Marquam Nature Park
Main entrance:, SW Marquam St, Portland, OR 97201, United States
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This is a nice spot for hikes of varying lengths, without leaving the city. There are many trails - we walked a couple of miles, on 3 different paths, and were pleasantly surprised by the gentle grade, though virtually all of our route was along hillsides overlooking steep ravines.The trails were somewhat narrow for Covid times. Fortunately, almost everyone else that we encountered were wearing masks. The trails had a number of exposed roots and medium sized rocks, making for good traction, but also potential for twisted ankles.The feeling of wooded isolation is remarkable, considering how close this park is to downtown. There are constantly varying levels of sunlight reaching down into the ravines, making for entertaining viewing.Some of the trails have been renamed, so if youve done any route planning online, the names on the trail markers may be different. One example is that the former Shelter Loop Trail is now called the Shadyside Trail. Look for trail maps at the shelter near the surprisingly small parking lot.We encountered one section of trail that had water running across, draining into a gully that ran alongside, although there has been no rain in the area for several days. So, be sure to wear appropriate footwear.

Review №2

Marquam trail was awesome. Kickback trail that goes up and down. Just when we were breathing hard with our hearts beating it would level out or go down. A vigorous 4-mile hike that our little dogs could manage. Parking was easy along Terwilliger on this cold day but I imagine on a nice hiking day it would be more difficult.

Review №3

Beautiful hiking trails, well maintained. They just put in new lights! I really like exploring nature here.

Review №4

Great area, never too busy. Very steep with lots of twisty switchbacks that is great for trail running. Lots of small critters that I try not to trod on. Sometimes I skip the going to the very top at Council Crest with all the snobby people who drive up there to let their dogs out while they sit and watch them from their cars.

Review №5

Lovely peaceful place to be in nature.

Review №6

Looking for good local hikes my wife and I decided to try the Four T Trail. We parked at Council Crest Park and started out from there.Not being familiar with the Four T we chatted along the way with various passers-by. And so hiked the “urban shortcut” across the streets on the way down. This was an interesting and unique experience.We stopped at Marquam Nature Park which is a really nice park to visit. And then we hiked back along the forested Marquam Trail and back to our starting point.Overall it was a fun time. But if you read the Four T sign, there is a lot more involved and sounds like it would be fun.

Review №7

Great refuge in the city. Well-kept trails offering steep hikes for a good workout.

Review №8

Lovely trails for that mildly interesting forest love that you might have!

Review №9

Great hiking trails, went in the early afternoon and only came across a handful of other hikers. Easy to access from the PSU campus!

Review №10

Beautiful green place for hiking. Perfect to spend family time there.

Review №11

Beautiful area. Riverfront. Nice and relaxing.

Review №12

Good place to walk the dog without running into many other dogs. It was nice and slow in the morning when we got there before 11:00 a.m.

Review №13

Great network of trails with lots of up and down. Downside is thst the trails in many areas are quite narrow.

Review №14

Great for trail running or hiking. A peaceful and beautiful place. Lots of green. Great way to stay cool in summer heatwaves too. The perfect park for trail running and day hiking. The Marquam Trail is well looked after and connects to many other trails in the park.

Review №15

I feel like this park is fairly underrated. Its a nice little area to get some good hiking in. Lots of mild slopes. Good views and relative quiet close in to OHSU.

Review №16

Beautiful and challenging hiked to viewpoints along green trails with lots of moss covered logs. At the top, council Crest, you can see 4 mountain peaks from one vantage point.

Review №17

The perfect park for trail running and day hiking. The Marquam Trail is well looked after and connects to many other trails in the park.

Review №18

Early March cherry blossoms. Peaceful trail for a morning hike.

Review №19

Favorite place to visit in Portland. I go here practically each time I visit. Its a part of Portlands 4-T trail. You can vary the distance of your home accordingly.

Review №20

Did a hike straight up the hill. We were following the trail to get up to the tram but ended at a parking garage. Not worth it.

Review №21

Fall is an incredible time of year to visit this gem in our fair city!

Review №22

Beautiful extensive trail system.

Review №23

An excellent place for a walk or a jog. There is little canopy in the rainy season, but plenty of sunlight. Consists of mainly switch backs and connecting trails to OHSU, council crest, Terwilliger and Washington Park. A few little creeks wind through the park as well. Dog walkers are plentiful and views of down town can be found with a little work up steep trails.

Review №24

We’re so rich in gorgeous city parks

Review №25

Awesome cardio walk through beautiful giants..

Review №26

Refreshing and soothing. Although close to the freeway the trees completely block out any noise.

Review №27

Great views. Nice hike.

Review №28

Great hiking trails. Multiple trails of different lengths, at times it will get steep. We went there when it was rainy so be prepared for shoes that might get muddy. Water is at the trailhead. Restrooms that are kind of gross are a little into one of the trails, but NOT at the trailhead exactly. Trails can be narrow so might not be able to walk side by side. Saw a few pups here so I guess that means its pup friendly!

Review №29

One of the best urban-esk hikes around the city, great views poke out around the trail, very quiet and peaceful. The flow of the trail might sometimes take you next to a road but it also tends to be very quiet and peaceful with potentially better views.

Review №30

Wonderful little park

Review №31

Beautiful place to hike, or even pull over to sit for a bit while you wait to visit the OHSU.

Review №32

The place its ok but even without anything visible you can get your car broken into. Police knows and happens often and they dont do anything. They stole a diaper bag that was in the trunk and unfortunately I had forgotten my wallet in it.

Review №33

Wow. I am so out of shape. I wouldnt recommend this hike for beginners. It is a beautiful area though and for those of you who are up for uphill hiking with switchback - go for it!

Review №34

Super friendly and helpful. Great accommodations with a safe location next to downtown

Review №35

Its a wilderness in the city! You wont believe all the places you can get to!

Review №36

Nice trails in the city, I enjoy coming to this park whenever I can.

Review №37

Steep but beautiful trails with a feel of the wilderness very close to downtown and OHSU.

Review №38

Peacefully quiet

Review №39

A good hiking path.

Review №40

Thank get away from the city and to have different trails to walk through. Well kept trail you will love it

Review №41

The trees are so tall and lush with moss growing on branches. There is ivy as well. Nice wide path that starts to go up on a slight incline.

Review №42

Gorgeous and peaceful. Moderate to challenging hike.

Review №43

Great hiking spot.

Review №44

Very Relaxing! Plenty of signs to direct your way. Parking was a little tight for the Honda Odyssey.

Review №45

Love this place! Great hikes, amazing views!

Review №46

Its nice to get out of work and be amongst the trees on my lunch break. Very calming and perfectly nestled amongst the bustling city.

Review №47

Great place to take a hike.

Review №48

Smack in the middle of City... so convenient

Review №49

My favorite local place to get my run/hike on within the city. Love that I can walk here from my home!

Review №50

Such a beautiful, peaceful, and scenic place! Its perfect for journaling and just enjoying nature.

Review №51

Its moderate difficulty for hike

Review №52

Car broken into, again, and for what? $1k+ damage for babys diaper bag. Some days this area truly disgusts me.

Review №53

My favorite place to hike in the whole city. I miss Portland. This place is a sacred, grounding destination every time I visit.

Review №54

I feel blessed to live close to this picturesque park.

Review №55

This is a nice hidden area to walk in. I made an afternoon of it, after follow up visit with my doctor at OHSU went and walked one of the trails, then stopped by Thai yummy for something to eat and went home.

Review №56

Sweet natural get away in the heart of a neighborhood

Review №57

Yet another natural area ruined by selfish Portland dog owners. Seriously, people, you ruin everyplace with your dogs running free.

Review №58

Very beautiful with great views as long as you have a clear day.

Review №59

Beautiful area with great trails. Paths are narrow and are steep in areas.

Review №60

Loved this trail! I saw maybe 2-3 people total during the 45 minutes I was there. Its really pretty and reminds me of a lesser known Forest Park. My pup loved it there, and the trail itself was enjoyable. Parking was great too.

Review №61

Beautiful routes, lots of early morning hikers

Review №62

Very nice park with a lot of different activities available.

Review №63

Awesome park. Step hiking trails.

Review №64

Great area close to the OHSU campus with nice forested trails that are very well maintained. Lots of trail runners due to the quality of the trail conditions.

Review №65

An adorable little park a short hike from the nearby campus.

Review №66

Nice shady trails with lots of elevation change and courteous users (for the most part--those of you who arent, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE).

Review №67

NO ONE puts their god damn dogs on leashes here. My dog got attached TWICE within fifteen minutes of being here. If you’re going to walk/run/hike in a public place KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEASHES. Respect others people dogs. My dog does not want strange dogs running up to her or to ME.

Review №68

The place was nice enough, but I was continuously followed, questioned, and harrased by locals from the nearby residencies. I dont know if my race had anything to do with it, or if they maybe have had alot of recent thefts and breakins, or both. But it was not okay. I was litterally just walking around minding my own business, trying to soak in the scenery, and kept getting approached and questioned. Next time I am 100% open carrying while going there.

Review №69

You are surrounded by nature right in the middle of the city

Review №70

Really great trails! Wonderful area for a little dog walk or a day long excursion exploring the park.

Review №71

Love to do the 4T Trail hike here!

Review №72

Beautiful park with new and mature growth trees. Walkways are hardpack dirt. Lots of high and low elevations and switchbacks.

Review №73

Great place for trail running and urban walks.

Review №74

Good inner-city hike. Nice combination of elevation changes. No views, except for the trees. Free, but limited spaces for parking.

Review №75

Beautiful surroundings, nice spot for as break...port a potty available.

Review №76

Easy access from downtown, several trails to escape the city

Review №77

Would have enjoyed it more if people KEPT THEIR DOGS ON LEASH! Obey leash laws! What the heck is wrong with people?

Review №78

Next to VA and OHSU. Awesome place

Review №79

Cool place, relaxed and peaceful. The wierd thing was a lincon navigator with the plates Pres4 was there too, the agent driving (if youd seen you would be calling him agent as well)was just walking around looking very zen.

Review №80

Nice trailhead that leads to some great wooded areas on the heart of Portland.

Review №81

I love the vastness of this park. Its beautiful.

Review №82

Beautiful Park with walking/Hiking trails a must visit!

Review №83

Nice trail!

Review №84

Trilliums on the Marquand trail.

Review №85

Very pretty nature area, well taken care of paths and boardwalks. Right near the city proper as well.

Review №86

Absolutely beautiful! Tons of little waterfalls and challenging hikes

Review №87

Lots of fun walking the paths.

Review №88

Beautiful and quite

Review №89

Great hike and trails are clearly marked and well maintained. I think the longest loop is 6 miles, but you could extend by going on several of the loops. Would go there again

Review №90

This is a nice hike, pretty typical for the Portland city area hikes, but very pleasant. At the top there is a very nice park, with great views of city and Mount Hood (i think, snow capped mountain, anyway)would be a great park for a picnic etc. Im from out of town, just living here for a couple of months so it was a nice after work hike with a fun view at the end. Be careful with dogs off leash though towards the top, the trail crosses a couple of busy streets and they sort of sneak up on you so potentially your dog could be out in the street before you realize it!

Review №91

Awful place. Stay away. Serious wasp issue there, tons of stings. Tons of spiders and dangerous areas. No bathrooms.

Review №92

Great for trail running or hiking. A peaceful and beautiful place. Lots of green. Great way to stay cool in summer heat waves too.

Review №93

Fun trails, great scenery

Review №94

Beautiful park! I was huffing & puffing! I dont do a lot of hilly hikes. My dogs loved it too! The trail is a little rough but overall a good time!

Review №95

Calm and historic. This park is tucked away and connects Marquam trail system to Council Crest. While theres not much to the park besides a (very nice) shelter, water fountain, and bike racks, the area is adequately secluded to make it worth a quick trip to get out of the city. Hikes are very hilly here, but in just about two miles you can get up to Council Crest and see the best view in Portland.

Review №96

So green!! Many nice short hikes.

Review №97

Love going here for some trail running. Its hard to believe such a gorgeous nature area is so very close to downtown. What a treasure.

Review №98

A beautiful trail and a lot of different pathways. We completed three trails before having to head back. Loved the intricate paths of some of them.

Review №99

Super pretty; rather steep.

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