Fort Concho Museum
630 S Oakes St, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States

Review №1

Cool piece of history. I could only imagine what it looked like when it was operational. Defining worth checking out.

Review №2

Interesting historic site to visit. It takes about an hour to see everything. 9 buildings are open and you can go in and see various historic scenes from officers living quarters to historic artillery to soldiers barracks. Inside the visitor center are some historic items such as uniforms, canteens, and weapons. Bonus-- there is a living stable with mules that you can visit!

Review №3

Fort Concho was fantastic! Extremely well maintained and taken care of. Staff was friendly and excited to help explain the fort to us. Would highly recommend stopping by this fort- well worth the time to explore.

Review №4

Free admission when I went. Interesting and historical place with plenty of signs and information about the fort and the men who were there. Bring water. Theres not many places to sit and rest if you need a break. An interesting location was the telephony museum in one of the historic houses.

Review №5

Well restored and curated buildings. So interesting to learn about the Buffalo Soldiers and their role in West Texas history.

Review №6

I love this fort. They have many buildings open with furnishings. The buildings that are not open are very nice looking from The outside. The grounds are also very pretty.

Review №7

Very interesting. Some reenactors actually chased us down to show us a rifle. Great place tho learn a little history

Review №8

Very interesting to see such a well preserved western fort. Displays are very authentic. The gift shop is good. Lots of walking but worth the time to see everything. Cool telephone Museum in Officer Quarters #3.

Review №9

Its probably not for little kids, but I really liked it! Well documented and preserved history of the Southwest. If youre in the area, definitely worth a stop.

Review №10

Yeah, it could use some enhancements, but it’s still worth the admission charge for 90 minutes’ worth of old west history.Fort Concho is one of several preserved U.S. cavalry forts established in the 19th century designed to protect the west Texas frontier. This one was established in 1867, and the Fort Concho Foundation has done a good job preserving the remaining buildings.One of the Buffalo Soldier regiments was stationed here, but there’s not a whole lot of info posted about their stay here.According to the Fort Concho web site, they have a guided tour Wednesday through Sunday. I visited on a Wednesday but was only informed of the self-guided tour ($3 per person).The tour begins with the officers’ quarters and is a bit disappointing. The buildings are wonderfully preserved but there’s just not a lot to see or even read about. When I got to the enlisted side of the fort, there was a lot more info, history, and things to see.Park across the street for free in the farmers market parking lot on South Oakes Street.Make sure you stop by the mule barn behind the enlisted barracks. It’s not a historic building, but you can check our four or five mules if you like.Pro Tip: One of the buildings on the officers’ side of the fort has an antique telephone museum located within. It has nothing to do with the fort, but it’s still fun to checkout.

Review №11

Yesterday I went out to Fort Concho for the first time in a really long time. It was in the middle of its yearly Christmas pageant.and honestly. I was very impressed with the displays, the ( not so much costumes) as re-creation of what the people back in that time wore and the sort of equipment they used, was wonderful, The employees as well as the folks that travel to these events and put so much of thier personal time and effort into it were awesome. they really knew the history of every little part which made seeing it all in person. made it seem as if you had traveled back in time. If you get the chance to go to it next year as its only 3 days a year. then I highly suggest you take the time to go to see it for yourself.

Review №12

Great stories to read up on. Unfortunately, not all the buildings were open.

Review №13

Wonderful piece of history. Was there for Christmas at Old Fort Concho. So many great vendors. Cowboy breakfast, Cowboy Church on Sunday. Great place to shop for that special Christmas gift

Review №14

Visited in November. Beautiful sunny day. Took the self guided tour & walked around for 2 hours. Good for people interested in history. Lots of space for kids to run around outside by the bandstand, but museum is very low-tech. Also, beware of bees & splinters when leaning on the wooden railings.

Review №15

Neat piece of history if thats your thing. Neat pieces in the small museum, and, oddly enough, there is a telephone museum(??) in one of the officers quarters buildings. It was pretty interesting as well. The history of phones... at a post civil war army base. Interesting. We took a self guided tour. Not real sure if they give you access to more if you take the guided tour or not.

Review №16

Great place to visit at your own pace and quite affordable. Bring water and wear sunscreen as it is hot during the summer since the historic buildings dont have A/C and youre walking between buildings in the sun.

Review №17

Educational and historical fun. Especially love Christmas at Ft Concho. Been coming here for years. My family and I also rented one of the quarters for a family reunion and it was perfect for the occasion.

Review №18

Fort Concho is a National Historic Landmark owned and operated since 1935 by the city of San Angelo, the seat of Tom Green County in West Texas. Situated on the North Concho River, near its confluence with the South and Middle Concho Rivers, the site selected for Fort Concho was strategic to the stabilization of the region, because of the location of no fewer than five major trails in the vicinity. Though the fort was surrounded by miles of flat, treeless prairie, it was considered to be one of the most beautiful and best ordered posts in Texas.

Review №19

If you like history, especially military stuff this was a nice 2 hour walk and self guided tour. I really enjoyed the telephone museum in one of the buildings. A nice little gift shop. Apreciate the headstones to the medal of Honor recipients located on site. Good educational start to our visit in downtown. And my little dog was able to tour with us,big plus!

Review №20

Very interesting about the area something Im interested about

Review №21

I was really surprised thats all the things they had it this Museum. Give it a try. The telephone part of the museum was a good bonus

Review №22

Too many buildings closed and I was not impressed. The only good thing about this place was the lady at the front desk and the gift shop.

Review №23

Take a step back in time and experience the life and times of the most famous frontier units like the 4th and 10th Cavalry. Notable military commanders such as Ranald Mackenzie, Benjamin Grierson, and William Pecos Bill Shafter commanded here. Definitely a family-friendly outing. Check out its annual events such as Christmas at Old Fort Concho, Frontier Days and Mystery Murder.

Review №24

Great historical place to visit.

Review №25

Attended wedding very beautiful will try to sight see later.

Review №26

Enjoyed my visit, although in July it was very hot outside which surprised me because the barracks were not hot at all. There is plenty to see and I would recommend for all to stop and see some American history.

Review №27

Fantastic piece of West Texas history. Our children (6, 5, 3, and 1) had a blast exploring and learning about life in the Army over 150 years ago. Staff was friendly and helpful. Very well maintained space.

Review №28

Being downtown doesnt detract from the view at all. Touring the buildings gives you a feel for what Fort Concho was like. Well worth it if you like history.

Review №29

This is a great place to discover history and to just walk around. The care-takers keep it very neat and original. I purchased several souvenirs in the shop. Ft. Concho is very accessible on Bryant. Take your buds, and family, and make a day of touring this 4th US Cavalry fort.

Review №30

Great during the Christmas at Old Fort Concho celebration.

Review №31

Dusty and monotonous, Fort Concho needs about 400 mounted U. S. Cavalry troops to liven up the place.

Review №32

Several events throughout the year that are fun and educational. Plus museums and tours. A wonderful place for for pictures and portraits. Buildings can be rented for private events too

Review №33

Amazing place with great people

Review №34

I had a good time learning the history of the fort

Review №35

I have always loved history. I still do . Theyll have Christmas gifts, probably a pancake breakfast. The people there have knowledge about our past. Another place to visit is a Carmalite Monks place in Christoval.They live a plain life baking breads and stuff. If you enjoy the past and give your kids a side lesson there too.

Review №36

Nicely restored old fort. Very reasonable prices. Super interesting

Review №37

This show that was put on by the actors was great. I enjoy going around and seeing the exhibits. I attended Fort Concho and I was just a boy to see the museum and it always left an impression in my mind and it was good to get back to see the restoration that has been done and how the place has been kept up after all of these years. I got to visit with a class my classmate of mine that I have not seen since the 8th grade who was one of the actress and this was well worth the trip from Georgia

Review №38

Awesome national treasure. The volunteers are amazing, informative, helpful and courteous. Definitely going back.

Review №39

Ive loved the Fort for over 50 yrs. The buildings & grounds are fantastic for history buffs & folks interested in learning. The staff are very well informed, conversational, kind, & great teachers. Fort Concho is a treasure & should be experienced by all San Angeloans, & our visitors.

Review №40

Made a very quick stop here, wish I had more time. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №41

Christmas at Ft. Concho is a fun excursion. Shopping, music, food. People in period dress. Good for all ages!

Review №42

Unfortunately, there was not a guide available the day we visited, but the staff in the main visitor center did a great job explaining everything before turning us loose with a map for our self guided tour. Buildings were in good shape with a lot of period pieces in them. The mules werent sociable that day either, but we still enjoyed the tour and would recommend.

Review №43

Had a blast! Memories for years to come.

Review №44

What an awesome piece of history, and so well preserved!!! So much fun to enjoy and I LOVE Christmas at Ol’ Fort Concho the first weekend of December!!!! Thank y’all!!! It is so much fun to show at!

Review №45

Had a great time with the family and learned a little about what the fort was and what this city was. Interesting stuff.

Review №46

Rooms are big and comfy the walks to the bathrooms far but h handicap accessible.

Review №47

I have always loved history. Learned a lot visiting here.

Review №48

Very well preserved fort

Review №49

Interesting part of history, but run by volunteers that dont know much about it.

Review №50

Absolutely one of the best forts left in Texas. Very educational and decent priced.

Review №51

Very cool collection of old phones and telephony history.

Review №52

Great place to take pictures and the ft concho Christmas was fabulous

Review №53

A lot of the buildings were closed as well as the bathrooms which was not good! No tour when we went so the history was a not lost on us, so we googled. Historically it was interesting.

Review №54

Very nice place to visit.

Review №55

Attended an memorial service here and discovered it full of historical facts that are extremely interesting

Review №56

Spent two hours looking around here and enjoying all the incredible history. Buildings are in great shape and they are working on opening up new ones. Reenactments are also fun.

Review №57

Excellent information from attendants. They honor service men/women & families. Outstanding preservation on US/Texas history.

Review №58

This is a surprisingly modern looking fort. There are multiple buildings on site and working stables. There is also a telephone museum on site in one of the buildings. Its adjacent to an elementary school that utilizes part of the hospital as a library. This is a great place to visit and its very educational.

Review №59

Always love the experiences at the Fort! So much history!

Review №60

Volunteer work here many times from church and girl scouts

Review №61

We had a 50th anniversary party here.

Review №62

Nicely restored and really gives you a sense of the Fort back in the late 1800s and how the troopers lived. I would like to see more of the buildings open for viewing.

Review №63

An interesting piece of history where we were still hunting down native Americans. Exhibits are interesting but limited. We visited on a day where there were no living history actors on duty. I assume it would have been a better experience if there had been some people on duty.

Review №64

Its a really nice museum but it seems like they could be doing more to get the community involved .

Review №65

Very interesting. Lots to learn. Its history is amazing! Would definitely return!

Review №66

The complex is very well maintained, educational, and entertaining. There were no guides for tours but a map of the buildings with information and the information inside each of the open buildings was helpful. It is always inspiring to see that someone had the vision to save history for us to appreciate.

Review №67

It was very interesting. As a history lover I found it exciting to see a western fort so complete but it does need a lot of work. We missed having a guided tour because there werent any guides that day, still worthwhile.

Review №68

Enjoyed it, have multiple restrooms and stroller friendly. Went sat morning and there was a farmers market across street

Review №69

Very nice facility to hold family events and parties. Rustic in its decor, but very nice.

Review №70

I love all the history. Christmas at Old Ft. Concho has always been a family tradition. There is something for everyone of any age.

Review №71

Had a great reunion this year here ! The 2019 Wall Reunion

Review №72

Pretty cool place, a lot of historical stuff

Review №73

This isnt the grandest museum Ive ever been to. But the staff is very passionate about this place and I love that. They are knowledgeable about the history, dress the part, and interact with kids well. The inside of the buildings are super interesting.

Review №74

Our family loves Fort Concho. We attend as many of their special events as we can. Frontier day is always very fun with our children, its a wonderful opportunity to learn a little bit about Fort life. The fort has been beautifully restored and is well maintained and is surprisingly wheelchair-accessible and stroller friendly

Review №75

Its a nice museum, interesting things to look at whether you are traveling alone or in a group and nice walk, staff are energetic and friendly.

Review №76

Great museum! Way bigger than I thought. Nice family place to visit. So sad what the army did to the native Americans and Buffalo in this area

Review №77

Awesome Christmas light show

Review №78

An interesting attraction. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable. The buildings are well restored and give a good feel for how things were a hundred years ago.My real question is why one of the buildings has been chosen to hold a telephone museum. This makes no sense, and destroys the historical ambiance of the whole place. One must assume that it was some sort of corporate donation from GT/Verizon that got the phone museum placed there. It is completely out of place. Old West Fort and High Tech Communication do not go together. The phone museum should be moved somewhere else.

Review №79

It could be so much more. We have visited other forts that have amazing tours and facilities

Review №80

Friendly staff, cheap price to get into everything. We got more information than we knew what to do with! Good exhibits and you can obviously tell this place is a labor of love.Lots of the buildings are locked up on this tour, and you kind of wish there was a bit more open to see. Very cool. Hope it grows.

Review №81

Love it! My favorite time to come is Christmas!!!

Review №82

I love this place. very reasonable entrance fee. friendly knowledgeable staff. Love all the events that are hosted here throughout the year.

Review №83

Christmas at fort concho is fantastic

Review №84

An interesting place to visit. There is a fee to walk the grounds but it was worth it.

Review №85

Nice place to very interesting as well as historical.

Review №86

This place is so unique and very well preserved. Went to Christmas at Old Fort Conch. Lots of history here

Review №87

Im biased, because I a) love this place and b) work here. Most well preserved fort of this time period in the US; nationally recognized; incredibly active in the community educationally. Come see for yourself!

Review №88

We had a lot of fun visiting here. My girls favorite part was doing the junior recruit program. The gentleman who explained the artillery was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. The officers barracks that has been turned into a telephone museum was really cool.

Review №89

Great place of historical significance.

Review №90

Historic site. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №91

Friendly staff and great to learn about the past.

Review №92

Neat self guided tour. Budget about 90 mins

Review №93

My husband, a complete Western nerd and history expert, soaked up this site when we stopped in on a weekday. Very nice visit.

Review №94

Great place to take family

Review №95

Beautiful old fort and so well maintained! Everyone should go see all the wonderful history there!

Review №96

It is interesting because of the history

Review №97

Always something cool going on at the fort.

Review №98

Nice people and good times!

Review №99

Very well done restoration

Review №100

Love the history you can learn

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