Tennessee Art Institute
Nashville, TN 37214, United States

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Its a nice college and everything but Media Arts and animation, I discovered wasnt for me after having been there for a year and half as a student. I transferred to a different school when loans were denied for me and my parent for some odd reason. Another good reason why I left is student housing was awful school hours were insane. They stuck 4 male or 4 female students in a 2 bed 2 bath apartments. I dont know if they still do this. Housing was expensive like 7K for 2 months rent. Thats not including tuition cost for classes etc. But I know just fro a year and a half I accumulated about 12K tuition loans for a year and a half from being there. The school has a wide variety of student services and activities clubs and groups to join. However the school felt segregated like different majors didnt mix at all. The student lobby was small crammed with tables and loud on a daily basis. Outback of the place is a smoking section. The rest of the campus is smoke free. The college even had a 24 hour equipment rental service for all major and charged a quarter an hour for a late fee is not returned on time.Classes are great but the hours are just crazy. The classes can be 4 days a week to 5 depending on major and can be less. The instructors were great but I found some to be much better than others. The class hours were either early morning or night classes. Then the classes that were two parts during a week were crammed together in 7 hour classes. This was a horrible mistake. I myself dont nor want to spend an entire 7 hours in class having to work on class work or sit with my piers all day, unless they are close friends. The work load was fair up to a point of staying up all night for some classes just to finish assignments in a short time frame.The College is mainly just the second floor of the facility, no student is allowed anywhere else especially on the third floor where a financing company is above the college. Parking was terribly limited for the students who attended. If you didnt get there on time or very early fro class you had to park either in the far back, amusing you found a spot and enter the back entrance with student ID. If not you had to park down a very steep slop to the front or side of the school and walk to the front entrance or up a steep hill with all your books etc just to get to class. The college only had 2 bike parking spots which was not very helpful. If you didnt drive or carpool with a roommate or fellow class member and if you lived at one of the old housing place called Creekstone Apartments which was a mile from the school. You had to walk to the college along side the road where there was no sidewalk and watch out for traffic and cars. Then cross an intersection to the other side of the street and climb up the long and steep hill just to get the large parking lot and then up to the school. Ive had to do this almost on a daily basis until I actually made some friends. Before I left however after everyone had mentioned and talked about, they finally started a Nashville shuttle service that ran and picked student form housing locations between class hours.I loved the school, some of the faculty and the people i got to interact with but it wasnt for a small town person like me. I went to the college for the wrong reasons. If i had to rate this school on a scale of 1-10 id give it a 6.

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