Marrakech Magic Theater San Francisco (wJay Alexander)
419 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
Review №1

I went here once last year, and quite enjoyed it! He even managed (with a bit of difficulty, but he did!) to properly read the mind of my Dad with one of his tricks. I forgot to leave a review, but it was great!

Review №2

Its Magical! Absolutely great show. It was my first show of this nature. Jay interacted with everyone in attendance and they became a part of the show. Awesome!!

Review №3

My mind was blow for the first time ever. I was skeptical at the beginning of the show, he was really engaging and his sense of humor is classy. Im definitely bringing all of my skeptical friends to this show. It is well organized...I cant stop talking about the show to my friends and family.

Review №4

The show was entertaining and so much fun. Jay does some crazy tricks explainable. Most of the guests were participated in the show including us. My boyfriend had a scroll only he knows what it means :)) Highly recommend, dont miss out on fun!

Review №5

What a fun show!!! Jay Alexander is such a great magician. We came here for a friends birthday and all had a wonderful time. Go see this great show in a nice little venue. Come early and be treated to some extra tricks before the show.

Review №6

Hands down one of the most unexpectedly fun and entertaining shows I have ever seen. Jay had the entire audience engaged, stumped, even jaw-dropped at times. From the casual table magic in the lounge to the dont-know-what-to-expect-next show in the theater, Jay is a consummate professional -- a must see magician of the highest caliber with an inspiring story. Having the night to interact with him in this funky and intimate venue was an absolutely a treat. This is a must see show for any visitors to San Francisco and an important live performance for locals to support. If you have *any* inkling for magic, illusion, comedy, live entertainment or things-you-cant-explain, go see this show. It will be a night to remember.

Review №7

We loved meeting Jay Alexander at the door. We loved the food. We loved the table magic. His show is amazing. We cheered and laughed in amazement at his mental tricks. We love Mentalists and are still wondering how he does everything! it was a super fun birthday party for five adults in their forties and fifties and one 5 year old. Highly recommended for any adults and kids over 8 years old.

Review №8

Eat before but the magic was awesome. A mixture of psychology, maths, and illusion that will make you wonder how he pulled it off. Involves the audience too. One of the best magicians Ive seen. Reminds me of Derren brown back home in England! Go see Jays show!

Review №9

This show is amazing!! Jay’s mentalism is top notch. The way he reads the crowd is mind blowing. Usually at a magic show you’ve seen a few tricks before or can tell how it’s done. Not this show. I was blown away. Great humor as well. Get there early for drinks and jay comes out for some close up magic before the show.

Review №10

Truly a magical show! A combination of magic and comedy which equates to perfect entertainment. The small venue allows for an intimate setting that will keep you amazed and laughing throughout the show. We will go back next time we visit the beautiful city of San Francisco!

Review №11

I would recommend the Marrakech Magic Theater to anyone who is a fan of magic. Jay is hands on from the time he greets you at the door to seat you prior to the show all the way to taking a picture with you on the way out. My Fiance and I took her 8 year old son to the show and he had a blast. Jay tries to get as many people from the tiny audience involved in the show as he possibly can. Thank you Jay for a great time!

Review №12

This show was an absolute must see!! Jay Alexander is brilliant and his passion for magic is inspiring. You truly feel like a part of the show and the magic tricks are MIND BLOWING and left us all speechless! Amazing magician and amazing show he puts on. 10/10 would go AGAIN.

Review №13

Jay was incredibly engaging and funny. He has a great story and Im so glad he performs in a smaller theater. It was very intimate. His tricks were mind blowing and I would 100% recommend this to anyone. Were still trying to figure out how he did everything!

Review №14

What an amazing show!! Jay is one of the nicest, most humble guys youll ever meet. I left the show thinking I sorta want to give him more money, that was beyond exceptional for such a cheap price. Such an intimate experience, and you can tell how much Jay cares about something he loves. I would recommend his show to anyone. Make sure to catch him while hes still in SF!

Review №15

Went to San Francisco for my bday and had a blast at this magic show I totally recommended if youre not from there defentetly you should stop by!

Review №16

Quant theater, 50 seats total. Jay makes everyone a part of the show. He will blow you away with his act. My son participated in one act and Jay was spot on!!! A wonderful experience and I plan to come back. For a unique, fun, SF experience I’d highly recommend seeing this show. Hats off to Jay.

Review №17

The show is AMAZING. More important is that Jay is an artist pursuing his dream and experiences his passion with his audience. He is very generous and gracious human being. The venue is intimate and warm, and a throw back to the speakeasy days. An absolutely wonderful evening!

Review №18

Amazing show! Jay is awesome and we especially enjoyed how he interacted with the audience. We had a great time and love the small setting. Will definitely be back soon!

Review №19

This experience was spectacular!I reserved tix for my buddys bachelor party, and it was the highlight of the night. Jay personally greeted us, and did some hilarious up-close magic pre-show. Show up early!The main show itself is very funny and simultaneously mind bending. Intimate theater with lots of audience engagement.Jays story is inspiring, and his passion comes through in the performance.I highly recommend!

Review №20

Just simply an overall amazing show. One of the best shows I’ve been to. Even if you’re not into magic (I’m not really into magic), it’s still a very enjoyable show. There are two things that I thought made this place exceptional:1. Jay himself. He’s funny, friendly, and upbeat. He really tries to incorporate many people in the audience into the show. And he truly is a one man show - He does everything from ushering everyone into the theater, perform card tricks, etc. yet it all flows by so seamlessly. Also, not to mention how some of the magic tricks are mind-blowing.2. The venue - hosting a show like this in a unique Moroccan style venue is great twist. And the intimate audience size of less than 50 ppl made it nice and allowed everyone to interact more closely with Jay.

Review №21

Great fun and entertaining! Jay was unbelievable. We were all completley amazed at what he could do. I was completely skeptical but after the first 5 minutes I was a fan. Cant wait to see him again!

Review №22

What really impressed me the most about Peter was the story that he used to be a ADP (the payroll company) salesman before deciding to quit the job and chase his passion in magic during the height of the 08 recession. Talk about a gamble ... but I guess with a magician, the odds were in his favor.With that said, it was a memorable experience. Peter performed the tricks up close and personal. His salesmanship charm was also on display through the witty remarks and friendly chatter. Go see this even if youre a local - its worth it!

Review №23

I havent seen a lot of magic shows (this may be my 3rd), but Jay Alexanders show at the Marrakech Magic Theater was amazing!! Loved the intimate setting in the jewel box theater. The set was thoughtful, hilarious, and unbelievable! My cheeks hurt at the end of the night from cracking up so much. The pre-show cocktail hour was entertaining too. This makes a great date, team or family outing, or a fun night out. I would cite specific tricks I saw, but Id hate to spoil it for yall! Do check this out.

Review №24

Absolutely amazing! Super engaging best mind tricks show Ive been to. Go and enjoy it! Also the food from the restaurant is great!

Review №25

Jay is Magicial, he can light up a room alone on his big beautiful personality. Then he gets you, everyone is drawn in by his greatness of magic. Please go and see.

Review №26

Fun date night for us. We’re still scratching our heads about how Jay does most every trick, especially moving everyone’s eyeglasses without touching them! We enjoyed our drink in the lounge before the show and loved the cozy theater and how Jay gently engaged everyone. Recommended.

Review №27

Intimate setting with a very personable magician. Id like to decode a few of his tricks! He added a very personal touch at the end about how he had a hard time following up his passion and that we all should pave the way for a child we know to be able to find and pursue their passion, even if its the inner child within ourselves :)

Review №28

Great show! Crowd is small so it is up close and personal. My son and I really enjoyed it.

Review №29

I had a great time at this magic show. It was super funny, very well organized, extremely interactive and very magical! Jay did a wonderful job at making our jaws drop from the first minute to the last during his 1 hour 15 minute show. I especially enjoyed the fact that the stage is small (20 people or so) and that he picks on his audience to join him on stage and witness the magic happen right in front of our eyes. Nothing beats a great close up magic show! Finally, his words at the end about his life story are very motivational and inspiring. I hope to watch one of his shows again in my lifetime!

Review №30

This show blew my mind. We showed up an hour early and had some food and drinks, and Jay came around doing tricks with the guests. Seeing the tricks up close was amazing. The main show was incredible as well. Loved the whole thing.

Review №31

Very cute jewel-box theatre and a great one- man close magic act by Jay Alexander. Highly recommend for birthdays or a corporate event

Review №32

He is a mentalist, very amazing and different from other magicians. We all love him and think he is the best we have seen.

Review №33

Summary: Words cannot describe how fantastical of a show this is. Its personal, funny, and all about a man who is truly passionate about his job. If youre on the fence, get off this site, or page and buy a ticket.If youre a parent and want to take your kids somewhere fun, buy a ticket. If youre a young, or old, couple and want something fun, buy a ticket.If youre a skeptic who believes nothing is ever that good, trust me Im one too, buy a ticket.Buy a ticket now, I can promise you, yes actually promise, you wont regret it. The money you spend today supports a man living his dream, and earns you a night I can promise youll cherish for a long timeI go into this show expecting gimmicks and everyday tricks. I didnt look at any of the reviews, or even know that this guy existed, someone else brought me here. But it far outweighed any expectation I held. It was mind boggling. Theater is dying quickly, and this is one of the last places in which You can actually see magic up close. This isnt some kids birthday party, this is really a great great show. Entertaining and personal.I went with my family, and other families were there, but there were an equal amount of couples, many young, even college kids. Every single person in that theater had fun, and almost every single person got up on stage. This is a show that does not work without its audience, because its the audience in which he cares the most about. This is a man doing his passion on stage: making people smile.The best part is how personal it is. It doesnt get closer than this, in a small theater with maybe 20 or 25 people, its almost an individual show for every person. Even sitting down to eat food, which by the way was fantastic, he came around, asked our names and greeted us with a hand shake. He would come around and, its a sham to call it tricks because its more magic than trick, but card tricks. This is a man who loves his job. Comes in everyday, not to just steal money, but to see the smile on peoples faces.I hope that one day, I will be able to take my future kids to this theater and show them what a man doing what he loves looks like. Point to a real person, who has never worked a day in their life. Ill probably come back, even if the jokes and the acts are the same, just to see Jay Alexander again, just to support him again. Its almost impossible to find evidence for a perfect live, but he is that evidence. I find hope in how much he cares, and I hope one day that I can feel the same way.Ill probably look back on this day, and remember how he made me smile.

Review №34

Great fun from beginning to end. Fantastic sleight of hand and psychological trickery in an intimate venue.I challenge anyone, young or old, not to be bemused and impressed by the trickery and, most importantly, entertained.Dont miss it!

Review №35

My fiance and I both enjoy watching magic, so we bought these tickets on a whim the day of the show and WOW! I have never been so impressed. Jay is AMAZING. His tricks are original, genius, shocking, and fun. We were both involved in the show at different points which sealed the deal that it was just incredible. Also, its a tiny venue, so you get to see everything up close and personal. I cant wait to go back and already told many friends to check it out! Highly recommend!!

Review №36

I am a magician and I was very impressed by Jay Alexander! I came to see the show with my girlfriend, who saw millions of tricks and she was impressed too. Jay has set up a very nice and unique show with a personal touch on some classics of mentalism and magic and it is never boring. Highly recommended!

Review №37

My partner and I were attending a conference at the Hilton next door, registration line was mile long and we decided to wait it out by getting a drink nearby. Luckily we stumbled upon this magic theater and decided to go in. The place is intimate and decorated fittingly for the Marrakech namesake. Theres a cute lounge where patrons can dine and get drinks prior to the show and Jay Alexander greets and entertains the guests as if everyone is a house guest. What I loved the most about the experience, beyond the fact it was so cool to experience magic on this intimate level(maybe a couple dozen seats in the entire theater), is that practically every guest is given a chance to participate, and whats more is the positive message Jay Alexander imparts upon his audience, sharing his story in a raw and authentic way, which was inspiring and touching all at once. Contrary to my initial fear of it being a bit of a tourist trap, Jay Alexander has created an intimate platform to share his passion, talents and combining it all with powerful storytelling to inspire all of us to encourage and seek Magic in our lives. Thanks for a lovely evening and for being a shining light in this otherwise magic-lacking world.

Review №38

Ive never been so happy to have a flight delayed because it allowed me to see Jays show. WOW! One of the most entertaining nights of theater Ive had in a very long time. So many surprises and laughs. It is impossible to not be entertained. Worth every penny, and worth seeing again.

Review №39

Really enjoyed the show! Small intimate environment and Jay made us feel very welcome and part of the show. Still trying to figure out how he does those tricks!

Review №40

Such a fun and entertaining show. Interactive and mind boggling. Definitely recommend for all ages!

Review №41

One of the best magic show experiences available! Close up, intimate, just a wonderful time. Thanks for a great birthday Jay!

Review №42

Brought friends and we had a Great time. Saw Bob Sheets performance and it was a complete WONDER! Extremely entertaining and all amazement. Will definitely be back when in San Francisco.

Review №43

I don’t know why Jay doesn’t have a headliner show in Vegas. He is absolutely amazing and we feel so privileged to have been a part of his show. The pre show is fun and definitely worth you time to show up 60-45 minutes ahead of time. The show is beyond fun, incredible magic and mentality. Almost everyone is included in the show and the intimacy of the small group and stage show is second to none. THIS SHOW IS A MUST SEE.

Review №44

We were a party of 6 and it was a wonderful experience for each of us -- ranging in ages from 64 to 11. Mr. Alexander was a consumate host and entertainer. He was generous with time and attention. We will be coming back soon with friends and family. We also had dinner and it too was great. Thank you to everyone from the bar staff, the wait staff, the kitchen staff, the belly dancer and the musicians. We enjoyed it all and I think that everyone else did too. Thank you all.

Review №45

Excellent show. Funny, honest, and endearing. Highluly recommend it for an unforgettable evening!

Review №46

A great performer. Warm, intimate, funny and magical. Great for all ages. Make the most of it and get there early!

Review №47

Although we didnt see Jay Alexander, Bob Sheets was hilarious and amazing. Its great to see magic up close and personal. Highly recommended.

Review №48

So much fun! Intense magic and surprise every minute. He is a master at his craft.Food and drinks are good too.

Review №49

The food was good, but the show was extremely fun and very entertaining!!! Will deffinantly be back again, its a wonderful date night.

Review №50

Super Fun show. Very personal and interactive.They start off with appetizers,. We had a cocktail, lemonade (tastes fresh squeezed) and the hot mint tea were very tasty. We also had the baklava which was delicious. Jay Alexander did serveral card tricks but the best was yet to come. The show starts better and IT ONLY GOT BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER. All in all, we had an amazing evening full of laughter, wows and ahhhs.

Review №51

Would recommend as an amazing one time magic show for couples. (& Dinner + belly dancing upstairs after).

Review №52

Jay is a world class performer and also seems like a genuinely nice guy. He loves to speak to people in the lobby before and after the show, and the show itself is just incredible. Just as impressive as the tricks are Jays ability to perform them without a hitch. I will definitely come back here with friends and family when they visit from out of town.

Review №53

This is one of the best show I have ever seen....must watch...Jay is wonderful person n mindblowing magician

Review №54

Ton of fun! Close up magic is unbelievable. Entertaining and personable. Even the skeptics enjoyed the show. Two thumbs way up!

Review №55

This guy is not only an amazing Mentalist, but an amazing man. Hes pursuing his passion, and that passion brings a palpable, infectious excitement to his show. Magic had never felt so relaxed, intimate, and fascinating!

Review №56

Jay is such a humble and generous person, he pays special attention to each of his guests making sure everyone feels welcomed and having a great time. And besides he being all amazing he is a phenomenal magician who will leave you spellbound,. The show is in a very intimate setting so every seat is good. Watch it with your entire family if you havent already, I highly recommend!!

Review №57

Jay Alexander is an incredible mentalist. Dont miss this.

Review №58

Couldnt have been more pleased with our choice of entertainment on Valentines day evening. Jay kept my wife and I laughing, amazed and on the edge of our seats. Very welcoming, lots of participating with the audience in a very cool setting. Thanks for the great time from Sandy and Jason from Kansas.

Review №59

Worth every penny. Was entertaining start to finish.True close up magician and gets everyone involved somehow

Review №60

Years of practice, slight of hand, mirrors, misdirection and a GREAT Personality make Peter Morrisons Marrakech Magic Show the most up close and personal magic experience I have ever seen and is appropriate for all ages. First tip, RESERVE early. I booked my tickets for a friday evening 9PM show a month away from our vacation. Second tip, get there when the doors open for the pre-show (usually an hour prior) for the greetings and extra card magic he does as he wonders the tables and crowd. Third tip, stop trying to guess the hows of magic and just enjoy the entertainment. Lastly, be sure to be prepared to smile and laugh as you will be doing much of it. This awesome show sets you back $45 per ticket excluding any meals or drinks. Drink are $9 upstairs in the oasis lounge. Our total for the evening was around $186 for 4 people which included tips and tickets. From the moment we walked down the stairs and were greeted by Peter (Magician and Host) we knew we were in for a great evening. We brought some family with us and even 2 days later we were all still talking about the show. We ate the shish kabob and had the Camel Ride (try it) for drinks. The theater is just down the block from Union Square and a short walk (.5 miles 10 minutes) from Powell Street. If you only have enough money for one show, and enjoy magic, then this is where you should spend your money. Highly Recommended. We asked permission to put the video on my youtube channel and he didnt have an issue. (Special thanks Ritche) Even though we have the video, every performance is unique and tailored to the audience. Along with the fact that pictures and videos never stimulate the mind like being there and experiencing in person. Thanks for reading.P.S. They have Belly Dancing upstairs in the oasis lounge. ;)

Review №61

Such an amazing experience! Jay is a talented and inspiring magician. Would love to visit him again when we are in town the next time!

Review №62

I am so happy our friends recommended the Marrakesh Magic Theatre to us. It’s definitely worth it to come here and also earlier then the show will actually start. We had “wow moments” all the time. It’s a small theatre but if the theatre would be bigger it would not be the same, since everybody can be included in the show. We loved the show and the story behind the personality of the magician. We are wishing you all the best and we felt the love you did and doing your work with!

Review №63

We saw Robert Strong perform at Marrakech theater in San Fransisco and was entertained from beginning to end. Unlike large scale productions Ive seen in the past (Penn and Teller type), this was a much more interactive experience. The theater is small and you feel a lot more connected to the acts (not to mention many volunteers involved). The show was also hilarious in addition to being magical. As with all performance arts its all the delivery and indeed everything was both very rehearsed and improvised when needed. It was a like a comedy and magic show in one! Much recommended.

Review №64

Great show, friendly atmosphere, good tricks, highly recommended.

Review №65

Great personality in a really intimate theater. Highly recommend

Review №66

Fantastic magician....Must see once in your life!

Review №67

We were blown away. Jay Alexander really twisted our minds and left is stunned. Highly recommend his show!

Review №68

This is an absolutely great show! Jay Alexander is awesome! His card and mind tricks are unbelievable! Its hard to figure out how he does it.Come early and enjoy some pre-show drinks and appetizers. Jay will come in and do some card tricks to get you warmed up. Then hell escort you to the intimate theater for the show. Its interactive and he gets everyone involved from the start. Its a fun, memorable experience thats great for date night, girls night, or any occasion. Its fun for the whole family; the kids will love it! I highly recommend this show!

Review №69

This is possibly one of the best interactive live performances I have been to. Jay is incredible! So friendly and talented! We cant wait to come back and bring our family. Jay appeals to all ages, from the young to the old, he can make everyone be amazed

Review №70

The Marrakech Theater is charming and intimate in a way that full-time professional magic theaters rarely are, but owner/magician Jay Alexander is no amateur. His skilled mind-reading, lie detection, and sleight-of-hand had us doubting our own reality by the end of the performance. The venue, show, and cocktails were all fun and creative. Definitely worth an evening of your time.

Review №71

Jays show was hilarious and mesmerizing! The theatre is small, so his acts felt intimate and personal. Nearly everyone who wants to volunteer for an act will get their chance! Whether youre a fan of magic or not, I guarantee that youll enjoy this show.

Review №72

This is one favorite (if not my favorite) place to go in San Francisco. Its so much fun and very entertaining. Ive taken many people here and everyone has loved it. The up-close hand magic tricks before the show and the intimate setting are really what makes this great. I cannot recommend it enough.

Review №73

We had an amazing time. So much fun. The venue is beautiful and very intimate. Every seat was a great seat. The magic and mental tricks left us in awe. It was a well worth the price. And the food was delicious. The hummus was fresh, the bread to die for and the kebabs flavorful.

Review №74

We were a party of 7. Five adults and two children. The kids were both 12. We all had a great time. The magician was truly amazing. The magic was astounding and the act was totally entertaining! He knew how to get the whole audience involved. It was a truly amazing evening. Heads up on the parking. The California parking garage, listed on the website, is restricted to overnight. We found a little garage on the alley, Shannon st, adjacent to the theater only $12!

Review №75

Fantastic, intimate magic show. Magician is funny, personable, and has an incredible resume. The whole thing was a great experience. Be ready to walk through down some shady streets, but thats hardly their fault.

Review №76

This place is fantastic! Family friendly, and mind blowing. Pretty much every single trick amazed us and left us trying to figure out how in the world it was possible! The pre-show tricks were super fun as well.Highly recommend this show for everyone, definitely the best thing we did in the city while we were here.

Review №77

This should be as much a part of the San Francisco experience as Beach Blanket Babylon. I couldnt give a higher recommendation. Kudos Jay. Youve really put together a gem of an engaging, fascinating, audience participation, flat-out charmer of a show.I saw Jay Alexanders show last night, with a group of good friends. Now were planning to take family and friends around the Thanksgiving holiday.It was the most entertaining and startling live show Ive ever seen. Jay is a master of human perception. You will keep asking yourself ... how on earth can he do what hes doing ... and you wont have an answer.

Review №78

Engaging & entertaining ; genuinely enjoyed the show. A unique and intimate venue - maybe is how all magic should be performed. Good for all ages. Thoroughly recommended.

Review №79

My mom bought the tickets for my kids and I, at first I thought, oh man a magic show, in San Francisco..., OK a tourist trap and hey Im not paying so cool... and MAN WAS I WRONG!It was entertaining and frankly incredible, I left with just this awe of how cool it all was and ...whhhaaat!, how the hell did he do that!... Was small and super interactive. So worth going! Thanks mom!

Review №80

I took my two kids, ages 10 and 12, to this show and it was great. I really do think Jay is mind-reader/lie-detector. I wished it didnt have to end! The intimate venue is really special and my daughter got to help out on stage. Jay was very encouraging and let my son (a young magician himself) perform a couple tricks for him after the show. Afterward, my son said it might have been the best night of his whole life. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Review №81

Absolutely amazing show! Close up magic that could mesmerize anyone. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend anyone see this show, nothing like it

Review №82

A fun and interactive experience. Wont be disappointment.

Review №83

I had no idea what I was going to get and was a little skeptical walking into the place. The food was good although not much choice, but after that the evening was great fun. Jay Alexander was very good both as an entertainer and as a magician. There was a wide range of ages and types of people in the audience and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. At the end, I was very glad that I had gone. It was definitely different, but well worth the cost.

Review №84

This was truly the highlight of my trip. I really enjoyed it.

Review №85

Had such an enjoyable magical night. Totally worth it. I was ready to solve mysteries and totally got lost!

Review №86

Ive been to a lot of magic shows and had low expectations... but boy was I wrong! Jays show is incredible and well worth the trip, something Ive never said about anything in Union Square being from the City. I suggest getting there early and hanging out in the lounge, Jay walks around and interacts with everyone and its just a good time all around. Thank you Jay, I will be back!

Review №87

Great experience. Come early for great appetizers and drinks and to meet the magician host. Intimate and engaging performance fun for all ages. Great for birthday parties.

Review №88

I am a magician and mentalist so my expectations are very high. This was a great show! Jay is clearly an accomplished mentalist and entertainer. The show moves smoothly from one incredible piece to the next. Solid, hard hitting, contemporary mind-reading and mentalism bits performed by a fun, charming gentleman. Jay doesnt make his audience members look foolish or make anyone feel stupid, he treats them all with respect and includes different people throughout the entire show. I was also impressed with the venue, theater, and service. Highly recommended if youre in the area and want something fun and different to experience:)

Review №89

An intimate little theatre where you sit right up close and watch Jay Alexander mystify you with his magic and illusion. A lovely evening out with a great magician. Perfect for date night, An evening with the kids or for something completely different than a normal evening out. We loved being part of the audience and the show.. Everyone will get a chance to do something and be a part of they want. A great night out!!

Review №90

Amazing show, Jay is brilliant. Just go see him already!

Review №91

So much fun! Jay is an absolute master of his craft and his show is unbelievable! Definitely check it out - awesome for all ages, corporate engagements, date nights, locals and tourists alike. Were so lucky that he calls SF home!

Review №92

Jay greets you by asking your name and introducing himself. He then walks around doing tricks for everyone while you wait for the show. He then seats everyone and performs. He’s an awesome host and amazing performer! I would recommend to anyone of any age.

Review №93

A++ experience. Get there early and enjoy a drink, good apps and his close-up card magic before the show begins.

Review №94

Got there about 30 min early and had a bottle of wine. The Magician (Jay) came out to the lobby and was doing card tricks with everyone. Then the show was incredible. Super intimate 4-row theater...a true one man show that shocked us beyond belief. Would for sure go back. It was so great.

Review №95

We had a ton of fun - was not just an entertainment/magic show. Seriously had FUN. STRONGLY recommend to anyone. Get there early, have a couple of cocktails and Jay will do some card tricks for everyone before the show. Really have no idea how he pulled off some of these tricks. Hes really engaging with the crowd. Its cozy - dont expect a 500 person theater. About a tenth of that.

Review №96

The show was excellent!!!Food was great and Jay was amazing, we took our daughter 14 yeas old and she enjoyed the show so much !!!

Review №97

Jay’s show was amazing! Totally mind-blowing! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen in San Francisco. Highly recommended to all!

Review №98

Small intimate show, magic right in your face, cheap price! The tricks are good bit it would be even more mind blowing if you didnt go to this show!

Review №99

Amazing show! I brought my two 10-year-old kids, and they loved it too. Jay is funny, clever and witty. The magic is amazing. Definitely would recommend!

Review №100

A super fun amazing show in a very close up and cool setting. Super fun for kids and adults. Jay is a great preformer and obviously very passionate about his work. Loved how Jay did magic tricks right at our tables before the show and the direct interaction with him. Would give it higher than 5 stars if I could.

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