San Angelo State Park
362 S, FM 2288, San Angelo, TX 76901, United States

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BYOH (Bring your own HORSE)! This is a great place to ride. The trails have been clearly marked (new trails added) and offer levels of difficulty for every level of rider. They have nice pens as well. The sites are spaced far enough apart to offer a peaceful experience. Its a great set up for equestrians. My only complaint is they allow non riders to camp in the designated equestrian area which takes away the limited spots from those with horses, and thats the only area we can stay. Advanced Reservations are recommended.

Review №2

I really want to give this Park 5 stars but I just cant do it. First realize this State Park is huge; almost 8000 acres. Its very hard to figure out how to get there. Google maps drops you on the side of the road between a North entrance and a south entrance. Apple maps takes you to a suburban housing area. A phone call to the park revealed that we needed to go to the North Entrance and, by the way, the gate is always locked and there is no attendant.. Would you like the entrance code?? Duh, yeah!Finally we find the correct entrance (sign was hidden behind a tree), unlocked the gate and realized there were no maps or signs. Driving in the dark, we find some camping and our prepaid spot. During our two days, we never were able to find a paper map of the roads or trails.Now the good news; they have almost 8000 acres to play on including miles and miles of off road biking and hiking and horse riding. Trails did have clearly marked signage (new to the park) and biking was a blast. Lots of thorns so take tire patches. We met two volunteers at the park and they were super nice. Never found a manned kiosk or building to get maps and Literature. It was almost like the Rapture happened and we missed it. Camping spots were large and mostly out on the open. From what I can tell, this park may have been a combination of two parks but getting between them is difficult.

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This is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the large city. Its still close to the roads so youll be able to hear cars driving but the hiking was great. We spent our time in the River Bend camping area and hiked around with our 2 dogs.The restrooms in the area are an outhouse with no running water so make sure to bring a solar shower or drive to the camp showers if you need to bathe.Terrain is very dry and rocky. Make sure to bring quality steel stakes and not the ones that come with tents or aluminum stakes. I bent several while trying to set up due to the tough hard grounds.Overall we would definitely go back again. Not many trees for shade so I could imagine that area would be quite unpleasant camping primitively during the heat of summer. But during the fall and winter would be a great choice.There are several tent camping spots that we would pick over our last spot with more shade. Book in advance to get the better spots reserved.

Review №4

Some really nice bike trails. Saw ALOT of wildlife at dusk. Longhorns and bison were cool to see.Ranger Matt went out of his way to make it an awesome trip for our son.

Review №5

San Angelo State Park is really 2 parks in one with the size of the park. There are horse and bike trails and you have to leave one park to access the other trails. There are a few entrances that aren’t labeled as well and you have to use the code from the office to open the locked gates. The trails aren’t labeled very clearly so make sure you know where you are going. It is a pretty area. You should check it out. I wish I had a bike for some trails (or a horse) but got some good hiking in! And watch out for rattlesnakes, we saw one on the trail.

Review №6

This was an awesome park. I only stayed one night, but the Ranger took good care of me and pinned the park so I could find it from the visitors center. Thank you so much for going above and beyond on a holiday.

Review №7

I was a little confused at first, there is a north and South Park with two different entrances. Go to the South Park to pay and get all your maps, and the combo to get into the north park. I had a great time running around the park. Seeing the wildlife and just checking out the scenery.

Review №8

Awesome camping site. Clean, green(in areas) and well taken care of. We had a great weekend there. Only caught a few fish. Also each site at the area(Red Arroyo South entrance) were we stayed each has a covered picnic table and a tree or 2 for shade! We stayed at #17.

Review №9

Camped for the weekend on the north side of the park. Real quite, and the deer all come out after dark.Camping spots are nice and level. Have standard hook ups (15amp, 30amp, 50amp, water at correct pressure) but no sewer at sites. They do have a dump station on the way to the exit. Park personal are super friendly (chick-fil-A polite)on site bathrooms are clean stocked with TP.Trails are superb, hike, bike, equestrian, no motor traffic. Will definitely camp again.

Review №10

Equestrian campsites are nice with most having 2 horse stalls. Riding was great!!

Review №11

We loved this State Park. We stayed overnight on our return trip from the Davis Mountains. The official state herd of Longhorns and bison are at th his park.

Review №12

Beautiful! Deer, Buffalo, and Long Horns have made it extra cool! Cant wait to get back this summer to check out the lake. Only negative is the sticker problem. Theyre EVERYWHERE so we will be planning on better shoes next time.

Review №13

It is 42 degrees outside and NO HOT WATER in women’s shower and NO HEAT either!!!! Waited about 3-5 minutes for water to change from cold to hot! What a waste of precious water!

Review №14

Bald Eagle campground great, quiet. Isolated from rest of park. Crossed ravine on service road to horse camp to access hiking/biking trails.Bathhouse was factor for 3 star rating:. Dated, 1 handicap shower, 1toilet, 1 sink... shower drain backed up and flowed into toilet/sink area.. electric hand dryer did not work.

Review №15

A wonderful state park to visit. Filled with beautiful buffalo & longhorns. We also got to see deer, different birds & flowers. I didnt expect to be here for so long, but definitely enjoyed every minute there. This is one to check out.

Review №16

Nice park but the lake is currently very low and not very usable. Did see a couple of people fishing and a couple of kayaks on the remaining water. Disappointed in lack of visible access to either the long horns or bison herd. Caprock Canyon is much better with the bison herd free to wander among the campground. This park needs to think through how to make the animals more accessible.

Review №17

Great spot to get away from everything, even if for a moment in time

Review №18

You have to appreciate West Texas to see the raw beauty in San Angelo state park. The concho valley is quite nice. Although trees are sparse, that only enables your open view. Weather can be hot in summer months so be prepared.

Review №19

The area/land is beautiful and worthy to protected.However, the State is not serving Texans with this poor management.Trash elsewhere, obviously not have picked up for several days.Roads are unmarked. Trail markers are not maintained and do not match printed map.Few restrooms had no indication of virus cleaning more than water ... inclusing no soap.I realize the pandemic may affect hiring and shifts, but if so, just close the park and use a skeleton shift to clean the litter and protect people from further infection.

Review №20

May not be one of the well known parks in the state but truly a mark of beauty and so close to town, over 50 miles of trails to hike and O.C fisher lake is there for anglers, its a great place to get out and experience native texas fauna and flora. If you love nature this is a place to go

Review №21

Bird blind was not as nice as our 2015 visit. They feed the Buffalo and Longhorn cows so you get an up close and personal visit with the animals.

Review №22

Pretty cool park. Loads of unusual birds and wildlife around. Quite arid. Miles and miles of trails, but you have to leave the park to get between the north and south entrances.

Review №23

For camping it doesnt get better, well maintained camping areas, and bathrooms!From buffalo to dinosaur tracks, this hasnt let my family down.We dont have a boat but there is a very pretty lake that you can fish in too.Will be returning in the future.

Review №24

My experience was good but I knew what to expect. San Angelo is pretty flat and dry. Lots of thorny mesquite trees.I reserved a spot in the equestrian area because my vamper can only needs 30 amps. There were some beautiful pecan trees for shade and i could watch the sunset from my spot.The nearby bathroom was a vault toilet with no running water.I did not go yo the lake but im pretty sure I would have had to drive there... it didnt look close on the map.

Review №25

Lovely place. Lots of flowers way more than I expected for Texas. Make sure to bring lots of water or cash. The vending machines in the area only accept cash.

Review №26

Great place to go mountain biking. They have a lot of long well marked trails of various difficulty.

Review №27

The place is really clean and very enjoyable. The workers are very informational and really nice. It’s a great place to visit.I also went to the Brownwood State Park and saw lots of deer

Review №28

It was nice theres some trash and broken glass here and there but other than that it was really peaceful and quiet.

Review №29

Quiet. Camping spots spread out. Water in small lake being used for swimming, small boats, and fishing. Lots of birds.Had to use credit card to get into park. They would not take cash.Did see the bison!!!P.S. Dusk is best time to get to see wildlife!!

Review №30

Its good for West Texas state parks, the eagle view area where we atayed had worn but level sites, very attentive staff and good security.

Review №31

Wide open rv camping at its finest in Texas.

Review №32

Decent state park, not too much to see if youre a hiker. Facilities at the River Bend camping loop were useable but rustic. I had expected to fish on the river bend spots, but it was dry. We did see longhorn and horses.

Review №33

Had a wonderful experience with my wife going and photographing bison and longhorns, it was an awesome experience and we will definitely be back.

Review №34

It’s not a destination vacation, but if you find yourself stuck in the area, it’s one of the best things to do if you’re trying to stay out of trouble.The water level in the reservoir is low, but there’s still one boat ramp accessible, and that’s the one nearest the dam.Other things to do here:Tent camping, RV spots with electricity and water, or you can rent a cabin.And, oh yeah, there’s always the option of hiking alongside the “Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd!” (more on that later)Hiking: You can spend a few days out here and still not get to every trail. I managed to hit about 70% of them over several days.It’s west Texas, so don’t expect a whole lot of elevation change, but the cool thing is there’s hardly anyone on these trails! The park is so huge, that there are *separate trail maps* for the northern and southern section, so make sure you grab one of each before you begin your journey.Favorite trails:Roller Coaster Trail (the most elevation change (only about 70 feet over the course of half a mile) and a couple of good views of the open plains)Playground Trail (probably the best for mountain biking, but can also be confusing and hard to find your way out toward the end)Flintstone Village TrailNorth and South Slick Rock Trails- nice ups and downs - also good for mountain bikers.Least favorite trails:Badlands Trail - pretty flat, and TONS of side trails created by mountain bikers, so it’s very easy to get lost here.Roadrunner Trail/Strawberry Trail - VERY flat, boring, and easy.Longhorn spotting:Trailhead to Trailhead Route (look for the water trough just south of where Flintstone Village Trail intersects with the Trailhead to Trailhead Route)Here’s where I encountered the most longhorn. It was on the Badlands Trail and parts of the River Bend Trail. They’re docile for the most part, but don’t be surprised if you turn a corner and encounter one that doesn’t want to move off of the trail. I had one that snorted/grunted at me and that told me it was time to back out and take a different trail!I like the trails in the northern part more than the southern part. They’re just more fun. Although Roller Coaster Trail in the southern part was fun and had some good views, so it’s worth a spin.Kudos to the person who came up with the fun trail names like Badlands, Roller Coaster Trail, Playground Trail, Flintstone Trail, Lanky Lackey, Winding Snake, Cougar Overlook and Lower Ghost Camp Trail. I guess that person was on vacation when they decided to name the Trailhead to Trailhead Route. What the hell does that even mean???#KeepTexasWild

Review №35

Love the bisons and official Texas longhorn breed. Staff is so friendly and helpful.

Review №36

Lots of nice trails and activities. To was a crazy desert race.

Review №37

We stayed here for 4 nights in early May 2019. We stayed in the Red Arroyo Campground at the South entrance of the park. The best thing about this park is the amount of space between spots. Plenty of space between you and your neighbors. The park is beautiful and very quiet. When we were there the wildflowers were in full bloom. Spots are water and electric only, but there is a dump onsite. We had spot #13 and it was steep, but we were able to tuck our 30ft trailer at the bottom where it leveled out. No levelers required. The park has many trails for hiking and biking. Some of the trails were a bit muddy, but they had recently had rain. Cell phone service was good. We were able to get internet through the hotspot. Overall, it was a nice stay and we would stay here again.

Review №38

Great place just needs water level to come up in lake

Review №39

It makes you feel like there is no one in the whole park! All for myself:) and yes there is an entrance fee but it’s not much.

Review №40

I went tent camping here in the red aroya section. The park was quiet, and dead of life and activity minus the deer, and other wild life roaming through our camp ground. Granted it was 25-28° at night the only other humans were in RVs or the casual ranger.Its literally a 7 min drive from town, walmart academy everything you could ask for. That close to the city comes at a price, you will hear cars, horns, police sirens, and the light pollution at night time is insane.The park was extremely clean including the facilities with heated restrooms and showers. The hiking trails were nice and well maintained. I would recommend dinosaur trail, shady trail, and roller coaster trail.

Review №41

Nice park. Nice staff. Clean park. The ground squirrels are cute. We fed them lettuce. I know, we are not suppose to feed the critters but I wanted a photo.

Review №42

Good place to relax with family!

Review №43

It be hot sometimes but it be fun on the weekends

Review №44

Great scenery but was super low in the lake. Been too hot lately.

Review №45

Way more to do than I expected. The charge is a bit more than I would have expected for the park to be in the just above average state that it is in. There are a lot of cool things to see on the trails and the bird watching area is really nice.

Review №46

Didnt get to see the long horn, but did see the Bison.

Review №47

Its a well maintained park, is large, has good facilities, trails, boat ramps, camping sites.

Review №48

The park staff were all very friendly and helpful. They were knowledgeable about the park and the area.We made reservations online for a campsite and they were courteous and called us in advance to give us the gate code in case we arrived late.We stayed in Red Arroyo campground and our site was spacious and level. Roads are paved as well as the site.The restroom/shower facilities are older but very clean and functional.

Review №49

One of our favorite state parks.

Review №50

Park is nice. As it sits in what I call prairie desert, there are not a lot of trees, but they do provide awnings over tables. Bathrooms and shower were clean. Camp sites are well kept. If you are tent camping make sure you bring a sleeping mat or air mattress cause it is rocky. Lots of red ants but thats just Texas. Will let you know about fishing later tonight. Is it

Review №51

Love our state park! Great place to ride my horse. We are actually having Fall this year and its still green.

Review №52

My husband and I go to ride our horses and the park needs lots of maintenance. The mesquite trees that are dead need to be cleaned out and the cactus needs to be grubbed out. Theres not much at the park, its pretty rundown.

Review №53

Good place to hike, bike, geocache, birdwatch or just explore

Review №54

We love coming here so much we bought the yearly pass which is absolutely worth it! Beautiful park, awesome trails and so much wildlife to view. I highly recommend visiting.

Review №55

This place has good trails for Hiking. My only complaint is that not all trails are on the maps and not always clearly marked on the trails. Otherwise its great and me and my family will continue to come back

Review №56

Very clean and well kept park. The spaces are level, long and very spacious. Not many trees for shade, so probably pretty hot during the summer. We only stayed one night, but will definitely stay here again.

Review №57

I enjoy our lovely park, so many miles (55 miles) to hike/bike/horseback ride/enjoy!! Thank y’all for your dedication to keeping up with this beautiful place!! Our pre-dinosaur tracks are awesome too!!It is fun to see what animals we will see each time we go! We love going later on so we can star gaze after the sun goes down!!

Review №58

Very nice open RV sites with level pads. Not much to do in the park except try to see the Longhorns and Bison. Also some hiking options. The sunrises and sunsets are fabulous however and I would visit for those alone.

Review №59

RV hook ups and dump area were easy to access. Volunteer staff was extremely kind.Will visit again!

Review №60

Lots of varying degrees of trails for horses, hiking and mountain biking. Water troughs for horses along trails and pens and/or hitching posts at campsites.

Review №61

The state park is a pretty coming home www

Review №62

Nice get away so close to town

Review №63

Great days bike ride. Lots of cool, challenging trails.

Review №64

Plenty of RV/trailer sites, but only person I tent sites (no water or electric). Sparce bathrooms, but enough to handle needs. Nice boat ramp. Wildlife viewing is seasonal.

Review №65

We love the pecan grove side best. Very quite and rustic. We will keep coming back

Review №66

The park was just ok. I guess that Im use to allot of trees when I camp. The bathroom/shower was very dirty!! Nasty. Beautiful sunset

Review №67

Desert Campground in the middle of nowhere. But, it is a beautiful place to camp. Water and electric at each site. Dump station in the park along with dumpsters. All sites are pull throughs.

Review №68

Its a beautiful park. Only one other rv was there. The showers in the bathrooms did not drain & there were spiders, including a black widow.

Review №69

I enjoyed the park. I didnt use the public showers because of the bugs. If I was dependent on their bathrooms, I would make sure and shower before dark. It was extremely quiet. My view of the water was beautiful. I felt safe there. There didnt seem to be much to do but I was there for work so that didnt bother me. Kids would not love it. I would stay there again.

Review №70

Its a great area, but shows signs of budget cuts etc. A private sponsor/group could make a huge impact.

Review №71

Very nice, quiet park. Level sites, spacious between neighbors. Was just passing through, so great for us! Site 15

Review №72

It was a nice camping area (the north entrance) but thats all, these pictures were from the South Park.

Review №73

Roping class for kids great, saw longhorns, saw premian era footprints. Excellent staff and volunteers.

Review №74

Beautiful area. Very open. Not too many visitors. Great place for a walk. Cheap admission. Great place to go for a picnic.

Review №75

I love State parks and doing things outside but I have to say that this park is kinda misrepresented. We were excited about the idea of a bison and longhorn tour but it isnt a tour at all. Its only an observation area with a staff member to answer questions. Its a nice photo opportunity but nothing else.

Review №76

Very nice park. Not much shade. Trails are not properly marked.

Review №77

The park is great. Very scenic if you like the desert. The trails out here are fantastic and great for trail running. Theres no shortage of cactus out here.

Review №78

Nice place to go to find some peace and quiet

Review №79

Great staff. Beautiful location

Review №80


Review №81

The Permian tracks are incredible. Pre-dinosaur, and right here in San Angelo! I miss O.C Fischer as it was years ago (my Dad favored Pots Creek) but I LOVE all the educational offerings and community involvement. Beautiful

Review №82

Had an awesome hike on the North Side with the Texas Longhorns.

Review №83

Lots of great trails and even some wildlife

Review №84

Its a nice quiet park. There are lots of trails, although some are harder to maneuver than others. Theyre isnt much to do except hike and bike the trails. The lake is not conducive to swimming. The cabins are really great and the staff is open and accommodating!

Review №85

Quiet, lovely place.

Review №86

I went and looked at the fossilized dinosaur footprint tracks with my wife and dogs it was a good hour and a half trek by foot total there and back

Review №87

I have been coming here since the 60s use to ride my horse there and go fishing and still fish there .

Review №88

Nice place

Review №89

We love this state park because its not very busy and you feel you have the park to yourselves.

Review №90

Cabins were great. Just wish there was a place to get in the water, not a boat ramp. Really need to spray bathrooms and showers and the cabin porches for black widows and scorpions on a regular basis. We had a nice time here except for dangerous bugs.

Review №91

Very nice park, I loved the bird viewing area.

Review №92

The park is gorgeous and the camp sites are nicely set up and the wildlife is exceptional. The staff are exceptional as well.

Review №93

Facilities were great, views awesome and nice n quiet.

Review №94

One of my favorite spots to get away from civilization. Over 60 miles of trails, free fishing from the shore, and dont forget they got buffalos! However, the trails are massive, so prepare accordingly and dont wander to far off, unless you love hiking.

Review №95

Great state park to stay overnight on our travels through the area. Plenty of room between sites.

Review №96

Ranger Bonnie does some great tours geared towards the kids

Review №97

It was a wonderful experience.

Review №98

Beautiful park with longhorns and buffalo

Review №99

This was a great park to visit and explore. Plenty of hiking trails to roam along on and friendly staff!

Review №100

Great park for trails and enjoying the Southwest beautiful landscape.

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