The Executive Club
603 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, United States
The Executive Club

Review №1

I went to a show here called Get Mortified, it was hilarious. The Executive Club Room itself, well I cant really judge it, since I was only there during the show. But I give it 4 stars for the strong, yet, cheap drinks and great show.

Review №2

The remodel of Executive Club is absolutely stunning. I’m surprised they don’t have pictures of the newly renovated club online.Since Le Rouge Lounge has brought in their Girl Next Door types the club has been full of young beautiful ladies.This is definitely a place where you can bring high end business clients for a good time.Highly recommended.

Review №3

Nice and classy. Shout out to will Falu for showing me a great time. Thanks will!!!

Review №4

Ok. Ready? Do as I say. Don’t think about it just do as I say. When you walk in To the Executive Club, first thing to do is ask for a host right away. Say you had one before but for the life of you, you cannot remember his name. If the woman at the entrance starts asking you, “was it _____?,” then answer in the affirmative on the 2nd name she mentions. Now pay attention cuz I’m only going to say it once - tip the host at least $100, no, at least $120 and ask if you can meet Salma and Natalie in a private room. Now, this will not be a cheap evening boys and girls. Salma and Natalie are 2 things: (1) Drop dead Gorgeous with amazing bodies (2) have hustling skills that are way (way) out of your league. Be prepared to spend $8-$10k. If you are non-plussed by the $ amount then be prepared to have a 6 star experienxce where you will not want to leave. Remember those names, Selma and Natalie!

Review №5

Worst experience ever had with the short black doorman outside.Completely disrespectful & non courteous.Rather I observed him messing around with cab drivers for money.which he put in his pocket which he is supposed to give to the drivers who bring them bussiness.Live recording also available

Review №6

Best experience until I got charged extra (extra transaction, without me signing the bill, and was not shown to me) for a service I didnt get, dont use a credit card here, be aware, never coming back here ever, I recommend the same to anyone else. Charged $100 extra!!!

Review №7

Food is amazing- went for a bachelor party (book it through Jennifer) - had dinner, drinks, and LOTS of fun. Would definitely go back. The place is pricey, but well worth it. You can have dinner and entertainment there and never have to leave- well, until you run out of credit cards. We will be back!

Review №8

Doorman’s are crooks here stay away .Impolite & unprofessional

Review №9

There werent enough carbs. A mans gotta have carbs if he wants energy. The strippers who danced had crabs. Crabs are not carbs.

Review №10

The best meat and fish in town. Also interesting to see girls dancing in an exclusive place. And the attention of the staff was perfect. A must in NYC!

Review №11

Nice place, beautiful women... But pricey, 460 for private room for 30 min. And the girl was texting on the phone while in there.

Review №12

Well this was going to be a good review until I checked my bank account this morning...but I will get to that shortly.Came here for a tequila tasting so entry was free thankfully though there seemed to be some miscommunication between the promoters and the club management as to what time the event started. Either way, the manager came out and was super nice and let those of us who were there early in to wait for the tasting to start. The table service girl promptly came over when I sat down and was extremely nice for the whole evening so no complaints there. I dont claim to be a gentlemans club expert but I really like the feel of this one and the ladies were pretty and not as sickly looking as Ive seen before. Plus they made an effort to seem more upscale ie prom attire when they werent on stage. One of them in particular id have to give high points for because she had sort of a alterna-rock hippie vibe which was interesting. Anyway... so I would of given this at least 4 stars except this morning, imagine my surprise when I see TWO charges for two different amounts. I had bought 4 drinks and my bill came to $60 after tip but there was an additional charge on my account for what I believe to be another two drinks. Not sure how this happened but I am not very happy about it. (considering the drinks were already pricey to begin with but they were at least strong and brought promptly). I may update my rating if this gets resolved... but in the meantime...

Review №13

+++- Very nice establishment with plenty seating, walking space- Ladies are very acrobatic, they put on a fantastic show. I felt badly because the fellas were sometimes into their food and drink to notice the main stage and tip appropriately. I think some of these ladies deserved more than they got.++- Our waitress, Victoria, was A+, we never wanted for anything- I didnt feel harassed by the models, into purchasing lap dances- The turnover is high, each model dances on the stage for about two and a half songs.- I like how they put the rookies on stage in the beginning, and the ladies get more prime time as the night progresses+- This place is great, if you like fake boobs- I think they tried to cater to many peoples desires. I believe there were a variety of ethnicities for one to take interest in.- Clean bathrooms-- Not enough bartenders to accommodate high volumes of people- EX-PEN-SIVE drinks, but I guess typical for manhattan--- A (female) friend of mine purchased a lap dance, the dancer told us that she must refrain from caressing the breasts or buttocks because that was considered harassment. This lovely lady has been spoiled. The places Ive seen in the outer boroughs, caressing breasts and buttocks is standard practice. They look at you funny if you DONT do that, lol.- Another friend in our group got profiled at the door, he is hispanic, but wore a polo shirt, jeans, nice sneakers and got accosted for the dress code, meanwhile nonhispanic people were inside wearing the same thing. I think they only let him in because at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday, this place was pretty empty

Review №14

Be careful, pathetic palce, not worth a second visit.- $30 entry on door, which is overrated compared to other places in NY.- Completely empty with guest dont know what to do rather than watching the surrounding cluelessly.- Service is ok, not upto the mark as compared to other clubs,Everyone was feeling cheated after coming inside.

Review №15

Nice girls.. Great food.

Review №16

Dont go there

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:603 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, United States
  • Phone:+1 212-245-0002
  • Adult entertainment club
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:7pm–4am
  • Tuesday:7pm–4am
  • Wednesday:7pm–4am
  • Thursday:7pm–4am
  • Friday:7pm–4am
  • Saturday:8pm–4am
  • Sunday:Closed
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