International Waterlily Collection
2 S Park St, San Angelo, TX 76901, United States

Review №1

Its a cute little park with several rock pools full of these lilies. There are also wildflowers and rose bushes growing around. It has areas that are great for pictures

Review №2

The water Lily collection of San Angelo was such a beautiful, peaceful little nature retreat. I had been wanting to visit for a long time and it was honestly worth the drive. It is not very big, however it is very zen and a great way to explore and enjoy what nature has to offer. It is also really close to other great places in San Angelo, so it is a great detour

Review №3

Nice little stop on the way through town. The lilies were colorful and the big lily pads were very cool!

Review №4

I drove 6-1/2 hours to San Angelo and made this the first stop (open 24 hrs). Nobody was there at night and it was zen and gorgeous. God is the best painter!

Review №5

This place is a good 1st date stop gentlemen! Open the door for her stop being a caveman and walk around. Pay attention to her like you do those video games you play with for hours. Just saying boys its time to man up!

Review №6

The first time we went was 2007. My late wife Trish love to look at the collections there. We both enjoyed it. I wish you were still here to go look at them.

Review №7

So many beautiful water lillies! And a perfect spot to elope in San Angelo.

Review №8

Beautiful! Definitely worth taking the time to stop and see...

Review №9

The lilies were on their way out for the year, but there were still some spectacular examples.

Review №10

It was smaller than expected but did not dissappoint! Even though we came in the wintertime to visit there were still beautiful Lilly flowers in bloom. Wed love to come back in the spring and see all of the greenery in bloom in the surrounding area as well. Someone or some people, have really put their heart and soul into this garden. Its beautiful and also a great place to take kids to walk and enjoy.

Review №11

This attraction was okay. There was nothing bad about it per se, just a small exhibit that was only somewhat interesting. The lily pads and flowers are lovely. The whole attraction takes 5-10 minutes to walk through and consists solely at looking at pools of water with lily pads. There is an extremely pitiful rose garden on the property too but its not worth looking at. Word of caution for anyone bringing a dog--the brick walkways are extremely hot. If you go during the day, your dog will likely burn his/her feet!! If you have booties, then this could be a nice walk to go on with your pup.

Review №12

Beautiful, various colors and sizes. Fantastic place to take a break. Wish it could be extended into a larger botanical garden.

Review №13

Fun little park. Here visiting from San Antonio. I can see this being a very special place when the water lilies are in bloom. I love lilies. I will come back. Plus the little trails they have here. My dog loved it.

Review №14

What a wonderful retreat and its free. I could have stayed all recommendation in the summer is plan before 10am. My camera overheated twice.The ponds of Water Lillies were amazing as each one had different species. The grounds, the Texas landscaping was magnificent which only added to the full experience of your senses taking it in.Driving near San Angelo, ho out of your way. It is worth it.

Review №15

Surprisingly awesome (and free) stop! Open everyday in a public park, this internationally recognized waterlily collection is a beautiful place to explore and relax. Its small enough to walk through in 10-15 minutes, but you will probably want to plan on a slightly longer visit to appreciate the beauty and tranquility it has to offer.

Review №16

A great place to walk and take photos! The it’s beautiful especially while blooming. Unfortunately there are a few less lilies then there were a few years ago because someone stole some of the rarer ones and the gentleman who spent his life collecting them from around the world didn’t have the heart or means to replace some of them.

Review №17

A wonderful place to go check out the international water lilly collection

Review №18

Very beautiful and well maintained such a gem to exoiernce next to the concho river and rose garden as well

Review №19

Beautiful place for a picnic, or just to walk around and admire the beauty of the lilies!

Review №20

Small but very lovely!

Review №21

This place is so regale. Am priv·i·lege to be from San Angelo. I love this place.

Review №22

Beautiful garden to visit. Loved the different kinds of waterlilies on display. It would be awesome if there were labels to know their actual names (or did I miss it?). My kid specially liked the pancake one.Would visit again.

Review №23

Don’t miss this beautiful gem when in San Angelo. Located west of downtown on the corner of Park St and Beauregard. Free to the public and free parallel parking on Park St. Ideal for young families who need an outing-don’t miss the rose garden up next to the lily display or the secret park beyond with stone bridge and shaded paths. The beautiful pools of so many varieties of water lilies and lovely terraced flower beds are a visual delight. The bluebonnets in early spring provide photo opportunities if you cannot make it to the hill country. Never crowded and always refreshing. Highly recommend.

Review №24

Beautiful and peaceful! Great place to take my little girl

Review №25

All kinds of flowers and plants. A great place for photos, or taking kids. I believe the water lilys are in bloom until late fall.

Review №26

Nice collection of water lilies. Very pretty

Review №27

It very pretty however if you cant hang in the heat July is not a good time to visit. I almost passed out

Review №28

Not much to see in Winter, but the collection and park get five stars for the unique and unlikely spot in West Texas. Why knew?

Review №29

Was very interesting. Lilies were beautiful!! I loved it!!!!

Review №30

Beautiful park. Love to read here

Review №31

Very pretty neat little trail you can walk on. No restrooms there. But Lillys were beautiful.

Review №32

This place is amazing and free! It is well manicured! I bet it is beautiful in Spring! It was very nice in September when we went!

Review №33

Sadly attendance at this years Waterlily Festival was much reduced from previous years, but Ken had the park and waterlilies looking perfect as always. No trip to San Angelo would be complete without a stop to view the collection.

Review №34

It was stunning, contemplative and quiet. So happy to see such a beautiful place!

Review №35

Cant wait for the waterlilies to start showing their flowers... Went today to check if they had started to but its still too cold... Ill add more pix when they do... They have the blooms of the blue bonnets though.... pretty!

Review №36

This place is amazing; great place to take your family for a walk.

Review №37

A nice collection of beautiful plants. Must see in San Angelo.

Review №38

Absolutely stunning! A must-see in the summer months.

Review №39

Not just water lillies there! But so much more!

Review №40

If you enjoy nature, its a must see!!!

Review №41

This is a beautiful free park in San Angelo. Just about any water lily that you can think of is here. Along with all kinds of butterflies, dragonflies birds and more in this small slice of paradise inside San Angelo Texas. My ten-year-old daughter love the place and spent about a half an hour looking at the water lilies lizards and frogs and even some turtles

Review №42

A little sad not much blooming. Ill check it out next visit

Review №43

Unbeknownst to me, water lilies don’t bloom in the winter, so I only saw four or five blooms, and not many lily pads either. According to signage, the best times are March through November.Even though my visit was a bust, the online photos look like it’s an awesome place when they’re in bloom. The areas for the lillies is quite large, so I think you’ll be impressed if you visit during the right time of the year.It’s a small park with a couple of short trails to walk along the creekside, but the trails have a bit of trash on them.Park in the Presbyterian church lot across the street (but not on Sundays you heathens!).P.S. - there’s a rose garden in the same park, but apparently those don’t bloom in the winter either, what was I thinking???

Review №44

Large collection of waterlilys and interesting to see.

Review №45

OK. This is different. I have never been to a water Lilly exhibit like this. Enough said.

Review №46

Its a nice outdoor place to visit for a quiet stroll at least it was when I went there. It has a couple of nice looking Lilly ponds and a few flower arrangements. Though its only issue really is the lack of parking space. You end up having to park along the street which really isnt very wide and its next to a high school. If youre into this sort of thing its a nice place to visit.

Review №47

Nice park. Its an open and free stop to walk through and we did on our drive through Texas. Theres also a small attached walkway through some local flora which was also nice.

Review №48

Very peaceful place.

Review №49

Awesome display to see. Good place to stretch your legs on a road trip.

Review №50

A big wow! This is a must see for nature and plant lovers. The waterlilies are beautiful. As of 3/13 no lilies yet.. lily pads are rising though.

Review №51

One of the coolest free things to do in San Angelo. A must see for water flower enthusiasts and commoners alike.

Review №52

Most beautiful and peaceful place to see.

Review №53

There were some interesting lilies here.

Review №54

Beautiful area and very interesting. Make sure to visit!

Review №55

This place is always so beautiful

Review №56

It was a delightful surprise to see this here in San Angelo!!!

Review №57

Beautiful place to find serenity. Great for pictures, a wonderful place to stroll and look. The collection is absolutely gorgeous. What a great place and unique find!

Review №58

Incredible . Great friendly staff caring for lillies.

Review №59

Beautiful place. I didnt realize there were so many kinds of water lilies, and that they got so big!

Review №60

Wonderful selection of water lilies even in Oct.

Review №61

Beautiful place to visit and enjoy the beautiful water lilies.

Review №62

This was, for me, the highlight of my week one of vacation 2019.We made two trips down to the park to take pictures. One evening and the next morning. Well worth both trips.The collection is a part of a private collection too large to be displayed entirely. Major Credit to the people who do the work to share the place with the world.Back to my personal experienceThe area is about 6 concrete ponds or tanks molded into a few acre area. Good footing and paths divide the displays and solid fencing to keep wayward photographers from going in the water.I was thrilled with the variety and colors presented.Two notes I will offer for first time visitors1. We parked on the street, not sure how welcoming or not the church across the street is.2. The place is open at night also, but the light is pretty one-sided towards the bandstand area. Photo ops after dark will require you to bring auxiliary light of some kind.

Review №63

Really enjoyed this place. Im not much of a plant person, but this collection was amazing. So many different sizes, colors, and types of water lilies to check out. It was a nice break from the norm. Looking forward to the lily fest in September.

Review №64

A beautiful, peaceful, relaxing place to visit with friends and family. We were in San Angelo to spend time with our granddaughter for Angelo State family weekend. So glad she took us to see the Waterlily Collection. Cant wait to go again!

Review №65

This is my sanctuary. Namaste.

Review №66

Lovely area to relax. Really beautiful water lilies, great for pictures!

Review №67

We love this place! Thank you ️

Review №68

Good place to go at different times of day and see which lillies are blooming.

Review №69

If you like water lilies you will love this place.Good for weddings and play rehearsals, assuming the play is the Song of Bernadette.

Review №70

Beautiful public garden if you hit it when the lilies are in bloom. Great photo place and free.

Review №71

A must see!! Fantastic opportunity to see one a kind lilies that exist no where else in the world. Also a great place for engagement photos.

Review №72

So beautiful and very unique place.

Review №73

Quite little park, great place to relax

Review №74

This is a beautiful place. I saw it 3 weeks before the Festival, but when I went to the Festival and listened to the tour guide, I was awed. If you understand what you are seeing, it is awesome.

Review №75

Just peaceful calm and cool nice place to spend your afternoon walking with family or loved one just chilling with a significant other you know try it out after lunch walk off lunch at the exercise enjoy a nice comfortable site

Review №76

Beautiful place

Review №77

It has a couple of nice looking Lilly ponds and a few flower arrangements.

Review №78

Something interesting to see in this town if youre into plants.

Review №79

Very cool thing

Review №80

Gorgeous displays of water lilys

Review №81

Nice place to take a walk or just sit and eat lunch. I even got married here.

Review №82

Really nice stop. Waterlilies just begin to bloom in mid April and continue all summer when it becomes a riot of leaves and flowers. Free to visit. Close parking on street. Enjoy.

Review №83

This is a beautiful place to visit, but would be better during the spring and summer months

Review №84

Nice city park.

Review №85

The flowers are beautiful and the surrounding park is magnificent with dirt paths, stone bridges, and little streams of water weaving their way through. Great outing with children. We spent almost 2 hours there.

Review №86

So many different kinds and colors of waterlilies in one place . How blessed San Angelo is to have this special place to visit for free!

Review №87

It was an absolutely beautiful place to visit. We greatly enjoyed the lillies, the hidden trails, the bridges, the trees. The only reason why I did not give it a full 5 stars is due to the trash & graffiti in some of the areas of the trail. There was a mattress lodged in the creek area, by the dam, & a tire was on the other side in the creek. Its always sad to see the impact of human trash on even the most beautiful of places. I know it cant always be avoided in todays world, but we should definitely play more of our part in preserving our world & its beautiful, and even not so beautiful, places. My family & I throughly enjoyed our adventure there, regardless. Just needs a little cleaning up in the trail & creek area.

Review №88

I was very surprised to see how well maintained the lilies, pond, and grounds are.There is a large variety of lilies in 11 ponds that are currently, in late summer, in bloom. This area definitely deserves more attention from the community and would an amazing area for people to see. I highly recommend coming here if you are a visitor or an inhabitant of san angelo.

Review №89

Seeing the lilly pads bloom at night was awe inspiring.

Review №90

Serene and beautiful!

Review №91

Only walked around the water lily garden. Worth stopping by.

Review №92

If you are visiting San Angelo, this is a must see. My family loved seeing all the different flowers and Lilly pads on display!!

Review №93

Very pretty and peaceful. Many varieties to look at. I hope I can make it to see the big one bloom.

Review №94

Amazing place to go in visit if ur in the area. I didnt know that there was so many different Lillys.

Review №95

Nice and so peaceful

Review №96

So beautiful

Review №97

Beautiful place. Lots of love involved in the caretaking. Staff loved questions while I was there

Review №98

Beautiful and peaceful!

Review №99

Very pretty and interesting place. Its amazing to think that one gentleman takes care of that Park. he changes the Lilys out he procures different ones from around the world. I just wonder why theres not more detailed information about the lilies themselves that would be my only drawback I believe although theyre very pretty the lily pads are amazing and the flowers are colorful and beautiful but theres not a lot of them and it could be the time of year I went. But check it out because its a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I appreciate that although I do see room for improvement

Review №100

Pretty place if you love nature and peace

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