Airline Skate Center, Inc
6711 Airline Dr, Metairie, LA 70003, United States
Review №1

We had plenty of fun in a short amount of time. The music selection was good to skate along to and the staff was helpful enough. No trouble with staff, but some customers were rude and pushy. It comes with the territory though when you mix skaters with different skill levels in the same rink. Try it out and judge for yourself. Friday night was not terribly crowded but they were busy.

Review №2

Although back in my HAYDAY, I was an avid skater, admittedly, this was one of few times Ive been to this establishment.Here for my nieces 6th birthday, I was surprised & elated at how much I enjoyed myself once I put the wheels back on.The birthday party setup was cool. Looks like there were about 5-6 parties going on at one time. Makes sense to have them all at once; so you dont time up your thereat of the day/night with newbies & skaters using the skate-guide while professional skaters are hanging out.Snack bar is in place and stocked with yummies for you to snack on. Skate rentals are available, however, theyre a little on the non-skate friendly side, so bring your own if you can.Massive parking lot, which gets filled up fast.I cant comment on the entry price, as I was there for a birthday party & the entry fee was part of the package.All in all, I had a great time. Looking forward to the next go-round, pun intended.

Review №3

Been coming to this place for yrs and love the atmosphere and staff is wonderful!! I have also had 2 birthday parties for my son and he had a blast every time

Review №4

I brought my kids for a birthday party. Awesome place for a family hang out. And so much fun!

Review №5

Thursday nights Captain Charles is the DJ there. Great music to skate to.

Review №6

Really nice had a good time there with the kids

Review №7

The kids really enjoyed themselves.

Review №8

A source of pure joy, since 1962!!!

Review №9

It is fun best day are friday and saturday 7-10 both daya

Review №10

Please do not waste your time. My 10 year old daughters shoes were stolen, and the staff could care less. I was told that there are lockers available, Ive never known this since going to the skating ring when I was a child. I was also told there is a sign , maybe that should be reiterated to kids that only want to skate and not have their items stolen. The staff is not helpful, very unprofessional with no customer service skills whatsoever. I will never visit this establishment ever again. My daughter was very hurt and embarrassed and the lack of care that they give you, makes you really wanna act up on them.

Review №11

It was fun, the music was good. Great environment

Review №12

The con: the rental skates were so painful! I basically couldnt use them. Not for long. If I tied them tight, they hurt too badly to enjoy myself. If I tied them loosely, they were too loose to really skate on either. However, other people found them to be fine. Everything else about this place was good. The music was fun pop music. The DJ arranges races and games sometimes. The disco lights could induce seizures, but in a fun way. There werent many skaters on the floor for how many people were there, what with all the birthday parties. There were lockers you could pay to lock or just take your chances and not lock. It felt like a safe place (was there in the afternoon). It was cool and fanned. Bring your own skates and youre good to go.

Review №13

We went to Airline Skate Center for a birthday party. Overall it was a good experience. My youngest daughter has trouble skating so I had to rent a supporter for $5. Luckily I had cash because I quickly realized this is a cash only facility. If you dont have cash you can visit the ATM machine at the facility. I also wish that they had more of a variety with the type of music they played. I realize they are trying to appeal to a younger geographic, but even my kids hardly enjoy nonstop rap. Other than that everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Review №14

Nice place...

Review №15

Its very fun place to go with friends and family.

Review №16

Place was lit up & fun

Review №17

I had my daughters birthday party here she had a good time

Review №18

I am a skater from out of state that was in New Orleans for the weekend. I picked this skating rink (out of 3 near my hotel) based on reviews and was not disappointed. I was impressed by the Saturday night DJ and the skating etiquette of the patrons - they were there to skate and I appreciate that passion. I did have a malfunction with my locker when I tried to lock my shoes up—-that was my only negative experience. I’m kinda surprised that they don’t take credit cards in this day and age, but I knew going in because I had done online research. I would recommend this rink to locals and traveling skaters for a great experience.

Review №19

Easy location, not the cleanest but its a skate center. Good for big groups and lots birthday parties. Very reasonably priced

Review №20

I had some what fun it was my granddaughter and my birthday November 26 i had to be taken too the emergency room i didnt know they wax the floor had to get staples in my head a really good friend of mines asked me who did you get into a fight with lol

Review №21

My sons 11th birthday party was excellent. He had s really good time.

Review №22

The food selection and arcade area is minimal. But the skating is always a great time. Kids enjoyed themselves. So thats always a win.

Review №23

Ive been coming to this place since I was a kid. And Im still liking this place as an older adult. However, Im loving it even more with my daughters skating by my side!!!! Customer service is good and the DJ is better! The pizza from Pizza Hut is good and the nachos are great !!!!

Review №24

The kids,staff and parents had a great time,they (kids) had so much fun.Good Job Airline Skate Center and Staff/Employees!

Review №25

They are extremely rude. We went there just yesterday and when we went to pay for the skates and the admissions they accused us of having another child that we didn’t pay for. We payed for all the children we had and we even told them that. They still didn’t believe us and even rolled back the cameras. While we were trying to get the skates they called us to the office again and didn’t wanna let us go on with the rest of the night until they rolled back the cameras. After like 3 minutes of going on and on arguing with the girl in the office that we didn’t have another child the cameras showed them that we INDEED did not have another child. They even made my friend pay for her 1 year old baby who wasn’t even going to skate or do anything but be in his mamas arms. That’s not even all ! When they finally let us go once we turned around the girl started laughing and my mom caught her laughing ! Extremely UNPROFESSIONAL. They claimed that they weren’t laughing at us but when I went to ask them what they were laughing at the girl said that “I don’t even understand why you had a attitude” then the cops there super IGNORANT. Wanted to pull us aside and ask what the problem was. I told him that they were laughing. He said “So?” I said that is SOOO rude ! This cop was literally yelling at my face. I would NEVER go there again in my LIFE. WORST EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD. Not to mention their bathrooms are filthy and stinky and the staff had a disgusting attitude.

Review №26

Some fun at this place if you ever want to go skating you should go to Airline Skating Rink!

Review №27

My kid had a blast! Fun archade games..

Review №28

It was real nice the kids had alot off fun

Review №29

The staff is friendly and helpful. The smell punches you in the face when you walk in, though, and the skates dont have soles, so they are terribly uncomfortable.

Review №30

People are absolutely amazing. I always see kids having a really fun time.

Review №31

Great dj just dont bring food and drink in the floor or they put you out

Review №32

This place is amazing I took my little cousin there on Saturday for her surprise party she had a blast. She could barely skate but she had fun she couldnt stop smiling and hugging me thats how happy she was to be there. The customer service was great also there was no reason not to be happy, its a family friendly place. I highly recommend to people to go there seriously.

Review №33

Great place. They charge additional for walkers for kids to skate.

Review №34

My son had a blast for his 8th bday party

Review №35

I really love this place its so fun .

Review №36

Unfortunately the power was out for the party that we scheduled but the owner & staff handled it very professionally and did all they could to make it a fun experience even after we were reimbursed

Review №37

This was a pretty good Skate Center. I really like that they had some skate Walkers with rollers on the bottom that kids can use when they dont know how to skate very well. I went there with my kids on a day that there happened to be a couple of day camps they are at the same time. That was pretty chaotic I wish that the management there would have been more on top of that but otherwise if the day camps wouldnt have been there I think we would had a great time.

Review №38

Malek is the best DJ ever!!

Review №39

Great place to bring your kids

Review №40

Came here tonight , and it has on the business hours it’s suppose to be open and it’s not ! Very upset. Just drove 30 mins to get here

Review №41

Fun throwback skate rink. The kids enjoyed it. Seems to be a fun place for parties.

Review №42

Always enjoy a good skate, I just want a bigger rink

Review №43

We come here all the time, love it! Weve had my daughters birthday party here 3 years in a row. Very reasonably priced (especially the parties), the staff is super nice, and the kids always have a great time. Their skates are not great, so we just purchased our own skates.

Review №44

Very poor customer service. Office staff is extremely rude. Great DJ. Food mediocre.

Review №45

It is very fun you get to skate,play games,and even buy snacks and drinks.

Review №46

Clean environment Been a long time sense I been to a Skaterink but Kool..

Review №47

Great place to being the kids!!

Review №48

Nothing has changed in the last 25 years except the name

Review №49

Moderately ohkay. Went on sunday when it is $5. Music was so loud I couldnt hear anything, not even my parter talking directly in my ear. Rental skates were absolutely aweful, they are obviously never clean and I doubt they were sanitized between uses. I couldnt tell if it was the bad rental skates or the floor but something was not flat and it made it hard to skate.

Review №50

The workers/police officer there were VERY rude. I walk in and see a woman in the front with a table thinking she needed to collect my ticket so i hand it to her and she raises her voice and says I dont need your ticket, So i ask Well what do you need? and she goes your phone? (with a NASTY attitude) and im confused why she needs my phone and I ask why she needed it and She starts questioning my why im asking so many questions and tries to take my phone out my hand. I ask again why do you need my phone? and the police officer sitting in the back stands up and starts yelling at me and says Just put your phone in the bucket and stop asking so many questions. I was so flabbergasted that the workers and the police officer couldnt answer a simple question without turning it into an argument. It was VERY embarrassing that the situation had to be handled that way. I wont EVER go back there again not even if i was paid to.

Review №51

Its always nice here! I like the fact that its cold because while people are skating you do get a bit overheated so the temperature is always good in there.

Review №52

They really need to pay attention to the music they are playing. Some of the music is unappropriate for children.

Review №53

My kids had fun & police presence made me not worry about safety. Was able to relax and enjoy our day.

Review №54

Very disappointed. I used to work as a skate guard at Skate Country 44 years ago and thought I would introduce skating to my girls and take them here. The place in ponchatoula we to has terrible floors. So I wanted to show them what a real skating ring looks like.Although the floors are what I expected at Airline Skate Center, they played nothing but Gangsta Rap! I didnt realize I stepped into the hood with my two children. Most of the children were under 13 so why the gangsta rap? Some songs had so much profanity that the sensoring took away most of it.Definitely not going back.

Review №55

Nice large facility, good amount of parking. No security guards visible. People should be directed to skate in the rink area not the walkway and where others are sitting. No direction from the workers

Review №56

Place is always filthy but the kids have fun

Review №57

Fun skate or not, kids and adults...remember when! but have cash

Review №58

Great place kids friendly

Review №59

Enjoyed everything. Drinks were pricey

Review №60

Family fun place, with easy location. 10.00 per person with skates makes it affordable for everyone. My children go often and love it. I even enjoy skating with them on the smooth skate rink..

Review №61

Management allows bullying of the staffs children.

Review №62

Adult Night Is Very Fun!!! Definitely Will Be Back.

Review №63

Great facility and floor. The music was terrible for the mostly young crowd that was there.

Review №64

I enjoy the atmosphere and the family time we get to spend there. I wish they had more types of food but everyone is nice and service is given with a smile.

Review №65

It was great I really enjoyed myself with my co-workers love them to the moon

Review №66

Fun family atmosphere!

Review №67

Fun place for a field trip!

Review №68

Went to a birthday party here a few weeks ago and it was a nice experience. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. The were plenty of contest for the kids to participate in on the skating rink. My only reservation about the place was that cold pizza was served to party guest.

Review №69

This place is absolutely awful! DO NOT waste your time or money here! It smells absolutely horrendous inside but not as bad as the skates smell, the skates are unable to be tightened because the laces are either knitted or weak thread! The customer service——a 6 year old checked me out! She was cute but she’s 6!! These people are running an extremely shabby and disgusting business!! Cash only......I wonder who hasn’t paid their taxes!!! Do not go here!It is AWFUL!

Review №70

I love the skating part..I does smell like urine in there only thing that grossed me out. Must be the carpet.

Review №71

My family and I really enjoy being here while skating. The music, food and service is awesome! Shoutout to the DJ

Review №72

Need to shampoo the carpetIt smells tart

Review №73

Very cool atmosphere. The staff was helpful and chill.

Review №74

Awesome! We enjoyed ourselves. Last minute birthday plans.

Review №75

Had a bulirthday party there today. The girl that hosted us was top notch. Exceeded our expectations this time. The guys that skate in rink were actually helping the little kids not just skating and looking pretty. Today they were 5 star. I thank everyone one of them.

Review №76

Always Fun times

Review №77

They have awesome food,music and service if you are looking for a birthday place I think you should go

Review №78

This is a great place for kids. There was ample security.

Review №79

All lovee

Review №80

Friendly staff and great entertainment but its time to update the skates. Its like skating on bricks.

Review №81

I love this place

Review №82

Had a blast at a private party here. Very nostalgic feeling. The staff was really accommodating.

Review №83

Great for birthday parties

Review №84

Its a great place

Review №85

I feel as though this is the skating rink I went to growing up in the 70s & 80s! Great, friendly environment!

Review №86

Good for your kids to have fun.

Review №87

Thursday Nights are full of fun for adult night.

Review №88

I love being there especially on birthdays

Review №89

Its a nice place to spend time with friends and family and simply get your skate on! Ive gone here since I was young whether it be for a birthday party or just a good time.

Review №90

My daughter loves this place but my nose doesnt... Staff is awesome... Star stealer(smells like stinky feet). Replace skate stock,shampoo carpet, and BOOM problem solved.

Review №91

I just Love to skate there

Review №92

Was there ch or a 5 year old party .The music was so tasteless. No one was trying to keep the place in control . Kids everywhere older kids pushing little was down . It was Pure Chaos. Only one young lady was polite.

Review №93

Nice to have one around to let kids loose and play safely.

Review №94

Cheap food and nice staff but the music was remixes of vines and inappropriate songs for a family skate.The songs also got cut off like 3 times per song. The staff also enforced rules against wearing hats but they where fine with 8 year olds smashing walkers into each other, skating in opposite skating direction, and lying down in the middle of the rink.

Review №95

Great place to have a birthday party! Employees were a great help!

Review №96

I broken my arm no fun

Review №97

Had alot of fun with my son for his B-day, too many songs tho and not enough skating

Review №98

Thank u Lizz Holly Shelly and Bob

Review №99

We have been coming here for years since our grown children were young. Actually, we used to go skate at the original location on Jefferson long before we even had children. Now we are taking our grandkids, and they love it, too. Fun place for birthday parties.

Review №100

I had a great time and the staff were very friendly.

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