Tennessee Performing Arts Center
505 Deaderick St, Nashville, TN 37243, United States
Review №1

Nice place for a concert. The only reason that I am giving 3 stars and not 5 is because I asked one usher if I was allowed to take pictures and he told me definitely no. I understand that each concert is different with regulations but the 1st half I noticed a ton of people taking photos so during intermission I asked a different usher the camera policy. She stated that it was fine as long as there was no flash photography or video recording. The band was my fiancees favorite so I wanted to get him a good picture of his favorite guitarist. At this point, I ran to my car and grabbed my camera. Ended up getting some great pictures but it would have been great if all the ushers were on the same page.

Review №2

They’ve really been upping their season of acts that come through to be competitive. Since Nashville is growing very quickly, I feel like the performing arts center needed to take note of it and grow as well. They’ve done exactly that by bringing in big name tours this season (The Color Purple, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, etc.). I recommend it for sure. The seating is comfortable (though tight in the balcony), and the atmosphere is great for a theater show, even if you’re not a regular attendee.

Review №3

SpongeBob musical was awesome, it was very creative and some iconic lines from the the TV series. If you pay attention to it there is a deeper meaning behind it, even though it was for kids, it still had a great message and it was fun. The venue is nice, but I dont know how I feel about being suspend over people, what seems to be, little support. Great place to experience art!

Review №4

Always a great night, but this visit was for a kids performance of Diary if a wombat. The staff was super accommodating and kind to the children. Please consider they childrens programming if youre a parent. Its totally worth it.

Review №5

This band, PAVLO was phenomenal , the music makes you want to get up and dance. They had a surprise guest singer sing nights in white satin by the Moody Blues and WOW! What s beautiful voice he had.Cant wait to see them again!!

Review №6

Beautiful location. Very helpful ushers to take care of any questions. Parking too far away, but there is valet. Shows I have seen there were very well done.

Review №7

Came here to see Hamilton on NYE. The facility itself is a nice place, but the management was poor. There was no setup or management of the floor prior to the show which led to a giant gaggle of people not knowing where to go. They also opened the doors late causing a rush to get seated prior to the show. The seating was comfortable, but slightly smaller theater so in a packed house a little cramped. The air flow was decent and the atmosphere during the show was enjoyable. The bathrooms are on the lower level which, when it was as crowded as it was NYE, made it a hassle to get to.

Review №8

Went to see my granddaughter perform in the Nutcracker at this facility and it was exquisite! The Performing Arts Center is a very modern, two tiered, not a bad seat in the house auditorium with a very balanced acustic sound system. Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, I highly recommend attending plays or concerts that are scheduled to preform. You wont regret the experience!

Review №9

TPAC is in a league of its own!Great sound, the show seems to get inside your heart. The space is well thought of and the bar is well stocked!

Review №10

I enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet Ballet performance here. Starting from entering the TPAC until leaving it everything was so nice and well organized. Staff is good and helpful. Restrooms are clean and surprisingly beautiful too with art paintings on the wall on corridors.

Review №11

Lots of fun. The big theater is maybe too big. Cant really see anything from the nose bleed seats. Smaller theater in the basement doesnt have any bad seats.

Review №12

Had good seats went to see Rodney Carrington. Clean and everyone was extremely nice. You can also Buy drinks and snacks that you can take into the theater.

Review №13

Beautiful venue with super friendly workers. It was a rainy night but they had wet bags for the umbrellas readily available and it was nice and cozy inside without being too warm. It was an extremely pleasant evening and the show was AMAZING! I definitely plan to go back!

Review №14

We came Sunday, February 16th 2020 for the Blue Man Group. This was our very first visit, but we will be back. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The place was beautiful and clean. We enjoyed every second.

Review №15

So less complicated than I thought. Loved the play and staff was amazing helpful kind smiling. Cant wait to go back

Review №16

First time going was to Paw Patrol LIVE! To say that I enjoyed the entire experience more than my 4 year old would not be wrong! It was easy to get the Will Call tickets and VIP information. We sat in row C which is the front row. I asked for a booster and was told they only had 30 and were out as it was a childrens show, so I thought no worries. But to see the same employee give more boosters out after I had asked was disheartening but we made it work without them. Would return just for the rest of the experience.

Review №17

Tedx talk was awesome! Had an enjoyable experience here. The staff is friendly and hospitable to your needs. You feel welcomed and you feel like you got your moneys worth. Good bang for the buck. Highly recommend to my friends, A++++++++++

Review №18

Always enjoy a night at TPAC. Getting tickets for Spongebob was easier than Hamilton, but I guess heightened demand calls for extreme measures? We should probably become members to avoid the hassle.

Review №19

Alex was the best server! Kind or ran him a bit but he shook it off and took care of us! Give that man a raise! Deviled eggs wonderful. Wife loved the peach chutney chicken, my cod and shrimp fresh tasting. All food tasty and delivered hot. Will be back!

Review №20

Went to go see Hamilton here, but a very nice, spacious lobby with clean bathrooms and friendly staff. The Andrew Jackson Hall is a very nice theatre with comfortable seats. Very good experience.

Review №21

Had a great time. The autograph signing afterwards was the

Review №22

A piece of New York City in Nashville. TPAC knows their customer and does a great job bringing in shows. Plan ahead and get great seats. The restrooms are located in the right rear so our preference is to sit on the right side of orchestra.

Review №23

TPAC is an older venue built in 1980. Being that the late 70s and early 80s suffered from a creative dearth architecturally, the building itself lacks any quality of classical prestige or modern awesomeness.That said, it is the only performing arts center of its size in the city and its dull architecture will be duly ignored in view of its monopolization

Review №24

Great place to take a show on the weeks and have a blast. Easy parking all around and very safe to walk at night. These are some views inside and right outside. GREAT LOCATION!!

Review №25

Enjoyed Madam Butterfly with my girlfriend here. Very clean, the staff was friendly, and the production itself was fantastic. Would definitely go back for other performances.

Review №26

Took my wife to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Great bunch of talented folks. Tpac really helped us get around. My wife is in a Wheelchair and the were very accommodating. Thanks Tpac for your kind, friendly service.

Review №27

Beautiful place. The only concern I have is the balcony front row. Im not fond of heights, but had I lost my balance, wow, right over the rail I would be. Theres got to be an esthetic way to make that a tad bit safer, maybe?

Review №28

Weve seen several shows and they have all been great. Fairly easy parking and great facility.

Review №29

Ive been here 3 times and absolutely enjoyed each visit (Spamalot, Craig Ferguson, and Les Miserables). The quality off the shows is great, the theater itself is very nice, and the variety of shows is very good.The price is okay. Id attend more if it was a bit cheaper, but thats because I bring my whole family and oh how the cost grows. My only complaint is that when I purchased tickets online, there was an online purchasing fee added at the very end. Id rather have that included in the ticket price, or advertised up front.Well definitely go back again sometime.

Review №30

I love going to see shows here. The theater is always clean and is easy to navigate thanks to the help of the workers.

Review №31

TPAC is a very nice performance hall. Even though I was on the back row, I didnt feel my view or experience was at all compromised. The bathroom wait-time was also negligible, because it was so large. The reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the hall allows food/drinks into the performance area. Someone close by was eating a tuna sandwich. Honestly, watching The Nutcracker performed while sniffing tuna definitely cheapened my experience. Its not a dinner theater guys, and I really think you ought to reconsider food and drinks in the auditorium!

Review №32

First time going easy access. Very nice Hall reception area. Jackson Hall, in my opinion, is too close to the front door. Everyone congregates there making it a very crowded area when entering the building.

Review №33

The show was amazing! I had chills from head to toe, even shed some tears it was so powerful.

Review №34

The seating is comfortable and the staff is friendly. The sound was also very good.

Review №35

We saw Cats! It was amazing! The venue is well maintained and clean! If you can see a show here, I would!

Review №36

Second visit in three months. I viewed a great production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Very friendly staff. The only headache was finding parking in Downtown Nashville.

Review №37

TPAC is a wonderful place. They have a wonderful variety of performances offered. In December, we were there for the Nashville Ballets Nashville Nutcracker, which is a holiday tradition for many families. I would suggest getting there early as downtown parking takes sometime, even with ballet parking offered for most events. There are a number of restaurants near by if you wish to have dinner prior to the show.

Review №38

I always like coming here to see something special and to get out for a bit. The ticket prices vary as do the shows they have playing.The only thing I dont like is that sometimes it can be confusing where you need to go inside the building.

Review №39

Love this theater! Got Hamilton tickets without any issues whatsoever. Ran down there today to get tix for the Nutcracker and pulled right up front, ran in and there was no line. No fees. No hassle. Thank you

Review №40

Two great theaters in one venue. Wish the consessions were better. Sad to see the unused space from the old state museum.

Review №41

Went to see Brit Floyd.... Great theater... Great acoustics.... Great lighting....great show

Review №42

I love TPAC and have had 2 rounds of season tickets since moving here a couple years ago. Nashville’s way to see the Broadway classics and new award winning shows from the comfort of “home”. I’ve also seen shows there for traveling speakers, the Nashville Opera and for the Nash Rep. Theatre— all still great experiences. Obviously, snacks + drinks are expensive, but that’s to be expected. All the staff & ushers have always been kind and helpful to me every time. I’ll continue to be there about once a month!

Review №43

Amazing venue. Comfortable seating. Wheel chair accessible. Serves food and alcoholic beverages. Staff is extremely courteous.

Review №44

I saw some very good shows here.clean place friendly and easy to get around

Review №45

Have patience for Hamilton. No line at Will Call at 6pm. At 6:45 main floor very crowded. Women only need small bag with essentials. Its 3 hours long. Purse check. Wanded at the door and no paper towels in the bathroom. Intermission 18 minutes, but long line. It was a great show!! Hurray Nashville.

Review №46

Wonderful venue. Friendly, helpful staff. I recommend using the valet parking.

Review №47

Friendly staff, fun show, good sightlines, even from the loge. Reserving parking ahead online at a nearby garage made it less hassle

Review №48

We watch alot of magic shows here and they are always amazing, and the building is beautiful!!!

Review №49

Lovely theater. Helpful staff and ushers. Relatively comfortable seating. Ive never had an issue with obstructed view at TPAC. Concessions are available,as well as beer wine and liqour. Drink prices are high,but no different than any other large theater. (For reference, a domestic beer can is $8) Parking is a nightmare however, which is the only reason for the 4-star rating. Valet is available but expensive. The overflow lot for the Theater costs $20. You might do better to park at the downtown library on 4th,which is considerably cheaper, then walk down to the arts center if possible.

Review №50

We are season ticket holders to TPAC. It’s a great venue and are a first class night out.

Review №51

Play was cute! But the TPAC needs vacuuming and updating. Made us appreciate our performing arts center in Denver!

Review №52

Had excellent seats for School of Rock. Great sound and lighting. On behalf of my wife they need to expand the womens bathroom on the far end of the orchestra seating. Standing in line took all of intermission.

Review №53

Phantom of the Opera was absolutely amazing here!

Review №54

Blue Man Group was awesome recommended go if you ever get a chance TPAC was a great venue to go to

Review №55

This venue is a lovely regional theater experience. Having come from Orlando and the amazing Dr. Phillips Center, I have to take pause and not compare. But TPAC has been a Nashville staple for decades and its held up well to the demand of arts and culture for this capital city.

Review №56

I have seen several shows here and have always been pleased. Friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Review №57

Weve been going to shows at TPAC for over ten years and have seen several good ones and a few not so good, but always were greeted with friendly enthusiasm from all the staff. As always, look into the shows you plan to see prior to buying tickets to know what you are getting into. The building is still in good shape but could use a makeover. Seating in the two theaters is all very good. Park at the Capitol and enjoy a short, scenic walk.

Review №58

It is a lovely theater not a bad seat in the house the staff was friendly and they have wonderful shows

Review №59

Never seen a bad show here! The only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because they have only one gender neutral/single stall bathroom in the whole building and you have to leave right before the end of the first act and run as fast as possible to use it and get back in time for the next act.

Review №60

Had a wonderful time there.enjoyed it so much going again in April to see Mary poppins

Review №61

Went to see PJ Mask Live ... Little one had a blast

Review №62

Good venue, a bit dated though. Easy to get in/out of.

Review №63

I like that Nashville gets good shows, but the venue is very poorly laid out as far as getting in and to seats. crowded and steep steps and not enough elevators. some ushers are good, but many are rude and not helpful. lines for drinks are ridiculously long, food is terrible. the bathroom situation on tier is horrible- who designed this place!?!? womens line I longer than anyplace I have ever could they leave this as such a problem in this day and age? just poorly designed with lots of traffic choke points. I love theater, but I find TPAC to be a very low end place that is poorly run and poorly designed. also very hot in hallways!

Review №64

I rushed to buy tickets this morning for a show and just got the first ones I could grab because I was worried it would sell out. I was devastated to see front row seats still available for a decent price that I had missed out on because I was in such a rush. I called about a ticket exchange, and Kelsey (I believe her name was) was such an angel and helped me trade out my seats. Now I have front row seats for one of my favorite artists and I could not have done it without her help! This kind woman deserves a raise and some praise for her awesome customer service:)My first experience purchasing with TPAC and I am very happy with this company!

Review №65

Had a great time at the show. Box office staff very friendly. Taught me you can buy tickets there without alllll the fees you get online.

Review №66

Love this place with the amazing sound. Been there few times and never been disappointed from the atmosphere. They seats are also great and you can see very good almost from every spot in TPAC. I also would like to mention the great staff they are doing a great job and they are very friendly.

Review №67

Awesome place! Beautiful building filled with great people. The website is excellent and has pretty much any info youd need to know. Went to a play in December 2018 (saw the Nutcracker, it was top notch); they had concession food such as popcorn, pretzels, soda, candies, hot dogs, and cookies. Also served alcohol (beer, wine, and liquor). 10/10 will be going back!

Review №68

Just saw jesus christ superstar and omg it was jaw dropping amd amazing music dancing acting all perfect!!!

Review №69

Great venue for shows, took our kids to see Doctor Kaboom! Also saw Brit Floyd there!

Review №70

Nice venue. Self parking was adventurous, but they also had valet parking.

Review №71

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was AMAZING! And Joe our usher was hilarious!!!

Review №72

Saw Hamilton! Great hotel. Opry Mills was outstanding

Review №73

And amazing center of Nashville Culture. There are events of all types her. Also the Tennessee State Museum is here. This is a corner stone of Nashville. Very much worth seeing.

Review №74

Nice, classy place. All seat are good but a few are great.

Review №75

We always have a great time at TPAC! The ushers are friendly and helpful as is the staff at the box office. We choose valet for evening shows simply for convenience and safety. No Wayne endings for this family!The building inside is always tidy and the restrooms are well maintained. We always enjoy their wine selections, even though its a very small selection. They also have basic snack food, soda, water and beer offerings, nothing fancy there. I feel they may really benefit from opening a little bistro.As a lifelong visitor to TPAC I can truly say Ive yet to have a bad experience with their staff or even a show! I look forward to bringing my son to his first show.

Review №76

Great venue - good views and acoustics. Decent rotation of shows and performers. Valet parking is a disaster - be prepared for a long wait at the end of the night.

Review №77

Excellent theatre with excellent performances!

Review №78

Excellent venue. Took the family to see Hamilton. Awesome show.

Review №79

My wife and I saw Patton Oswalt in the Polk Theater. Great facility, conveniently located. Lots of good place to eat and things to do very close. Easy to make a big evening and only park once.

Review №80

Every show has been awesome and self parking is not far.

Review №81

This really is a wonderful venue. My wife and I have been Broadway Series season ticket holders for years and we always look forward to each and every season.

Review №82

The opera was beautiful. Seats are a bit narrow, and bathrooms are hard to find. accoustics in the loge were just okay, and amplification could have been much improved.

Review №83

The bathrooms are in the basement, literally a good 10 minute walk from the seats. Never seen such a thing in even an antiquated building much less a modern one. Also little to no AC and seats offered no leg room. Worst place we went to in a week in Nashville. Enjoy any honky tonk instead.

Review №84

Great experience! Super friendly staff and helpful ushers. Facilities were super clean, including the bathrooms. Highly recommend catching any show at this location!

Review №85

I have never sat 5 rows back from the stage but for Fiddle on the roof I got great seats. The problem is the guy in front of me was tall so I had a hard time seeing. I should have gotten seats further back where the seat go up on an incline. Great place. The ushers were very nice.

Review №86

We have season tickets and its well worth it. Tpac is very nice to deal with if you need to change nights. All the shows are excellent.

Review №87

I love the arts.

Review №88

Love the atmosphere & the employees!! Great showing for Paw Pattlrol Live!!

Review №89

Saw the blueman group nice show and Venue. Parking was a bi#%%

Review №90

Saw Kevin James here tonight. Beautiful placeOnce and clean and the workers welcomed us with southern hospitality. I loved it!

Review №91

Great place to catch anyhow and have a good time out on the town.

Review №92

Hamilton was excellent. The seats were great and the hostess at the will call was awsome!

Review №93

The Hamilton play that we saw was great. The valet which was offered was terrible... waited over an hour for my vehicle

Review №94

It was a great show. The people behind us had too much to drink and should have been escorted out though.

Review №95

I enjoy attending events at TPAC, especially the Broadway series. I really have only two issues with them. They allow movie theatre popcorn and candy inside the theatre and when individuals spill their sugary drinks, the floor becomes sticky and Ive walked out of my shoe twice as one of them stuck to the floor. As a music educator, we teach children about the proper etiquette when attending performances and dressing like one has paid $10 for a ticket (instead of $75) and eating in the theatre are not part of the curriculum.The majority of the shows are worth the money. Very occasionally, they have one with a less than great cast which is missing the sparkle of a Broadway cast.

Review №96

Love TPAC! Recently attended a matinee performance of Wicked. Our seats were great, but I think any seat at this venue are good. Ive attended many events here and have never had a bad experience. The only down side to a matinee performance is that valet parking is not available. Week day parking in this area is challenging. Otherwise, we had a wonderful experience.

Review №97

Love the size of this venue. Really not a bad seat in the house. Saw wicked here and it was wonderful!

Review №98

Great view. The physical late out is more vertical than other venues but still wonderful for viewing shows.

Review №99

Good comfortable seating, very good sound system. Only drawback is not enough restrooms for women.

Review №100

Went to see the Blue Man Group. They were Awesome!

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  • Address:505 Deaderick St, Nashville, TN 37243, United States
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  • Phone:+1 615-782-4040
  • Arts organization
  • Performing arts theater
  • Auditorium
  • Live music venue
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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