San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts
1 Love St, San Angelo, TX 76903, United States

Review №1

We all had a really great time. Admission was free and they were showing a ton of really great ceramics. Dont forget to donate.

Review №2

This was a quaint little museum featuring lots of state/regional artists. If youre hoping for any big name pieces, you wont find them here. If youre looking for a nice little activity for your family or for a date, this museum is perfect! Also, admission is currently free due to covid. There werent many people when we went which made social distancing easy!

Review №3

This museum was so AMAZING to say the least. Me and my wife loved it it was so informative. The staff was so helpful and well knowledged on items. Very interesting exhibits and 2 Flores of just pure happiness. I recommend u go if ur in the area. The admission fee was very cheapVery worth the visit.

Review №4

Art Thursday is every week and always a great experience even with my 8 and 10 year old. Every 1st Saturday is Family Day which is full of many great activities and crafts. Truly happy the Museum has a fun family option in this town.

Review №5

Had a lot of fun. The wall stone sculptures were amazing and very realistic. The employees treated me with a lot of respect. Very interesting items sold in the store, like beaded jewelry, books by local authors, and T-shirts. Looking forward to coming back in the next event.

Review №6

The San Angelo museum of fine arts was a neat place right on the river-walk downtown. The surrounding area is really nice. The museum itself had a womens voice through the roaring 20s as well as some pieces of art, primarily sculptures. The admission was fair and overall it would definitely make a fun day to tour the museum and walk up and down the river walk

Review №7

Art and music all in one setting today. New Yorks Cassatt String Quartet with Clarinetist Oskar Espina-Ruiz.

Review №8

Went June 2020 during the ceramics exhibit. Lots of interesting pieces. Admission was free, so that was a plus, as well.

Review №9

Wasnt open even though the signs on the door said it should be.

Review №10

Nice place to visit local artists

Review №11

I love going here. They have different artist featured every couple months. Military is free:)

Review №12

They had an interesting roaring 20s womens voice exhibit as well as some neat art pieces. The outside is a beautiful Riverwalk.

Review №13

The museum was lovely, though a volunteer will follow you around which feels a little strange. We loved free Family Art Thursday and will definitely be back! Blown away by all the materials available for the children and the wonderful studio. The setting on the river is magnificent. We walked all over before heading in and it all made for a really nice day. Lots of picture opportunities outside.

Review №14

A lovely piece of beauty in a rather desolate area of the state. Looking forward to going back for more visits.

Review №15

The facility is well done. Displays were marked well and held nice pieces that were interesting. As I understand it they rotate in new collections (themes?) periodically. Staff was friendly and available without being intrusive, but stayed close and were ready to answer any questions.

Review №16

Ot was so cool. I loved it I want to go all the time!

Review №17

Wish they had some fine cars but it wasnt bad.

Review №18

Great place

Review №19

You wouldn’t expect a small city like ours to have such a great museum of fine arts, but this little gem is really something! The exhibits are always excellent, and very well done. Sometimes we get exhibits that surpass excellence and take my breath away. Plus, their guest-artist music concerts in the auditorium are delightful. (And the free hors d’oeuvres at intermission are always elegant and yummy.) I have lived in many metropolitan areas, and I have to say that this museum deserves its fine reputation. I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have it.

Review №20

Great museum. Helps that its a block from my house.

Review №21

People downstairs were very friendly and helpful. Displays were great. Would have been better if the lady would have been a guide instead of watching us as if we would try to harm anything in the display. And just a note, it was 3 adults, one art loving teen, 2 toddlers and a 9 month old - not a wild bunch, but rather a family of 4 generations trying to share art appreciation.

Review №22

Went for the Thursday kids event, was fun!

Review №23

It is always fun to see what they have on display!! Such beautiful art!!!

Review №24

Amazing artwork. Always changing feature artists works. Good customer service. Activities for all age on certain days.

Review №25

I like their art shows. Opening nights for a new show are really fun with music, drinks and finger food.

Review №26

My boys and I love this place

Review №27

We came here for a tuba concert and the acoustics were phenomenal!

Review №28

Very small and compared to its surroundings, plain. The outside ponds, statues and river are truly beautiful.

Review №29

Great art!!

Review №30

No good service

Review №31

Really nice pieces, nice staff, pretty cheap prices too. I got in for free as a student actually.Wish the city had a bit more rooms to make a longer experience, but otherwise it was good~

Review №32

Very nice place to have family day

Review №33

Love family day. Showed my grandson so much. Indebted forever

Review №34

An incredible space with not only fine art but local artists as well.

Review №35

Terrific. Unique and unusual art and other interesting works.

Review №36

The art museum in San Angelo is a good place to visit. Good environment and nice painting. And I did enjoy my time there.

Review №37

This is a fun and super affordable place to visit. Very well maintained and they bring in great exhibits and artists. I wish there was more to see though. If youre not careful, you can blow through the whole museum in 30 minutes.

Review №38

Great learning environment for my kids.

Review №39

Such a grand museum in a town this size is unprecedented. In any other city you would pay $20 just for entry but here it is a steal at $5. New exhibits regularly. Outstanding examples of art from the local scene and around the world. Come quickly and often.

Review №40

The knowledge and hospitality of the staff was amazing.

Review №41

Great edition to the culture of this town.

Review №42

Good times for my great granddaughter

Review №43

Very cool place to check out

Review №44

The museum is always worth a visit. The exhibits are always interesting and ever changing. The facility is a very interesting building....clean and user friendly. There are several areas of the building which can be reserved for private use such as concerts, meetings, banquets, parties, etc. The staff is always available for info.

Review №45

Absolutely amazing info about the history of the late to 19th century.

Review №46

Small and quaint with an amazing collection of wall sized artwork and a friendly atmosphere, right next to a nice little river walk. Definitely must see if in town

Review №47

I wish the curators would use the historic art of West Texas, vice tring to shove high society modern crud at us. The History of Womens Underwear...? Really?

Review №48

Would love to go there.

Review №49

The museum hosted SAISD and their new teachers for the 2018-2019 school year. I was pleasantly surprised by all the programs the museum offers for the community.

Review №50

Great staff and building! They have a activities section devoted to getting people interested in art and other things! They often do art walks and theatre here.

Review №51

I didnt go inside but just the outside made it look cool

Review №52

Love this place in need to take my children

Review №53

I love how this place is always doing something cool with the community. I love taking my kid there when I can. Love it!

Review №54

Not recommended for kids. Its more for the artist fanatics than the general public. We were planning on having hands-on experience with the workshops they offer, but it was cancelled for the day so our only option was to see the exhibits. We were in and out in 10 min. The roof top view of the river was my favorite part.

Review №55

If modern art is your bag, then this place has some interesting pieces to check out. Theres two stories to this place. The staff here are very friendly. Its also right on the river walk, so you cant miss it.

Review №56

Friendly people nicely set up !!!

Review №57

Went for a walk!

Review №58

Beautiful establishment!

Review №59

Great spot to visit when money is tight (free entry comes in clutch)

Review №60

The best Museum on West Texas!

Review №61

Love our Museum and all it does for the community

Review №62

The building is beautiful, but members of the staff can be disrespectful, if you look younger than 25. One of the employees snapped at me when I picked up a plate I was considering buying from the gift shop. She very rudely told me dont touch. You might break it and cant afford it if you do. The plate was $25 dollars! If I broke it, I could very easily afford to replace it. That experience left a very bad taste in my mouth. We were there on military day out and I realize we all looked young, but I dont appreciate being talked to like a 5 year old. I dont tolerate age discrimination and will not be returning.

Review №63

Beautiful art worl

Review №64

My family has really come to love this place. Their Second Saturday events are always heavily anticipated: hands-on crafts, food crafts, scavenger hunts. The employees (volunteers?) are always so incredibly nice, we just love it!

Review №65

Exciting exhibits, always something different and new. Very community oriented.

Review №66

It was a good place to see some really cool art

Review №67

Nice, but just too small to spend much time there. Make it a part of an outing downtown to make it worth your time.

Review №68

Such a cool place to be. Loved It.

Review №69

Best place to visit when coming to San Angelo... Really great fine art and friendly

Review №70

Family day is a great way to build bonds among others and within family.

Review №71

Great place to take a walk and fish If youd like Perfect for families and dog walkers.

Review №72

Bringing a bit of culture to West Texas. The kids programs are fantastic.

Review №73

So great to have a facility like this in a smaller quality town like San Angelo

Review №74

Good customer services. THE LADY ARE AWESOME

Review №75

Lovely ladies at the front desk with beautiful artwork to compliment them!

Review №76

Always something new to see, real artists that you only ever see in big cities for only a couple bucks !

Review №77

Great place to take the family

Review №78

Who doesnt like ART??? Also they have a nice ball room area available to rent for partys and events.

Review №79

Such a small place, and a tiny collection. But they do a great job of trying to put on family events.

Review №80

This is a world class art museum!

Review №81

Thoroughly enjoyed. So much to explore!

Review №82

A fine place for events such as weddings. Very accommodating.

Review №83

Beautiful art work

Review №84

The childrens creative space provides hours of art and joy.

Review №85

Small but beautiful

Review №86

Fantastic place to see art and listen to concerts and for special meetings.

Review №87

Over too soon

Review №88

Lovely museum, great to visit.

Review №89

Nice little art museum

Review №90

Small but filled. Active duty discount.

Review №91

Awesome times!

Review №92

Interesting, especially for the artsy ones in our bunch.

Review №93

Great place to visit, free for military!

Review №94

Wonderful place to go.

Review №95

An unexpected treasure.

Review №96

Having fun outside the museum

Review №97

Great staff sweet ladies, the new China exhibit is wonderful!!

Review №98

Nice place to see art

Review №99

Beautiful works of art

Review №100

Great place for pictures and pinics

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