The VIP Club for Adult Entertainment NYC
20 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

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Send 0,001 i came to you. give note: your phone number , my BTC address: 3GPe3uDX6DFLJxM2Jh9QxDeHay3Ec28atathanks :)

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Out for a small business meeting that went well , stopped by for a drink , the cool part was that at 730 , the drinks were rather inexpensive. Girls were very friendly to my out of town guests , def recommend for a great meeting spot for drinks.

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The girls were super nice, friendly staff , i was part of a bachelor party , it was an overall fun time. The best part was the liquor was $750 for three bottles, definitely be back next time around

Review №4

DANCERS BEWARE: Went in to audition last week, waited around for over an hour in one of the mustiest dressing rooms Ive ever set foot in....and the manager never showed to even see me for said audition. I waited from 9:30 to 10:45. Then I left silently, and no one thought anything of my departure. The place looks like it is straight out of a 1960s spy movie, and reeks of cigars and mothballs. Save your time and resources, and work ANYWHERE ELSE. They clearly do not respect entertainers.

Review №5

Most un-proffessional place i have ever been to. Manager is clueless and the whole place is just a big scam! steer clear away from here there are much better places around the corner

Review №6

Does not really remind me of a strip club, but regardless I had a really great time. Bartender was super polite and so was the rest of the staff.

Review №7

DONT COME HERE. The food is nasty and the ppl are scammers. SERIOUSLY. Me and my friend we here and we are tourists. They seemed a little racist and made us uncomfortable. Weren’t friendly at all. Ugh we wasted our money.

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I love you francinbell you wanna meet up at gay tony street

Review №9

I had the best time in club .good looking girls and good service i advise you to check it out

Review №10

This is the go to spot when me and my buddies are in Manhattan. Always great service and staff.

Review №11

Had best time there! Pretty girls, good service!

Review №12

Read Monica’s review. Horrifying. Never go here, I am astonished and and horrified.

Review №13

So disappointing. Wow. $20 cover on a Tuesday night, $20 mixed drinks, only one other patron . Asked why the cover, was told because we can. Smh cool. Such a uniquely dope layout with such underwhelming women!! half have implants that make them look less than human. Smh again. Ungrateful!! tipped a dancer 5 singles during her horrible set, and she joked with another ugly one in front of me I can go get mcdonalds now RIP OFF. Go to Nyc dolls or something before here

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This isgood place togo i very like it i will come back soon.11/5/2018

Review №15

Pretty poor. $20 cover, ugly girls who arent really dancing and $12 beers. Youd do better to go to an NYU bar and buy some shoes for all the girls. Youd get a better show...

Review №16

All the girls look the same. Blonde and anorexic. Only one brunette with a real grown womans body in the entire place.

Review №17

Bartenders does sex work? money spread the club is divided between the club and the batenders? explain to me

Review №18

Not paying 20 at the door and 20 on a drink.. holler at me when yall sober..

Review №19

First doormen do not understand non american id cards. Then most of the ladies are ugly, and the few ones who arent simply disappear as soon as they appear pretty much. Plus no one really cares if youre here or not. Finally drinks are super overpriced. So yeah wouldnt go.

Review №20

Hi, my name is Monica, I am a young girl, very nice, well educated who wanted to try a new experience to socialize and make some poket money like a dancer in this club.I am a good looking, Caucasian , blue eyes, so they accepted me at the audition.Being a dancer there, I must pay the house fee like 120$ each night after the 3 nights for 40$. Friday night was a quaiet night so after I payed them the house fee, the uber, after 8 hours night shift I made almost nothing. Saturday night wasnt busy either, but I had luck with one guy who chose me from other girls so I gave him some dances. After dances who are 20$ each, just topless in a comun area, because he liked my innocence, only my second night there, he invited me in a private area to impress me.The guy,Brandon, payed 500$ for 30 min in the VIP, and I receive 300$ in theire fake money club.If they cash out they supposed to charge another 20% off the remain 300$. In the VIP area is nothing else than dances, but in more private atmosphere. He asked me what I like to drink and I told him in the front of the waitress just a vodka tonic, nothing fancy. Him, again, surprised by my modesty ordered a bottle of champagne. The time passed in a lovely way, till the guy to my surprise, wanted to pay one more hour, 1000$ for the club, surcharge 20% an top also. I received this fake money and when I counted them, to my surprise it was only 500$ in voucher, should be 600$ if they payed me 300 for each 500$.In meantime I tryed to pose a relaxed face, I gave the guy almost naked dances, he was relaxed and enjoyed the time, but in my mind was a question... so I left for few minutes the room almost naked, asked a bouncer big with no hair how much should I receive from a 1000 payment for 1 hour? He told me 500..I asked like a logic person how come for half an hour I receive 300 and double the money payed by client, I receiveid only 500? I am never drunk, never rude, was my first experience with this ... Look what he did... He took my voucher money all of a sudden from my hand and he told to the house mama.. Give her 1000$ and then laughed... The house mama told me to go upstairs and to change in normal clothes becouse I am fired. I told her is ok, but wats happens with Brandon who is payed for a time with me and he was waited for me in the VIP room and also I need my last 500$ voucher who was stolen from me back. She was very rude and told me to shut up and if I am nice they are gonna change the remain vouchers in cash if not I receive nothing. I was adamant to get my last payment back so she calls the owner. After that I understood he was her father, so are in the family there. The owner has no empathy at all to my tears, becouse in the last moments I felt umiliated, used, like a slave to entertain theire clients for nothing . He asked me very rude to give them the vouchers left and to go. I refused, I told him I wil give him the all vouchers but I need the last one in the value of 500$ who was stolen from me... Guess what he did ? He screamed at me and pushed me by force out of the main door like a piece of meet.. I felt I just was like that in his eyes, a slave , in America , in those days.After that he shouted : I would give nothing now if you complained... I was devasted... I payed them my last 40$ cash, the taxi there, I worked all night long almost naked for theire club, headaches from champagne and at the end the nice guy Brandon, payed a fortune for theire club pleased by my company but they were gridy , they didnt want to give me the cash stipulated in the contract, they kept it all for them... I was so sad, emotionally in distress so I stayed in cold in the front of theire main door in the street begging them to cash out my vouchers. After 2 hours of waiting and maybe realized I am not a nice picture with my tears on my face, the rude owner agreed to cash me out the remain vouchers taken 20%off but I still feel ripped off by the last voucher stolen from my hand , the biggest one , value 500$, also very sad and umiliated and fired just for them to keep all the money stolen.

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Nice place and beautiful girls!!!!!

Review №22

If I could give it less I would..

Review №23

Beware. Billed for charges not made. Thug Management. Below par women and aggressive when not tipped shady activity, snow’s a lot in there.

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Me and buddy stayed for all of 10mins. Never again

Review №25

Sucked on fat titties

Review №26

Its a beutifull club, is incredible!!! It is perfect!!! :)

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  • Address:20 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011, United States
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  • Phone:+1 212-633-1199
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Night club
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  • Tuesday:8pm–4am
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