O Gallery
65 Arcade Alley ste 42, Nashville, TN 37219, United States
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Great art gallery. All done by the very talented Olga. You have to see her work in person to truly appreciate her art. If youre visiting the Nashville area or a local looking something to do, Id suggest stopping in.

Review №2

The O gallery is a hidden gem in Nashville. It is packed full with a wide variety of beautiful handmade art. Its definitely a must see for any art lover.

Review №3

I enjoyed my visit last year but didn’t have enough time to spend. I love her art. It’s so diverse!

Review №4

Fabulous gallery! Olga has a God-given talent that she has shared with us all! You can see her heart in every painting!She takes care of her customers and treats them like family!We had our painting shipped and it arrived in perfect condition because of her expert packing!We bought an original painting and a print. We can’t wait to purchase another Olga original!

Review №5

Beautiful Venue and Art Gallery. Perfect for Celebrations, meetings, and classes in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Review №6

An absolutely wonderful gallery.. liars of art and artistic expression something for everyone. Great place to find that special gift or souvenir

Review №7

I love this gallery! Not only is Olga an amazing artist, but she has so many different things to look at & choose from. It’s mind blowing what they can do with art these days. Whether you’re looking for that perfect piece to add to your collection or maybe you’re out of town & need a souvenir from Nashville, I highly Recommend checking this place out.

Review №8

A wonderful experience! The gallery is cozy and vibrant. Although her website has a lot of great pictures, you really have to see her work in person to appreciate it. Visit the gallery and appreciate it firsthand. Considering the quality of the work, its also very affordable! Some cheap jerk tried to get the owner to sell him another persons artwork at a discounted price, and she refused to short-change the artist, despite the fact it lost her a sale. That shows integrity! Im looking forward to visiting every time Im in Marathon Village.

Review №9

Interesting gallery. I saw the gallery sign while visiting the Antique Archeology store, which is across the street. I purchased a wooden framed drink coaster while at the gallery. It has held up well and has a replica of one of the large paintings in the gallery. Owner was entertaining to visit with

Review №10

I had the pleasure of visiting O Gallery and I was so amazed! The art is so beautiful and it was all done by Olga herself. Such a wonderful talent and she is so sweet when you walk in! Treats you like you are family. I highly recommend checking out her gallery or attending one of her painting classes - so much fun!

Review №11

This Gallery is amazing with original art and many events. If you have the chance to attend an event here I strongly recommend it. The atmosphere is the type you look for when attending an art gallery. The owner as well is just delightful

Review №12

My husband and I stumbled into O Gallery on our trip to Nashville, and Im so happy we did. Olga was charming, and we love her work. Her painting looks fabulous in our home. Thank you, Olga!

Review №13

Beautiful gallery with a little bit of everything. Very reasonable prices too! Cant wait to add this painting to our home.

Review №14

This was a wonderful find! We were just stopping by the area and the artwork pulled us in from outside and it was hard to leave ;) Olga (the owner and painter of most of the items in the gallery) was working the day we went in and we were able to spend some time talking to her about her inspirations for her pieces. She is wonderful and her pieces are beautiful. Highly recommend stopping in if you visit the over-rated Antique Archaeology next door!

Review №15

It is my favorite art gallery in Nashville. Artist Olga Alexeeva works in multiple art categories and styles. Every one will find something he likes.Every time I visit her gallery I find new original paintings you will never see in other places.I wish many productive years to Olga.

Review №16

I enjoyed viewing the beautiful paintings which are colorful and eye catching! My favorite painting is the pair of dandelions.... :) I found it so easily in Marathon Village just across from the Antique Archeology Store. It was so fun and interesting to visit such a unique Art Gallery.

Review №17

Olga is a very diverse artist with many paintings to choose from. I really like the figure and music oil paintings!! I highly recommend going down to the gallery to see some of her work! Well worth the trip..

Review №18

Absolutely wonderful gallery with a large amount of paintings. Olga, the owner, was at the gallery when I stopped in and she even teaches art classes every Sunday, which Ive enrolled in! Truly unlike any other spot in town.

Review №19

This is a fun gallery, full of amazing art and talented people. And I love the art I bought there.... thank you!

Review №20

Beautiful large unique pieces of art

Review №21

I am amazed at the variety of art Olga displays at her gallery. Its as though there are 5 or 10 different artists showing their art there! Shes vivacious and authentic - I enjoy hearing her explain her art to people. Shes always been helpful and patient with me when Im at her gallery.

Review №22

What a variety of art and price point to choose from! I hope to sign up for an art class soon. Its located in a real cool part of town. I highly recommend you stop by and meet Olga the artist. Very talented lady.

Review №23

What a great find while exploring Nashville. A great collection of art and amazed when we found out everything in there was from the same artist! Such variety in subject matter, style and technique. We came home with two souvenirs of our trip that we can proudly hang on our walls forever.Thanks Olga!!

Review №24

A fun place to visit. Olga always has something creative going on, and often includes live music. She has original art as well as reproductions of all kinds.

Review №25

David Wells is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I cant wait until my mushrooms start popping up in the box he inoculated!

Review №26

We were late in getting our Christmas cards ordered. A O Gallery came through for us and we had our cards in plenty of time to prepare and get distributed before Christmas. Thank you!

Review №27

Olga is a great connector of people! Her warmth and creativity shine through in her art, her events and her classes!

Review №28

Great venue to relax and stroll through the gallery. Some really unique art work and youll enjoy talking with the owner, Olga and her assistant Michael.

Review №29

I visit this place quite often because it is always changing. Not only are the paintings terrific but there are items for every pocketbook. My wife has a cutting board and a couple of tiles that can be used for a trivet. This place will always be special to me because I took a single class and fell in love with painting. Besides a gallery at the Arcade the Marathon Village location is just across the street from the Pickers that is seen on television. It is a great location for for everyone in the family. Olga, the owner uses the Marathon location for many events that benefit the community. Repeatedly this gallery has been voted the best gallery by the readers of the Nashville Scene. Out of town visitors dont leave Nashville without visiting this place and bring home a souvenir that is a work of art. If the item is too big to bring home she can ship it for you.

Review №30

O Gallery is a great gallery of paintings from Olga Alexeeva. Olga paints portraits and landscapes primarily of the Nashville area. Her work is beautiful with rich, thick brushstrokes, vidid colors and impressionism to surreal. Do visit her gallery and say hi to Olga, you will be most pleased.

Review №31

An elegantly-appointed gallery in a good location with free parking. The gallery space can be rented for small gatherings. And Olga is a gifted painter.

Review №32

Great spot in a fun part of town. Went to a Nashville area networking event at the gallery. Visually inspiring venue for mingling and unique event venue with flair . . . just like the artist!

Review №33

Real Artists ... Real ART, (no junk, no insults) ... and REAL People. Go OGal ! Love ya !

Review №34

Great Selection of Art and in a really cool place. Owner is very informative and attentive to her customers questions

Review №35

Olga has an incredible gift with a brush and paint. Her pieces are truly unique and treasured by all

Review №36

This is one of the top art gallery in Nashville.Olgas work is the main feature but you will also find art from other up and coming names.

Review №37

O Gallery is a great space to see beautiful visual art, get lost in an environment inspired by Russian expressionism and most of all, enjoy yourselves ;)

Review №38

Olga has everything a fine-arts aficionado could ask for! Whether its products or even classes to produce your own work. #expertinart

Review №39

What a great place to have a business function, a social gathering or a birthday party!Olga can arrange whatever your needs are. Call her today you wont be sorry!

Review №40

PLEASE DO NOT THIS ATTEND THIS GALLERY! Yes on the surface much of the art here is beautiful and well crafted, but it is my personal belief that a persons art is first and foremost a reflection of their soul. And Olgas soul is very VERY dark. On the fifth of this month I had the distinct displeasure of visiting this place. On that night I toured the O Gallery (and many other galleries) with a group of friends of mixed races. Patrons of minority descent (myself included) were clearly not welcome here. Olga didnt make any racially insensitive comments, but her attitude was clear by her passive aggressive actions towards black potential customers. When black people would ask her a question she was always disrespectfully curt, often answering our questions with one or two words. If a white person was viewing the art gallery they would be greeted with warm words and a smile, while black people were treated as if they werent even there. Its hard to find enjoyment in any place where the person running things will look at you as if youre lower than dirt whenever youre near her. You can be 100% sure that if there was a black person around Olga would find some way in which to be rude to them. I guess Olga knows who her real clientele is, because shell certainly never get any money or support from me. Please show Olga that discrimination wont be tolerated here in Nashville by not supporting this facade. I must apologize for all the other talented artists that display their works here. I know not everyone associated with this gallery is like that, but in the end I think the most important thing is that issues like this be addressed by someone. I suggest you all discontinue your support for this woman as well and break off ties.

Review №41

Vivid colors and sparkling personality of the artist are first you will notice. You can find a wonderful piece of art for any budget at this gallery.

Review №42

Olgas artwork is excellent!! I have several pieces featured in my office

Review №43

Great place to visit in Nashville for unique art work The colors are really exciting your gallery has a great vibe to it and I like the location as well

Review №44

It has been a couple of years since we have been to “O” Gallery. We are building a house and we plan on adding to our “O” collection.

Review №45

Great art and very unique shop!!

Review №46

Olga is absolutely wonderful!!

Review №47

Great place

Review №48

O Gallery is a beautiful place of creativity!

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