Nashville School of the Arts
1250 Foster Ave, Nashville, TN 37210, United States
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After trying several schools in the Metro area, NSA was the only school we found that has a handle on bullying. These guys are top notch! Our daughter hasn’t even seen any bullying! Thank you thank you thank you!

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This school is welcoming when you first enter especially with sexual orientation i was very excited on getting accepted but the teachers and the education there is absolutely horrible they expect you to know something in .5 seconds of them teaching which is not the case with everybody its stressful there and you have to be in a cliche to have fun there arent enough tables for everyone so some students have to sit on the floor and eat there lunch. The arts program specifically Chorus is stressful and hes definitely not a good teacher all would say every rude. I would definitely recommend no one go here

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Have you ever seen the TV show, Victorious on Nickelodeon? Well, unfortunately, its not the exact same here, but rather close. This school is a one of a kind Experience. So unique, you will definitely not get it anywhere else.

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No longer the Greatest School on the Planet. Teachers just dont care anymore. Students used to be so happy going to NSA. What is going on? We no longer support this school.

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Do nsa got sports

Review №6

Dont go to NSA unless you fit in to a certain group because you will not fit in there if you dont have a specific clique of people. The education there is the worst Ive ever experienced. At NSA they experiment a lot on the kids by having too many student teachers and trying new policys that can mess with a students sucess. The school might feel welcoming when you first visit it but truly its a disaster. There are too many kids on drugs and that dont value there education. The teachers hired at that school are outrageous(threatening kids,knocking kids books off desk,snatching items out of student hands rudely and being lazy at teaching.) The only positive thing I have to say about the school is that if your upset people will ask about you and try to comfort you. If you just so happen to have the choice of going to MLK or NSA,please,please,please got to MLK unless you want to deal with so many bad teachers,a bad education,and drugs or if you value arts more than education. There are some good teachers but only a select few. If you want to do a lot of math or science you should definitely go to another school because at NSA a lot of teachers are fired so classes like Algebra 2 are taken out because theres no teacher to teach it. There are a lot of arts at the school such as a fun piano class with lots of pianos in the room but sadely the bad over powers the good at NSA. In addition, the kids at the school are very different and have some big and unique views on life witch is a negative to me because if I had a child,Id never send her to NSA in fear that she could change for the worst and become rebellious and bad but instead to a religious school or a school like MLK that can offer you a scholarship and prepare you for college.

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The ceilings bland

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The initials to this place is NSA. Theyre probably spying on your search history.

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Best School in Nashville!!

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My new school

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Love that school ! Class of 15!

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Its a process but I have Grown. You defiantly get a high school experience like no other school.

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  • Address:1250 Foster Ave, Nashville, TN 37210, United States
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