United Kingdom Pavilion
200 Epcot Center Dr, Orlando, FL 32836, United States
Review №1

Very fun place inside Epcot. Mary Poppins and Alice can often be seen around here. The English Pub feels just like any similar English Pub you may visit around the world. We had lunch outside at the Rose and Crown.

Review №2

We were there for A Taste of Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The experience was excellent. There were a few dishes that were really good and flavorful. Most were just okay. Seasoning of food for large groups makes food more bland. Still it was a lot of fun.

Review №3

The pavilion is beautiful but as far as the food and wine festival goes it was lacking. All of the other countries provided a cart with food, dessert, and drink offerings to eat and/or drink around the world. The UK Pavilion only had a beer cart and then the Rose and Crown restaurant that you had to make a reservation or wait or order to go. We did get a beer, but we did not get to sample any UK food fare. The crisps they supposedly normally offer at the beer cart was not open per the cast member.

Review №4

The fish and chips was delicious. The seating was ample. The ambience was quaint. I saw a bird while relaxing and eating. This is great place to view the fireworks,

Review №5

I love visiting the Unoted Kingdom via Epcot. Good fish n chips.. nice merchandise and it can be very relaxing. I love when they feature the bands in the gazebo.

Review №6

Interesting foods. Staff can be a bit short with their patience. Worth a try.

Review №7

Disney is awesome even in the rain we had a good time! Food and wine is my favorite time of year!

Review №8

Went to Rose and Crown pub ate the Scotch Egg and it was delicious, I will be attempting to make a Scotch Egg also I asked a young women that was working there at one of the shops where would you rather be America or the UK and she gave the best answer she said the UK because that is home and where her family is. Totally understandable there is nowhere like home.

Review №9

Loved the Twinings gift shop! So many wonderful things to choose from.

Review №10

One of my favorite pavilions at Disneys Epcot World Showcase. The fish and chips are some of the best Ive ever had and the beer selection in the Rose and Crown pub is superb. You really get a feeling like you are in a small pub in the UK. Highly recommended!

Review №11

Best fish and chips anywhere! Excellent service!

Review №12

Very well designed. Definately one of the best.

Review №13

Great place to and eat a , . Must do.

Review №14

Fun place to take a break.

Review №15

Fantastic British section of Epcot, impeccable details and the usual region specific cast members only heighten the experience. The Rose And Crown pub is a must as well as Twining Tea Caddy for a vast assortment of authentic English teas, accessories, and some delicious treats!

Review №16

Nice location to watch the nightly fireworks show from. It has a couple of nice garden locations. The fish and chips are usually pretty good.

Review №17

Great place to visit, so much magic!

Review №18

I love the London style phone booths!!

Review №19

Nice views, pleasant environment.

Review №20

Epcot - must stop in the UK for fish and chips. They are fresh and delicious! One of the best fish and chips I have ever had... And I have had a lot!

Review №21

Easy to overlook pavilion sandwiched between France and Canada. There are some nice shops here and delightful indoor and outdoor dining. The Pub usually draws a good crowd for those seeking a pint or two. Fish and chips are readily available. The gardens are always beautiful here no matter the time of year. In the gazebo to the rear of the pavilion, various tribute bands play throughout the afternoon. Enjoy the quick trip back through the 60s, 70s and beyond.

Review №22

Beautiful architecture and stunning gardens throughout, we love wandering around the area exploring. Be sure to stop in the stores for some United Kingdom based candy and snacks!

Review №23

Pretty cool stuff. I like all the trinkets people make out of ordinary materials.

Review №24

The UK pavillion area was just like being back home in England... except the weather was nice, there were no cars and no dog mess on the pavement! The authentic British pub is great, although there are signs in there for restrooms . I went in for a rest but found everyone was using the toilet - very confusing!

Review №25

Beautiful! It feels like you are actually in England because of the architecture. Fun place to visit and take lots of pictures with your family. Dont forget the camera and extra memories, just in case!

Review №26

Beautiful place to be with the family! Plus amazing food and beer!

Review №27

Fish and chips is still closed, but still awesome

Review №28

Beautiful gardens and pathways, shopping, drink, and more secluded spaces. More shade trees for the hot summers in Central Florida.

Review №29

Fish and chips so good. Nice pub the only one in Epcot. I always see Alice in Wonderland or Mary Poppins when I am here.

Review №30

Has a nice pub and British food and a few shops, but there is not much else to do here. Could use an attraction.

Review №31

This place had fantastic fish and chips! Highly recommended.

Review №32

This is a great place to experience a small part of what the united kingdom is like. They have a great fish and chips place, as well as the Rose and Crown pub. If you are looking for a gift make sure you check out the great shops.

Review №33

Its the happiest place ever

Review №34

Best fish I’ve ever eaten. Fish and chips are absolutely amazing

Review №35

Great preview of a United Kingdom/ Ireland cruise 5 months later.

Review №36

Lovely beers and good food.... good stores and fun

Review №37

Stopping at the fish and chips stand is a must.

Review №38

Love the pear cider

Review №39

Very nice! More to see and do than most other pavilions. Entertainment and characters.

Review №40

I was on staycation at epcot and had the greatest time!

Review №41

Very unique place with many British-inspired buildings.

Review №42

Rich in tradition.

Review №43

Awesome, just not really set up for the handicapped.

Review №44

Great area in epcot..cant wait to return

Review №45

Love this pavilion!! Fun English treats to buy, foods, candy, teas soaps and more. Always stop there to get my grandma treats from home that she misses here in the states. My kids love the red phone booths for pics.

Review №46

I want to make the Rose and Crown my local.

Review №47

Great Monty python stuff, extremely great cast members. My favorite in world showcase.

Review №48

Though its crowded its very quaint the tea selection in the twinings tea store is great and its local candies they bring highly recommend the peppermint balls, great taste and also helpful in a tummy ache.The small maze in the back is great for kids to run and enjoy its twist,parents be mindful of your kids though so they dont get hurt.Passholder discount available in some things like the tea and candy. Fish and chips are good and in the rose and crown restaurant is fancy but has a home style feel try the sticky toffee pudding at night its superb.

Review №49

I miss this place. I want to go back again very soon. Maybe live there one day.

Review №50

Food was very good. People from the country were wonderful.

Review №51

British themed shopping. A great cover band in the back. Meet Mary Poppins and Alice, or have some fish ans chips washed down with a pint.

Review №52

Always love walking through the village, we listened to some great musical groups in the square in past years. I tried the fish and chips twice, the Brits must like them greasy. Seasonally you can expect great topiary creations in the gardens.

Review №53

I love Disney

Review №54

One of the most beautiful pavilions in EPCOT. You feel like you are actually in England thanks to the accurately replicated buildings. Its a very nice area to walk around and isnt as crowded as some of the other country pavilions. There is even a spot where you can see your family crest! Definitely stop by and check it out!

Review №55

A great piece of the U.K. in the U.S.

Review №56

One of the best countries represented in the World Showcase at Epcot. I highly suggest eating at the Rose and Crown or at least stopping in for a drink at the pub. They usually have a band playing in the back gardens. The Tea tour is really fun if you enjoy English stile tea.

Review №57

Was cool to see how the USA portrayed England. Such fun

Review №58

Nice ambiance, quaint little shops. Good fish & chips, beer comes with the dining plan if youre using a quick service. I saw a couple of pubs but didnt try any. Nice spots for pictures tucked away behind some of the shops.

Review №59

Excellent service. Had dinner with the family for the Dinner and Christmas show.Package was $60 well worth it. 3 courses with dessert then guaranteed seating for the show. Good was delicious and the show breathtaking.

Review №60

Good beer

Review №61

Great english football related items at store

Review №62

Love the atmosphere. This is always our last stop on drinking around the world. Full bar, good food. Nice place to wander around like the old streets of a small village. Evan have a Beatles cover band.

Review №63

The food here was great and the shows were not only entertaining but charming as well, I would give a 5 stars since there is a missing attraction here.

Review №64

Beautyful setup! It is outstanding! You actually feel that you are in the UK. The gardens are spectacular. And the music bands, bringing back those memories from the seventies and eighties! Great!!!!

Review №65

Best place for fish and chip. Cool store and good drinks. Plus the British Invasion place here. Its an awesome little show.

Review №66

Favourite country. The Rose and Crown is a great pub make reservations if possible. Also there is a fish and chip place that you can grab some food and walk with. They added an cider place as well. The stores are also worth noting and going through.

Review №67

Check show times. There are some fun cover bands that play behind the shops. Not exactly quiet but good to sit down and relax with.

Review №68

One of my favorite pavilions to browse the connecting shops and to grab a drink at the Rose and Crown. Character meet with Alice was fantastic!

Review №69

Awesome pavilion that showcases the unique history and culture of the United Kingdom and the amazing architecture! Love how they even put up a red phone booth, can’t be in London without one!

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Review №71

The United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot is awesome. They have THE BEST fish and chips Ive ever had!! The sign says it is the best, and they are not joking. It really is the best Ive ever had. The seating is outside (behind the kiosk next to the water) so it can be a tad windy and cool, but the view was gorgeous, the atmosphere was peaceful, and the birds were friendly and secretly hoping Id drop my fish and chips so they can have it. The cast members here are awesome. Theyre friendly and extremely helpful.

Review №72

More of the fun Disney things in the Disney parks.

Review №73

They keep running out of Jelly Babies. I most link them with England and Dr. Who. Dr Who is very popular here. They have a few Dr Who items but not much. They have a nice set of shops. There is a restaurant where one can get fish and chips.

Review №74

Best fish and chips with a pint of Guinness beer or 2 or 4 .we stop there every year. We love Karl the bartender.

Review №75

This pavilion is great. The music they play here is awesome. The stage is in the back of the pavilion. The band plays old school rock like The Beatles, Who, Kinks and etc. We love coming here just for the music alone. The gift shop is great if you are a soccer fan, rock n roll fan, or a BBC TV series fan. You can pick up some trinkets and souvenirs here.

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Review №77

Always love a visit to the UK Pavilion. Stopping off for fish and chips a beer and listening to the bands

Review №78

Good food and drink. Great entertainment in the area.

Review №79

Found some teas In the store that my mom loves. Was happy to be able to get it for her.

Review №80

Great beer and atmosphere. See Carl the bartender hes the best at the rose and crown. Pub

Review №81

Fun street shows. Good fish and chips. Some neat Monty Python T shirts!

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Review №83

Always one of our favorite places in Epcot to visit. Our son especially likes the diverse selection of teas available and the fish and chips are always on point.

Review №84

We often stop here for the fish and chips! The kids always want their photos taken by the red phone boxes. The shops have great British fashion items on offer. There is a small maze tucked away at the back, past the shops that our youngest children also like to play in - dont worry, they cant get lost, you can see them all the time!

Review №85

I love everything about Disney

Review №86

Its a cool place but, its England. Where is the gigantic ferris-wheel or the dalmatians?

Review №87

Enjoyable experience both in the food selections and the shops available. We particularly liked the Ireland sub Pavilion that had great choices for food.

Review №88

Love the love band, the fish and chips, and the little pub. Great place.

Review №89

The United Kingdom Pavilion is one of my favorite places in Epcot. My daughter loves going through the hedge maze and puts up with me wanting to take her picture with Pooh, Tigger, Alice, or Mary Poppins. The shops are great for getting tea and British snacks--I always get Orange Club bars--Premier League football gear (from the leading teams), or other uniquely British stuff.

Review №90

Really cool place and brew

Review №91

Poor customer service, they can do better

Review №92

Rose & Crown pub is awesome, the have some great beers from the UK and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Review №93

Nice outdoor spot for the kids to run around. Also, you can see Mary Poppins and Alice from Alice and Wonderland on occasion.

Review №94

Good fish and chips!

Review №95

Ok so it’s meant to be the United Kingdom (England,Northern Ireland,Scotland and Wales) but I saw no sign of anything related to any of the countries in the UK EXCEPT England and that was very stereotypical. #Scottishandproud

Review №96

Great spot to stop, shop and eat... they have everything from proper British Tea to Fish and Chips, and just about everything in between. Staff are always friendly and helpful. The restaurants carry lots of British beers.

Review №97

Grab a pint, shop in Twinings, see the British Invasion musicians or have Fish and Chips.

Review №98

Very very bad experience. We have to stand for long time. Total waste .we have to stand 4 hours and can’t go more than 2 rides

Review №99

Love it

Review №100

The fish and chips here are really good and the shops are pretty cool too.

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