Arthurs Tavern
57 Grove St, New York, NY 10014, United States
Review №1

Old-school jazz is what I was looking for and what I found here.Welcoming people, sincere alchemy between musicians, well lit stage, not too noisy, this was great.Minus 1 star for the waitress who is not for the faint-hearted. Grab onto your almost-empty glass because it WILL be taken away to make you order another one, because of the mandatory 2 drinks per person per set. Not surprised because there are very clear signs about it, this is a business so it is understandable. Smoothing the bluntness would be appreciated.Would still recommend it 100% though!

Review №2

WOWThis is definitely the place to have some drinks in NYC. This performer will make you move.Great live music, Jazz but not limited to it - and it’s for free. Had a great time there and I would come back without a thought.Thank you Bobby Harden, E. J. Sharpe, Stew Cutler & friends - that was amazing performance.

Review №3

Perfect jazz and blues old fashioned vibes. On sunday night we got to see two groups and a guy in the bar joined to play the guitar, pretty cool. Now even if theres no entrance fee they make you get two drinks per person and the drinks are expensive, also only cash is accepted (I guess they keep payment the old fashioned way too?) The bartender was pretty clear about the rules and a nice guy. We were comfortable tourists in a local environment

Review №4

Best described as a no frills jazz club! They don’t charge a cover fee but have a 2 drink minimum. The venue is quite small and can get warm easily once it gets busy. Its great value for money if you’re looking to have a good time for cheap.

Review №5

A very nice bar with live music. A warm welcoming, followed by an excellent service, with a lot of attention to details. Good work!Conclusion, if you have the opportunity to go eat there, do not hesitate! One of the best live jazz bars in NY!

Review №6

This is a temple for those who love ragtime blues and jazz fans in general. The setting of the stage is simple and allows the public to enjoy the amazing tunes in full. There is a minimum charge of two drinks but there is free admission. If you are visiting New York this is a MUST. This is an opportunity for you to enjoy one of New Yorks most classic experiences. Mondays are not too crowded so you really have a chance of getting a great seat. The boys of the band are extraordinary and they have been playing in this house every Monday since 1962, quite an accomplishment! If you want to know why this Band is one of Woody Allens most favorites, this is really an experience you must live then, if you are in luck, you may find Woody himself among the public. Highly recommend.

Review №7

Not to often you can sit this close to the band! Awesome experience.

Review №8

Love the liveliness of this live jazz bar. Small but cozy. Gets crowded, but the crowd is so lively and friendly, that you actually don’t mind standing. Every time I come to the Village, I make a point to stop by Arthur’s. Won’t leave without stopping by.

Review №9

I enjoy this place so much. The friendly atmosphere and service make me feel right at home and the music always gets me pumped up, even with it being jazz. Despite being a fairly famous bar, Arthurs manages to feel like a hidden gem only locals know about. I will keep coming back again and again!Two things to remember: theres a 2 drink minimum per person, per set, and its cash only (theres an ATM outside).

Review №10

My advice: Ask if its standing room only when you are at the door before going in.The waitress acted like she was giving us a table when leading us in, but we quickly realized that was not the case. We were placed on the stage in the corner. It was incredibly uncomfortable to be standing on stage with the band under the lights. We left after one drink.

Review №11

Great place to have some drinks and listen good jazz live music!Nice prices.Unique ambienceGreat service

Review №12

Really chill bar with great music and Mike behind the bar is great as well! Dont expect fancy cocktails but theyll be tasty with just the right amount of booze

Review №13

Not a bad place to grab a quick drink before dinner... prices seemed a bit high for what it is. Small and needs some TLC for sure

Review №14

Love this place; note its cash only but its a great place for live music with no cover. Be sure to tip the musicians accordingly

Review №15

My friend and I were visiting NYC for the weekend and walked into this bar, and loved the atmosphere and the live music playing. BUT the bartender was rude and unpleasant. She also handed a $37 bill after one beer, and a double vodka soda. When questioning the bill, she insisted any shot of liquor is $14 a shot and not charged by the drink. Even though the cocktail list had various liquored drinks for $14. When asking to speak to a manager, I was informed by all staff on the floor that the pour was heavy and worth the price, and that’s the cost of nyc. All failed to retrieve a manager for me to speak too, I’ve never been so infuriated in my many years of working in restaurant business. VERY DISAPPOINTING

Review №16

A well known guidebook recommend this place like one of the best to listen jazz and to be involved in the atmosphere. Nevertheless it was a horrible experience. The bartender was showing us her aggressive and rude character. Such as a disappointing and ugly experience!When we arrived it was announced that we had to order minimum 2 drinks, but it was not a problem because we wanted to experience the New York night life. My friend ordered a beer and I asked for a soft drink because I dont drink alcohol. After a while this rude woman started to press us to order a second drink quickly, but it was not the worse of all, the unbelievable fact was that she was obligating me to drink alcohol or if not we had to go. When I asked if it was kidding me and then she started to shout me so agressive as Ive never ever seen and we decided to go.We understand this is a business but nobody told us we were obligated to consume alcohol, if she had told us from the beginning - we wouldnt had understood-but we had gone and everybody happy, but she didnt . Anyway, this person is not allowed to obligate me to order what she want - it is ridiculous and intolerable--and of course she cant treat us like if we were rubbish. This person is ruining the image of the place... I will inform the guidebook to check the places they recommend. Please, dont waste your money here, fortunately there are millions of places in NY where they treat people in a right way.

Review №17

Criminals! Got a bill that just said $100. Crazy since we asked how much each drink cost and was told $12. Did the math and that was $60. Challenged the waitress and she said the difference was the mandatory service charge. Seriously? Great music but they are absolute crooks. Unless you want to be robbed dont go here.

Review №18

Amazing live music every day! Prices are typical for the area... so a bit pricy if you come restricted in budget ($9 beer, $14 cocktail). You have to get 2 drinks if you want to listen to the music but hey! you are getting drink+concert, so I wouldn’t complain. Service sadly is not the best. Hold your drink in your hand if you haven’t finished it, otherwise it will go away, and you will be forced to order another.Mondays at 7pm are the best, with a band of guys in their 70s and 80s who have been playing classic jazz together for decades.

Review №19

Incredible spot for live jazz. Great vibe and more importantly, no cover!

Review №20

The music was great the drinks were good and everyone enjoyed

Review №21

The best description of the place is awesome but I realize the word and concept can be diluted but not in this case! If you have yet to visit this extraordinary treasure in the village, I strongly suggest you rectify this oversight! I went on a Monday night recently and enjoyed a Dixieland Jazz Band and an wonderful R&B/Jazz Band! I also was very lucky to visit when legendary jazz drummer Chuck McPherson graced the house with his presence and fabulous performance! This place rates five stars because it is a five star experience!

Review №22

A West Village institution. Live Jazz and Blues nightly. The dance floor is virtually nonexistent but nobody ever seems to mind. Its a tiny place overall, so plan accordingly.

Review №23

What a fun place! Great jazz and great vibe. Loved sitting at the counter right in front of the music, great to see the performers so up close and personal. Nice place to come with friends and have a good time.

Review №24

A place for the older generation. Live bands play jazz and R&B. An excellent way to spend a Friday or Saturday night in the Village. The Tavern is relaxed casual and extremely friendly!

Review №25

Service and drinks combined were not great, maybe a 3Band, atmosphere, energy were high level when we were there.Go and have a good time, dont set a high bar for the cocktails...

Review №26

Excellent place to enjoy good live jazz. Tuesdays from 7 pm have a great quartet until 9:30. Beers are between 8 and $9. We went to Smalls club first but they charged $20 just for the entry. This place is free, just need to go, drink and enjoy the music. I finished my tour day here and I loved it !

Review №27

50 years of Swing-Jazz every Monday.

Review №28

Small intimate bar with great music. Good bar service.

Review №29

Cozy Jazz Bar near Christopher St with very good live jazz every day (?) - drinks are decent, nothing special but you go there for the music anyway!

Review №30

Nice band, however the staff was very rude and unwelcoming.

Review №31

Amazing place! Lovely bartenders, great music, great vibes.

Review №32

We had a great time on a Saturday night with two live jazz bands. Four of us got seats right in front of the stage (bar stools) around 8:00 which was great. The servers were very helpful and knew what we wanted after the first round. The musicians were awesome, the sound was good. The crowd was real bro-y but what do you expect for west village. Cash only! They have an ATM out front that charges by percentage. A bit crowded later on but still worth a trip for the amazing jazz.

Review №33

A MUST VISIT WHILE IN NYCMy favourite place in NYC for live music, it’s a great little hidden gem.Also Mike the bartender it’s a great guy, not only a good host, good chat and he will also recommended you others places for live jazz around there.He’s a legend.Thank you Mike :)Danny

Review №34

Snall but great live music and on point staff!

Review №35

If you are visiting N.Y. and dont stop by for the extraordinary experience, you have missed one of the citys best places to hear authentic musical talent! If you live in the city and have not enjoyed this awesome, legendary spot, shame on you and what are you waiting for? Try it...not only will you like, you will love it! I gave it 5 stars for a good reason...its a 5 star experience!

Review №36

One of the best experiences you have at a cash only, dive, bar.

Review №37

Not a bad meeting spot with friends. It’s especially busy on a Saturday night. Drinks are decent. Cash only bar and there’s usually a cover to get in. There’s a different band that plays different nights. The crowd is a mixture of tourists and locals. It can get crowded. The service could be better.

Review №38

Love this place!!! Great live music! Great musicians! Puano, bass, drums... If you loom for a nice atmosphere and really good music thats the place for you. Usually lots of people in this relatively small place so its good to be early if you want a table. And be patient with a waiter, she is much more nicer then she seems ;)

Review №39

Packed bar, literally no where to move - door should be held at capacity, meanwhile myself and everyone else are getting yelled at for being in the way. I worked to find a better spot and mentioned to the server (the third time she came around) ‘sorry I need to move back towards the doors because the highs in the speakers’. She laughs at me and goes ‘Youre in a bar and it’s too loud?’. Really? I’m not going to move closer to the ear piercing monitors that can’t handle the high frequencies being mixed into it. Not that there’s literally anywhere else for me to ‘move forward’ towards’. And sorry my ears aren’t the best and it’s physically hurting me. A mess. Hire staff that can handle the environment and don’t get mad and flustered when it’s simply... a busy night.

Review №40

A very nice bar with live music.

Review №41

Good music, but inexplicably really offensive barmaid. Incredibly rude. Only intersted in making tips.

Review №42

This was, on my fifth decade, my best time in my life, met people from all over the world and the bands were just amazing you feel at home, first a jazz band, but then it turn into a funk and Donna Summer night, service is wonderful. Want to experience the real NYC. Danced, conversate, be alive at this out of the world local. Ask for Kirka and say Jorge sent you.

Review №43

Netflix drama, filming location“ The Politician” 1-8 ViennaThe jazz club where Payton (Ben Platt) sang Vienna.

Review №44

Amazing place with joyful people. It was a night of musicals sang by 80% of pub

Review №45

Genuine Jazz bar. Historical

Review №46

A very lively place with a live band playing some nostalgic classics. Seatings are a bit tight. People tend to stand right in front of the band, blocking your view.

Review №47

I loved it in the very first visit. From then I keep on going there very frequently specially for music. Total fun. Its a small cash only bar but you have an ATM outside the bar. I recommend people going there.

Review №48

Extremely disappointing. Discriminated against me - accused me of being gay (not gay but support all). Unfortunate because I liked the music but the bouncer and bartender were drunk and way out of line with a guy just standing at a bar. Would never never recommend it to anyone else in the area.

Review №49

Purple Rain.

Review №50

Decent place, overall good music, but extremely crowded almost to the point of not being able to move, waiting staff is very poor. Our waitress essentially yelled at me when I pointed out that she charged us for 4 extra drinks that we didnt order, (+$40) after I had the doorman figure it out she still gave herself a 25 percent tip which is included in the bill, very sketchy stuff. Seems like everybody on heres biggest gripe is with this specific waitress with facial tattoos. Is it really too hard to hire somebody who will at least take your money with a smile? This person should clearly not be in the service industry.This place is decent but there are far better jazz joints to go to in that neighborhood alone.

Review №51

Great place for a jazz night, its cash only I will definitely come back

Review №52

Watch the waitress. Tried to charge for more drinks. Great music

Review №53

Weve been coming here for many years. Musicians are always great and we love supporting them. Always donating money and bringing friends and co-workersHowever on our recent visit Saturday 3/16, the bouncer was completely unprofessional and nasty.As we entered with friends who had never been to Arthurs, he had a face and was not at all welcoming. No problem. We were happy to be out celebrating a Birthday so we brushed aside his miserable demeanor.He made sure to communicate that there was a two drink minimum. No problem for us.We had already been out for drinks earlier, so my friend communicated to me that she could maybe only handle one more drink.I told her not to worry, that between all of us we would reach the required drink minimum.In response to her comment to me, he stepped in front of us as we entered after already checking our Ids and nastily reiterated the two drink policy.I told him not to worry that we would be sure to reach the minimum.He told me not to give him attitude. I pointed out he was the only person giving attitude.He quickly stepped in front of me and said I wasnt going in.When I asked him for his name he yelled GOODNIGHT I asked again and he pushed me. Im a 55 thin female. How was this productive or at all necessary?I shouldve made a police report against him. However I realized it was not worth ruining the rest of the evening for a miserable person.Completely unnecessary and unprofessional. This will cause Arthurs many problems, but it seems management just doesnt care.Unfortunately it is so poorly run that they are allowing a frustrated miserable moron to be at the door.They just lost a classy group who have been loyal customers for over 15 years.We will never return to this place. We are happy to spend money especially in support of the musicians, but not when treated this way.

Review №54

Music was alright, the prices werent as bad as people made them out to be (Most jazz places charge cover of 20ish). That said the quality of the cocktails did look rather dire. The infamous service can be described as order your drinks and shut up. Theres no fake camaraderie going on. You ask for your poison, they bring you your poison.

Review №55

Had the best time here. Cash only, incredibly strong Long Island iced tea. Service was great. Music incredible. Hope to be back next time I’m in the city.

Review №56

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!A horrendous experience because of a primitive and obnoxious bartender! Avoid at all costs unless you want that to spoil your NY trip like it did to ours! The treatment we received was simply shocking! And clearly that establishment does not care in the slightest about the level of customer service their staff provide (or rather a lack of it) as I have seen a number of reviews about this place confirming that unfortunately our experience was not an exception at all.

Review №57

Epic jazz/soul music. No cover. 2 drink minimum. Small venue.

Review №58

Great live music, great drink service (server), and strong drinks. Cash only bar, but there is an ATM in front. Cant wait to go back.

Review №59

Ongoing jazz performance from the opening hour and there is a minimum cover of two drinks per person but you dont have to. Very old and relatively good jazz plays.

Review №60

Good free Jazz except its not free. You pay for it with $11 well drinks with a minimum of 2 drinks per person per set. I think beers are $8. The waitress had a real attitude about her which I found rude but my Wife liked it cos it fit the vibe of the place.

Review №61

Always good music, if you like jazz and lively funk/cover (later nights on Friday /Saturday). Way laid back scene I. E. Loud, no one will shush you, and its largely standing room - compared to most of the other formal jazz spots in the area. No cover, divey, eclectic decor and atmosphere ... The quintessence of old school west village. Staff is old-school - no nonsense which is neither here nor there, depending on your tastes. Bar slings standard libations, but dont expect craft /mixology at this joint. Nevertheless, youre here for the music and environment. Tiny spot, limited seating, so get here early - about a set before you mean to - and stake your claim. Cash only, but there is an atm on site and a chase across the street. Come back often.

Review №62

Traditional jazz. I loved it. I brought my friend Ned. It was a perfect night out he said it was the best whiskey sour of his life. So much good music. I went on a Monday night with clarinetist Joe Licari and band. So much fun. Go anytime. Fabulous venue. Very friendly and old-fashioned. I loved every minute.

Review №63

Cool little dive bar to catch live music at.

Review №64

Worst bar I’ve ever been to, they have the rudest staff- especially the bar tender and the place is super expensive and rundown and they only take cash to top it all off. I’ve been to hundreds of bars around the world but this place was just the worst, don’t waste your time and money here and most importantly- don’t let this place ruin your night out and your New York experience.

Review №65

The spot is very small...super over capacity. they bartender is rude and they have a 2 drink minimium. can barely breathe in the spot. Has a pungent odor as soon as you walk in. Stay away from this spot. Super Rip off

Review №66

Music was great. But terrible service. The bar has a policy of 2 drinks per person per set, although it’s written 1. So, if you had enough drinks, they kick you out.

Review №67

It is packed but it worth it ! music and people there are really nice !Ambiance is fun !

Review №68

Very fun jazz bar/dive bar. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you might want to look elsewhere. This place is very small so the servers have to be on top of seating and standing arrangements. 2 drink minimum, drinks are ok but nothing fancy, we came for the music anyway! Bands are excellent and very fun.

Review №69

Always a pleasure to see my friend Alyson Williams perform here on Wednesdays and Saturdays! Its a dive bar, but its fun!!

Review №70

Great spot live music check for show times.

Review №71

Great music with no cover..but you have to order a drink for each set. Can be crowded so not good for big groups

Review №72

Great music and wonderful people

Review №73

Awful customer service. The waitress is very rude. She pushes you to buy more drinks even you already got the two minimum. She charges you more than you actually bought and if you don’t obey, she orders the big mafia due to throw you out. Want to ruin your night and weekend? this is the place to go!

Review №74

What a gem of a place! Cash only though

Review №75

Great, classic NYC bar in a cool neighborhood and the music is always good! Pricey drinks though for a divey bar that has never been renovated (even if you wanted it to.

Review №76

The band was awesome! Nice voices! Really enjoyed!

Review №77

Amazing place for live music and dancing

Review №78

Not good. Sittings are very uncomfortable. Chairs are rocky and falling, tables are small. Sound are loud and unprofessional. You could barely see any musician unless you sit in the front row. Waitress (the african american) girl was very disorganized. She put other tables order to our table, and put ours to other customer. She even billed us more than what we had. She was very rude and forced us to pay for what we didnt order and threaten to throw us out if we dont listen to her. If you wanna find a way to ruin your own evening by some amateur customer service, way to go!

Review №79

I dont want to Express opinion on one night i use to live in NYC and looovvveee the place. I was visiting NY 3 DAYS AGO and made an effort to go. it was very disappointing kind of a pathetic music , very disappointing. Im sure that when Sweet Georgia Brown is singing it will be much better but other than that I would not go again

Review №80

Very strict on minimums and where you can stand in the bar. Not worth it

Review №81

Liked the atmosphere. Was a bit surprised about the cash only policy.Good service and will recommend to anyone.

Review №82

Abysmal service. One server pointed us to a table, only to have another tell us we couldnt sit there and ask us to leave. Dont bother.

Review №83

Jazz it up with interesting characters

Review №84

OOu visit was great. Cash only. Crowded. Good love music.

Review №85

Is a great place to enjoy good music and good drink. I feel good there! I recommend!

Review №86

Interesting business model. 2 drink minimum - fine. Bar tenders on your back about moving around to check out the band etc? Not so cool. Didnt know I was entering a restaurant. Maybe chuck a 10 dollar cover charge on instead on busy nights and forget the rigid seating plan. Its a bar- I left because I felt like I was being hounded by staff.

Review №87

I love the jazz band that plays here almost every night! Super nice bartender as well.

Review №88

I went to this jazz bar even though they told me not to go and they were right. I would give 5 out of 100 and that 5 would be because of its location and proximity to all other nice bars. First of all, I dont think the owner is ever there because if he was, he would never employ the bartender or the waitress. When the bar was almost empty, they said the tables are reserved and I am sure they werent. It took them forever to bring a beer and they kept asking me if I want to drink every 5 minutes, I said I am still drinking. When she brought the beer, she put the bottle so hard, it was like wild west. She said literally: man, this is bar, you need to drink. It was like a joke. I think they are racists, too because she was just fine with serving blonde people and smiling at them. I would change all the employees of this bar and make a full renovation because the location and NY deserves much more. By the way, music is so bad, too. Just wanted to share so that you dont experience the same

Review №89

A cozy place with good service and a live show

Review №90

No cover charge, great music and relaxed atmosphere

Review №91

New York institution. The place is tiny, but thats what gives it charm. CASH ONLY!!

Review №92

The music was good, but telling me youre going to kick me out because I have to drink 2 drinks is ridiculous.... and your beer selection is awful

Review №93

Hey Michael! Are you seeing this?Arthur tavern is the best bar in New York! Music and friendly people will welcome you happily! you must go there!

Review №94

Good music, ok beer selection & no space.

Review №95

Love this place! Neighborhood spot for live jazz and great service.

Review №96

This is a really wonderful, small, cash only, bar. There was a jazz band playing at a reasonable volume, something too rare find these days. Nothing special about the drinks, buy the atmosphere is on point.

Review №97

Great music, rough service

Review №98

Fab dive bar in Greenwich village. A must visit to see The Grove Street Stompers, they have player there for 50 years. Brilliant.

Review №99

Foreign currencies on top of the bar was a cute detail, I left one from my homeland, say hi to 5 Lira when you see it :D

Review №100

Honestly, this place sucks. Went with my friends, the bar tender was a jerk. Said that I had to buy a drink to be there even though I was DD. She said I could either buy a $7 coke or leave, that the fact there was live music I was lucky they didnt charge a cover. The band was playing Steve Miller cover songs. It was awful.Walked around the corner, paid a five dollar cover to not be strong armed into buying outlandishly priced sodas and saw original jazz compositions.This place deserves zero business.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:57 Grove St, New York, NY 10014, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 212-675-6879
  • Jazz club
Working hours
  • Monday:7pm–3am
  • Tuesday:7pm–3am
  • Wednesday:7pm–3am
  • Thursday:6:30pm–3:30am
  • Friday:6:30pm–4am
  • Saturday:6:30pm–4am
  • Sunday:7pm–3am
Service options
  • Dine-in:No
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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