Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument
Las Cruces, NM 88011, United States

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This was a 1 hour detour for us while passing through. If Id know how amazing it was i would have camped and spent the day exploring. Well worth it, even to just drive the little loop.

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How had I never heard of this? Going into these mountains was like entering another world. Loved everything about it. The climb to the top of Organ Needle is a beast. Highly recommend starting very early, if you’re trying to get to the top. We hiked in & camped at the base of the peak. Pretty much all dry from what I could tell, so carry in plenty of water!

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We camped with our rv for a few days and found it a true joy. Clean and wild.

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Such a beautiful place to visit. Lots of great trails, views and History. One of my favorite places to go in a week-end. Every section of the monument is different. The Organs with there rock formations, The Dona Ana mountains, the Robledos with their canyons and the Sierra de las Uvas with the different canyons and petroglyphs. So many different things to experience.

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So much to discover here. most folks would miss this beauty due to the storm, but we know better!

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Nice . just plain ol nice

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Beautiful area. All different kinds of temperate zones. From pure desert (4,000ft) to high mountain pine and pinion forests (7,000ft-9,000ft). Truly a hiker and outdoor lover’s dream. Hikes from easy strolls to technical rock climbing and everything in between! As far as wildlife: Eagles, hawks, lizards, deer, mountain lions, coyotes, black bear and of course snakes! As far as camping: dispersed camping spots (some need 4x4 to access), trail head camping, and Aquirre Springs campground are the go-to’s to spend multiple days. Las Cruces is only 15 minutes away if you need supplies, restaurants or hotels.

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This is a beautiful mountain range with lots of trails and outdoor activities. Great information and the rangers were very helpful.

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Planning on going in the near future. Looks like a wonderful place in spend some time away from the maine winters

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The Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument is extensive and offers a wide variety of terrain to the visitor. The most visited part, Dripping Springs, in the Organ Mountains offers a pleasant, easy hike up to an abandoned TB sanitarium. In dry periods, which is most of the time, the springs themselves are hardly to be seen. After a big rainfall, usually in the summer, a magnificent waterfall runs behind the old sanitarium. A variety of desert plants and animals, especially birds, are also found here. Some are found only in these mountains. Hiking opportunities are also found at Soledad Canyon, the Rabbit Ears and Aguirre Springs on the east side of the mountains as well as at other parts of the monument away from the mountains. Camping is available at Aguirre Springs. Reservations are needed from late spring through early fall.

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We really just drove by on Hwy 70....but the mountains are beautiful! ️

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We enjoyed stopping by this relatively new designated national monument. The mountain range was very notable as we drove from White Sands National Monument to Las Cruces, New Mexico. The hiking trails looked interesting Friendly rangers seemed dedicated to answering any questions.

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Its where I was born back in 1952, at home, across the street from Grahams mortuary. After all these years, Im finally going home!!!If youve never been there, youre missing true beauty!

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Beautiful. Changes throughout the day from cold to cool to warm to hot. Winds to still. Terrific views.

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Did lower trail ... But upper trail must have been even better ...

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I love the Organ Mountains, but am unsure why so much land outside of the Organ Mountains are included.

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Beautiful Mountain range, truly picturesque, and lots of trails filled with fantastic views and intriguing history. Just East of Las Cruces, you can make a day trip or do some longer hiking.

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Amazing natural park... my first experience walking around the Organ Mountains.. Love ️Miami - New Mexico

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If you’ve driven near Las Cruces, you’ve gazed at the Organ Mountains. Awesome place to hike.

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Great to relax and take in the scenery

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Nothing beats the beauty of my Organ Moutains

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Amazingly gorgeous

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Ive lived here all my life and never even knew what was in my backyard

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I just love Nature and a good Hike.

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Awesome views

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Breathtaking area.

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