MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack
6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, United States
Review №1

The ride is fun for all ages. Its a battle for superior Alien exterminator. Your a nee recruit for the MIB, and you have a laser gun, that helps to fight off the aliens. A great ride for any age, a must do at Universal.

Review №2

This ride is a load of fun. The line itself is always either shaded from the sun, or inside the building and has air-conditioning. It may not be super fast (which is a good thing I guess if you dont like roller coasters) but its still entertaining and the interactive aspect really helps. You shoot aliens as you go through the ride, listening to the audio in the background will even tell how to get bonus points (which is the only way I can win this ride as I am a terrible shot with a laser pistol).

Review №3

It was amazing. Started off in a bad way but ended up great. A must do when in the park.

Review №4

This ride will have you doing a lot of spinning and starts and stops. The entire premise is that you are a rookie for the MIB and will be initiated into their world by helping to fight an alien invasion.It happens mostly in the dark and you draw a gun from the holster mounted to the front of the ride to shoot at aliens as they appear. At various points, this results in the entire car spinning in a circle and other things happening.Truthfully, the best part of this ride is the queue itself as you trudge toward the carts. It is filled with mementos and memorabilia from the movie. Its as if you are actually inside the MIB headquarters and waiting for Agent J to come around the corner.The ride itself is not bad, especially if you are a fan of the movie and like to shoot at things. If youre not those things, this will not be as enjoyable. Its still worth a try, though. I would actually rate it about a 3.5 if that were possible.

Review №5

This was a fun ride. The shooter point system had our family real competitive and the MIB recreations would make any fan of the movie happy.

Review №6

Clean, fast moving lines... How many aliens did I get? Not enough. Gotta go back. Note: When you are told to hit the red button only do so if you like being spun around in a 360°circle quickly.

Review №7

One of favorite rides. I always go in there trying to better my high score. My highest was 655,378. When I have a fast past I always do a back to back. Wait times on weekdays are usually under 10 mins, fast past under 5.

Review №8

The is really awesome I love competing with my wife and kids on this ride to see whos the best agent its a lot of fun i scored 280k and my wife 180k

Review №9

This ride is fun. The staff is never willing to give the secret tour though. The line moves quick and the air conditioner is SO nice!

Review №10

Fun ride. We didn’t know we were battling the other group, but it was cool.

Review №11

This ride is awesome! You get to shoot aliens and save the city with your friends and family! If you get the highest score MIB will rank you as a Galaxy Defender! You will also get the last suit youll ever wear! Dont miss this opportunity!

Review №12

We love this ride so much we overlook that it is in disrepair. The guns on the ride need to be calibrated and repaired at the very least. There are a variety of other items tht could use some attention, but really an overhaul is needed.

Review №13

Love the shootouts but never score very well. Guess Im not MIB material.

Review №14

Fun ride, lots of spinning! If that bothers you, best to avoid.

Review №15

We ride single rider for hours typically, but with corona weve had to just go in regular queues. Its fun trying to max out scores.

Review №16

Aloha! My favorite ride in Universal Studios Orlando Florida. The aliens stood in front of us the whole time making my score impossible to beat. I’m thrilled to be the best shooter here. Also make sure you had a beer or two before riding here. It would be more fun.

Review №17

So much FUN!! I scored over 94k wish there was a keepsake score sheet along with pics option.

Review №18

Shoot the aliens ride. Some guns have problems but still good fun. Little scary for little ones

Review №19

Liked it but the kids found it a bit dated in comparison to the other rides.

Review №20

One of my favorites at Univeral Studios Orlando. A fun ride where you participate in the action. Not too wild. Low risk of motion sickness.

Review №21

Rode this 4 times in a row and wanted to go again. Super fun and interactive. Seats not too comfortable (Im 290 lbs) but I still fit (barely). Dont forget the red button at the end!

Review №22

We loved this ride! The experience while you wait is great as well. Love the 3D effects that they have. My husband did a lot better on shooting that I did, but it was still great fun and we would highly recommend it. Love the attention to the details on ride and the building. We cant wait to come back and do it again.

Review №23

Its a giant video game. It spins a couple times, but its largely just letting you shoot everything at a slow pace. Also, excellent air conditioning.

Review №24

Always fun couple of tips... hit the red button and try not to get dizzy

Review №25

Fun, family ride. All enjoyed from 12 to 75 in age.

Review №26

Its odd, the only thing I remember about this attraction is getting off the ride...

Review №27

Even though its an older ride its still fun you get to shoot aliens and compete.

Review №28

Still one of my favorite rides but it should be updated. It is older now in comparison with most of the other rides.

Review №29

One of my favorite rides at Universal!! I could (and do) ride this many times in a row!! Ill definitely be back to try and max out my score!!!

Review №30

The Family loves competing against each othe on this ride. They also $1.00 candy sale going on!!

Review №31

I found this moderately fun, probably worthwhile if there isn’t a long wait (was 25 minutes for us). You sit in a car and shoot at aliens with an attached laser gun. Not too climactic but we had a fun time

Review №32

Very fun and interactive experience, its not the best ride but its definitely worth a try. Have fun!!!

Review №33

Really fun if you like the movies. Fun and interactive.

Review №34

One of my favorite rides at universal. The blasters aim can be a bit off though.

Review №35

Always fun. Favorite ride

Review №36

The lines were short and the ride was fun. A lot of social distancing.

Review №37

Awesome ride. Did it 2 times in a row

Review №38

It was fun my daughter enjoyed beating her dad

Review №39

This is a type of ride that every competitive person would love. I went on this ride 3 times throughout the time I was at USF. However, the only complaint I have about this ride is that I wasnt sure what to shoot. The target practice at the beginning of the ride was self explanatory, but when it got past that, I was pretty much shooting at anything without knowing if it was a hit or not. But overall, this is a fun ride that puts the most competitive people to the test!

Review №40

Quite a fun one as you get to take part in teams and shoot the aliens. Worth a go.

Review №41

Its ok not great.. but okVery very long wait time supposed to be 30-45... actually was 2 hours

Review №42

Man this ride is more Fun than the movies. Especially that remake.

Review №43

Fun ride at Universal studio.

Review №44

It was good, but my gun on unit #9 all the way on right wasnt working

Review №45

The ride is there since stone age.. plz scrap it and bring a new ridebefore visiting you need to stow away your belongings and Locker is free, It is in sync with your waiting time till you come back so dont worry ;) but I am still wondering why they asked to keep our stuff as this is a very easy ride. even Simpsons did not ask for out stuff to stow awayJust outdated. Scoring makes no sense. Good for kids but not really adult entertaining at all. There is one spot where the car spins 4 or 5 times. This is getting a bit dated now, time for a revamp or a new ride. It is good, just not as good as the new rides which are coming along these days. Ride starts and alien attacks you and you use laser blaster to knock out aliens like a shooting arcade while on a moving ride. Then you get to shoot the other ride cars exhaust port to make them spin around over and over if you are a good shot. I scored 115000 :) at the end, will smith ll pop on screen.I even got the chance to have a photo with their agents.Rating - 5/10

Review №46

Love the ride very fun

Review №47

Fun fun fun despite my son beating me in score. Press the button at the big monster!!!!

Review №48

I love this joyful stroll within the MIB world

Review №49

Probably the worse ride there. Boring and just spins alot

Review №50

We did the lune and when we were about to go in they started having technical problems and they kept us in line for over 20 mins. Then they shut down the ride so we ended up spending 40 mins there for nothing. Not a fast pass in exchange for the inconvenience. Nothing.

Review №51

A good classic, always fun.

Review №52

Would have been better without all the spinning

Review №53

Good classic ride not to extreme but nice degree of interactivity

Review №54

Great ride and the laser shooting is always competitive with the family. Kids will love the shooter portion and the ride is fun as well. Its always a place to cool off at. Wait a minute.....I just saw a flash of light. What was I talking about again?

Review №55

Is horrible they can be near to the character but you can be near to pay any accessories very expensive in the store for mi this is abuse to the kids and for the adult to pay very expensive tickets and the kids cant even take a picture with they fever characters

Review №56

Good dark ride. Wait not to long.

Review №57

Nice ride. Hard to hit the targets.

Review №58

Had lots of spins and was fun.

Review №59

It was a good ride... Not one my favorites but I enjoyed it...

Review №60

It’s a cool ride. Hard to shoot at aliens with no targets but fun

Review №61

Its universal ... my happy place

Review №62

It was amazing!!!! So much fun for all ages

Review №63

Very cool ride to do with friends and family.

Review №64

Like many rides at US(Florida), boring! This is like the buzz light year or toy story ride at DW, you sit in a car and move though the city shooting at things only I couldnt tell where I was shooting. The line wasnt long at all, and the fact that the ride sucks is probably why. US (Florida) you need to do better, I had more fun many years ago and none of these attractions stand up NONE.

Review №65

This is ride where you shoot targets to get points. Lots of spinning. I didnt find it fun, but maybe its more for kids.

Review №66

If you are a fan of the movies this is great as you get to step into the world of the Men in Black, while some things need updating, mostly in regards to alien animatronics, the ride is still amazing and fun for everyone.

Review №67

Excellent ride with a competitive aspect!

Review №68

We loved the ride and interactive Lazer guns!

Review №69

Had a great time with my kids on the ride

Review №70

This ride is always high on our list. The theming in line and on the ride is great. We usually ride it three or four times trying to improve our score. There is some rapid spinning at a few points (two rotations at most) but its not a roller coaster so its friendly for most of the family.

Review №71

Fun ride that usually doesn’t have a long wait. You get to compete with your friends in a friendly alien shooting adventure that is interactive. Only complaint is having everyone wait outside versus loading people inside the building when it’s a hot day.

Review №72

Fun time with my friends to Day!

Review №73

Shakes you quite a bit during the spinning. Dont ride if youre sensitive to that or have back/neck problems

Review №74

It was good, line moved fast

Review №75

Classic ride. Dont forget to push the red button

Review №76

This ride is mellow kinda fun

Review №77

This is one of the better shooting rides out there. It’s a must when you visit the park, even if your not a fan of men in Black. It’s just tons of fun battling your friends and family to see who can score the most points. Highly themed and a must ride.

Review №78

I finally beat my 10 year old son.

Review №79

Awesome jams and a really great ride

Review №80

Great ride! Much spin

Review №81

The ride is a little outdated, but it is awesome fun!

Review №82

Im cosmically average, but this is a fun ride with great shooting segments. 20 years old, so a bit dated but I love that its got physical models instead of screens, great theming, and Will Smith. Better than Buzz Lightyear.

Review №83

A classic! They continually update it through the years, as well

Review №84


Review №85

Was really stoked to try this ride but was very disappointed. The action was disjointed and it was very difficult to tell were the blaster was aimed. The good part was the queue for the ride which had a lot of great movie references.

Review №86

Same ride you rode 15 years ago.

Review №87

Very clean and organize. They give everyone hand sanitizer before they ride

Review №88

One of our favorite rides because of our competitive nature, we had some questions and Melissa was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly with the information that we were requesting. Thank you Melissa and Universal we cant wait to see you guys in our next visit.

Review №89

This ride was great. No complaints, and I enjoyed the interactive aspect of it.

Review №90

I see many good reviews for this ride, but it is a bit dated. The aliens and graphics for things you need to shoot is alright. I wouldnt go with high hopes just to come out with an Eh. I would say Disneys toy story shooting game is actually more fun than this.

Review №91

We absolutely love this ride at Universal.

Review №92

Its the same ride from 16 years ago. They need to update the rides.

Review №93

One of my favorite rides at Universal!

Review №94

Always a good ride for anyone.

Review №95

Men in Black Alien Attack is one of our favorite shoot-em-up style rides at any theme park. The animatronic aliens and characters within the attraction as well as the scope of the sets within the ride make for a fun and unique attraction that is fun every time you ride. Definitely a great ride!

Review №96

Best time with my little kiddo! Extremely fun ride!

Review №97

Old school modern shooter, make emm count Slick! Shoot for the turettes on other carts for points

Review №98

Great for children, mine loved it!

Review №99

Still one of the best rides that holds up well. Arcade style point and shoot aliens with a nice tie in to the early part of the movie franchise.

Review №100

Best ride at Universal hands down. I hope it doesnt get the back to the future treatment.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Usually a wait:Yes
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