San Angelo Nature Center
7885 7409 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States

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What a great little nature center! This nature center is small but will not disappoint for a midday adventure. Definitely great for kids, but as two adults, we enjoyed it just as much. We spent 1 hour here. There are many snakes, fish, bugs, and lizards in the first two rooms, as well as rabbits, turtles, some rodents, and a large colorful mccaw. Outside there are bobcats, a racoon, a fox, a porcupine, and some tortoises. The outdoor animals we really fun to watch, especially if you get to see them interacting with the keeper. All staff were very kind and informative about the animals as well.

Review №2

Really enjoyed visiting, lots of cool animals to check out!

Review №3

This is a neat little place to stretch your legs and see some native animals. They have a lot of different snakes that are native to the land. The people were very nice at the front desk. It wasnt bad priced. Our whole family got in for ten dollars. There are two rooms to look at the animals. They also have some animals behind the building for you to look at. We enjoyed the stop.

Review №4

This is the closest thing San Angelo has to a zoo and it is well worth the stop. It is kid friendly, inexpensive and there is plenty of parking. Situated right on Lake Nasworthy on Knickerbocker Rd, the Nature Center is just a short drive from downtown and Loop 306. I highly recommend the annual family pass. For less than $50 the whole family can visit as many times as you want over the course of a year. The Birthday parties they put on are always well done and educational. Every time we visit the children get to touch at least three different animals. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Definitely worth the visit!

Review №5

Smaller than I expected, but so interesting! Definitely worth a visit if in tbe area!

Review №6

I really enjoyed walking around. The animals looked well fed. Keep up the good job

Review №7

San Angelo Nature Preserve is a hidden gem run by good folks. They have a sign at the entrance that says if the desk is not manned to look around and theyll catch you on tour way out. It is $3 for adults and $2 for children incredibly cheap! We loved looking at the animals which ranged from Hissing Cockroaches to a Fox! There was one employee who is incredibly gifted he reminded me of Max from The Parenthood. He held a snake named Bubblegum while my infant daughter used her index finger to feel the texture of its skin. If youre ever in San Angelo definitely visit! Its a cheap date. Afterward, have a picnic on the lake which is where your parking is conveniently and beautifully situated.

Review №8

A nice place for kids and adults to see some animals within San Angelo.

Review №9

Good customer service!! Thank you

Review №10

We hosted our daughters 8th Birthday party here and it was a hit for kids of all ages. Raymond and Phillip, were very knowledgeable of the animals. They were great party host, and extremely patient with the kids.A word of advice. If you are hosting a B-Day party bring 5 table cloths that fit long rectangle tables. If you anticipate more than 25 guest {including parents bring additional folding chairs}.oh and if you want a separate cake/food table....bring a folding table .

Review №11

Such a cool place. The whole time we were there, the volunteers there brought out snakes and stuff for the kids to see. Super cool place

Review №12

Definitely worth the cost! $3 a person. They have snakes, lizards, tarantulas, cockroaches, fish, bobcats, a raccoon, a parrot, some birds, a porcupine, a gray fox, and of course Opus the giant sulcata tortoise. But also baby tortoises of other breeds as well. The staff is so friendly and its a fun little place to explore! My daughter loved it. Totally worth it.

Review №13

Great learning experience. The gentleman who hosted was outstanding, worked very well during his presentation with the kids.

Review №14

Amazing little place to visit..!! There is a turtle that walks around, were also able to touch it!! We got to see all the kids love it

Review №15

This place is so Cool for little ones. Staff is friendly and they love to show around. We were able to ask questions and even pet a rabbit. A few animals are outside and the rest is inside with snakes, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fossils, and petrified 4 stars because the anaconda needs to be moved to a bigger cage.

Review №16

This is a great little place to spend part of an afternoon. The volunteers will pull out animals and let you pet them. For $3, its definitely worth spending and hour or two!

Review №17

We have a season pass here and they do change things up enough for it to be worth it. The year passes are very affordable for a family and the kids love visiting. They also do different events for holidays. The animals are great and you can tell the staff really cares about what they do. The location is good too!

Review №18

We had so much fun visiting here! Very informative workers!

Review №19

Small building with a lot of cool creatures to see. Tanks and enclosures seem clean and well taken care of. A fun little day trip for young kids to see nature up close

Review №20

A neat little place to take the kids. Theres tables inside, so being your lunch a eat there, hang out some

Review №21

They have a cool selection of animals. If you like snakes... They got a bunch! The raccoon, bobcats, the fox and the skunk were my favorites.

Review №22

Nice off day fun for the kids with unique facts about animals and reptiles!

Review №23

Very affordable for a family and the kids love visiting here.

Review №24

It is wonderful every relative that comes to San Angelo. Take him to visit that place I just wish more people knew about it going to show you and teach you about nature are the relatives of taking their they love it even some that are in San Angelo that never knew it existed so whoever that doesnt know its there I wish theyd find it its the best

Review №25

This place is affordable and awesome we had a great time there! It is small but it’s more personable. You get more interaction than you would at a larger zoo.

Review №26

I have lived in San Angelo since 1988 and this was my first time going. For a small city I thought it was a great adventure with kids. I enjoyed it as much as the kids. Had a lot of interesting critters and different bugs. It’s a small fee for adults but well worth it to come out and see.

Review №27

This may be a really small nature center but it is a really good one! They have a ton of animals here! It isnt just a bunch of stuffed animals like most nature centers, they are all alive! While we were there they let us pet an armadillo, a snake, a chameleon, a hamster, and some mice. It was fun.

Review №28

This is a really neat place for everyone of all ages

Review №29

Something interesting for everyone young and old. Alot to see and learn.

Review №30

Blue eyed young girl was very awesome

Review №31

Great places to visit! Great for kids, affordable and fun! Staff and volunteers are friendly and insightful.

Review №32

If you have not been here, youre missing out! Great place to take your kids. Note: they can even do parties.

Review №33

Never been. I have a friend who volunteers I think.... I forgot but she said that its fun. She loves reptiles but I cant go anymore. I moved before I could go

Review №34

Great birthday party

Review №35

My significant other and I drove from Austin to San Angelo just to see this park. We love road trips but were short on time. San Angelo was the perfect destination.The Nature Center wasnt exactly what we were expecting...but...WE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PRAIRIE DOGS.It was my first time seeing them and I found their antics quite entertaining. So, if youre looking for a chill park with a little bit of gritty sand and water access...and a ton of prairie dogs...this is the place!

Review №36

Beautiful lake. The park is well maintained and clean.

Review №37

The Nature Center has always been one of my favorite places. Definitely the best place in San Angelo. There are a lot of animals, and many of them can be interacted with. No matter how many times youve come out, theres always more to learn.

Review №38

This place is small but cool for its size. They have quite a few animals. All their animals are exotics that were given up and obviously cant be released into the wild or local animals that have some problem that would prevent them from surviving in the wild. They have a lot of snakes. Not a day trip but I think its worth a look.

Review №39

Inexpensive, kid friendly environment, kids can walk around enjoying the animals, the staff is super friendly and always get an animal out for the kids to feel, If your looking for a family activity to do this is The place to go

Review №40

Closest thing that San Angelo has to a zoo. Staff well educated on animals and quite funny. Very affordable.

Review №41

Very cool place for a small town. The staff and volunteers are knowledgeable. You can touch the animals as they take them out. My favorites were the armadillo and the prarie dog. The skunk is pretty cool too, has a hammock he just hangs out in! There are the large snakes, one weighs 300 pounds, wow! There is a wall that has venomous and non-venomous snakes which was nice to compare them and there was a rattle snake, rattling! Outside there are Bob cats, a raccoon, a fox, a gigantic turtle and my personal favorite - porcupine! Only costs $2, go check it out!

Review №42

Fun place to take the kids! Birthday parties are awesome and affordable, and camps are fun. One suggestion - please extend your open hours to include mornings!

Review №43

My three young kids loved this as well as the daddy and gramps. There are many live animals, amphibians, etc. that kids can pet.

Review №44

Loved coming here as a child and loved bringing my children here. clean facility and awesome staff!

Review №45

Family fun...try not to pet the venomous snakes too much

Review №46

Loved this place.Went for a birthday party. Such an awesome experience.. Kids REALLY loved it..

Review №47

My niece loves to have her birthday parties here.

Review №48

Great place to visit with lots of animals though theyre busting at the seems. This a great place to take little as well as not so little children. The place is in great need of a larger facility though.

Review №49

Very educational and kid-friendly!

Review №50

My daughter loves the nature center. We are having her birthday party there.

Review №51

Always so friendly and fun!

Review №52

It was a nice learning experience especially for the children

Review №53

My three year old son loves this place. They get animals out for them to pet/ touch and its great place to visit when its hot outside!

Review №54

For a small center there were a lot of animals to see. There was an ASU Agg student on site that told us all about the animals, and the kids were able to pet several. Well worth a could dollars and an hour of our time.

Review №55

This is a cool place to see some critters here in Angelo! They have quite a variety of different animals to see, and lots of snakes! Definitely worth checking out!

Review №56

They let us handled some of the animals

Review №57

Amazing experience! The kids and I loved it so much and we learned alot! Everybody there was so nice and full of knowledge! If you havent been you must go!

Review №58

It was a far nice afternoon with the kids. Most of there animals are reptiles, but it was fun and the kids enjoyed petting the animals that they could .

Review №59

Great little place to take the kids. Lots of small animals to see.

Review №60

Beautifull pleace, small but very good place

Review №61

A fun place to bring the kids to for an afternoon trip.

Review №62

Cool place for awesome native wildlife.

Review №63

Small, but has a few animals to entertain you. Also does kids birthday parties

Review №64

Great place to take the family for a really cheap price lots of different animals indoors.

Review №65

Best birthday party, EVER! We loved Blue!

Review №66

Good place for birthday parties for the kids.

Review №67

This is just a very neat place to go and see some of the creatures that we usually never get to see.

Review №68

Sister volunteered here and really enjoyed it.

Review №69

Cool place great place to take kids they will have a blast here.

Review №70

The Nature center has interesting animals and information on how to better protect the wildlife around us.

Review №71

Been here a while back I loved it want go back again

Review №72

Very informative and great presentation at the San Angelo Nature Center

Review №73

Great place for the kiddos!

Review №74

Awesome place.

Review №75

Super great place for the little one

Review №76


Review №77

Always a fun place to take the kids

Review №78

Good learning

Review №79

Gigantic snakes, crocodiles, fish, bees they have it all. Great place for a party for any occasion.

Review №80

Great for kids birthday parties.

Review №81

Like it so much.

Review №82

Cool animals.

Review №83


Review №84

This is a must do and must see.

Review №85

I love this place

Review №86

Affordable and incredible

Review №87

Birthday parties

Review №88

It is a fun place to be!!!! Pythons and everything!!!!

Review №89

So much fun for the kids

Review №90

How much does it cost to go there ?

Review №91

Great get away

Review №92

Great place

Review №93

Very knowledgeable staff

Review №94

To many snakes not enough flora but the few mammals were great (Bobcats and chinchilla gave the extra star

Review №95

Love the nature center

Review №96

My grandson lived it.

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