Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex
1831 Olympic Street, Manhattan, KS 66506, United States

Review №1

My favorite place in the whole world. Amazing amenities - I have been a student at K-State goin on 7 years now and I am still impressed with how massive the space is.

Review №2

Good times. Game with the family. Played racquetball.

Review №3

Best place to get the best pump

Review №4

Awesome workout place... inspire do something for u

Review №5

Great place to work out. Clean equipment and locker rooms. Just awesome.

Review №6

Caters to all kinds of workout. Good equipment, clean. Decent gym all around. They have ridiculous covid restrictions though.

Review №7

The rec is a super great complex that everyone who has access should use. Friendly staff, lots of good equipment, and always someone on a court if you want to hoop. The new fitness zones are amazing for anyone looking for more than just dumbells and treadmills.

Review №8

Amazing gym with tons of space. Great to see how much care and planning has gone into the place and all I hear is plans to expand and improve which is great. Definitely the best place to workout by far in Manhattan.

Review №9

Great place to be.

Review №10

Been working out here for over 10 years - very well run with well maintained facilities - staff are very helpful - great selection of equipment

Review №11

While I like and use the rec complex itself, I am very disappointed with my experience with the outdoor rental center. I was wanting to rent a tent and a kayak. I was charged before seeing any of the products and when they brought the kayak out to our truck I realized it was too big. The staff were very rude and insisted that I could tie it down on top of the truck. My boyfriend said he didn’t feel comfortable towing in on top and that we could not tie it back down by ourselves. To this, an employee responded “we have girls that work here and they can do it”We wanted a refund because we could not transport the kayak. They were very rude about the whole process and acted like it was the most difficult thing in the world.

Review №12

I was pretty disappointed in the rec center. I moved here about a week ago and have been working out here since but Im already looking at gym memberships elsewhere. The rec center does have a lot of equipment but it is very poorly organized making it so that nothing you are needing is in close proximity to each other. They have multiple workout areas and chances are what you are needing is always in a completely different room on the complete opposite side of the building.They are lacking some pretty standardized gym equipment too such as resistance bands, mats, a hex bar, a squat press (not a leg press), and various weight machines that allow you to only work one side of your body at a time (a hammer strength chest press or hammer strength row machine would be such a good addition).*They do have resistance bands but it is a very very poor and small selection and they are only in one area of the building. And anytime Ive tried to move equipment to a different area for lifting Ive been told to return the equipment to its original room.*If they moved some TRX equipment to the big weight room in the back of the building that would be so nice too.I think the biggest frustration I have is that the staff is not helpful or knowledgeable at all. Everyday Ive asked questions over where equipment is at or if they have certain things and the response Ive gotten every time has been I dont know. How is that an appropriate response at all? I even asked for a tour at one point and the person giving it had no idea about anything fitness related and was not able to answer any of my questions over where any equipment was located.I feel like this gym has so much potential but I dont feel like standards are high for staffing nor is the layout on equipment convenient (plus they are missing some major things!).

Review №13

Its great but when it rains, there tends to be some issues with leaking.

Review №14

Well equipped sports and fitness center

Review №15

A great place to workout and play indoor sports

Review №16

I personally go for rock climbing. Great facility, relatively quick turnaround on new routes for how small it is. Really enjoy the gym overall.

Review №17

Great desk workers! Very helpful.

Review №18

Very organized and clean (except the mens bathrooms sometimes lol).

Review №19

Absolutely great play to get your sweat on

Review №20

Great faculity, ambience is great, however some equipment are on the opposite end of the building. I feel some of the courts could be coverted to lifting area.

Review №21

Was just up there to visit. During family day. Looks like a great facility.

Review №22

It great facility with lots to do. Have clean, well kept equipment and personable staff. The only issue you can have that at the busy parts of the day it can be hard to find an open machine or bar.

Review №23

Very clean, affordable, great staff, and a variety to meet everyones personal fitness needs.

Review №24

Very good equipment and in abundance. They carry all sporting equipment so you can check any spots related equipment out and enjoy. No need to bring your own equipment.

Review №25

Not far from campus, great service, and lots of workout options to choose from. Highly recommend

Review №26

As far as college rec complexes go this place is about as good as youre going to get

Review №27

Clean n nice people

Review №28

Beautiful place, really had a great time. Memories thatll will last a lifetime.

Review №29

Like the KSU atmosphere. EMAW!

Review №30

I am a student a K-State so I have the privilege to workout free of charge but in all honestly id rather spend my money on a membership elsewhere. There is not enough equipment for the amount of people that workout there and they dont have a good variety of equipment. There is a lot of wasted space with the amount of courts they have that could be used as other weight lifting areas. The three main lifting areas are on opposite sides of the gym so if you want to use something in a different area you have to walk what feels like a hike across narnia to go use it. The overcrowding is also ridiculous and I sometimes have to leave the gym because there is not a single piece of equipment available. 10/10 dont recommend getting a membership here if you arent a student.

Review №31

Great gym. Has every thing I need . Plenty of weights and courts. Cardio equipment too if youre into that. Its busy in the mornings which I like to motivate me to work hard. I hate an empty gym and this place is bumpin. Only down side is if youre not a student its pricy to get started. Gotta buy a k state alumni pass (100$) then 20 per month

Review №32

Every sport you can imagine

Review №33

Fantastic gym for students and staff. Great trainers. Friendly staff!

Review №34

Awesome! I always feel motivated going there. People mind their own business.

Review №35

Nice rec center with plenty of options

Review №36

It is really a very nice place to do your exercise.

Review №37

I cant recommend enough. Clean, pleantly of equipment, and friendly! Please go enjoy it yourself.

Review №38

The cleanest, largest most well equiped gym Ive ever lifted at.

Review №39

I haven’t been to the Rex since it was remodeled. Went to cardio hip hop class and was disappointed. If I wanted a club like experience I would have gone to aggieville. There was a definite lack of cardio in that class, definitely had better quality cardio hip hop classes elsewhere. It also said all levels but no modifications were given.

Review №40

Great place people very cheerful & helpful

Review №41

Issa nice place, 10/5 Stars would work out again

Review №42

Excellent facility and a great place to call our 2nd address.

Review №43

Love the Rec. Theres always something fun to do. Check on the group fitness classes. Super!

Review №44

Great place to work out and get into shape, for students, faculty, and alumni.

Review №45

Prices are great, friendly staff, a ton of equipment and recreational courts

Review №46

It has plenty of space and equipment for completing my own work out.

Review №47

Lots of scope to be entertained and for working out.

Review №48

Best gym in town, love the new additions

Review №49

They have a wide diversity of machines that cater to everyone

Review №50

Free of charge for K-State students. Tons of various fitness equipment and a lot of playing fields.

Review №51

Wonderful place, lots of options to train your body.

Review №52

Has everything you need. You have to be affiliated with the University in some capacity to use it though.

Review №53

Super hot men

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Review №55

Nice complex

Review №56

Very nice rec

Review №57

Fantastic facility

Review №58

Has everything you need.

Review №59

Wonderful app, easy to navigate.

Review №60

Lots of equipment & activities to choose from

Review №61

Clean but extremely busy sometimes. Lots of wasted space.

Review №62

Workouts here

Review №63

It is a great facitly, just over crowded if you go at the wrong times.

Review №64

Fun workout spot

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  • Address:1831 Olympic Street, Manhattan, KS 66506, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 785-532-6980
  • Recreation center
  • Sports complex
Working hours
  • Monday:9am–6pm
  • Tuesday:3–6pm
  • Wednesday:6am–9pm
  • Thursday:6am–9pm
  • Friday:6am–9pm
  • Saturday:6am–9pm
  • Sunday:6am–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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