Vivid Cabaret
61 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

Review №1

This place is the best strip club in Manhattan! I went there last week and had a great time. The managers and staff are very friendly and the girls are beautiful. I had a great time with the massage girl Bella. She is a great entertainer, very beautiful and super hot!I recommend this place to everybody that are looking for a good time with beautiful girls and a great atmosphere.

Review №2

Well, if you are carrying too much of black money and you need to get loose of them, this is the place. Otherwise, please dont go there.Honestly, the food there and drinks are at reasonable prices, the girls are beautiful and the ambience is good. No complain about that. I suggest if you go there, dine, drink and enjoy the show, but dont go upstairs with them. Thats when they will rip off your wallet. 560-620 Dollars for a private deck where you will get just the same treatment as you did get downstairs but you will end up paying 4-5 times more. Just that you will be solo enjoying the show. Also with 200-300 dollars when you can get laid with beautiful women in other places why spend 560 here.I went there last Saturday and wanted to go again tomorrow. But then I am rethinking and I might take up other options where I dont have to rip off my wallet but still enjoy a decent night.

Review №3

My favorite vegan restaurant in the Bay Area. Super cool attentive staff, beautifully designed dining room, and the food is truly world-class. Its also a great place for date night or group gatherings -- when its warm out, their outside dining along Union Street is great for people watching. I highly recommend Vivid Cabaret!

Review №4

V bad place don’t even think to come hereCold food, bad drinks, over priceddoesn’t worth it

Review №5

I went with friends to Vivid about a month ago. My first visit was ok. While there the bartender gave me three free passes to use for free admission on a later date. Yesterday night two friends and I went to vivid. We attempted to use the passes, the bouncer was rude and insisted on knowing who gave us the passes. I explained I received it from a bartender. The bouncer told the manager, the manager stated he didnt know how I got the passes, didnt honor passes and didnt return the passes. Smh.

Review №6

Be careful of this place. It reminds me of the bottle service business in the Tokyo clubs. I came in to test the waters on this place to see how business is run. Basically, they will use psychology to lure you in to spend loads of money. They will treat you like VIP and the girls will use their charm to dry out your wallet.First, they will ask you to purchase a minimum of 2 drinks if you check in on Yelp to get free admission. There is no such thing as free lunch in this world, period. If you get a regular cranberry or apple with no alcohol, I would advise not to drink it. I believe there is something in there that will keep you awake, just like the places in Tokyo. Once you leave the place, you will get sleep where you feel as if youre awake and you may end up getting only 2.5 - 3 hours of sleep.Once they notice that you arent spending money, they will send over a manager who will test you by asking you what type of girls you like. They will then send over whatever you like. If you like a girl, she will give you a lap dance for a song or two to feel you out in front of people. Very strange, IMO.If she feels comfortable and if it near the end of the night, say 1 hour before closing, they will want to close out the days business strong. She will then ask to get a VIP room and if you ask what do you get in a VIP room, she will make you curious and not give you a direct answer so it keeps it a mystery. What happens up there?Same thing, except it is in a room. However, they will charge 3-4 times more. Instead of paying for $20 per song. If each song is 3 minutes, that is about $200 in 30 minutes. For a room, the girl will give you a price of say $400. Once you go upstairs, there will be another girl who handles business up there and magically, the price goes to $560! When you ask why the price is different, they will give some excuse like Oh, its because if you pay by credit, we have to charge extra. Thats a 30% mark up! Now, if youre paying $560 for 30 minutes that is about 3X what youre paying downstairs. On top of that, they will ask you to add a tip for the dancer. AND, they will ask you to add a tip for the hostess and manager. Total cost will be 4X.Once you get into the private room, they will try to rip you off even more by asking you to buy a bottle of wine for the girl for $200. It is OPTIONAL and the wine is cheap wine. This is the SAME stuff that happens in Tokyo strip / bottle service clubs.The other weird thing was, the girl left the room for some 3 minutes in the middle of a lap dance because she had to close out something. I almost fell asleep during this time.Most of the time, the girls will use psychology on you to get you buy watered down wine or glasses for them. And they will ask you something along the lines of Will you come back soon? Promise me?Me thinks not! Avoid this place if you want to get ripped off. I would have given this place a 1 star, but because they have nice quality girls, Ill be nice and give them an extra star, lol.

Review №7

I’ve been there twice last week. Overall I like the atmosphere and the girls are beautiful to me. What I didn’t like was that the girls can ignore you for most of the night in my case. But the guys there will find you a girl if you tell them that you aren’t having a good time. I’m glad they did because I spent my entire night with one girl and it was great. But I suggest going with a group. And they give you tickets for you next visit with no cover charge! Like I said, it’s very chill and with a group you will have fun.

Review №8

Amazing place to grab a beer and toss a five or two at the vivid ladies.

Review №9

Id honestly go here just for the prices on their alcohol. Super attentive staff that wont hassle you and professional bouncer/bartenders. Its not one of the bigger joints in NYC but it youll get the bang for your buck for sure.

Review №10

Beautiful club with a cigar lounge and a roof top ! When I first entered I was greeted by one of the managers he asked me if I been there before and I replied no . He then proceeded to take me around and check out the club...a tour of the club .. talk about wow. He showed me around I was very impressed with the club and the staff . The private rooms the cigar lounge were a must do for me. I had a great time oh did I mention the dancers !! a great variety of dancers and with some awesome bodies 8))

Review №11

This guy Charlie great dude met him at a pizza place first time in New York invites me to this spot!! Man The women are gorgeous atmosphere is awesome what an experience in my trip in New York!! This is a must visit!! Ask for Charlie! Great management team!! Can’t wait to go back

Review №12

This is the best gentlemen’s club in all of New York

Review №13

Over price drinks avoid this place!!!!And even if you buy few drinks they don’t look after you!! Very sad place hopefully they change that soon and appreciate customers more!. Thank you for coming sir your 4th drink or 5th on us!!!!!! Appreciate ur customers!!!!!! More!!!!!

Review №14

Came on a Friday night, the music was pretty good. The girls are pretty and have nice bodies but they aren’t great dancers at all. I ordered a drink just to discover it was made in a dirty glass with lipstick on it and I wasn’t wearing lipstick. At first all the bartender said was “sorry” until I took out my phone to write this review then he offered me another one.

Review №15

This club is amazing, I have been here before but I came in for 3rd time and was amazed how slightly more better it gets each time I come,. Now people might be put away cause its expensive by paying $20 at the door and expensive drinks but I feel your getting what you payed for and that is a very friendly staff a clean place and very beautiful ladies, and I aint be nice these girls look amazing like big budget movie quality girls, and the girls are friendly to talk too I didnt feel pushed into a dance. I truly felt comfortable. So please check this place out

Review №16

Loved it here !! Are you hiring for Cocktail waitress or anything in that category at the moment?

Review №17

The girls were great but as we were spending money on the dancers a bouncer comes up to tell us we have to buy a bottle in order to sit where we were. We are already spending money on the dancers and now we have to spend $700 on a bottle to continue to sit where we were? No thanks the bouncer left me and my friend with a bad taste in out mouth and we left after only being there for a half an hour. We are there for the girls not your drinks our your pushy bouncer who basically chased us out of the club. There are way better places to go.

Review №18

Nice club and the girls are good looking but the service is lacking a lttle.

Review №19

Awesome experience at Vivid Cabaret. Great service beautiful girls in an amazing atmaosphere. Cant wait to go back

Review №20

Exciting ambiance with beautiful people!

Review №21

3 out of 4 times the wife and I have been, the experience has been a solid 4 stars. The dancers can be mixed but typically something for most anyone. We have always found a dancer that we enjoy. The atmosphere is somewhat upscale but laid back. The best experiences have been when Grady & Chris have been working, unbelievable service! They have always taken us in and treated us like VIPs and I cant express enough appreciation for that. As long as they are there, the wife and I will be returning for more fun.

Review №22

What a beautiful club!! Upscale with a party vibe!! Great hospitality I will be definitely come back on my next visit to NY!! 2 thumbs way up!!

Review №23

Upscale, beautiful club with a laid back vibe. Variety of dancers (always attractive from what Ive seen), 3 floors with a cigar lounge and small rooftop. Been here a few times and always a great experience. I travel around a lot and always compare other clubs to this one. This place is a must if youre around

Review №24

Great place to hang out when your in the City. The Ladies are beautiful and the staff is very attentive, highly recommend coming here.

Review №25

Awesome place to hang out day or evening. Staff is very friendly. Food is good. Talent varies but does not disappoint. Highly recommend to stop by for a drink and hear some good music.

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Review №27

Amazing Club with beautiful dancers and professional staff, definitely going back when Im in NY.

Review №28

Easy atmosphere, friendly atmosphere. Had a good time for my first night

Review №29

Nice place and beautiful girls but security is to much I was in there with friends I came in town to hang out with friends wanted to take pictures and one security said I wasnt allowed too I said ok but after that everytime I even glances at my phone he was right behind me thinking I was doing the same thing made me uncomfortable and harassed I spent money on liqour and the girls we werent roudy or anything for him to be on top of us in that manner wouldnt go here again I know a lot of other strip clubs you can actually take pics or that you wont be harassed that are just as nice

Review №30

Bouncer was not very friendly but other than that, manager is awesome and very clean place!!!

Review №31

Gorgeous Girls,Great Services.Door crew is friendly and fantastic

Review №32

Cruised in on a Sunday night. The host tells my boy and I only 9 girls working didnt stop me from having a sick time.... 9/10, would go back.... if Sundays are that good, Fridays and SaturdAys must be a off the hook, buuuudy!

Review №33

I’m 21 Years old I want to come here it’s possible or no

Review №34

Vivid was a good little spot to hit up on my trip to the NYC.. I went on a slow night and it was still poppin.. Jocelyn was my favorite dancer most defiantly going back for a visit soon

Review №35

In my opinion the best club in the city....staff more than friendly...just an overall enjoyable experience...highly recommended.

Review №36

Went to vivid for the first time last weekend and I have to say they have some hot latinas! Food was great , music was ok but very Impressed with the girls will be going back .

Review №37

I came here on a Monday and it was free entry. Very poor music and very few girls. First a lady come and entice us to buy he drink but she only offer bottle menu. When we ask for single drinks she says she doesnt know prices. She comes back after 5 mins thinking we will get excited and then buy drinks but we ask the same question again and she doesnt know. Then the 51 male host comes and after various questions says the price is 38 USd for a double and says if you dont want to drink you have to leave. I stand up and then he call he security when he realise I am 7 inch taller than he. Very poor place, not a nice one. Never come here, rip off, poor customer service and 51 characters.EDIT in 2019 - Is he 5’1 character still here to be aggressive on he customers for no reason?Also, have ju change price of drink so that it is not 40 USD for one drink? Pleej let me know

Review №38

This place oh my this place beautiful woman great staff, management, take care of them theyll take care of u cant think of a better place in nyc

Review №39

Liquid lunch is awesome $5 drinks $10 food in NYC is unheard of!!!

Review №40

Visited a couple times while in NY. Service sucks. I came in for my lunch hour, ordered food and sat having a beer. I noticed 3 guys come in about 4 mins after and a table was set up for them. They ordered food and lo and behold, they got their food and I was still there waiting. I tried to get the waitresss attention but I was ifnored as they served that table. When i finally got up and went to the bar and informed them, they spologized and went to the back to rush prepare my meal. I was given a complementary drink coupon which expires in a week for the bad service, which in my opinion was bs.

Review №41

The waitresses operate deceptively.... they asked if they could do a shot and didnt tell me they were $45 a shot! They also charged us more for drinks then what we paid at bar & didnt come back with change, just assumed it was for them even when we asked for it. They conveniently forgot! Plus they sold us bottles of champagne without informing us they were close to a thousand each in private rooms. Waitresses barely spoke english, unless that was an act. Theres very little diversity in the servers there, seems like theyre all south american (Fresh off the boat) and I think I saw one Asian waitress. Some dancers were pretty but had no vivacious personalities. Massage girls spend more time trying to hustle you into a room then dancers & I think they out numbered the entertainers. Felt like I was getting robbed from every direction & when manager came to talk to us once I expressed my less then satisfactory experience he looked high. I wasnt looking for or expecting anything in return but even he was rude and abrasive. Not the souther hospitality Im used to act other ricks clubs around country.

Review №42

You pay $20 to enter. $20 for a lap dance, skinny ladies mostly are found here. You cant use a company card if you are on a vocation, you have to use a card that has your name on it. Even at that, you still get charged annoyingly. Too Overpriced.

Review №43

Beautiful place love everything about it

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Review №45

Save the money

Review №46

Worst club in city more security than girls

Review №47

Was good

Review №48

I went here with two couples, Door man said 20 dollar entry and two drink minimum. Well the girls I was with are not going to drink two drinks, after we had a drink somewhere else prior. I would of spent money inside, lots of it, there loss!

Review №49

I had such an amazing time I fell in love with the girls

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