1200 Forrest Park Dr, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

Review №1

I absolutely love this gem of a place!! I came for the chihuly nights exhibit and it was amazing. I’ve previously been to the chihuly exhibit at Kew Gardens in London, England and I have to say this exhibit was on par. It was magical, they even picked plants that compliment the colours of the chihuly artwork. I had a cocktail as they had some pop up bars which was fun. It was a perfect summer night spent here and I’d love to come back.

Review №2

Its a really good place. I didnt realize that the place is very nearby to belle vue. Its a good location and clean. But tickets are too expensive for a garden. It will take around 4-5 hours to cover all the places with in the garden. I personally like the mansion and also Japanese garden. The glass blown structure through out the place are lovely and flowers are pretty. The pumpkin garden is so cool. You will enjoy it.

Review №3

Absolutely beautiful and breathe taking view of history. Even better in 2020 when I can view it as history and fully understand the magnitude of the property.

Review №4

We enjoyed the Holiday Lights at Cherkwood as well as the Chihuly exhibit. The mansion was beautiful. A great way to spend an evening

Review №5

This review is specifically of the chihuly exhibit.Management of entry and exit and adherence to CDC guidelines regarding covered were done well and available food and drink access was nice. Event staff at all levels were friendly and professional.Lighting of the glass work was excellent, but much of it was roped off at a distance too far to see the true detail of chihulys work. Paths were somewhat difficult to navigate in the dark for many patrons. Overall environment was peaceful.The attached photo is one of the best uses as you could get within a few feet of it. However most large sculptures were roped off with a distance of 20 ft at least between you and the work.

Review №6

This place is beautiful and peaceful. If you havent been since it has been remodeled you are in for a treat.Beautiful landscapes and new sculptures. A nice new walking path, and trails. The Chihully exhibit is breathtaking, it is best to see at night, but you must also come back in the daylight to view the new landscapes and outside gardens, its hard to see the beauty of it at night.

Review №7

Beautiful place with plenty to see. Great way to relax and unwind by walking the grounds and looking at the sculptures. Highly recommend.

Review №8

This is an awesome place to visit, take the family and kids and to relax. It is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

Review №9

Went for the Chihuly Nights event, It was amazing. The installations are larger than life and beautifully illuminated. Theyre spaced out just enough that you can appreciate everything else the park has to offer on the way to the next installation. Made for a magical date night.

Review №10

So this exhibit in Nashville at Cheekwood Estate is pretty neat. The artist has a big permanent exhibit in Bellevue, WA and thats where I first got acquainted with his work. I wish the paths at the estate were more informational as far as where to go but nonetheless we enjoyed it. That is the only reason I came down one star. The grounds are immaculately maintained and the estate looks like a great tour as well but we only had tickets for the night time exterior exhibit. Id like to come back during the day with better lighting to take better pictures. This exhibit with blown glass is pretty amazing and Im Nashville through the New Year.Also, one thing I was not cool at all with was the number of people without a mask in spite of the signs requesting patrons to wear them. We were probably part of a handful of people that had masks on all the time.

Review №11

Great place to get out but still social distance. The grounds are beautiful and theres so much to explore that we didnt get to all of it. Be sure to wear your walking shoes! Oh and the cafe on site was very delicious. Try the BLT, fries and fruit tea.

Review №12

Such a lovely place to spend a fall afternoon! We felt very safe vising during Covid- everyone maintained a safe distance and wore masks. The ticketed entry made sure that it was wasnt crowded which gave my husband and I lots of quiet time to wander seemingly alone in the huge and romantic gardens. The atmosphere was Jane Austin meets Alice in Wonderland... the gardens are the perfect combination of wild and cultivated. We could have easily spent all day here, especially if we had planned a picnic lunch and allowed more time. The sprawling lawns invite cuddling up on a blanket and reading in the sun. We cant wait to come back for the Christmas lights display!

Review №13

Beautiful estate with exquisite gardens and paths. Perfect for a date or trip with freinds or family. Some parts my be difficult to traverse for the elderly. Highly recommended and a great alternative to the music side of Nashville.

Review №14

Went to see the Chihuli exhibit at night and it is amazing. The huge, intricate sculptures are set up throughout the grounds and lit up until they seem to glow. The weather was perfect and my wife and I had a fantastic date night. I would like to go back in the spring when the garden is in bloom and also tour the house. If you can make it while the Chihuli glass is still there, go!

Review №15

If you are coming here to capture some pics then rush out of the mansion into garden area for some great spots. I am sharing some here. Overall great place, little pricy for small mansion but chihuly is fantastic as in crystal bridges and other places. Tulsa has an amazing mansion.

Review №16

This was a great evening experience. The lighted glass artwork was awesome. There were 14 plus sculptures to view. They also had a wonderful fall and Halloween setup that would new awesome to see during the day. A great hike through the area. Highly recommended.

Review №17

In addition to the gorgeous gardens and mansion, Cheekwood offers classes. I took the pet portrait class. The instructors were very helpful and I ended up with a great painting of my fur baby.

Review №18

Gorgeous! Theres so much to see and enjoy here. The permanent artwork is nothing short of magical. The gardens are beautiful. Our kids had so much fun. We tried the cafe there and got some sandwiches for the kids and coffee for my wife and I, it was all very good. Id recommend.

Review №19

Cant wait 2 see Chihuly Exhibit Ive waited a long time 2 see this beautifully awesome hand-made collectionHERES THE AWESOME PICS! WOW! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ART!!!

Review №20

We loved the lights, but unfortunately Fletcher (the parking attendant) would not allow us to park in handicap parking- ignoring our credentials, making the walk for our special needs son pretty rough.We arent sure if he was discriminating against us because of the disability or because of race, but either is unacceptable.We shared the experience with a manager upon entrance, but Fletcher was still making derogatory comments as we were leaving.Be better, Cheekwood. Hire better people.

Review №21

Grounds are gorgeous! Fun place to go with or without kids. The light festival in the winter is a must and if you love history there is plenty of it at the Cheekwood mansion.They always have fun events going on throughout the year. My family and I try to go monthly, we are never disappointed in our time spent there.

Review №22

Chihuly exhibit is absolutely stunning at night.In order to have the best experience you need to visit the mansion and garden during the day first as the pieces while the same are completely different at night. There are wonderful pieces of Chihuly in the mansion as well.Cheekwood is a true artisan and skilled trades venue. We enjoyed the pumpkin house. My husband is a welder and he was thrilled to see the welding that took place to make the rings for the pumpkin to sit into for the houses.Lots to teach children as to how things are done and made. Lots to spark the imagination of young and older.True multi generational venue, witnessed young and old having a ball. Highly recommend.

Review №23

Its been a few years since Ive been to Cheekwood. Coming back is therapeutic and nostalgic. Cant wait to come back.

Review №24

We went to see chihuly glass exhibit. It was a special experience. I recommend going later in the day so youre able to enjoy the sunset in addition to the glass pieces lit up at night.

Review №25

Important: if you have a mansion ticket go there first! entry tickets are timed and if youre late you cant get inBeautiful grounds rain or shine and a great place for kids. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the house, family, and chihuly. They have 3 separate and unique gift shops, 2 in the mansion and 1 by the cafeLots of walking!

Review №26

We went to the Chihuly Night at Cheekwood. The display was visually interesting to see, but hard to capture in pictures. The parking lot was full, but the garden was not too crowded for easy social distancing. It looked like everyone was wearing a mask.

Review №27

This is a beautiful area to learn, relax, exercise and enjoy the Nashville area. Art, aesthetics and carefully crafted gardens all combine to make Cheekwood an awesome place to visit as a guest or as a returning regular.

Review №28

My girlfriend and I have been members here for over three years. We love coming here for every new exhibit and especially the Christmas lights every winter. It is a beautiful property with new surprised every time we go. The staff are also some of the friendliest around and love to share their knowledge of the campus. If youre looking for a beautiful place to picnic, a nice walk, or to see something you havent before, youll love Cheekwood.

Review №29

After seeing and hearing the hype about this place, Ive come to the conclusion that most people who talk about Cheekwood dont actually travel much.Extremely disappointed in the not very well maintained mansion. it was 100% NOT worth the extra money to see it and be surrounded with people much less than 6 feet away in small rooms.if you have never seen a mansion before, you might be impressed by this crumbling disaster.Also, they claim to close at 10pm, but they should start to claim to close at the time that they start rudely stalking people while telling them to leave at 9:45pm.This old guy in a security golf cart did NOT offer a ride out of the park to the obviously disabled lady i was with who was taking a bit of time going uphill on a gravel pathway, but instead decided to ride our ankles all the way to the front gate.very rude!A second time coming, another security guy decided to harass us about wearing masks while still outside when the rules clearly state that you can go without a mask outside as long as you maintain social distancing of 6 feet.Not to mention the poorly made maps and poorly lit pathways that get you lost at night.You dont need brighter lights, you just need more lights on the paths.Not a great experience. We wound up missing a lot of the Chihuly exhibit due to all of the above reasons. Not to mention, some of it being so poorly lit that you couldnt see parts of it at all in the dark.We followed this exhibit here from London and it was much better executed there in Kew Gardens and seemingly more vibrant with much more florae.

Review №30

Beautiful place. Went for a specific outdoor exhibit they were having and it was such a good experience! You can get cocktails while walking through the park, which was a plus.

Review №31

I LOVED the Chihuily exhibit in the gardens. Im sure they are also beautiful in the daylight, but such drama at night!

Review №32

I absolutely love this place. You must put it on your list of places to see it is well worth it. I will be revisiting in the very near future. Thank you for fantastic feature. They are very beautiful!

Review №33

Beautiful outdoor gardens. Masks are required for safety. Chihuly exhibit is fantastic.

Review №34

What a beautiful day at Cheekwood. I would highly suggest a visit to see all of the sights. Looking forward to returning for the Chihuly night exhibit soon.

Review №35

There is no doubt that Cheekwood is a beautiful place to visit. All throughout the gardens you will encounter gorgeous sculptures by Chihuly. The childrens garden is especially lovely, with carefully appointed finishes within the flora. In my opinion, the entrance ticket is a bit expensive for the experience. I have been to botanical gardens all throughout the world, many of which were free and far more grand. Cheekwood is a nice botanical to visit once.

Review №36

First time there so just wandered with no agenda. Easy to social distance and everyone was mask compliant when 6ft not possible. This is a gem and if we lived closer, would certainly visit often, just to sit and look at the beauty as some were obviously doing.

Review №37

Went here for the Christmas lights a few years back. Was absolutely amazing. Wasnt too crowded either. Its so fun. Grab a drink from the booths before you take a stroll, itll help keep you warm.

Review №38

Nice mansion although the furniture was not the correct era in some rooms. Absolutely loved the gardens and the Chihuly displays. If you ever get a chance, visit any place that displays Chihuly blown glass masterpieces!

Review №39

Beautiful glass, lights, evening and experience. Thoroughly enjoyed. Stayed the entire 5 hours allowed.

Review №40

Beautiful plants and shrubs. Carefully blended and arranged. Color displays artfully placed in every area.

Review №41

First time visiting cheekwood was awesome the blow glass art was amazing I love the Mansion the black and white pictures the furniture the entire setting was breathtaking I definitely have to go back very soon

Review №42

Always outstanding special events. This months is hand blown glass by Chuhuly. Got there at 5:00 so we were able to see everything by daylight and then hung around until dark around 7:30 to see most by night. Limiting the number of people in the mansion at one time and request everyone to wear masks outdoors (required indoors) most were compliant and considerate but you always have 1 or 2 groups who could care less about everyone else.

Review №43

Perfect for getting outdoors. The childrens gardens are so great. I could hardly drag my toddlers away from them! A must-see for any family! They tell me the new childrens garden will also have live turtles soon. And definitely make a stop by the sensory garden for the adventure paths. part of the adventure paths are closed right now due to covet but they are still so fun for toddlers.

Review №44

Not enough words can describe this place. You just have to experience it to understand. Geographical nooks and crannies everywhere. Feel free to wander off of the beaten path. Its very easy to get lost, but its fenced on all sides. The kiddy section is quite an impressive construction too. Exquisite mansion and cool artifacts. Bring your own water!!!

Review №45

Beautiful and neatly maintained property. The Chihuly glasswork was amazing and the mansion was gorgeous. Well worth the money!

Review №46

The night tour of the Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit was beautiful. Wear your comfortable walking shoes.

Review №47

I mean this is the most magical place. I regret this was my first visit after living in Nashville 5+ years; however, it was such a great experience that I bought a membership before I left.

Review №48

Cheekwood has very interesting exhibits. The Chihuly glass art is stunning in the gardens. We were there at night and glad we chose late viewing.

Review №49

Botanical gardens set in a historical site complete with art gallery? This is a gem that we decided to brave the 94 degree humid summer of Nashville to check out, and it was worth it. Some areas are under construction, but there is so much to see and learn about this estate that was part of the Maxwell House empire for some time.I will post a few photos here, but will leave most of them out so that you can take your own. Enjoy!

Review №50

The glass was beautiful! I love this exhibit. I try to go every year. I wish there were signs to direct you better.

Review №51

Fun place! Loved the mansion, and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. Thought there would be more pumpkin activities based on the pumpkin house being a focal point of advertising but it was just that and a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin prices are very reasonable. Train area is also great!

Review №52

The grounds and the home is beautiful and so nastalgic! I cant wait to go back and see it in the spring, during the day.

Review №53

Really clean and lots to see. Had the blown glass exhibit at night time lit up which was nice. Only recommendation is it is dark and hard to see some of the pathways at night. Great family atmosphere though.

Review №54

What a spectacular exhibit! Im so glad we saw it at night to allow the colors to pop even more. Im sure the garden itself is beautiful in the day too. Give yourself plenty of time; theres a lot to see and they stay pretty firm to the times.

Review №55

These gardens are excellent!! If you are near the area and have a half a day to travel and walk around beautiful scenery, go here!!We spent almost 3 hours here! A lot of exercise, but well worth the money. It costs around 20$ just for the gardens for non-members who are adults.

Review №56

Beautifully maintained grounds. The Chihuly exhibition on the grounds made for an extraordinary evening event!

Review №57

This was beautiful.I went early it was good. Im on the frontline working with our most valuntable patients the elderly so I wont be able to see the night show.I enjoyed what I did see thanks.

Review №58

Just wonderful, absolutely beautifulOf course Chihuly exhibit was amazing.!! Touring the Cheek mansion was interesting.

Review №59

Beautiful grounds and gardens. The mansion was spectacular. Although we didnt get to see all of the gardens because of a downpour we still enjoyed what we did see. Cant wait to go back again. The staff was very informative and a very nice employee drove us back to our car on the carts because we were parked a long way and it was pouring rain. Thanks for the great southern hospitality!!

Review №60

Absolutely spectacular night. A little pricey but well worth it.

Review №61

This place is beautiful! The garden is well manicured and gorgeous! The storybook houses are so cute and fun! I liked that they were spread apart to have a bit of a walking adventure but not too far apart. the trains and the Beatrix Potter house are my favorites!! I didnt give it a five because its a bit pricey but if you have the extra cash it is a great once a year adventure. My 18 month old did well but definitely older kids would have more fun and it would be easier to walk around and play on the bigger equipment. Bring a stroller for sure! I liked all the signs they had on all the plants so you could read about each one. I do wish there were signs along the walk way to help direct you to the different houses. For sure will go again!

Review №62

The glass work exposition at night is one of the best and most amazing expositions Ive ever been. The lighting, sequence and pieces positioning were absolutely perfect.Organization from parking to music was also perfect.

Review №63

We enjoyed Cheekwood immensely! Cheekwood is undoubtedly the most picturesque place in Nashville. The Chihuly exhibition is must see. The staff was great and knowledgeable. We stopped at the gift shop, and the staff there shared many interesting facts about the art and grounds that really enriched our visit. We were so content that we purchased an annual membership, which was a great value, so we can bring our visitors to this Nashville treasure.

Review №64

I expected more after reading the reviews. A staff member was very rude to us. My husband suffers from a condition that he may need to sit down when he gets light headed and his legs go numb. We went inside to an exhibit and I went to the restroom and he sat down in a chair to wait for me. The employee who was standing across the Room yelled over to him that was her chair and he would not be sitting down in it. So he went and sat on some stairs until his episode started to get better soon he could walk around again. There were a lot of things closed when we were there, and the flowers were lacking. Maybe it’s better to go in the spring.

Review №65

Had a great time at Howloween. It was fun seeing all the dogs dressed up in their costumes. Beautiful property with lots of walking paths and areas to sit and rest if needed.

Review №66

You should go. Its fabulous. Life is short. Nothing is promised. Go see the art. All of it. The magnificent outdoors and the museum in the house. Chihuly is worth every last red cent. You can take your own food and beverages and picnic on the grounds, or order from the little cafe. And there is wine and cocktails available!

Review №67

I would highly recommend this spot for a visit if you are in the area. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. A great way to get in a nice afternoon walk which is truly magical

Review №68

Lovely venue for whatever event or exhibit you are taking in. I loved the David Chihuly exhibit, great glass sculptures and the lighting at night really brought out the colors and shapes!

Review №69

Was absolutely wonderful evening. Staff we encounter very friendly. For nighttime visitors signs for paths/displays would be nice and flashlights. But I cannot Express how much joy and aaaaaawwwwws.

Review №70

We went at night to enjoy Chihuly at Cheekwood. Chihuly is always amazing. I want to go back in the day time to enjoy the beautiful gardens. The mansion is gorgeous.

Review №71

Loved it. At at the cafe. Very serene and not crowded

Review №72

Cheekwood out shines itself with the Chihuly nights! Everything is absolutely gorgeous!

Review №73

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful ceremony. We paid for the elopement package and got to use the Japanese Garden. I also got use of the dressing room and got to wander around the property with our photographer afterwards for some more beautiful pictures to cherish!

Review №74

Beautiful grounds and mansion was gorgeous. Historical, charming and will transport you to another place and time. People that work there are courteous and informative.

Review №75

Beautiful grounds and mansion. They do a great job with diversifying their exhibits for locals to come back every season. Holiday lights are much favorites

Review №76

Cheekwood Estates is a 55-acre estate built by the Maxwell House Coffee fortune in Nashville, Tennessee. We visited and enjoyed the countryside views from the Mansion. The Botanical Garden displayed great blooms and a spectacular showcase of color and diversity with eleven gardens and stunning natural landscape. The Museum of Art presents collections of Painting, Sculpture and Decorative Arts. With four festivals held a year. You will want to schedule your visit to get the most from Cheekwood. We went End of March and got to see flowers in Bloom with more than 100,000 tulips in the Spring. Other times they have a children’s wonderland of Christmas trees, Trains, Santa, live reindeer, and more during Holiday LIGHTS, Cheekwood celebrates the seasons in style with something for everyone!

Review №77

I greatly enjoy being a member and visiting with family and friends. Highly recommend

Review №78

Nice park /garden. Mansion Tour is a must while on the property! Furthermore, bring water and hat.

Review №79

The lights were very pretty for the holidays and well done. It is great that you also get access to the museum and art works with your ticket. I would definitely recommend this as well as the Nashville Zoo for things to do at night in the winter. It is great for a date night or a time out with family and friends. My favourite part were the lights over the ponds that reflected back. It takes about an hour and a half at least to walk through if you wanted to stop and see everything and even had deer for the holiday season.

Review №80

It was fabulous as all their sculptures and seasonal displays are. All CDC guidelines were in place with several hand sanitizer stations throughout the gardens. Always a great place to tour .

Review №81

Chichly is my favorite artist that comes there, its a must see, and for the Christmas time its Soooo beautiful!!!

Review №82

Chihuly brought us here. But we love Cheekwood. Its such a nice place. Walking is easy and lots of places to site, rest and just take in the scenery

Review №83

A lovely beautiful walk even in the midst of a little rain. The visual elements are not close together, so be prepared to walk a little ways. Our total visit viewed everything and was around 7,000 steps for me

Review №84

This is probably my favorite place to walk ans talk with interesting people.

Review №85

Satisfying and comfortable environment. This place is awesome during the day and just spectacular at night! Definitely a must go see event

Review №86

Such an amazing place!Wear comfortable shoes! We walked 3 miles & Im not sure we seen it all!

Review №87

We went to visit here to enjoy the Christmas lights while they were still up. Both gift shops also had awesome after Christmas sales! Both inside the mansion and the outdoor gardens were beautifully decorated. The mansion contains many of the familys collections and period furnishings. We intend to revisit the gardens again during my next Spring and Summer trips.

Review №88

Christmas Lights at Cheekwood is a must for the whole family over the holidays. Plenty of parking, beautiful night, great hospitality combined to make this family outting a must for us in the future. We went directly to get hot chocolate and delicious adult beverages. We then walked the entire grounds viewing the thousands of lights. We finished at the superbly decorated mansion. A night to remember for all age groups.

Review №89

Dale Chihuly Exhibit @ Cheekwood. Great walk in the evening.

Review №90

Beautiful gardens and art! I loved how spacious and open it is with lots to see along the way. We went with our two little kids and in-laws and everyone had a great time. It was a perfect activity for social distancing and exploring and well definitely be back!

Review №91

Beautiful botanical gardens. The mansion is also a must see. The Chihuly exhibition is the cherry on top of a nice day with friends and family.

Review №92

Went on a date night to see the Chihuly Exhibit. First time there. Staff was incredibly friendly and the whole place is beautiful even at night. Looking forward to getting to explore during the day!

Review №93

The glassblown illuminated Chihuly sculptures were amazing!! I enjoyed these and the perfect night for walking in a beautiful place. Nashville is blessed to have this great venue.

Review №94

Down to visit my sister and she took us here. Pretty mansion. I didnt go to the evening light up walk. Go check their website.

Review №95

Went here for my birthday, I wish I had more then one day! Lovely flowers, trees and shrubbery! The kids loved the mini train area. My eldest son enjoyed the mansion tours. I enjoyed the restaurant and little shop! Bought a butterfly habitat for the kids.

Review №96

Absolutely worth the price. Im sore a day after from walking the grounds and the mansion, but it was totally worth it as well. All of the staff were lovely and very helpful especially at night when we were walking back to the car.Hoping to come back in October for the pumpkin festival!

Review №97

What a beautiful, serene place, in the middle of hustle and bustle. I recommend the Dale Chihuly exhibit to everyone! His work is incredible!

Review №98

Be aware this place isnt exactly stroller friendly as it has many staircases. Otherwise a beautiful place to visit.

Review №99

Great beautiful place to get away from it all.

Review №100

Went to Cheekwood Gardens this weekend for the Chihuly exhibits. Great park and outstanding exhibit. The glass sculptures are awesome day or night but nighttime is very special. A lot of walking but it is well worth it

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