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Dance Works Academy

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My daughter loves dancing at Dance Works since it opened and been on the Competition team for 5 years. Some of the things we love the best are the welcoming and sense of Family. Lauren works really hard to instill values in all her students that you don’t get just anywhere. She pushes the girls to be kind, compassionate good people. She wants them to work hard but above anything to build friendships and relationships along the way. There is not a doubt in my mind that all the students well being comes first to Lauren. She strives to model kindness, compassion and love. In the words of my daughter “ No one can give a pep talk like Miss. Lauren can. She makes you feel good inside and that everyone is special!” From the moment you walk in the door you feel like family. The girls welcome and cheer each other on. We are blessed and fortunate to be part of the Dance Works Academy Family! Thank you Lauren for all you do!Nina Reinhardt

Review №2

When my son was two he started with Dance Works Academy and has learned a variety of different dance styles. I first put him in dance to learn the basics and to help with his muscle weakness due to having Celiac disease but then he grew a love for dance and a love for his teachers. We are now at the end of year four and he’s already talking about what he wants to take next year. I can’t say enough outstanding words to express how working with this studio has changed my son. I highly recommend Dance Works Academy.

Review №3

Cant go wrong with the folks at Dance Academy. Has really enriched my granddaughters life. She cant wait to dance every week and perform. The teachers have shown her such care and encouragement. Thanks to everyone there.

Review №4

We brought our children to Dance Works looking for dance classes and to get out of the house on Saturday mornings; what we received was a family. Our girls have gained more than dance moves. They have confidence in themselves and pride in what they have achieved in the past two years. What a gift! The owner and her teachers are supportive, friendly, educated and have passion for what they do. They have gained friends of all ages through the years. We love the owner’s children. Our youngest loves when they are there so she can see and play with them. A family run business is something to be proud of. You would be missing out if you chose not to offer your child a chance to dance in an environment that fosters confidence, compassion, kindness and skills to last a lifetime.

Review №5

Im surprised by some of these reviews, Ive always felt a nurturing and welcome sense when walking into the Studio. They really cater to the kids, respect their instructors and their personal lives, and allow them to be creative and really support all levels of dance. In the dance realm, its especially important with how competitive it can be, to always put the students and teachers first and make sure there is a fun and supportive environment of all. I cant thank the owner enough for encouraging that!

Review №6

My daughter has been dancing at Dance Works for a few years now. It feels like family when we are there. It is clear that we are not alone in our excitement each week when we walk into the studio. The teachers are wonderful! I appreciate the focus on learning and growing. My family members (local and out of town) who have come to see the end of year recital were impressed with the professional nature of the recital as well as the amazing dancers. Thank you for being a part of my childs growth!

Review №7

I am so impressed by this space and the environment inside. This studio is a place where the kids are put first, whether it is through student of the month events, birthdays, or teachers given the opportunity to tell the kids how they are proud of them. As an instructor, I am continually impressed by the level of thought and consideration the owner and other faculty put into the whole child, beyond the dance class. Organized, kind, and student-focused, Dance Works Academy offers a wonderful place for kids to grow and learn through movement.

Review №8

I am extremely grateful for the very nurturing, authentic, and positive atmosphere of DWA. As a teacher, I feel very in love with work I do here, and very connected to the studio’s mission statement. At the studio, I feel respected and appreciated by parents, the dancers, other staff, and especially the owner, Lauren. I believe this is due to Lauren’s professional experience, the positive and constructive feedback she gives her dancers, teachers,and staff,that also comes with an ability to receive feedback as well. Finally, I really appreciate the mindful and proactive boundaries Lauren sets between families and the staff. While I understand the lack of direct communication between teachers and students can be frustrating, for the safety of the students most importantly, and the personal lives of the teachers(I am a full-time student and most of our staff work full time at other places), I believe the policy benefits all of us. In sum, this is one of the most positive and professional environments I have taught at, and encourage all who want to foster happy dancers to pop by the studio to check out a class!

Review №9

My daughter danced at Dance Works Academy for 3 years. The first year was pretty good, but our experience went downhill from there. The owner does not acknowledge the existence of other students or their families if they are not a member of the competition team, which of course brings more money into the studio. The teachers at Dance Works Academy are fantastic, but the owner needs a lesson on customer service.

Review №10

I am unable to give a positive review even though my family had been loyal customers for 7 years. All of my children have taken classes from this studio, having a variety of teachers over the years. The teachers were all kind and gracious but (and out of privacy for my child I refrain from oversharing) a very disheartening, cold, and unprofessional interaction with the owner left my daughters heartbroken and looking for another studio to receive her dance training. No child should ever have to experience what my children did. We can do better than that as mentors and “teachers”.

Review №11

I took class here for 5 years and found my home away from home! Amazing teachers, staff, and recital every year. Such a nice family feeling(:

Review №12

My daughter has been dancing for DWA for several years now. In our time at DWA, it is evident Lauren fosters a learning environment that promotes both teamwork and individual growth. The dance instructors are passionate, friendly, and supportive. In addition, Lauren has become a wonderful role model for my daughter. She exemplifies confidence, compassion, and kindness in her interactions with students and has been instrumental in building these characteristics in my daughter. We have been very pleased with all aspects of our experience and look forward to years to come!

Review №13

My little dancer has grown so confident since we joined this studio. Best decision ever. Very professional and much more organized compared to our previous place.

Review №14

If youre looking for a dance studio where every student is valued, Id encourage you to look elsewhere. The owner of Dance Works Academy is unfriendly and does not communicate with parents, especially ones whose children are new or arent on the competition team. During a whole year of sending my daughter to dance, she spoke to me only a couple of times. When I had questions before and during recital season, she ignored my phone calls and never responded to my emails. After the recital, I was left feeling like my child was just a number and a means to make money. I did not get a family feeling at DWA. In fact, quite the opposite.

Review №15

We are so happy with DWA, the dance instructors are talented, friendly and very professional. You can tell they truly love their students and have gone above and beyond to create a supportive and happy dance family. My daughter absolutely adores Miss Lauren and has learned so much from her in this past year. I highly recommend DWA, you won’t be disappointed!

Review №16

Sadly, I am not surprised by the reviews as others have stated. I am also not surprised that a flood of “positive” reviews are now being done to negate the truthful ones. This studio needs to reflect on how they have run over the last couple years and how they treat ALL kids and parents. Places of business that are public shouldn’t play favorites and only cater to a choice few. I pulled my child from class before even finishing the year because I was so dismayed by the lack of communication and friendliness from the owner.I even showed up at a specific time to connect with the owner and was ignored. This is the norm from what I hear in the community. Our only teacher was the owner so I am unable to review the other instructors. Overall, it just wasn’t a good fit for us and we don’t regret leaving.

Review №17

We are in our 7th year with DanceWorks Academy and cant say enough about our experience.  Seeing it grow over the years has been remarkable.  The owner puts her whole self into the students and her faculty.  The children grow from their instructors and their peers and each year blossom even more.  As new dancers come in its so sweet to watch them move around the studio and fills my heart at recital.  They always seem to steal the show.  Watching the older girls get bigger and more advanced is bittersweet.  My daughter danced for another studio before we moved to DanceWorks and the welcome we felt was incredible. We really are a dance family.  We are so happy with this studio we are driving almost an hour each way after a recent move to stay with them.  My daughter has love and respect for all faculty and her peers.  They have all had an influence molding her into the wonderful, strong young woman she is today.

Review №18

We spent one year at DWA.The lack of communication is what drove us out. As a first time Dance Mom I was expecting a little guidance, communication and general direction especially around recital time. Thankfully there was a great group of moms that weren’t as green that helped answer questions because Facebook messages and emails are rarely returned or addressed. At the end of the year I felt like another paycheck and not of much more importance than that. Not once while in the community did Lauren give us a Hi or react to my child like she even knew who she was (and we saw them regular at other events). This just isn’t a business or person I would recommend for the best experience. I could go on about the negative but I’ll just leave it at this and hope whoever is choosing a Dance studio does research between several and makes the best choice for their needs.

Review №19

Great dance school I love seeing their shows.

Review №20

I would advise any parent who is looking for a dance studio to steer clear of this studio. Unfortunately, we learned quickly that the owner of the studio is not friendly at all. She never once said hello to myself or my husband after a whole year of bringing our child. I wonder if she even knew our childs name. The general tone of everything is so negative but tries to come across as sweet and caring, not the case at all. Just read a newsletter and see how negative the tone is. Her teachers are kind (but don’t try communicate with them it is against the rules)but the staff was less than helpful (there is also a few parents as staff which is a very odd boundary to cross and they only seemed interested with veterans). Communication with the owner is poor, who doesn’t return emails or have a phone way to get ahold of her.After speaking with other parents attending this studio, we learned that several families left after this last dance season due to the poor customer service and how this place is run. The owner also has her children with her in the studio at times and they are quite misbehaved, yelling, running around, and I even witnessed them being rude to an adult in the waiting room. I am hopeful more people share their experience before the owner recruits people to make postive reports just too offset the negative ones. Sad, because my child enjoyed it, but we will be finding another place for her to take dance class.

Review №21

Amazing instructors and a very professional end of year recital. Students grow to love everything dance!

Review №22

Lauren the director/owner is amazing and I love that they are very family friendly. My 5 year old son loves taking classes there and my almost 2 year old son can start gymnastics classes soon too.

Review №23

I didn’t realize you could review through google or I would have done this years ago. This place is a no go for my kid. Too clique with kids, teachers and owners. My kid never felt right here.

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