Holiday Skate Center
175 N Wayfield St, Orange, CA 92867, United States
Review №1

Love this place. Price is great. Enviornment is great. Just wish they would do the fancy lights and disco ball more often.

Review №2

My friends and I had a blast at Saturday Skate Night. Its cool that they do special songs so people can skate backwards or the speed skaters can have the rink to themselves for a few minutes. Recommend for kids or adults!

Review №3

Played great music, clean and friendly staff

Review №4

Lots of fun and good memories!

Review №5

I came here on a Saturday night with my sisters and boyfriend. It was a great experience! The theme was disco night. It gets very packed and the lines are long, but its worth the wait.

Review №6

I used to come here all the time with my mom when I lived in California with her, it was always the thing I looked forward to every week. Ive never had a problem with it and the only complaint I would have is how high the prices are but thats because last year I was an elementary school student that only got up to 5 bucks every few months from her mom. I love this place so so so so so much. 110% would recommend!

Review №7

The best I got my work out yes thank you....

Review №8

I was a fixture there! From year71 to 79 Joe Jenkins was the manager Larry Telford Jekk parksetc. Etc. It was a big part of my life so many memories.

Review №9

Been skating here a few times and have always had a good experience. The facility is clean and staff ensures everyone is safe. No complaints!

Review №10

We had our daughters 7th birthday here and she loved it. The price for a 2 hour party was mor than fair, the food their was also good. I would recommend this place for anyone that enjoys skating.

Review №11

Do you need a place to skate for the first time or a place to relive your youth? Then this is the place to go to. Youll have a blast, with awesome music from various genres too. It had a 80s Miami Vice vibe for sure, with an awesome skating floor, and a terrific sound system.The rental skates are awesome and really smooth. With a variety of sizes to match from kids to adults. The best part is that they have trainers, which are plastic frames to hold on to for more balance for skaters of all ages that are new to the sport.

Review №12

Kids had a great time. Nothing else to say! Very affordable.

Review №13

Great skate rink. DJ was great playing a mix of music today! Loved his Vans Skates!! He can play Drake all day everyday! Lol

Review №14

Enjoyed this place with the family. Staff great and kids 3 and under are free including skate rental. We will definitely be coming back.

Review №15

Evette was great. If you have your own roller blades, don’t forget to bring them! But you can rent roller SKATES. Bring cash money, a towel, and something to hydrate so you don’t die.

Review №16

This is by far the best rink for miles around. I love how my daughters love going here on the weekends giving my husband and I needed time for rest while knowing they are safe and staying active. Its hard to get them out of their phones and this is one place that keeps the disco skating vibe alive after all these years.

Review №17

Best rink Ive been to in SoCal. Large crowd, great surface, and employees that run the rink with know-how and passion.

Review №18

Had a great time $8 to enter and $5 to rent skates fun games $2 bottled soda slow skaters do not move to the left so careful and if you fall like I did hahaha the snack bar gives you a Ziploc baggie full of ice just go up and ask.

Review №19

Love this place! Great for kids and adults, not so much for kids under 4

Review №20

Had an invite to a party at this location, so much fun and great excercise. We all had a great time, staff was wonderful . Cant wait to do this again !!!

Review №21

A childhood staple of roller skating fun!!!

Review №22

Great place for kids and parties, helpful staff, school nights! My boy loved his first time there, they have skate assist bars for kids too!

Review №23

We had so much fun and the music was great!!

Review №24

Great place for a family. I have two young ones at home and they had a blast while we were here. Always great to find places that are good with accommodating children’s needs!

Review №25

Tuesday’s are the best & the DJ is awesome. The music made roller skating that much more fun. Love that this place has kept it’s original look, makes skating feel like your in the 80s. Love it!

Review №26

Was so much fun, atmosphere was so great. Cant wait to go back :)

Review №27

Roller skating keeps me alive

Review №28

I luv skating!!!!!! And I luv this place! Bathrooms r clean, water fontaines are cold, cheap prices, really fun! I rlly enjoyed staying there and planning to go again!

Review №29

Cool place to take the kids n have a good time

Review №30

Still my all time favorite place to skate since the 70s

Review №31

A little dated but so much fun.

Review №32

I first brought my kids here to learn to skate on a Saturday morning. If you pay for the beginning skate class you can stay for the public skating right after at no extra charge. I had 6 kids with me so we bought a punch pass and saved a little money. Skate mates are available to rent for $5 if needed. We also had my daughters birthday here on a Sunday during public skating. Party price was reasonable for what you get: admission/rental skates for 12 kids, tablecloth, plates, cups, pitcher of soda and ice cream in a private area. Pizza is extra and you can bring your own cake.

Review №33

Reminds me of jr. High school back in the 1980s. Nice retro disco lights. New music along with old school funk. My kids love skating here, its also great for parties. Best time to go is Friday night.

Review №34

Fun but fell here on my knees hurt be careful when skating with children too k

Review №35

The skate center its ok, but to many people already know how to skate and they dont care about beginners they should have a section for beginners

Review №36

Fun and reasonable ..But does get crowded. So be early..And dont worry youll all be tired and ready to go within a hour of it.Have fun..

Review №37

Fun spot for the kids. Morning, after noon and night skate sessions.

Review №38

Very fun amazing games I totally recommend this if you are a new skater or pro skater.

Review №39

This was such a good experience. They had a special for a family of 5, and cheaper on Sundays, which included skate rental. We came here for my daughters birthday and my kids had a great time. The music is good, the atmosphere is nice and the staff is very friendly. I had never been skating but I think we will definitely be coming back.

Review №40

Roller skating rink! Filled with happy people, good music and amazing speed skating team practice on Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm, info available at SoCal Skaters Facebook and website SkateCentral. info

Review №41

Loved it today. I dont like the events that go on that force others out, but I guess other people do, and I cant let that change what I think about it. I also honestly wish they served beer, but Im sure there might be a legality issue with skating and drinking in a public setting. Cant let that change my review either, because I har a great time with the nice employees and great music.

Review №42

My family and our friends love this roller skating rink. The staff is super nice and helpful and so are their coaching staff. My almost 7 year old is having her 80s birthday party here in May 2019 and cant wait for her to show off what she has learned.

Review №43

Really good skate floor

Review №44

My daughter loves it.

Review №45

Lots of family fun...great time.

Review №46

Its awesome. Fun for everyone

Review №47

The place is great for friends and family. I have to say that the food can be only delivered from Valentinos.

Review №48

Blast from your childhood.Great place for private partys.So much fun. Great for kids and adults alike.

Review №49

Did not like their games. Took away from paid skate time. Kicked kids off rink if they didnt want to play dice game and when their number was called. Also restricted skate mates for red light green light which prevented younger or less experienced skaters from participating. Other than that it was fun.

Review №50

Looked up this place online. It had a pretty good review. Drive for 20 miles to be informed they are closed for private party. Call in before you come here.

Review №51

Fun place. Nice people.

Review №52

Staff is onboard and quick to help. Great music, friendly atmosphere

Review №53

I went on a Saturday. First time there. Skating interrupted 3 times to sing for a birthday. They should sing to everyone at once. Shouldnt allow 4 people to hold hands while skating. Its like trying to skate around barriers. A lot of children using trainers. Referee on floor only a few times. People taking selfies, reading texts. Will try this Tuesday but never again on Saturday.

Review №54

Ive been here many times and is always good. This time was crowded wich I can deal with, but there was too many kids that didnt know to skate, were using walkers and parents were just not responsible enough to take care of them or the walkers that were left on the way inside, (where people roller skates). I dont usually mind the little ones, but this time is was crowded and on top of that too many toddlers with walkers.

Review №55

Fun rink! been to a lot of parties here and its always a fun time

Review №56

First time going to a roller skating rink and I had a blast! Prices are fair, skates are comfy and clean, and everyone was polite and friendly!

Review №57

The kids had a blast

Review №58

Need to add more hip hop and r&b on Wednesday night

Review №59

So much fun, felt like a kid again. They play some games and have a little snack bar. Family nights are awesome. Go check it out!

Review №60

Best skating rink on OC. the are lots of pro skaters that go here though and they can get a bit rambunctious at times. Because they are regulars, the management lets them do whatever they want.Good place to have a birthday party, skate rentals are cheap if you dont have your own. Their pro shop is pretty good also, but its closed during the night skate sessions.

Review №61

A nice, large skating area and perfect to take kids to. The one complaint I have, though, is the food. While its cooked to order, my pizza was burnt in the oven and we could smell all the smoke and when they went to cook another it was almost burnt as well. Amazing for skating, subpar for food.

Review №62

Really enjoyed with my friends here!

Review №63

It is amazing for new skaters learning the ropes. Or old skaters looking to have some fun

Review №64

Good sound system n sound track, good floor, super people.

Review №65

Came in with my 2 daughters to skate and the guy said that is closed for private party. Would be helpful if they had a notice somewhere so I would not drive for 20 miles. Call in before you come to this place.

Review №66

This place is amazing, the only reason why I give it a 4 instead of 5 is because they stop the music ever 3-4 songs and let fast skaters skate for about 2 songs. Seems silly to me...but anyhow, i Loved this place and my friends did too.

Review №67

If I could put more stars, I would choose 10 more. Is Just amazing.

Review №68

Its a great place to go skate with family and friends.

Review №69

For one its a skating ring and I love to skate but also its because I work there so thats why I dropped it down one star but other than that is a 4-star place to hang out and have fun

Review №70

Had a fun time there. Your never too old to roller skate.

Review №71

Friendly staff. Had a great time. Highly recommended. Snack bar kind of old not a lot of choices. Definitely needs an upgrade

Review №72

Always fun to hit the rink up with your people. Its fun to watch the skilled people and even the beginners will feel welcome.

Review №73

Went here for a birthday party and while the outside definitely looks like the place is straight out of the 80s, the interior explains exactly why as this place is as old school, homey as it gets. The staff are attentive and the skates are well maintained. Not a bad deal for the price either!

Review №74

Old school skate rink - just like when I was a kid. The staff is friendly and the prices are competitive. They offer many skate sessions and specials during the summer months.

Review №75

Good clean cheap fun

Review №76

Fun environment, friendly and helpful staff.

Review №77

Very good place for children to take skating lessons.

Review №78

What an amazing time. Great music and great people making memories.

Review №79

Good birthday place choice

Review №80

Well kept, employees are all super chill.

Review №81

DJs are always good and the weekends are sometimes crowded but usually its ok and its a pretty fun place with nice lighting for the gram

Review №82

Havent skated in a long time had a great time for my nieces 9th birthday party.

Review №83

I hadnt been on skates in about 10 yrs. I loved every bit of retro night and look forward to attending weekly. I grew up going to Skateland in Whittier, and really this place is very comparable. Love it!!

Review №84

So much fun!

Review №85

Awesome party for the children

Review №86

Fun, sweat, and yummy snacks and thats all I want

Review №87

It was a really awesome experience. I had so much fun. It is really cool how they do games. This place is a place i would like to come often.

Review №88

Certainly the nicest skating rink restroom Ive seen. Now, if theyd only put doors on the stalls. Too many pervs watching you drop a deuce. Wouldnt suggest eating from the snack bar. The attendant with the blue/purple hair will wipe her mouth, then touch food. While walking around the foodservice area with bare feet.

Review №89

A fun place to hang out with friends. The skaters are quite friendly. Some of them helped me to stand up after falling. The music chosen is excellent. It was good to have a view of those amazing skaters.

Review №90

Great retro place for kids birthday parties!

Review №91

The rentals are always broken and unsafe. They never get new skates to replace the broken ones .

Review №92

Decent rink, floor needs a little bit of work

Review №93

Fair price for admission and food!

Review №94

Fun place to bring the family !!!

Review №95

It was okay...skating is not my thing..

Review №96

Very fun but HOT! It did not feel good in there... but good skates and fun games

Review №97

I love the roller rink and I think this one beats out the Fountain Valley rink.They have fairly priced food and drink at the snack bar. Its not the greatest food, more like what youd get at a concession stand outside a little league game, but its cheap.Its really family oriented with lots of kids everywhere. They even have these walker looking things for kids who arent quite ready to skate on their own. It can get crowded on weekend evenings, so I wouldnt suggest bringing a kid who falls a lot still because it creates a chain reaction of other people falling and landing on everyone else including your little one.The skates are decent quality here. There are lockers that are, I think, fifty cents.Holiday has its own parking lot and its tucked away behind that Rite-Aid strip mall.

Review №98

I went with my girlfriend and it was my first time skating... It was really fun and the floor was nice. Cool music and atmosphere....

Review №99

Its one of the only skate centers around. It was super hot when we went and they dont rent roller blades

Review №100

Prices are reasonable.. Kid friendly environment. Look on their website for current promotions.

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  • Address:175 N Wayfield St, Orange, CA 92867, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 714-997-5283
  • Roller skating rink
  • Children's amusement center
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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