Tanglewilde Recreation Center
414 Wildcat St SE, Olympia, WA 98503, United States

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A fun place for the little ones.

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Cool for a quick swim at a pretty good spot. Bathrooms need a little work though

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We love this pool!! We’ve gone here every summer since 2015 we even did swimming lessons for 2 years. Amazing staff, great lifeguards, clean pool and pool area. Changing rooms could use a little work but they are still acceptable. They have an accurate swim test for the deep end which goes down to 12ft! They also have diving boards. They sell snacks at a good price. The life guards are trained really good. I would give this pool an 11/10 it’s amazing.

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Nice pool with two diving boards

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This place was fun the swimSessions are 1-4 and 4-8. The prices were $8 for adults and $6 for kids. You cannot eat food on the upper deck.

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One of the best areas in lacey. There is a guard present as long as the pool is open. The water looks clean and its currently open for children. The pool is also gated which adds another layer of safety

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Good location and prices, staff are small time nazis about kids running, sort of a damper on the visit, but oh well. Good times overall.

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It was great. My only issue was that a few kids were tossing a football (NFL) and it hit two people before i stepped in and tild them to get the ball out of the pool.

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Used to be a really good place to swim however now they have split it into sessions and instead of taking lifeguard breaks at the end or beginning of the sessions...its in the middle of the session so even less time you swim and its pricey for the short session. Plus some of the lifeguards have attitudes.

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Love to float around and kids get all their energy out

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An amazing clean pool. The lifeguards are always on top of things, yes there may not be food allowed on the pool deck but the park right outside the pool area has tables and chairs and shade to enjoy your lunch and then go back to swim. We have enjoyed finding this little gem!!!

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I decided to edit my post because I really do like coming to the pool. The manager reached out, and also helped me with my issues. My son has improved on swimming with the lessons and my infant daughter learned to put her face in the water and put the balls in the bucket. Those are huge accomplishments that matter to me. The other little issues I had seem like nothing considering how nice the lifeguards and instructors are. Hopefully we get to enjoy the pool a bit after swim lessons.Very clean pool, even the bathrooms are pretty clean.

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Park says it is only for Tanglewilde residents and their guests, but it isnt blocked off by a fence or anything so I dont know how they regulate that. The equipment is dated and extremely dirty, so if you let your child play there, expect them to come back looking like they rolled in the dirt. Lots of stuff for kids to climb on, and there is a big kid swing set, but this park isnt very accommodating towards toddlers and the disabled, unfortunately.

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The bathrooms are so gross. Need a SERIOUS update

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This is a little gem belonging to the Tanglewilde reaidents. It is a private pool but you can purchase a membership to use it during the year. The pool is usually always full and the staff always helpful. The park is a bit dark due to the large firs and the grass pretty weedy. Otherwise it is a great park and improvements are always in the works. Some detail about the pool and the rules. Food used to be allowed but is not this year. The reason is that so many people last year left their food scraps, pizza crusts, wrappers and garbage laying around that it made its way into the pool and contaminated the water and filters. Imagine trying to clean glutinous, sticky bread dough from fine particulate filters. It is difficult at best and time consuming for the pool volunteers. TRC is working to try to find a balance to allow people to have an area to eat food. They did purchase some additional tables and chairs this year to provide more seating. Until a solution is found food can be eaten at the park that surrounds the pool. It is unfortunate that the irresponsible behavior of a few has forced a change in the food rules. There is a new pool manager this year that is working to improve the pool and make it a great place for everyone. Many of you have seen recent improvements which is part of a bigger effort to do more with the pool and park.

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Needs some up grades but great for what it has. Good life guards

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The swimming lessons are fine. It seems poorly or under staffed. They dont have anyone working at the front desk during lessons or any time other than open swim.

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It was a little trashy but really only in the tennis court. Otherwise everything looks great, and the nature there is flourishing and awesome!

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This was our first time to ever go. It cost $5 for each of us so $20 with my husband and daughters. That was for four hours. It was so ridiculously overcrowded that we left after an hour. If you go I would suggest going to the bathroom before hand because the bathroom “doors” are shower curtains

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It was amazing the life guards are nice you can actually swim in the deep end and once you do the swim test you can wear funny and mermaid tails overall its very fair and fun!

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I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons using their class descriptions. She is too old to have me in the water with her. The first day of class the teacher almost let her drown. He was clueless. Then we come for open swim. They dont have a voicemail I discovered after calling three times to check if they were open. Google said they were. Drove down to swim. They were closed. Not ONE sign stating why they were closed. When the last day of the season was. Etc etc. This pool is VERY mismanaged.

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It is amazing and the staff is good they are very helpful .staff need to work on safety cause my cousin almost drowned

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My school said that you guy are the best that is why we are having a field trip

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Good park to hang out at during the daytime.

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I love how the water feels when you get in

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Nice place to take the kids for some fun during the summer

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Open during summer break. The only outdoor heated pool in the county.

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Clean pool. Fun activity for kids

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Kid ate my foam noodle

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Good place to go in the summer.

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Not the cleanest park but the pool is in good condition.

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Great pool

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Great pool

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Basketball Court and park but always wet

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Drove past it, did not visit.

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Rigid about rules. Dont allow food on deck and provide no place to eat.

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Awesome pool.

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Pool in the black neighborhood

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Its ok

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Nice place

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Fair place to visit.

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Freezing cold even tho it was August!!

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Very clean park.

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Best place ever

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We look forward every summer to using this swimming pool and park. Its been here for use by at least 3 generations, maybe more!

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Way to expensive to swim.8 bucks per adult...

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Love it

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I love that pool ;D

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  • Phone:+1 360-701-0182
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