Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park
Lancaster Road at, 205th St W, Lancaster, CA 93536, United States
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Went for the Poppy reserve and noticed this gem along the way. The Joshua Trees were blooming, outstanding. The reserve seemed to have no visitors and we wandered around in this stunningly beautiful desert habitat admiring all. Well worth the visit. Wish we had packed a lunch.

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A unique place in world where you will find Joshua Trees and Sierra Juniper growing side by side. A CA State Park that is walk in only. It is a wonderful quiet preserve to. visit. Amenities picnic table, porta poddy, and guided nature trail. Free entry

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A peaceful Joshua Tree grove in the middle of nowhere, or so it seems. This is a grove of Joshua Trees that are enclosed in a secluded area right off of Lancaster Rd. You park on the dirt next to the entrance and follow the path into the park. There is a lone picnic table not far from the entrance as well as an outhouse type pit toilet. It truly is a peaceful spot and while its nothing fancy, it felt good being there. We went during the Joshua Tree blooming period and our dog enjoyed the walk as well.

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It was a surprise to learn that there is a Joshua tree habitat 1hr away from city of Los Angeles and 10min away from the famous Antelope valley poppy reserve. Pictures taken on spring 2019, where Joshua trees are all flowering as a result of heavy rainfall in winter 2018. The park website states opening hour is sunrise to sunset. I arrived around 5:45pm before sunset but the park is already closed.

Review №5

Really nice park,hiking nature very cool

Review №6

Open / accessible as of 3/31/2020. Nice nature trail, no interpretive center but there are a few displays about the wildlife / plant life, and a handout that you can take with you while you walk the ~1 mile loop to learn more.

Review №7

Two trails.. 1.5 mile loop. Outhouses. Guided trail with numbered information.

Review №8

A small state park that is very neatly kept and is out of the way so the crowds will be minimal here. The trails are flat and maintained so you can walk through without breaking a sweat. If you are in the area of the Poppy Reserve, this park is just down the road a bit and is a nice experience. Parking is free and you park along the road anywhere.

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If youre into nature and want to see Junipers next to Joshua trees, then check this place out. The trails are unpaved and dont fit a double stroller. I didnt see a visitors center. The gate was closed when we went which I imagine is usually closed to vehicles but people can still enter through a small entrance in the side part of the gate.

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Nice walking trails through the Joshua trees and other desert plants. We saw some jackrabbits, cottontails, and desert ravens. Relaxing and quiet.

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Nice open area

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Really beautiful park with tons of different plants. The odd-looking plants combined with mountains in the distance really make you feel like youre on a sci-fi planet. The park is tiny with self-guided tours using number pegs and a pamphlet.I do want to mention though, that during part od one of the rare juniper self-guided tour (around post 5 or 6 I think) it became really hard to tell where the path went so we unknowingly wandered off (we followed some footprints) and got lost for a little bit. We found our way back but it turns out you were supposed to turn around to a previous fork in the road and take the other route. Things could have gotten ugly if we really got lost in the desert, though!

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Quiet well preserved desert scape.

Review №14

This is your place if you like solitude.... Joshua trees are in bloom

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Its a lovely park with lots of Juniper and Joshua trees. Theres an information board with maps you can take along your walk. There are numbered trail posts to help you keep your bearings. Theres a porta potty near the information board.The gate is always closed, so you need to park on the side of the road and just walk in (see my photo of the front gate).Tip: I dont have a good sense of direction, so I used Google Maps to drop a pin on my car and help me find my way back.

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A nice small park worthy of a visit if you are into desert wilderness, but dont want to deal with crowds or horrible drives.

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We went looking for wild growing California Poppies. The drought didnt allow for blooms. Hopefully well get lots of rain this season and we can have a beautiful endless field of poppies

Review №18

This is O.K. to drive through, but the entrance gate was locked and it seems that its jyst a park full of Joshua Trees, with no signs or trails or interpretive information. Nice for a quick photo, but dont plan on spending too long here.

Review №19

Nice trail, well maintained picnic area, peaceful tranquility-filled day...and comical posing Joshuas to top it off! Like trees in spikey costumes hanging out after the partys over...

Review №20

Remote but nice

Review №21

It looked pretty from the road and we drove down from Rosamond just to come here. We didnt make it very far. My fiance and I parked on the road and made the short walk in to the first clearing where the picnic tables are. On the way in a few rather large bees or hornets buzzed our path and she got a little nervous but I figured we would be fine as long as we stayed on the path. They didnt seem to interested in us anyways. Well, we got to the clearing and she went to put on some sunscreen while I read the big signs about the park. She was about 10 yards away at a picnic table when I heard her yell. I turned to see her running towards me yelling something about BEES! and LISTEN!.. Thats when I heard it.. An awful incredibly loud BZzzZzZzZzzz! filling the air... I looked to where she was gesturing, and it was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie.. A cloud of monstrous hornets/wasps/African freaking killer bees was coming right at me! Im talking thousands of them about 10 yards from my left. I shrieked like a little girl and ran back towards the path leading towards the car. She was slower but still right behind me.. It was terrifying. These things were outright aggressive and did not like our presence. There is no way we disturbed a hive. They came from a direction we had not travelled yet. Be wary if you visit this park, especially in the spring!

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Easy Access---Flat Terrain--Surrounded By Joshua Trees & California JunipersThis is a free park with an easy, self guided tour. Park on the road, enter through the pedestrian gate. The nice thing is that dogs are allowed, so perfect place to take your pets Fall-Spring. There is no water, so be sure to bring some.You can also visit the California Aquaduct which runs through the park on the other side of Lancaster Road. You can even cross over the CA Aquaduct on Avenue F. It will become 205th Street and you will actually be driving over the Los Angeles Aquaduct, which is underground. You wil see the enormous access pannels in the road.This area of the Antelope Valley is generally very clear and the views are amazing.

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The park was closed when we got there. We had check the hours and it said they would be open but they werent.

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Nice and quiet

Review №25

Very cool hike, learned lots!

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A wildlife oasis in the middle of the desert.

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Beautiful place

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Joshua trees are so weird

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My favorite Park.

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