Skin Gentlemens Club
3388 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States

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Its never a good sign, when the doorman isnt: checking for weapons with a metal detector (or checking i.d.s) at the entry point. If you dont get screened, save yourself the trouble and do an about face.When an organization does that, is because they are so desperate to get at least 1 client in their Club.Which at its core, the root cause, means they have poor service, or something is being done wrong. Its an indication that the staff is scaring off customers. I didnt trust my gut, and I went inside. And its a rough sit.The only comparison, that closely resembles being inside Skins, the only way I can describe the experience inside too, is like being surrounded by homeless. They ask for money, and then get MAD when you dont give them anything, for DOING nothing???Skins will remain a ghost town establishment, until the staff visits, and picks up a few lessons, on how different Clubs run their operation. But dont trust my word for it, go on in, and see for yourself. I bet you, you wont last an hour..

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They got them fine honey’s I’ll tell ya!

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Being my first lounge I’ve been to and being out of town my experience here was amazing. The staff are friendly and the girls are great, great conversation and prices. I would highly recommend going to see Drew. Made my experience there one to remember.Next time I’m in town I’m definitely coming here. 10/10 would recommend

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Disneyland is NOT the happiest place on earth. SGC is. The cure for whats ailin yuh. Biggie D like.

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Hope theres more than those two girls working in the pictures or I wouldnt waste my money or time going there. There use to be gorgeous woman working there about 3 years back , and Johnathan was managing, fun times. I went in about a year and a half ago and it was ghetto trashy chicks with bad attitudes. So did the staff.

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Beautiful girls, exotic looking, your money well spent.. guys make sure you tip well.. great place to chill and relax.

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Showed up for a bachelor party and was not disappointed. The staff made sure that we were taken care of throughout the evening. Girls are worth your time if you want to stop in. Owners take care of their customers. Well come back!

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Called before auditioning. Guy told me that he didn’t even remember speaking to me and that they weren’t holding auditions, asked to use WiFi so I can Uber back and no one cared to help and was super rude so I had to walk somewhere else to use WiFi (yay, a small girl like me walking around alone!)I never have been treated like this anywhere. It would be better with different management

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This place was awesome! Tons of pretty girls and they were fun! Bought a VIP dance for my boyfriend and I, it was pricey but WOW! Worth every dollar! Will recommend to anyone and will definitely come back!

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Hot young chicks that actually look like they enjoy their job, best strip club in L.A., hands down.

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Clean, professional looking place. There’s a $15 cover and $10 minimum non-alcoholic drink price to get in, then sporadically get dancers to get on their single pole dance floor and move a little. Don’t expect full nude each time, and don’t expect good pole dancing. Overpriced lap dances, mediocre music, and in the middle of nowhere. Might be better on different nights, but this time was terrible.

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I think the place is closedown, went there today Jan/12/20 doors are locked, phone is dead no answer. So don’t waist your time. Staff at least put sign that you are down

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This club is one of the best Ive been to in Southern California! Incredibly beautiful girls on any night and fantastic service from the staff. Music and dances were top notch, too. I went a few times with some friends, never a disappointment. Make it your first stop.

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Fun place! Nice setup with a central stage and comfy chairs plus VIP seating as well. Not a huge venue but just about the right size to sit between cramped and big enough that you need multiple stages (and then have to split attention.)Couple things to note: this club is FULL nude ... and accordingly a dry bar so no alcohol or byob. $15 cover (they had free-cover cards on the tabled) plus $6 sodas up thru $20 sparking water are available and theres a one-drink minimum. Dances are topless ($30) or nude ($40)...and couch or bed (+$) and a bit pricey as typical for a full nude club. What you dont spend on overpriced, watered down drinks they make up on dances.Monday was pretty quiet but they still had a nice selection of girls which were mostly in their 20s. All of them were attractive, one or two extremely so (in my opinion at least). As it was slow, they were a extra friendly and chatty. Since they dont sell booze all the money comes from dances - so expect a hard sell. One girl (whos name escapes me) was extremely cute and had some awesome pole dancing tricks too. Ill miss her!Security was unobtrusive - no metal detectors or burly bouncers intimidating you for no reason like some other places have. Valet parking is $7 and I didnt notice any street parking nearby. DJ playing a decent mix of music with a number of 90s throwbacks thrown in too.Overall a great place you should definitely visit if you want dances but since its dry you may want to party elsewhere first. Since theyre open till 4am, you can totally hit them up when the normal bars start shutting down.

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This is the most upscale club in LA. Very good diversity of talent, not like other clubs that have too many ghetto girls. Lap dances can be pricey, but what do you expect its a strip club. Its like an arcade when I was a kid, now I am an adult and the more I spend the more fun I have. Who says money cant buy you happiness???

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The hidden prices are $7 for valet parking which is the only parking Within a block or 2 available. Its a $15 cover fee after 6:00 p.m., But there is a hidden mandatory one drink purchase for a minimum of $10. A gentlemans club being shady, who would have thought?

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I have little use for a sex shop, but we saw the museum on tv, and thought sure! It was neat. Some of the older ones were really creepy and painful looking. The 50s - 60s models were all scifi/vaccuum looking. It was groovy. I dug the display of home modified vibes. Homer Simpson Skin Gentlemens Lounge: niiiice! All in all, the Vaccuum Museum in Los Angeles is cooler.

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Good strip club in LA.

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Great place to find gorgeous girls to enjoy the day with. Check it out while your in town for sure!

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From k entry i till a exit r its a ol nice n welcoming enjoyed da dance

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I got 2 private dances, but when we were done, the manager came up and said that it was 3 and the argument began.It didnt feel like I had the option to walk out at 2 am without anything happening, so I wound up paying for it. Very uncomfortable situation and everyone there were very unpleasant. Aviod!

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Very Friendly staff and professional service .

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I loved this place

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This place has porn stars! I stopped by this place last weekend with a bunch of friends around 1am and Im not sure if it was just a lucky night for us but this place was rocking. All kinds of girls. There was some ugly ones and the price is not for the cheap but there were definately some hotties worth my hard earned dollar. Had no idea this place was open till 4am. Definately a place worth checking out for some late night fun. ;)

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Awesome strip club best one Ive gone to in LA

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Super sexy ladies

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Great looking girls, Upscale place! Open late every night of the week the last time I checked.

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Had a good time last Thursday. would recommend although a little expensive

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We are not coming back there again, this is not the place if you really want a good time

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Avoid this horrible place

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As the owner of Skin Gentlemens Lounge I appreciate the feedback thanks

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This club is done and dead only the strippers and employees are there! Wack. And its a nice club so its a shame

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A bit pricy but worth it

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