Mayor Carl T. Langford Park
1808 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
Review №1

Beautiful park great place to eat lunch, lots of picnic tables and pavilions. Very shaded and not too close to the road like some city parks.

Review №2

A beautiful all natural park. There are many trees with a mix of new bald cypress trees and old very large and sturdy oaks. Abundant shade for the hot sunny months. Several trails to explore around this vast area. Many birds and squirrels to see during your visit. Lots of room for kids to run around to get exercise and to play. Lots of on site parking and close to downtown Orlando.

Review №3

This park serves as a shady oasis and is an ideal spot for outdoor recreation. There are mature oak trees, paved sidewalks,green lawns and playground areas for the kids.The park is pet friendly so we brought our dog Chloe. The restrooms are closed currently-most likely due to Covid 19. There’s plenty of space to practice social distancing.There are pavilions, gazebos, grills and plenty of opportunities for bird watching. I was blown away by the amount of beautiful oversized oak trees!

Review №4

This place is fine. It has a trail, a creek, a couple playgrounds, and trees for climbing. The creek is currently covered in Lilly pads and some other green substance. The playgrounds are closed until further notice. So, you can do the trail and trees. Fun for my kids but not the best place we have visited.

Review №5

This is a beautiful park. We got the medium pavilion which is next to a babbling brook! Couldnt have picked a better place for a 1st birthday. Except August is the hottest month of the year in Florida. The pavilion was covered by trees and there was some breeze. Great place!

Review №6

Really an unsung hero. Two separate areas for kids to play. A toddler area near the main building. A kid area further down the walk. Host the summer food spot for kids.

Review №7

This is one of my favorite parks in the city of Orlando. It has lots of trees, shade, and paths for walking. I love to come here, take a few pictures, sit on one of the benches and people watch, and walk through the park. The park has playgrounds for kids and the pavilions, gazebo, and rec center are great for a variety of events. Id recommend this park to anyone looking for a nice place to spend some time outside without venturing far from the city.

Review №8

Most scenic park in Orlando. Beautiful place to reflect and relax. There are several wooden boardwalks that connect paved trails. There is a small creek that flows through the park and through Dickson Azaela Park which is right across the street. There are two playgrounds, one of which is for smaller children and toddlers.

Review №9

This park is beautiful! Large and well kept! A great place to have a party or a nice walk!

Review №10

Great green area and a few playground for the kids. Make this place an awesome picnic area for a family fun day.

Review №11

Very nice and beautiful park. Things to consider when you go to this park:1. This park is the home of some people over night2. There is no electricity outlet3. This park is not a huge parkOverall I like going to this park.

Review №12

The park is huge! However, the playground is built strictly for toddlers. No big kid play area that I saw. The park has a beautiful trail for taking a walk or walking pets. I am definitely going back for another visit

Review №13

It is a very nice park . I think it is a hidden gem, there is something always blooming. There are some parts that need some tlc, other then that I would recommend check it out . It has great play grounds and nice trail

Review №14

Beautiful park. Lots of tables to pick from when deciding where to read my book

Review №15

Love it forgot about this beautiful park did a Photo Shoot there beautiful for that

Review №16

A gem in the middle of Orlando. Very quiet and secluded with not many people around. The trail across the road from it is like a path through the jungle. It has a lot of little bridges and the flora along it is wonderful. Check out the elephant ear groves!!

Review №17

Clean and spacious. Great green areas, children playground and large gazeebos are some of the amenities. Really enjoyed it. The only minus is that there is no power.

Review №18

Nice place for some alone or quiet time but not much too see

Review №19

Beautiful park off the main rode people dont know about. My kids enjoyed playing there. They even have a mini bookcase for kids to borrow books and enjoy it there and then return it once theyre done.

Review №20

Grew up near this park. Gorgeous Florida vegetation. This park holds a piece of my heart and there is another Gorgeous park right across the street Azalea Park

Review №21

If my car hadnt been keyed at this park on my first visit with the new car, Id give this park five stars. It has play areas, open areas, fun trails if you cross the street into Dickson and Ive been to so many different events here. Its a great park.

Review №22

We had our family Reunion here. It was alright. Would have been better if they had shelters with power. Other than that nice little park for gatherings.

Review №23

A lot of fun to take a kid and go for a little nature walk but there are a lot of homeless people there

Review №24

Beautiful for family photos!!

Review №25

This park is so pretty to walk through. Kids will have so much fun riding their bikes and stopping at every playground.

Review №26

Beautiful green clean park. One of the best places for pictures with beautiful scenery

Review №27

One of my best photo destinations. I love this park!

Review №28

We love to visit on Sunday afternoons..

Review №29

Beautiful. Connected to other parks

Review №30

Nice park for parties. Plenty of tables, shade and grills. The only negative thing is the amount of homeless people sleeping at the park.

Review №31

Lovely little hideaway nestled on the edge of Downtown Orlando. Great place for photography or a romantic stroll with the one you love.

Review №32

Beautiful natural treasure in the middle of downtown Orlando. Nice facilities. Many options for active and passive play.Not enough parking and overflow parking lot needs some love/repair.

Review №33

Great park, fun for picnics and outings. Not as crowded as other locations, much better for mediation and relaxation. Beautiful spot for weddings too.

Review №34

Beautiful park... But there were some homeless guys that kept asking me for money and they were definitely under the influence of somthing

Review №35

Awesome I grew up at that park and its good to see the upgrade u guys have done

Review №36

Did my wedding here...this is a great spot

Review №37

Well kept park! Love the suspension bridge.

Review №38

Reassuring to be entered among the gorgeous big trees.

Review №39

Its got a playground and lots of gazebos and open spaces. Its also got a few wooden boardwalk-type areas for strolling or gathering.Overall a good neighborhood park downtown, very dog friendly, though sometimes youll find things like beer cans and other trash or paraphernalia lying around because its not gated or anything.There are homeless people that hang out in this park. Dont worry, the vast majority are cool people just minding their own business like any other park goer!

Review №40

Fun place to hang out. The park is beautiful!

Review №41

Quiet peaceful clean Park great for kids and special events and parties.

Review №42

Nice place to walk.

Review №43

Very beautiful Park I lived in the area for years took my dog for walks even nice bike rides perfect place to take pictures nice relaxing place to spend your time and a perfect little getaway from all the hustle and bustle in the city

Review №44

Quiet and beautiful

Review №45

Great for outdoor parties and the childrens parks are close to the cabanas

Review №46

Pretty park. Some of my friends and I had a cookout, and it was lovely. Well-shaded, outdoor grills, and pavilions. I would definitely go back

Review №47

Always fun. An awesome day at the park!

Review №48

It has been a few years since Ive been to this park, but I remember it being very beautiful and serene, and well maintained. There are lots of gorgeous trees throughout, several paved trails for strolling, and picnic areas. Theres another section of the park across the street which is like this hidden little trail - if Im remembering this place correctly.

Review №49

Beautiful park honoring a Great man! Fantastic Mayor

Review №50

Our favorite playground. There are two - one for the younger kids and another for the older ones.

Review №51

Its a very beautiful Park

Review №52

Great hidden gem that’s clean and quiet. The only drawback for some will be that multiple homeless people tend to spend the night here, and you’ll find them there in the early mornings.

Review №53

Great place to walk your dog. It has shade and beautiful scenery.

Review №54

It was all good

Review №55

Great place to go and relax

Review №56

Great place for a picnic

Review №57

They got rid of some of the wonderful features, like the turn-about for toddlers and infants and no access to the gazebo. Otherwise, its very beautiful.

Review №58

I havent been before. So this was my first time and I liked the park because its a quiet place.

Review №59

Fantastic, come and see it.

Review №60

Really beautiful historic park.

Review №61

We went here for an engagement photoshoot, and there were many wonderful areas to take photos.

Review №62

Nice park, lots of trees and shade. If you bring your kids, be wary of the homeless that often sleep under the pavilions. Ive never had an issue with them however.

Review №63

Its OK, but not as nice as it once was. A lot of the vegetation was removed to encourage indigenous plant growth. Which is a cool idea. But right now theres not much to look at.

Review №64

Looooove this little unassuming Park. Nice and shaded.

Review №65

Very clean park. Good for children. New playground.

Review №66

With two playgrounds and a boardwalk this is nice park. But there isnt much else to speak of for a family to enjoy. Although, it is well maintained.

Review №67

Beautiful venue. Awesome Manager!! Great place for events.

Review №68

Beautiful park but it SMELLS REALLY BAD!!

Review №69

Its a nice park with no amenities. The parking area could be repaved but its still nice and shady. I think bums live in the woods.

Review №70

Beautiful scenery and perfect photo ops!!

Review №71

This place was clean great price perfect for a kids Birthday party

Review №72

Surprised by this little park. Great facilities. Ill remember it come kids birthday party time.

Review №73


Review №74

Great park, take my dog every day. Lots of homeless people sittin around tho. And trash in the bushes from their camps.

Review №75

Amazing park for just a good walk or bike ride but even better for a really good family photo session.

Review №76

Good place to bring the kids you just have to watch out for homeless people

Review №77

Theyre doing some type of construction. The park is great, bit run down and dirty (trash)

Review №78

This is not the correct phone number. This number leads you to the News 6 editor. If you click the link, the correct phone number is in there.

Review №79

Lots of fun! Beautiful flowing water and awesome travel paths.

Review №80

Beautifula and shades shaded

Review №81

Very big and beautiful

Review №82

Nice place.

Review №83

Park is well maintained and its beautiful!

Review №84

Beautiful park, but could use some tlc.

Review №85

Great place

Review №86

Beautiful park

Review №87

A very nice park. Can host venues

Review №88

Love walking the trail

Review №89

Very nice park

Review №90

Homeless problem needs to be addressed

Review №91

A place to have a peace of mind and relax and dont do it

Review №92

Beautiful place to take pictures and do yoga!

Review №93

Nice park for a birthday party for my kids

Review №94

Great location for a gathering; church, club, etc.

Review №95

Some place to go and relax

Review №96

Nice open space

Review №97

We did pictures here with all the cousins and then they went looking gor Pokemon

Review №98

Big park with plenty of pavilions for activities.

Review №99

Very pretty and well maintained

Review №100

Always a good place to walk my dog.

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