. They have a good enough selection of beer on tap that is not ridiculously priced. They have enough seating at the bar and also a bunch of tables with high chairs, so a nice place to hang out if its not too crowded. They do have special events now and then, including comedy and live music, so check out their website for that.

Review №29

A place with a warm welcome to the city and great conversation too

Review №30

Service could be more attentive, glassware less dirty. The fries were good though

Review №31

I had a brother come into town and asked me to take him back here. This place has a cool design. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Review №32

Such a great place to relax with a group of friends or co-workers. Great selection. Quick service.

Review №33

A great pub! The fish and chips are delicious!

Review №34

I love this place so much. The service was very helpful and observant. The bill was decent. Not so close to my office, unfortunately.

Review №35

The food is amazing! I had the scallop salad, in house made pickles and the haven burger . The burger is so juicy on a soft bun that somehow doesnt fall apart...these people know what theyre doing!

Review №36

Didnt try the food but ridiculously large pours on spirits. Friendly staff. There was a really nice mix of locals and tourists the night I went and everyone was really welcoming. Thanks

Review №37

Love this place. Lots of great drinks. Beautiful bartenders.

Review №38

The photos of this gaff are slightly misleading, it’s not exactly a gem of the San Fransisco irish pub scene. The open kitchen is fantastic, at least you can watch the chefs picking their noses and wiping it on their tunic before deciding what to have to eat. The toilets are toilets, wife said the ladies was disgusting, the fellas was nice decorated with graffiti. Go for a pint... fine, but I think I’d rather eat with the seals at pier 39

Review №39

The comedy is not in the pub, thats the tradegy section .

Review №40

Good ol Irish pub. Perfect place to sit with friends and tell each other lies. Sit at the table in the window and you get some good people watching in too.

Review №41

Nice little neighborhood bar. Friendly bartenders.

Review №42

Very fun neighborhood pub. Reasonable prices. Would definitely go back.

Review №43

Pub food, quite acceptable, Im partial to the fries. Good beer, good service. Dont order the iced tea, they always tell me its not a good choice.

Review №44

I give this spot a thumbs up. The staff was friendly and sociable. The place has a good feel to it.

Review №45

We had a party of 9 so they sat us in the back where it was almost pitch black and the lights didnt work. The burgers were completely burnt and over done. The potpie was ok but not for the $.

Review №46

Possibly my favourite dive bar in San Francisco.

Review №47

Good not great. Strong drinks. Bartender was quick but mistook our order for food.

Review №48

Great drink selection and really good food. Staff is always friendly. Highly recommend going here while you are in Murphys.

Review №49

Friendly staff, cool bar. Half decent fish n chips not so much on the calamari tho. Would go back.

Review №50

Its exactly what you want in a pseudo dive bar. Strong drinks, reasonable beer list, and cheap hot food.

Review №51

Great experience. Good food

Review №52

The service was very sociable and kind. The bill was well within reason for the quality. My apartment is far from here, so I cant visit often.

Review №53

Lots of popular beers on tap, pot pies on the menu. Some outside seating, nice on a sunny day.

Review №54

Decent selection of beers and liquor. Decent bar food as well. Service is ok.

Review №55

Good downtown Irish bar, whats not to like?

Review №56

Free WiFi, good beer selection

Review №57

Great locals pub, good back patio for smokers.

Review №58

Quaint Irish Pub with good bar food and great beer selection.

Review №59

Good atmosphere, especially for an after work spot. Food was about what youd expect for pub food. Got the nachos and they were above average. It can get a little cramped at the bar but they have a separate room with some booths and tables. The place overall was a bit grungy, but dont let it deter you. Very fitting to call it a hole-in-the-wall.

Review №60

Ordered the fish & chips, 2 ciders, and an IPA. Was tasty. Chill vibe. I walked away feeling like Id go back.

Review №61

Classic Irish bar excellent staff

Review №62

One of my favourite bars in San Francisco, discovered it back in 2008.

Review №63

Good atmosphere and good choice of fresh beer.

Review №64

Murphys Pub has good and strong drinks, perfect for those times when you need a pick-me-up, or just want to enjoy a night out with some buddies. The waitress was very sweet, friendly and answered all the questions with a smile. This is a hole-in-the-wall spot, but theyve got drinks and thats why youd come here!

Review №65

Super friendly staff. Great FiDi after work spot.

Review №66

Great casual spot downtown. Nice stop for a child beer after a day of wandering around town. Great selection of beer and liquor. I didnt eat, but the food also smelled and looked delicious.

Review №67

Bartender was awesome. Great food.. Would definitely go back!

Review №68

Food mediocre. Beer awesome!

Review №69

Best nachos in SF. Great beers on tap, too.

Review №70

Fantastic pub with a good selection of beers, the meal we had was very nice and at a reasonable price. It can get very busy in here at times especially from around 5pm onwards. We wasnt to impressed with the fish and chips but the Mac and cheese was wonderful. We will eat here again on our next visit to the city.

Review №71

I was surprised that an Irish themed restaurant did not offer any Irish foods

Review №72

Best Irish car bombs, awesome bourbon selection

Review №73

Service is typically above par. prices were average for the menu. feels similar to a restaurant in philadelphia that i enjoyed visiting.

Review №74

Expensive and generally just too cool for its own customers. Great atmosphere looking to ape that Boston Irish Pub feel. Happy hour prices are high than average. The kitchens offerings are what you would expect from a pub but priced like you are eating somewhere far more upscale. The fish and chips get a lot of play but my experience saw the chips golden brown and delicious and my fish about as soggy as the day they were caught... In that Exxon Valdez way.

Review №75

Great beers. Always fun!

Review №76

Great place to get a drink with friends. Cool atmosphere, great 90s rock

Review №77

Busy and buzzy place used by locals along with a few tourists. Efficient staff, huge portions of bar food

Review №78

Good cheap standard bar with great heated alleyway seating

Review №79

Good place for lunch. Good fish and chips.

Review №80

Good food and beer, good service, took a while to get our order. They let you pick the music. Got all my songs played. Comedy occasionally in the back space. Always a good time.

Review №81

The staff was very helpful and welcoming. Atmosphere is similar to a cafe in San Jose I loved.

Review №82

There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. I see why this place has so many good reviews.

Review №83

Only come here if Drew is bartending! He is amazing! I love the French fries at red lion and Drew is wonderful!!!

Review №84

Nice joint. Nice to be in a bar where they dont gouge you for a few drinks. 6 beers and a few apps for under 45 dollars.

Review №85

Good Irish bar. Plenty of Irsh and local beers. On busy street. Nice crowd. Well located near union square, financial, Chinatown

Review №86

Good service. Burger was ordered medium, and it was perfect. So was the Guinness

Review №87

One of the better Kearny St bars because you can walk out after 3 or 4 rounds paying less than $50

Review №88

Great draught beers & guinness. Black & tan the best! Staff very nice except guy with the beard - a smile would be nice!

Review №89

Good beer and liquor selection, probably the best fish and chips Ive ever had. Only complaints would be the bathroom, and the front door that slams closed.

Review №90

Bartender problems. Starts with a wait, followed by a forgotten order. Repeat a second time, and follow it up with audible gossip about blank customers and a continuing sense that they are too cool to serve these fill in the blanks. The place is not busy, half the seats at the bar are empty, and you might as well be a ghost. Clocks ticking for this place.

Review №91

Nice little pub...wonderful fish and chips! lots of beer on tap.

Review №92

Good place, its great when they have the patio open which honestly isnt too often because its in the alleyway.

Review №93

Stopped in here for lunch and had a chicken pot pie so good, it deserves a better name than Chicken pot pie. Seriously good!

Review №94

Strong drinks and eclectic atmosphere

Review №95

Great stop. Great quesadillas

Review №96

Really good fish & chips and a good selection of beers. Also has an unexpected outside patio in back.

Review №97

Great pub. Good selection of beer. Food is also quite good. A little pricey but worth it. Recommended!

Review №98

Great historic bar, great service. The food was good but could be alittle better. Drinks were perfect

Review №99

A nice place for a pint and a bite. The beer selection was decent. There were even a few Ive never seen before in the U.S. Theres a little patio in the alleyway if you enjoy sorting outside, as well!

Review №100

Visited this bar for their weekend stand up comedy. Amazing experience. Cute little spot.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:217 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 415-693-9588
  • Comedy club
  • Bar
  • Fish & chips restaurant
  • Hamburger restaurant
  • Pub
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–1am
  • Tuesday:11am–1am
  • Wednesday:12pm–1am
  • Thursday:11am–1am
  • Friday:11am–1am
  • Saturday:11am–1am
  • Sunday:11am–1am
Service options
  • Dine-in:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy-hour food:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
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