Hoops Cabaret
48 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001, United States

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Food was unreal. The mushroom risotto was very unique and I couldnt put it down. Highly recommend the Salt and Pepper cocktail!

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WARNING - Do not go to this place. The girls at Hoops are not classy, to say the least. This past Friday I was there and I saw this dancer pickpocket a bunch of money from this man and she then ran out of the establishment with it. I could not believe it, Ive never seen anything like it. When he noticed he ran out after her, not sure what happened after that but he did come back in. Gentleman this is not a club for gentleman but if you like being robbed this is your place

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The Gold Club doorman last night 5-25-17. Was helpful and courteous. Some guys got rowdy and he handled them professional. They were so drunk but he got them to calm down . I gave him a good tip.

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Every girl dreams of the night they get their first lap dance. That dream was finally achieved on September 9, 2003 at the Gold Club when the lovely Rachel gyrated against me to the sounds of Creed (yes. Creed.). Ill never forget it.

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No one was doing any Fortnite dances.(Lol, thank you Mr. Owner for being nice about this meme)

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I came in a few times over the past couple of weeks. its a great place to catch a game or a drink after work. The food is top notch for a sports bar and it doesnt hurt to be surrounded by beautiful women. The bartenders are friendly and the managers make you feel very welcome. Ill definitely be back soon!

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Ive been to plenty of clubs and I gotta say... if youre in the city and looking for a venue to catch a game/fight, Hoops is always a guaranteed great time. Good food, tvs everywhere, beautiful women, and some of the best/friendliest staff around. Hoops is clearly designed to be a one stop shop for all things fun. The decor is welcoming and makes you feel right at home. Do yourself a favor and stop by.

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I work in the area and heard about Hoops. Man let me tell you from the door to the bathroom it was nothing but handshakes and amazing service. I never felt so welcomed when coming into an establishment. Also food is a plus besides the obvious gorgeous women in the building. I will definitely be back and oh yeah they show all the fights here as well. Overall great place. Definitely will be returning.

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I came to Hoops with a friend of mine to watch a playoff game a got way more than I expected. Very friendly service, and hot dancers that kept good company. I must say “what a fun way to go out and watch the game.” This place is definitely worth checking out!

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Big shout out to amber and brooks ..they were really friendly.. must visit for an amazing experience.

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This place is sick wish we had one back home my visit to New York was great!! This place had amazing ladies that know how to have fun! Great party atmosphere enjoyed it! It’s a must see!

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I went to this place yesterday night and didnt find anything awesome about it .The girls are just not attractive and are only interested in robbing your money. Then they have a restriction of only 2 drinks per night. Even an ordinary Pub is better than this. Then they check your IDs repeatedly as if its a really special place. First they force you to remove your jackets or coats and then demand money even for the coat check ! Then their waitress is so manner less, she asks me explicitly to buy drinks for these dull, proud and unattractive girls. I am not going to this place again and neither do I recommend anyone.

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Woke up the next day to find out my card had somehow been charged 10+times (and counting...pending transactions) for over $900. Charges ranging from $8 to $450. Watch yourself here.

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I was here Wednesday, these strippers had a horrible attitude, my group came in after work so we werent looking like we were gonna throw much money although we would have if any of the strippers would have even acknowledge our existence but there were a few guys in suits they would rather pay attention to since they looked like they would spend money, one even made me move from my seat to speak to the guys in the suits. They didnt know how to dance either. I was actually a little happy they acted so bad cos last time I was in a real strip club I spent 400$, when I went to this place I just spent 40 and on beers. I give this place 2* because the bartender was nice and it was a nice set up. Very bad strippers though.

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Great place! Cant wait to go back

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One of the most unique clubs Ive been to!! Awesome place to catch a game or just stop by for some great food!! Hot chicks everywhere!! Ill be back Hoops thanks for everything!!

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I can attest to Gary Sullivans review. I was with the guy that got robbed and its the truth. There was a Black stripper with curly hair and tattoos who stole his money and the Hispanic stripper with blue hair, I think she had dreads and she also did the same. I havent been back since, in fact, I will never go back and neither should you

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WARNING: AVOID THE SHORT HISPANIC WAITRESS!!I went in because I got a flyer that said $6 drafts until 8PM. Got a beer at the bar $6, but the one I got from the short little hispanic waitress was $10?! I had to go back to the bar and ask the bartender how much the beer was and the bartender said $6.I was about to leave and I overheard another guy asking the same waitress for his money because she didnt give him his change. He paid her $25 for his beer... so perhaps I shouldnt be complaining.I doubt Ill be going back any time soon, and if I do, Ill stick to the bar.

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Went here with my GF, we were the only ones tipping the girls, not much talent grandid it was a Thursday night. Spent plenty of money and purchased plenty of drinks and unlike most clubs, the girls wouldn’t even socialize. I expected a lot more to be in the heart of the city.

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Such a great place! Definitely my new hang out for sporting events! Beautiful women and great staff.

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Great place to catch the Game and also check out the Ladies, a big plus is also the food. Great times in NYC.

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Went tonight to watch the football game at Hoops they are off west 33 down from the Empire State Building what an awesome place cant get any better than watching football having some drinks and being surrounded by some beautiful women !!! The burger was delicious and did I mention the women !!! A must watch any sporting event.

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I went there tonight and hannah took great care of me we talked all night. I really enjoyed my time and the girls were amazing i will definietly be back.

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The dancers actually know how to pole dance

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I had a blast!

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