Skate City Overland Park
10440 Mastin St, Overland Park, KS 66212, United States
Review №1

My daughter had a blast for her birthday party. They were very accommodating and helpful. Check in was a breeze and the kids were very tired when we left!! We will definitely be back!

Review №2

Staff was amazing friendly and prices are more than fair! I have nothing negative to say. Plenty of seating, clean bathrooms, and a great time!

Review №3

Poor customer service. The times dont make much sense to me on Saturdays. I got there at 5:15. The next session is at 6. The gentleman at the window told me you can double up and pay wich would be 16 dollars a person. I got the vibe that he didnt care. Thanks skate city. You are the best.

Review №4

This place creates a healthy environment. My children skate, play games and listen to good music. The music is low enough that you can have a good conversation. The music selections are appropriate for children.

Review №5

The staff was so friendly and the music was absolutely great and modern! I will definitely be returning to skate, not only for the price but for the great atmosphere!

Review №6

Set up was a bit odd but had a great time and the rink was in good shape. Had to sign waver since there were no masks required.

Review №7

I had a great experience skating here the other night. The staff were all friendly and fun, and the rink itself was clean and in good condition. An older man who appeared to be a manager or owner greeted me, asked if I was having fun, and wished me a good night as I left. Would come back!

Review №8

Roller hockey was grrecommend. Nice rink. I would recomend it.

Review №9

We came here for my daughters school skate night. Used to skate all time in Wichita when I was a kid. This place is super nice! Not too much money to skate. Snacks and food were reasonably priced too. Music was good. We all had fun.

Review №10

Always a fun time. For only $12 you can have hours of fun and enjoyment skating and laughing with your friends and family.

Review №11

Super clean, staffs super friendly, good place for sure.

Review №12

Good place for skate(not ice skate). You can bring your own.

Review №13

None of the workers were wearing masks and they had nobody at the concessions so a girl with long hair that wasn’t tied up and a long baggy cardigan came and said “i used to work here i’ll help you” we had young kids with us and nobody was wearing masks.

Review №14

The D.J. was not good. He didnt play any of the kids requests. Hope they have a different D.J. for adult night or I would leave! Nice wood skate rink though.

Review №15

The floor is wooden, which I prefer, and in good shape. There is a small slight step up into the skating floor which might be a slight annoyance for beginners, but is not that big of an issue. The staff has always been friendly and kind. My family always enjoys their time at skate city.

Review №16

Good service and had lot of fun

Review №17

Price for skating was nice. Outside of that over priced for all food items. Hotdogs looked green, hotdog buns were a little moist. 13 bucks for a pepperoni pizza. A child fell while skating and it took 2 minutes for an employee to show up and ask to help. We paid for a host for the birthday party and never received one.

Review №18

This place is ok. For a first time skater or family night its fun. Some of the staff members are extremely friendly. Although the guy that gets you your skates is probably the worst customer service person you can have.

Review №19

Nice place for skating, polite and helpful staff. Only thing is it gets a bit crowded on weekend after 2 pm or so, so it would be challenging to get undisturbed course to skate

Review №20

The kids always have a great time. Music is usually appropriate for the younger kids. Its cold at the noon session during the winter. I expect the 2pm or 4pm to be a little warmer.

Review №21

Im pretty good at skating so it fun

Review №22

Great Place to skate and have parties for kids, out for adults..amazing..check them out.

Review №23

Amazing place but dont go in last slot when floor is rough or around adult night as people skate too fast causing accudents...

Review №24

Staff is horrible, prices are ridiculous, only reason we go is because of school nights. However this place has more rules then anywhere and the lowest payout. Use a different fund raiser.

Review №25

A wonderfully homey place to let loose and have a fun time. The new wooden skating floor makes falling hurt less and getting up and wanting to try again easier. No matter how good or bad you are you will not be judged. The limbo and other games are engaging and almost always fun to play. You can rent training skaters that help you stay supported while learning. The food at the counter is good for a quick eat after a long skating session. Great work and keep it up!

Review №26

This was a truly wonderful experience for my little family. I took my children there for a birthday party and when they got there it was a very secure check in. There was a woman at the window who took your money as well as instructed you on everything that you may need to know. There is even a waiver to sign for anyone over 18 who will be skating. Once we got inside my childrens lit up with excitement and were ready to run all over the place. there is plenty of seating both booths and chairs and tables so that you have a lot of options. The skate rental is at the complete opposite end from the where the front door is which was a little off-putting to be honest but once we tracked all the way across the whole building we got the skates for the kids and the gentleman there was very helpful. All the skates that I saw were in great condition and there were options to rent speed skates as well as the option to rent a walker for children who are more inexperienced. There were a few arcade games and even a counter that was packed full of treats and little toys that children could buy for anywhere between $0.25 to $5. Admittedly, all the additionals that they offer can be rather pricey if you put them all together. It is $4 to rent a walker there is an additional rental charge for speed skates and the concession stand has nothing that is under $2 with the exception of drinks. I was admittedly surprised considering at the skating rink and not a fast food restaurant. The very best part was that it seems like every child was thought of an included. Additionally, they have some very fun games to play while youre on the skating rink and both of my children absolutely loved it! We will be returning!

Review №27

Great party place for first graders. Clean and well organized. Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №28

There arent too many roller skating rings these days so its good to praise the ones we have, especially when they dona good job. Its ring with a small arcade and a restaurant. Restaurant has common items such as pizza and pretzels.

Review №29

Very nice owner. Nice workers. Well run, clean place.

Review №30

Fun times brings back old memories of skate world in shawnee which is now a skate city

Review №31

A fun place to visit with the family as well as a good workout! My wife & I enjoy roller skating & we are passing that love down to our daughters. So many memories made through my childhood attending school skate night! Asking a girl to skate to a slow song or acting cool with the buddies. I was always excited for the 3rd Thursday of the month to arrive & I didnt miss many from 1st-8th grade! I am thankful & blessed to have a mother who always made it her priority to help me & my sister get there & back home!

Review №32

My daughter skates here every Friday night. The staff is friendly, and I love how at closing time they play a beautiful Christian song

Review №33

The staff are very accommodating and kind♡ Another Mom took our pusher (which is numbered) and wouldnt give it back to us so the manager gave us our money back plus another pusher for my child. I have also witnessed the helpers on the rink helping little ones to learn where to skate to be safer. Love this place!!

Review №34

Like Nascar, except sometimes we all turn around and take rights!

Review №35

You are never too old to go skating it was fun!.

Review №36

I like the rink itself. They need to pick better music & maybe turn it up some. They have AWESOME open skate times though. We opt for them because they have a longer window & can pop in if we just get the urge. A lot of other rinks have very restricted windows so we have to plan a whole day around it. Pretzels are also great.

Review №37

They need new skates because the nail is kind of coming up from the bottom of the skate and rubbing on your foot but other than that great service and very fun

Review №38

My kid loves this place. Very clean and well taken care of.

Review №39

Had such a fun time here!!! staff was nice and food was good! i payed 2 extra dollars for roller blades so it was 4.50 instead of 2.00. It was worth it though. You also payed 8 dollars to get in so overall it was a good deal! can’t wait to come back!!!!!!

Review №40

Always a ton of good and clean family fun. Cannot comment on the food and drinks since we have not partake. Music is appropriate all ages and the games are a lot of fun. They offer skates as well as inline although for the best experience bring your own. Training frames are available for the new learners. Will definitely go there for every holiday.

Review №41

My daughter and our favorite new place... cheap skating from 12-6 on weekends. Buy your own skates and come more often. Just bring cash, everything is discounted when you use cash. Fun for the whole family!!! And great exercise!!!!

Review №42

Weve been here for birthday parties and school events. The kids really enjoyed their parties here. They would have a host the announce for the bday party. Then the host would serve the pizza to the kids. We could then go back to skating and the staff took care of the clean up. The facility could use some updates.

Review №43

Great family place. Skating is still popular among all age groups and this is the place to go.

Review №44

Birthday gift for 8 year old. Her and younger brothers FIRST time on skates. They had a ball. Food was pricey but regular.Will try to go again because they enjoyed it

Review №45

Was here for a kids birthday party. Staff is awesome and the rink is a very nice wood surface. We will be going back.

Review №46

I broke my left leg here and didnt walk for 9 months. They seemed to be way too busy with way too many people on the rink. Sadly, the staff seemed ill-prepared to respond to an injury like this on their rink. Very grateful for the kindness of strangers who helped me before the ambulance arrived.

Review №47

U have to pay $10 a person and have to pay extra money for extra it’s just a whole scam and very small.its kinda a disgrace

Review №48

This is a fun place that also has incline smarter rentals. Is warm that there are some creepy 50 something men who join the family crowd that management should keep a better eye on. It appears to be heavily understaffed. They do not sell booze here.

Review №49

Great place for the kids wish it was one in Olathe

Review №50

Good people making fun for everyone..

Review №51

It was good to see the owner. Will come back to see you again, old friend!!!! :-)

Review №52

A fun place to visit in these snowy times.Check out their Learn to Skate classes!

Review №53

Great rink! Well kept and maintained.Friendly staff

Review №54

Had a great time!!

Review №55

Music, lights, games, exercise and snacks. Great for a rainy or snowy day or just something different.

Review №56

It was my sister’s birthday and they wouldn’t give her a shout out because we didn’t purchase the “birthday package.” Between the tickets and the food, we spent about $100. That’s not enough for one little shout out? Also, they charge an extra 50 cents to use your card to buy snacks and drinks. We also saw them putting used skates away without spraying anything inside of them first. Gross. Finally, little kids would fall and it would look they were injured, as it took awhile for them to get up. Workers would skate right past them and not help.

Review №57

The place is great. the music is good, the people there are nice, and service is great. I wish that the ring was bigger or that there was a ring for kids and then a ring for adults cause its kinda crowded.

Review №58

One of the trainers spent the time to teach my boy the basics! Nice staff.

Review №59

Alot of fun, they treated me and my daughter awesome, I appreciated how older kids were willing to help the younger ones learn how to skate and kept a careful eye out to make sure everything was safe. Enjoy that they have multiple different activity nights. Will definitely be back

Review №60

Always a good time great staff.

Review №61

Super Fun! Activities to do while youre skating. Also a safe place in the middle for little kids on trainer skates!

Review №62

Great experience my son had a blast. Also like that they have inline rentals

Review №63

Great place to have a birthday party! And I got my son a power wheel and the owners let him drive it on the skate floor! Wonderful people! Definitely will be going back!

Review №64

Fun place to take your kiddos. Big skating rink, fun games, good food. Staff are very friendly and always around. Went there for a school event and they truly made it fun for everybody!! We will be back!!

Review №65

Probably fine if youre an experienced skater, but they treat beginners very poorly. Especially if youre an adult. If you cant move as fast as everyone else and try to skate out of the way of the faster skaters or grab the wall temporarily to prevent a fall they will chastise you over the loud speakers. I wish i would have asked for a refund, was constantly stressed and in pain from trying to keep up with everyone else. Not beginner or disability friendly.Side note, it is very loud with flashing lights. If you are sensitive to those things keep that in mind.

Review №66

A great place to take the kids on a hot or rainy day. It is also great exercise.

Review №67

If your taking kids or are a kid then it is great. If your an adult then only come on adult nights.

Review №68

Great staff. Lack of space for parties

Review №69

Best birthday party ever. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Review №70

I came here for my first time with my husband and are 3 children. I have never felt so welcomed to a place in my life. The owners are very friendly. Its a wonderful place for family and children. I brought my newborn son and it was extremely clean the restroom were very clean as well. The prices were great and I will most definitely return and will recommend this place to all my family and friends. Great job on making such a wonderful safe place for my family.

Review №71

It was very clean! Plenty of space to sit and watch while the kids were skating. Music was appropriate for the ages. Prices were decent. Friday night for 3 hours was $10. We will be going back.

Review №72

They redid the floor pretty recently, and now the whole place is really clean and nice. Good selection of music, and skates are new and clean. I am sticking with four stars, because they let 6 million kids with skate helpers crowd onto the floor and wander all over like drunk baby giraffes.

Review №73

Lady Glitter Sparkles would love to skate here. This is a great place. I graded down because sometimes the DJ isnt as seasoned as others. Overall a great place for kids and adults alike!

Review №74

It was ok. They dont have enough walkies for the little kids and gave all the bigger kids walkies for skating. I was disappointed in the lack of help the employees have when asking a question.

Review №75

Great atmosphere. Lots of family fun. All ages.

Review №76

My daughter and I like coming here. Clean. Pop is cold. Food is tasty. Glad there is still a rink we can come to. Wish the pro shop was a bit bigger. Looking for new skates for both of us.

Review №77

Nice time for a birthday party

Review №78

Skating experience was good. Rental equipment was in good shape. Facility nice and clean. Arcade games worked but limited. Food was mediocre quality. Prices shown include cash discount so either bring cash or expect to pay more using debit/credit card for each transaction. Dont recommend taking big parties (20+ kids & adults), we over-whelmed the single hostess with all the other parties and the 12 pizzas we ordered. Some of the pizzas got over-cooked. Pizzas were mediocre in quality already and only came in two types (pepperoni or cheese). If you are wanting a higher quality birthday party experience, you might evaluate different options.

Review №79

Needed to have more personnel checking people in to get them through the door a little quicker. But otherwise good time.

Review №80

Fun, family oriented, safe, super skaters to beginners.

Review №81

Way too expensive! $9 for everyone regardless of age. Safety is at the bottom of their list of concerns. Chaotic and loud. Staff is rude like they think they work at the Ritz. I felt like an extra in a potential episode of Law and Order SVU. Overall feeling of creepiness and lack of safety.

Review №82

I CANNOT skate so the experience was not ideal. If you can skate, go. If you cant, then stay at home.

Review №83

Enjoyed looking like a goofball at adult skate night with my hubby. Wish they hadnt ran out of his size in rollerblades though. We will hope to return soon!

Review №84

Very fun, extremely economical - $10 per person for admission and skates, unlimited time. The music was very good, and they take requests too (however many of the newer hits arent available). It was crazy fun, and everyone was very nice - especially when people *cough* fall down. Now for a little critique: the concessions were overpriced for the quality, but that was to be expected - its a skate park after all... Water at $1.25 was ice and tap water, no refills. The funnel cake was overcooked to the point it was super crunchy and reminded us of animal crackers.

Review №85

Skates are old. Needed more staff at the front. Good music. Fun games.

Review №86

Very nice establishment, however one particular younger staff member has trash taste in music. very nice airsoft guns

Review №87

Fun. Safe. Clean. New wood floor!

Review №88

We booked the place for a birthday party. Management and staff were excellent. They gave us great experience at a reasonable price.

Review №89

Favorite roller rink that Ive been to and have been going there for years. Employees are friendly and the atmosphere has a hip vibe. They have classes for young kids and do lots of events. They have all-night skates once in a while like on New Years Eve or during a long period of school being out. They have a water fountain but dont allow food or drink brought inside. They dont advertise it during the session but you can request a song and theyll usually play it, just wouldnt suggest requesting lots of songs (maybe 1-2 per session unless they are not as busy as usual). They do birthday parties here and the kids always seem happy while theyre there.

Review №90

I enjoy taking my kids out there on Sundays..

Review №91

Great fun for the family... They do a good job of making it Fun For All... But would say they need to do more about safety on the rink... Otherwise good times for all!

Review №92

Great place to come and hang out. Friendly staff. Great place for a birthday. Great prices for Birthdays! Roller Hockey is great fun. Coach Ian is an amazing coach and the kids really like him. Love Skate City

Review №93

Simple fun. Nostalgic. Great for parties and birthdays.

Review №94

Clean place, kids have a blast here, the concessions are decent, and the staff is ways helpful and friendly!

Review №95

Nice and clean. music way too loud, but staff turned down on request. very courteous and friendly.

Review №96

Coming in for a Birthday Party and was told I needed to pay for my child which I knew was not correct and explained that my daughter was a part of a Birthday party. The woman was rude and said wait a minute and came back with the manager who pointed at my younger daughter [5yrs] and I said she wasnt skating. He rudely said it doesnt matter. If she goes in, she has to pay! I said we werent staying but I need to go in and help my daughter get her skates and put them on. He acted annoyed and said soon as she gets her skates you will need to leave or pay for her. UNBELIEVABLE! We had planned on having my daughters Birthday party here in October but it sure wont be at this rink! What HORRIBLE customer service! We certainly wont be returning here.

Review №97

My only two complaints about Skate City is the restrooms are very small with only two stalls. That doesnt cut it if you have 200+ people there. And there is no sort of spraying or sanitizing the skates, they simply go back on the shelf. Pretty gross. Otherwise we have fun skating and the new floor is really nice.

Review №98

They always have some sort of special events going on! The kids school has skate parties here every so often. I think the staff could use some work since they regularly work with kids... The last time one of them had on a very inappropriate shirt (you could see right through it, and she was not wearing a bra). Other than that, they have good music and a decent atmosphere.

Review №99

As far as roller skating rinks go this place is a pretty clean and functional place to get the kids active.The only real negative that this place has is that they rent walker style trainers that are allowed on the rink all the time and they are an absolute menace, allowing beginners to roam all over the place and any direction they want. It worked so much better when the rookies would stick mostly to the wall.

Review №100

Good vibes and typically good and nice people

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